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  1. I'm almost done with the story and my save file time is at 20 hours. I've been taking my time cause I think the Zero Escape games are fantastic. I did most of the puzzles on my own, but had to look up a guide for some of them. Definitely super easy plat!
  2. So I don't have any confirmation on this, but I think this glitch might autopop more than just the 3000 words trophy. I spelled "farts" on unpatched vita, and I got the error screen, and I saw the "goals" popping in the background, and it popped my 100 critical hits trophy. Ok I'm curious. I'm redownloading the game now unpatched to see. Going to check the stats after doing the glitch.
  3. I'm more than half way through the game, and I'm definitely enjoying it. Solid little puzzle game. Puzzles are pretty easy to figure out and very straightforward. My only complaint would be what others have said in this thread about the color wheel sometimes not staying on the color you've chosen. I thought I was just playing badly, but I'm glad to see others having the same issue. I have already died numerous times during sections where you have to change colors fast and just not staying on the color you've chosen. Frustrating, but other than that I'm enjoying!
  4. I'm almost done with chapter 2, and yes this game runs like garbage. I'm playing the digital version, and I constantly have mini freezes anytime the game tries to load something. I'm also constantly getting stuck on invisible walls which is more of a game design issue rather than technical. The pathing is not very well thought out. I've been wanting to play these games for ever, and now it feels like it's becoming a chore to get further into the game.
  5. From everywhere I've been googling for this, you aren't able to. You can only earn trophies on single player mode.
  6. just got done with all the online trophies. everything's still working as far as matchmaking.
  7. i mean you can get that trophy by doing a private king of the hill match and those you can still do. i'm honestly surprised there arent more people trying to finish the online trophies.
  8. all I can confirm right now is private king of the hill matches are working. going to try out the other trophies when finished
  9. we're doing king of the hill with a total of 3 right now. We're NA using not the Komplete collection. I will say we've been having 1 person being kicked pretty frequently though. It's not the same person every time either.
  10. I'm doing private king of the hill matches right now, and it's working.
  11. Servers still open. This game is dead; I've boosted with 2 people so far, and we got matched up with 0 problems.
  12. This is a really old post, but in case someone else comes here looking around, I was able to get a couple trophies right off the bat with my 100% save on a different platform. I played on Vita and loaded my PS4 save file, and with that I tilted the world once and the trophy popped. Things you have to grind out like greetings and kiss blowing, if you do that on a different platform with a 100% file, you only have to do it once. Saved me a bunch of time
  13. Just finished this on Vita. Surprisingly, I had 1 crash, and that was when I was trying to load my save from PS4. There were some bad frames here and there, but it actually ran smoother for me on Vita than PS4.
  14. I started this game on PS4, but got stuck on cardinal of combat trophy. Was absolutely terrible. I don’t even remember how many times I tried before giving up. I even had my bf try it. Got it like my third try on vita. Just did threat neutralized on vita as well. I used the dpad for the first 4 attempts then went for the touch screen. Got it on my second touch screen try. I would say don’t try to plat this game unless you have a vita as a backup. If I didn’t have it, this would still be sitting on my list barely completed.
  15. Hellblade or Claire; Hellblade is a super easy plat if you're following a collectibles guide, and Claire is super easy and fast if you follow a guide I know the next person is going to tell me Hellblade cause I just need the collectible trophy