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  1. My favorite fatality would be D'vorah's primary fatality (idk what its called, she summons bunch of bugs to eat away the opponents head). It looked very cool and brutal, managed to take my top fatality spot. Runner up would be the face grind by Kung Lao, but I miss Razor's edge fatality from mk9. I was looking forward to see that on the next gen console
  2. If you use unjailbroken iPhone, you don't get much choice. so MARIMBAAAHH
  4. -------------list of lazy people-------------- JK!
  5. It was annoying but manageable in my opinion, cause I was rolling and blocking for the whole time haha That area was terrible too. I will attempt no-patch run when Im done with the platinum lol
  6. Hey guys! I am on verge of finishing first playthrough of this masterpiece. during my first 48 hours of this experience, I was just cursing and crying in rage every time I died in the most unfair ways, and ended up hating few of the areas, and it also triggered me to think 'which area would people find the most unforgiving?' The area I could remember the most for being unforgiving would be Anor Londo. I remember spending hours trying to figure out which way to go, until I found out that I had to go through the thin path that leads to another building. Also, dying over and over again by silver knights on the top of small ass balcony wasn't too fun either. Also, the difficulty spike compared to previous area was just too brutal for me. Finally, not to mention Ornstein and Smough. This area probably took me at least 8 hours to go through, and that feeling of achievement when I beat the boss was soooooooooo good. This is my opinion, and I am very interested to hear yours: which area of the game did you find the most unforgiving/unfair/brutally hard?
  7. Just watched Conan O'Brien playing witcher 3 in clueless gamer. Damn it was fun to watch.

    1. ShadowGandalf


      Lol, I saw it a couple days ago... Very funny.

  8. One more thing: make sure not to kill these harpies next to the hole on the roof. It's an obvious tip, but you may miss 1 or 2 souvenirs from being careless, making you irritated as S#[email protected]
  9. Smough and Ornstein, you guys are F*@#ing C*[email protected]

    1. StrickenBiged


      First time, I had to do it in co-op. If you have humanity, there is a summon you can use in the area for an NPC, (but I can't remember who, I think it's near the boss fog). They're really hard, but focus on killing Ornstein first, Smough is easier to dodge later 1v1.

    2. jaeik2541


      Yeah I ended up doing it with a co-op partner, after failing over and over again for hours hahah. thanks for the tip though!

  10. 24 hours straight.................and only a silver trophy lol I wonder if you can rubber-band your controller and leave it for 24 hours?
  11. \ Plat #20 Demon's Souls Enjoyment: 9.5 / 10 Difficulty: 7.5 / 10 Big shout out goes to Silvanous for the tremendous help!
  12. Cyberpunk 2077 was revealed in October 2012 (correct me if I'm wrong)......................its been nearly 3 years now and we don't even get to see its gameplay......
  13. Is there anyone with Demon's Souls EU digital copy? Help!

    1. SkyesUnholy


      What seems to be the problem?

    2. jaeik2541


      Grinding for stones and no luck, or completely missing treasures like pure suckerstone etc, or Bramd.....

  14. .
  15. Platinum - One with Everything (NBA 2K14) I had a really good time playing this (especially MyCareer), and probably clocked around 100+ hrs. Unfortunately, that is nowhere near the amount of time required for plat, so I kind of given up on it. Gold - Choose the Impossible (Bioshock 2) Boosting method is easy and doesnt take much time to master it. It is just waaaaay too monotonous and boring...... Silver - Tooled Up (Crysis 2) Unlock all weapons trophy. It looks straightforward until it glitches out on you....you'll have to prestige and do it all over again... Bronze - All Bulletstorm online trophies Unobtainable due to server shutdown...