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  1. No Sony........ just.... no.... 😢 Why do you insist on turning my console into a glorified Blu-ray player
  2. Already signed the petition. Canceling my pre-order today. Buying the game on Steam, support XSEED, not Soy-ny.
  3. Not sure if anyone has posted it yet but, Moonlighter is a great Zelda like dungeon crawler/shop keep RPG that came out a couple of weeks ago. 20 bucks and about 600-800 owners so far
  4. Isn't it Malletspace? I think hammerspace is somewhere in those pants 😆
  5. Having played as a child, I thought I would relish the opportunity to use the analog but every time I come to one of those side perspective levels (great gate) I go right back to d-pad
  6. Ive found that a Matoko, Yusuke combo works pretty well. Hit them with her flash bomb then have him blast them with mind slice for technical damage
  7. Choosing heart for every option... then if you want the trophy you have to play without moral choices? That feels like a counter immersive direction to design a game
  8. Heavenly Sword and Folklore, in the days before trophies existed
  9. Man, gotta say I would love to play the Drakengard titles again
  10. I found that if you're at the endgame a great place to rack up a couple of combat trophies and finish the picture collection is Ch. 10 No Message, No Messiah. After freeing Syd and Ceici snap a pic of the fountain, use a couple of soldiers as puching bags and let loose with the combat reqirement of your choosing.
  11. Been playing since tuesday on my standard ps4 and no problems here
  12. Grim Fandango Remastered Got to the 4th chapter and missed the 'great demon' conversation cause i had Glotis draw the blueprint and all those little buggers want to talk about after that is the rroooccckkkeeettt....... forgot to save and my auto kicked in as i left the room. I hadn't saved once up to that point. Played three fourths of the game over again to get it.
  13. 37/8 = 4.16 The more impressive thing is that the first 7 years was 4 plats, this last year 33 plats
  14. Total of 1550 with less than 1k, 3996 total trophies, that would put my ratio at 39 Edit: Grabbed the absolutely wrong numbers there! (that'll teach me to try to do math when Im tired) 60 Total with less than 1k, 3996 total trophies, my ratio becomes 1.5. There we go, much less impressive! :lol: Lowest total earned would be XCOM Plus 100 achievers
  15. The Dorm at Gekkoukan High School from Persona 3. Getting home from class to see who was hanging around the common area was a new experience every day
  16. Most recent incarnation of Primal Eyes out of Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday before that mega man juno's battle them from MML
  17. Sorry if it came out a bit strong. Its not really a question of validity, but preference, as you say. What I was reading in the thread up to that post sounded like it was getting a little heated, and I hate to see anything get ganged up on
  18. Not in a multiplayer, cheating should be reserved for when you get pissed in single player and go all nerd rage
  19. A Gamer who does not consider all forms of gaming valid is a Gamer who need to examine their title It becomes a question of how you want to play. The consoles provide a medium for sharing games with those around us using a larger screen Handhelds provide the ability to take gaming with you when you leave your house PC allows you to wring as much power as you can out of the hardware to make the game better in frame rate, load times, ect. (all hardware factors) and adds the possibility of modding However, after saying that it's not gonna be fun to spend $600-$700 to leapfrog from a duo to an i7 At least if you balance it out you only have to mega-upgrade pc's every 5 years or so
  20. First game was gorillas.bas at 5. My brother and I hardly understood how we were doing things, it was simply thrilling that a few strokes on a keyboard could create such an effect. When controllers and consoles came out we played so much Mario that my parents eventually sold the unit, but the damage was done and I was hooked forever. From those days, on down through the first gen of the console wars, the birth of the Playstation, and my subsequent devotion to it, I have been a Gamer. The advent of trophies was simply a public record of your achievements in gaming. So naturally I was pissed when I saw that six years after earning my first trophy I only had 1 platinum. Now I'm on a quest, to rise through the ranks of the PSN and properly record a portion of my Gaming History. So far I have added 12 platinum trophies
  21. So true, I think I would still play it
  22. Persona 3 nearly killed me the first time (probably helps it was my first shin megumi tensai) Red Dead Redemption Final Fantasy X Grim Fandango Darkengaurd 1 & 3 (and 2 for the death of Angelus and Ciam) Heavenly Sword MGS4 Infamous 2 many more but just these off the top of my head
  23. 20th Anniversary The classic start up theme brings a tear to my eye
  24. I think we hit the nail on the head Cant remember a time when gore and jump movies bothered me, it's always been more of that mindfuck psychological twist, so here goes: The Cell The Perfect Host Momento What Happened to Baby Jane Seven Also one that just made me squirm was the remake of I Spit on Your Gave Edit : Can't forget The Decent