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  1. I just saw this and got my plat finally! I had to go into the subclass menus and mess with the attributes of each before the trophies popped.
  2. The curator's cut allows you to grab some collectibles you could otherwise only grab in the shared story mode, as well as it allows you to control other characters and control their dialogue options so some of the relationship trophies are easier. The only issue I've run into with the multiplayer trophy with helping others is that we had a few crashes at a certain point in the game, but we were able to join back and start from that point and the trophy always unlocked.
  3. would add that you're missing the "should've gone to the motel" trophy, but that could easily be done on playthrough 2!
  4. Just got the trophy on the PS5 digital version! I just started a new game without deleting my old saves or anything. I attempted mati's method, but found that the autosave icon shows up too late and doesn't stay long enough to close out of the game to get the double Eliza scenes (at least I couldn't get it to work properly), but whenever I saw the autosave icon, I closed out of the game after every Eliza scene, and the trophy popped after I hit 'move on' in chapter 8! oops, should add that I picked up at least 1 tarot card every chapter, but didn't get all of them.
  5. So trying this on the PS5 digital version, the save icon appears too late and only for like a second. I've tried up to chapter 3, and every time, it just puts me at the beginning of the next chapter. I was, however, able to do this on my coop playthrough, but it was at chapter 9 already, so I'm not sure if the trophy will actually pop if I do it enough times.
  6. Ahhh that video makes my all tarot card trophy playthrough make sense. When I went back to pick up the Hierophant, I couldn't control Eliza at all during the flashback.
  7. Yea, it's been tried multiple times, just seems those 3 achievers got lucky. I personally did my all tarot card run while choosing move on every time and nothing.
  8. So my run didn't work. But, I went back to get the hierophant for the all tarot cards trophy, and for some reason during the cutscene of the flashback, I couldn't control Eliza at all. The QTE to dodge the pipe didn't even show up; she just dodged it automatically.
  9. I'm doing a couch coop run right now. Am on the digital deluxe version, trying to not quit out of the game, and also picking up all tarot cards (except hierophant) and evidence. If anything, at least i'll get the all tarot card and evidence trophies lol. I'm also trying it completely offline. Not sure if any of this will make a difference, but I have other trophies to grab anyways, so can test!
  10. I think he just got knocked out? Sorry the details are fuzzy. I could reload the save again later and try it out for sure.
  11. I picked up the syringe, but didn't hide it, so Travis found it on Laura. Trying to remember what happened. OH! Laura grabbed his gun, then Travis grabbed it from Laura, and then Laura grabbed it again, but I didn't shoot. So I guess power of friendship saved Laura?
  12. He took the bite. Travis also didn't kill Laura, so Travis, Laura, and Ryan went in search of Silas, and I then killed Silas.
  13. My blind playthrough, Bobby didn't die after he was attacked by Chris, and he didn't kill Ryan. If I remember, Travis told him to stand down or something. Only Hacketts I killed were Caleb, Constance, and Chris.
  14. The second achiever is the person from the reddit thread; they said they got the trophy at the end of chapter 9 on a new playthrough, getting at least 1 tarot card per chapter and not picking up the hierophant.
  15. Yes, some people were having difficulties unlocking the "let me have a go" trophy on house of ashes, and the main workaround was to do it all in one sitting without pausing if I remember correctly.