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  1. If anyone gets accepted into the Upper Deckers team send me a private message on here. I have a friend who is in that team that can help with the trophies but they aren't the owner of the team.
  2. Oh dear...that really sucks and is kinda ridiculous, I hope Koei addresses this but I kinda have a bad feeling that they won't fix it.
  3. I'm 1 song away from earning the Rock God trophy. What's the song below Nagashino (Takeda)? I assumed it was Nagashino (Oda) and just tried that battle but no new song was unlocked.
  4. I'd recommend boosting this with someone whose a higher tier, you get a 15% bonus, making it easier to get 3k. I got this doing a back and forth preplanned hour long match with Punk vs Daniel Bryan. Bryan's Knee Plus and other Running finishers are probably easiest to reverse if you are having trouble getting a finisher reversal. An hour probably is a little excessive but you basically have to have it at least go a half hour and need to hit every omg spot possible. I had a 10% dc penalty due to the awful server giving me free loses and still managed to get 3500 with help from the 15 tier adjustment bonus. I'd recommend anyone planning on platting this do this trophy first because if you have the dc penalty you basically can't get it unless you fight someone who is a higher rank/tier like I did. Luckily my best friend offered to help and sacrificed a loss to their record or I'd probably never get it naturally. Catch/catapult catch finishers give additional points also.
  5. Thanks big time for this. This is going to be nothing but a pain in the arse. Probably going to have to boost it or something. Due to the bad servers I have a stupid 10% dc penalty so I probably can't even get this until that goes away.