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  1. You tried to delete all save files and the game? Then download the Game again and start on a new save file. Maybe this helps. Edit* = seems like you got the trophy
  2. Spider-Man Remastered. The Plat is a little bit grindy but not to diffcult.
  3. From: maybe Popular (1) ---> very unpopular (10) (1.) GTA: San Andreas is better than GTA: Vice City. Vice City is trash compared to San Andreas. You just like the songs from the 80s not the game. (2.) Everyone complaining about my opinions (facts) or my english is a noob. Just some fun (but still true) (3.) Dragon Quest is better than Final Fantasy. (4.) Turn based RPGs are better than Real-Time-Battle RPGs. (thats why (3.) is true) (5.) Battlefield 2 is the best Battlefield (Strike at Karkand is the best BF Map ever). Place 2 is for Battlefield 1. (6.) Sekiro is the worst FromSoftware (SoulsLike) Game. Even Dark Souls 2 is ways better. (7.) The Halo series was never that good. Well... its trash. (8.) Mass Effect 3 is better than Mass Effect 2. (9.) Most of this indie games are trash. Go to a museum if you want to see artistically valuable stuff. (10.) Crash Bandicoot is overhyped trash. Put of your nostalgia glasses and play a good Jump&Run.
  4. Fifa 15
  5. Injustice 1. There is to much booring grind
  6. Havent found an answere here yet. Can i play the Story on normal and Athen Hard in free roam to unlock the ace difficulty? Or am i have to play on hard Mode in one playtrough? Thx for the help.
  7. Thank You
  8. Just wanted to point out: i bought a new physical copy of "The Fractured But Whole". On the Copy is printed there is a code inside for the "Stick of Truth" Game and that this Code will expire 01/28/2018. Well it's 2020 and surprisingly i was still able to redeem Code. 15€ for both Games is a very good Deal in my opinion.
  9. Battlefield 1. The Story is soooo boring... cant play it again.
  10. Not much left. Go for Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  11. Start with: The Witcher 3. One of the best games ive ever played.
  12. Stardew Va..... just a Joke Try L.A. Noire.
  13. Give me your Kingdom Hearts Platin. Now! 😄
  14. In my opinion you should use the release Dates as order.
  15. Dying Light. I Need some coop Partners:D