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  1. WonkTonodi1 7 Days to Die • Reason: It is impossible to kill 90 players in 4 seconds, 400 players in a span of 8 minutes 25 seconds, and even more impossible to kill an additional 2000 more players in 11 minutes 23 seconds. It doesn't matter how many people you have boosting with you. 7 Days to Die I was give the game at playstation experience 2016 and had installed it a while back, but only had started it and never got back. Didn't know I could punch grass back then so I gave up and didn't get back to it. At some point late January/ Early February I saw this https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/54167-new-player-kill-glitch-in-3-5-minuets/ /> Seeing that I might be able to get the platinum without the a very grindy online trophy I decided to try it out. Turned out my game was at the right update and I was able to do it. Took me longer than the 3 to 5 minutes of the video but I sill really didn't know how to play the game well. <br /> Looking at all my trophy times it can be seen that it was 45 minutes between my first trophy and the one for 10 kills. As I was learning the basic mechanics of the game. bedroll and ax before any of the kills. The frame between, since trader Joel's closes in the game and I had some time to kill. I think I might have even froze to death at one point delaying the kill trophies further.
  2. Maybe I was lucky that every time I've played survivor I've had a seed with it in the first level. Also while I mentioned it here GOD__PS is the one who mentioned it to me, and I then did it right after he mentioned it no problem. Made up for my other issues, my story mode got stuck on me after 22 hours 8 at least 8 of which in played twice, and the game always crashing before I get 666 kills, though I might try that with bombing and retrying
  3. Hey guys, there is a pretty easy way to get rune master playing on survivor there is always a rune game on the first level. Finish it then bomb yourself hit retry and on the 20th time you get it. Should you die sometimes without finishing the game the count doesn't reset. I tried pets as well this way but it didn't work. Tried with all 6 to be safe.