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  1. One - Rock Band 2 (4.39%) I kind of find this amusing considering I didn't find RB2 to be terribly hard.
  2. No pressure or anything... Though I will mention that in Home tomorrow, we're holding a premiere party; casties from all three seasons are going to be there. It's going to be a blast! @Comp: If it's any consolation, my 'trophy hunter' cast bio has made me the most hated female in the eyes of the rabid Ego-fanbase. I think you should apply next year, personally. I could definitely see you on the show!
  3. My friend gave me a standard blue controller for my birthday and carved my gamertag and the kanji for cow/ox into it. The kanji was added because I have that tattooed on my ankle.
  4. I make stuff - you know my work. If anything, I might just port my showcase over here too (aside from the fact that this site is sorely lacking on [float] tags... ). Though that might be it, as I won't be on this site as much as other ones.