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  1. UPDATED! NEW ITEM: GFX Requests — Headers for the Epic Chef Trophy Guide for @igs63 It's a large pack of 20 images, so here's a sample of 1 of each. The full pack is underneath the spoilers. BRONZE: IRON: SILVER: GOLD: CROWN:
  2. UPDATED! NEW ITEM: Guides — Dusk Diver 2 Trophy Guide
  3. UPDATED! NEW ITEM: GFX Requests — Signature & Avatar set for @Sgznf [Part 1] Due to the number & sizes of the images, these are just a sample selection, not the full set. AVATAR SET [x4] — Examples: (LARGE size underneath spoilers.) AVATAR #1 (v1&2) [OG LARGE SIZE]: AVATAR #2 (v1&2) [OG LARGE SIZE]: SIGNATURE SET [x8] — Different Border version: LINK. Different Border version: LINK. PROFILE COVER PHOTO VERSIONS [x8] — (EXAMPLES ONLY) [X-LARGE]:
  4. That's very strange. I've tested it looaaads of times for the guide & never missed it no matter what as long as it was the right level... but I mean, you can never really know with these games, it's possible there's some random ass arbitrary requirement we don't know about. Yeah the bugs definitely ruined the experience of the game... it's just such a shame. /: And it's insane that even now it's still buggy as hell. I mean, come on guys, it's been months lol.
  5. GALLERY UNDER MAINTENANCE! OPEN FOR REQUESTS The Gallery is officially open for business! I know everything looks a little haphazard and chaotic here, but I'll be working on this gallery in the coming weeks, so please excuse the maintenance in the meanwhile! Also, please excuse the multiple comments, but it's just to keep everything sorted neatly, as there is quite a lot of artwork to post! If you have any comments, I welcome it all, positive or critical! But of course, I hope you guys like it :). Notes: Requests are open! Feel free to request whatever artwork you'd like. Everything's of course done for free, and it's just what I do on the side, so depending on the complexity of your request, it may take some time to do. Guide artwork is usually done super quick, but complicated things like Signatures will take longer. Could take up to a week, could take two, etc. Currently, the GFX Requests section contains only a very small selection of past completed requests, but more will likely be added as I work on the page. All images in this gallery are made by me unless specified otherwise.
  6. A SMALL SELECTION OF WORK REQUESTED BY OTHERS: SIGNATURE, COVER PHOTO, & AVATAR SET FOR @Sgznf — PART 1: Because of the sheer number of images, this only includes a selection of them as examples, not the whole set that was completed & delivered. AVATAR SET [x4] — Examples: (LARGE size underneath spoilers.) AVATAR #1 (v1&2) [OG LARGE SIZE]: AVATAR #2 (v1&2) [OG LARGE SIZE]: SIGNATURE SET [x8] — Different Border version: LINK. Different Border version: LINK. PROFILE COVER PHOTO VERSIONS [x8] (EXAMPLES ONLY) [X-LARGE]: MEMBER OF THE MONTH PERSONALS SET FOR AMBALABAMBA: PERSONAL SET FOR TUFFINZ — SET #1: PERSONAL SET FOR TUFFINZ — SET #2: MISC REQUESTS: MENTAL HEALTH EVENT 2022 BADGES: ——— All graphics by ixxiion ——— LAST UPDATED: September 04, 2022!
  7. My PSNP Trophy Guides! Click on the image to be taken to the guide. A → Z Image by Ashbo. Image by Ashbo. Image by Ashbo. DUSK DIVER – EXAMPLE HEADERS: Image by kinjall. SAKURA SUCCUBUS 1-3 – EXAMPLE HEADERS: SONG OF MEMORIES – EXAMPLE HEADERS: Other personal guide artwork; no links. OTHERS (No guide links): My own current & past sigs, avatars, & banners, other misc images, etc. CLICK HERE FOR PAST COMMISSIONS: 2004–2010 ——— All graphics by ixxiion unless stated otherwise ——— LAST UPDATED: October 05, 2022!
