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  1. Yup. Unfortunately this happens; just gotta power through it. It's very annoying for sure though.
  2. haha well it wasn't actually too terrible. also thank you for acknowledging the koda kumi lol
  3. There is another thread here that gives a self boosting method for arena if you have multiple PS4s!
  4. It's very possible! Just have to have good communication when going for the arena trophy though.
  5. The stat tracking for healing is completely bugged out. In order to get Medic, you have to do all 100 heals in 1 match, same with Wounded Healer, where you have to do all 50 heals in 1 match.
  6. I healed while they were on the ground until they got to injured state. Did it all in one match while my buddy was boosting hillbilly's chainsaw hits for The Grind.
  7. I just earned this trophy yesterday, so they might have fixed it? Or it might just be glitched for random people. I had to do the requirements for Agonizing Escape twice before it popped, so I think like the rest of the game, some of the trophies may just be bugged, and you might have to do things multiple times.
  8. One way to avoid is to keep the distributor cap intact so everyone else can escape (not really long term solution as there are other endings besides these). I picked up both collectibles for the ship's name in my second playthrough, so I'm curious about taking a look. Could potentially be a bug.
  9. As someone who absolutely loved Until Dawn, I wasn't at all mad at man of medan. I thought it was a really cool twist that there wasn't actually anything supernatural happening and that the collectibles you pick up give different dialogues from the characters to support that. All the little background stuff happening was super cool, especially going through a second playthrough and seeing how much I missed in the background from the first time. The only thing I was a little iffy about was how some characters got to some spots as well as how short the game really felt. I will say I believe Little Hope is going to have more supernatural elements.
  10. I did a blind playthrough doing co-op with my bf last night. Ended with all 5 alive! Just finished an all heart choices run, and I didn't manage to get any more of the characters survived/died trophies you actually can kill all the characters during this run,
  11. pretty much everything in this game can actually be boosted. I just finished the arena trophy yesterday with a lot of patience. There's a boosting method for it in a different thread in this forum, but I only have 2 PS4s but was able to complete most of my matches solo. If you don't have 2 PS4s, I would say hop into a voice chat with a boosting partner, start searching for an arena match, and communicate if you've found a match or not. Arena seems to be pretty dead nowadays, so I didn't have any issues using this method.
  12. The site is back up for now
  13. Yea, I thought it was strange because literally the only thing I could find was that LBP Karting, PSP, Vita, and Japan servers were shut down. He didn't have a response when I told him as much. I was able to log into when I picked the game back up again like 2 weeks ago, but all of last week it's been giving me an error, and I couldn't find a single thing about it.
  14. I've been having this exact same issue for basically all of last week. I tried different browsers, different computers, but nothing worked. I ended up contacting Sony support, but there weren't helpful at all and told me the servers were shut down back in 2018 and closing soon for PS4 (not sure I believe that or not though). They basically told me to contact Molecule Media about the issue, but I didn't, so I suppose you could give that a go?
  15. This trophy also glitched on me last season. Patiently waiting for the next season to start to see if it finally unlocks -edit- new season just started today; played a match, and it popped for me!