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  1. Can't really tell for sure, but it looks easy?
  2. Hey @HusKyCode, you think it would be possible to do this with the Survivalist 10 and Herbalist 9 challenges? It might be wishful thinking but that'd be insanely helpful.
  3. Duuuuuuude! This is amazing!! I only have this many left and I'm in Chapter 4.
  4. I have no clue what you're doing wrong. Gambler #8 is super easy. It takes maybe, what 5 minutes? You don't need to win an entire game, just 3 hands against the dealer. Just mash until you get it.
  5. Yeah the trophies are buggy :((
  6. The trophies are (officially) here now
  7. It's one of the four paid DLC packs. You can only get it right now if you have the Season Pass.
  8. If he's starting a new character he has to do all of them over again. Each character is a separate save. So if he has done like 40/50 missions with zero, it's better to just finish them with Zero than it is to start a new character and complete all of them again. Good luck.
  9. lol I did the same mistake and do not worry. You hate to press once to get up the hints menu and then you have to pick , Square or X. When you press one of those you get a full white screen where it says "WARNING! If you use a hint now you'll miss the ability to get the Silent Assassin trophy. Are you sure you want to use this hint?"
  10. And that's what I've been saying all along. When I made the thread, no other threads were here at all, caused by a bug on the site? Who knows.
  11. It's live now. 4.3 GB download.
  12. Chill out, when I made this, none of the other threads showed up. I hadn't made this thread if I had seen another thread.
  13. Delete the thread then or edit the title. People'll come in here and think it's unobtainable and leave.
  14. The only reason this thread was made was because there were no other threads showing up for the game when I made it.
  15. This will be the second TWD from Telltale without a platinum.