  8. Please feel free to leave a comment if you see any mistakes, have any questions or want any help, or if you have a request for graphics, ... heck, anything at all!~ Alternatively, you can always PM me! DISCLAIMER: Unless stated otherwise, all graphics in this thread are made by me. Open for requests. [Page under Maintenance!] Welcome to my box of guides, graphics, and more! Scroll down for more content! 🙂 If you have a GFX request, please leave a comment or PM me! ———————————————————————––———————————————————— PSN: ixxiion YOUTUBE: ixxiion TWITTER: @ixxiion PROFILE: PSNP PORTFOLIO: Past Commissions (2004–2010) ———————————————————————––———————————————————— GRAPHICS GALLERY: A gallery of all my guides, banners, and requests! Post 1: Information & Guide Index Post 2: My Graphics (Guides & Signatures & more) Post 3: GFX Requests: Guides, Personals, & Misc Post 4: Notes TO REQUEST GRAPHICS: This is just something I've been doing for fun for many years now. Below are some options for guide work or forum things, but I'll take requests for anything you need and give it a shot! I'll try to do it in a timely manner, but depending on the request, it could take some time. Please let me know if it's something you need ASAP or if you have a deadline. Things like Signatures and Avatars will definitely take me much longer to complete than guide graphics, so just be aware of that. As far as cost, I don't charge people, I generally do it for free. However, several people have asked me to do this, so.. if you really want to, I do accept donations. This is of course optional and entirely up to you. If you'd like to donate a little something, you can do so here: ixxiion PayPal Donate. GUIDE GRAPHICS REQUESTS: For guide artwork, all I really need is just the game name and what headers you want. (If you have specifics like images you particularly want, that's fine too, but it's optional.) TYPE: Would you like banners, headers, or both? Something else? TEXT: What headers do you want (eg. Introduction, Walkthrough, Side Quests, etc.), or any other text you want IMAGE: (Optional) If you have a specific image you want used, let me know, but it's not required. NOTES: (Optional) Anything else you want me to know! Blank fields: PERSONAL ARTWORK REQUEST: (Signatures, Avatars, Profile Cover Photo, etc.) When it comes to personal graphics (i.e. signatures, avatars, etc.), just be aware that they take me much longer to do, because they're so much more complicated. You can choose to be really specific, or to just give me a general idea, I'm fine with either. TYPE: Signatures/avatars, do you want a Profile Cover Photo version too?, etc. IMAGE/CONTENT: (Optional) If you have a specific image(s)/render(s) you want me to use, OR you have a specific idea, such as wanting it to be about a specific game / series / character, etc. (eg. FF13/Lightning, or HZD, so on) TEXT: (Optional) Any text? Your name? Etc. NOTES: (Optional) Anything else you want me to know not covered above! Examples: if there's a theme (eg. Badass; cute; anime, etc) or color theme you prefer (blues; pinks and purples, etc), or a specific size you want for sigs/avatars, and so on. Blank fields: ********** A list of all my PSNP Trophy & Gameplay Guides. A → Z BloodRayne: ReVamped BloodRayne 2: ReVamped Complete Game Walkthrough Dusk Diver Combat, Side-Quests, & Gallery Guide Dusk Diver 2 Horizon: Forbidden West Indivisible Lydia OMNO Radio Squid Reflection of Mine Solutions Guide Sakura Succubus Sakura Succubus 2 Sakura Succubus 3 Platinum Walkthrough Song of Memories Platinum Walkthrough Illustrations & Arounds Guide Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: Complete Walkthrough Wytchwood All Ingredients & Recipes Guide All Recipe Locations Sheet PSNP TROPHY GUIDE TOTAL: 17 GAMEPLAY SUPPLEMENT TOTAL: 8 ——— All graphics by ixxiion unless stated otherwise ——— LAST UPDATED: October 05, 2022!
  9. I'll add a note about this glitch in my guide, in case it's a new one or something so other people are aware. Did you just keep repeating the same thing over and over until it worked, or did you do something special that worked? Lmao Camarilla xDD yeah it probably could have used another month or two to iron out all of the bugs & glitches before release.. Ah well. I'm definitely in the minority that truly enjoyed the game, but a part of it might be because Bloodlines is one of my favorite games of all time, haha.
  10. Jordan 5:40 PM Making gaming videos for YouTube :P... and procrastinating doing that.
  11. I only recently got into anime thanks to an ex, so we watched a ton of them back to back. I think the ones I liked most though were Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks, the Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel movie trilogy, and Steins;Gate, but I've enjoyed pretty much all but maybe 1 or 2 of them.
  12. Weighted dive toys! Just ordered them last night. I finally have regular access to a pool again, and swimming is literally the only exercise or practically movement that I can do since I was injured... and I have so many memories as a kid of looooving playing with those sticks and rings you toss in the pool and dive down to retrieve... so I bought a couple to give them a try again :3 Sure it's 30 years later but meh who cares! 😂
  13. Yes and no, lmao; it's debatable if there was ever a point where they were consistently used correctly Am I the only person who can spend hours on equipment management throughout a game, and who constantly cleans out or organizes their inventory? Probably >.>;
  14. NieR: Automata, simply because of how incredible & amazing it is. Everyone should play it and 100% it. The side quests, man.. The game gives you existential crises lol and takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. Final Fantasy 6, 7, and 10. 6 is the best, 7 just at least for the historical aspect with how this game blew up, and 10 for sure. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines; just an amazing, amazing game/story. Super Mario RPG Diablo 2, especially once again, like FF7, for the historical nature of the game; its place in gaming history. Transistor & Indivisible, just because. GRIS Control Devil May Cry NeverWinter Nights (the original, not the MMO) Ether play or watch Clannad.. the thing hits your heart like a mack truck. Horizon: Zero Dawn World of Warcraft, but specifically raids. You play & learn strategy, reflexes, just all around important gameplay. Better yet, I think there's a Classic version or something where you can experience vanilla WoW, with the raids as strong as they were originally, before all of the expansions and gear and levels and whatnot. Maybe also Final Fantasy 13-3: Lightning Returns, off of just personal preference. I dunno, I should stop. I could keep going, but really, it's just a list of games I love at that point, haha. I think the first one on the list, NieR: Automata, is my absolute biggest, everyone-should-play recommendation.
  15. Well, I don't know if you count MMOs like WoW or FF14, or pseudo-MMOs like Destiny 1/2. If so, then for sure pretty much all of the vanilla bosses, and then Al-Akir (it was a teammate problem, not boss problem) much later on, but I'm still traumatized from the latter, so... -__-; Of course pretty much nothing else I've done compares to spending literal months on each boss in vanilla WoW, so if we take WoW away, then... There's Atheon in Destiny 1 and Dogs boss in Destiny 2, but these were all blind, no strat, etc.. & If we're not counting MMOs at all... Hm. I really don't know, I'm struggling to remember, honestly. Probably either a DMC boss on Dante Must Die difficulty, DMC 4 on Hell and Hell difficulty, or some FF boss.