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  1. Hellblade or Claire; Hellblade is a super easy plat if you're following a collectibles guide, and Claire is super easy and fast if you follow a guide I know the next person is going to tell me Hellblade cause I just need the collectible trophy
  2. I mean, this game I think was easier to plat than LBP1. For dive in 25, I would just ask if we could play a level, and if they were afk or obnoxious, I'd just leave and try again. I think the worst trophy was trying to get the 50 unique players to play my level cause I did it so scummily. I waited for people to get into my pod, and then went to my level as fast as I could xD. There are definitely a lot of weird people on LBP2. Also, didn't have a turbo controller for 1440 minutes of create time, so I taped a pen to my oscillating fan, tied my controller to a chair, and positioned it so the pen would hit the x button. It worked pretty well!
  3. The alternate PS4 HAS to match with someone else to make it easier to match with your main again.
  4. No, it's not glitched. I'm assuming because it specifies that you can only do it 1 generator at a time.
  5. Ok, so I've been boosting basically this entire game and here's my take on it. I have 2 PS4s and my friend has 2 as well, so we've been boosting with 2-4 PS4s at one time. We usually have to use at least 3 in order to actually match up. He's in Canada, and for some reason we're able to match up a lot better when he plays killer and hosts the SWF. The less people on, the better the chance of matching up; we usually boost around 1-6pm PST and can match up a couple of times. We definitely have a harder time matching up when we have all 4 PS4s going, but it still does take a couple attempts when we only have 2 in SWF. The only issue we run into if we're trying to boost something in particular is how to get rid of the randoms and making it look legit. Sometimes we get lucky and the randoms will help us out. Usually when we try to match our survivor group will get in and out of at least 3 lobbies before the killer even gets one created, so you could start the timers at the same time, but you'll have to back out of multiple survivor lobbies. Another thing we tried is waiting until the killer has a lobby and then searching with survivor but that rarely works. TL;DR get lucky. From what I've seen there's really no guaranteed way to match up with your killer besides just searching and backing out. It can take hours to match up with each other if you ever do.
  6. Can confirm. What we did was 99% each gen and had the killer kick each one to regress it back to 0%. You have to do it 101 times in 1 match. It's ridiculously obnoxious, and it will take you anywhere between 2.5-3 hours. It's definitely not fixed, just a crazy idea I had that we insanely followed through with. We wanted to try with both our accounts to make sure it would work, and we both got it after 101 gens.
  7. From my experience, I had to crawl out of a match twice before that trophy popped; also fixed the gen in the Myers' house and escaped, but no trophy. I think most of the trophies are just buggy in general :/
  8. Yup. Unfortunately this happens; just gotta power through it. It's very annoying for sure though.
  9. haha well it wasn't actually too terrible. also thank you for acknowledging the koda kumi lol
  10. There is another thread here that gives a self boosting method for arena if you have multiple PS4s!
  11. It's very possible! Just have to have good communication when going for the arena trophy though.
  12. The stat tracking for healing is completely bugged out. In order to get Medic, you have to do all 100 heals in 1 match, same with Wounded Healer, where you have to do all 50 heals in 1 match.
  13. I healed while they were on the ground until they got to injured state. Did it all in one match while my buddy was boosting hillbilly's chainsaw hits for The Grind.
  14. I just earned this trophy yesterday, so they might have fixed it? Or it might just be glitched for random people. I had to do the requirements for Agonizing Escape twice before it popped, so I think like the rest of the game, some of the trophies may just be bugged, and you might have to do things multiple times.
  15. One way to avoid is to keep the distributor cap intact so everyone else can escape (not really long term solution as there are other endings besides these). I picked up both collectibles for the ship's name in my second playthrough, so I'm curious about taking a look. Could potentially be a bug.