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  1. a friend of mine, in the Prison Nightmare trophy, me and a friend generated more than 15 cards and the trophy did not go up, how did you do it? the 1 card we took counts as one of 15, since it only serves to open the door? the number 15 card use to escape, or would it be the number 16 card? Thank you Wuthg21

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    2. BR-Guh


      Thank you for your help, this afternoon I got it, it had to be exactly 15, it could not be more, me and my friend were getting more for warranty we always do this. Thank you very much, regarding how are you doing? my friend and I are using the cock off glitch, but this is beginning to give -5% of xp for repeating the phase too much, we complete other actions to see if it returns to normal, but continues to increase this negative%.

    3. Wuthg21


      I am around infamy 10, taking a little break after the grinding.


      After hitting an infamy i will always do an Diamond job, this will level me up around 35 levels. Then after spending the earned skill points i will hop on an Aftershock for an additinal 15 levels or something. If i am playing alone i will complete a Dockyard Heist on stealth for the 20% xp bonus and afterwards do a Cook off or an Santa's workshop (I never play those two maps more then 1 hour, the crashrate will go up).


      And after that i think im around level 80 or something, then i just play what i want, like Undercover, Birth of Sky, Hoxton Breakout. I always play on Mayhem since it is a lot easier then Deathwish, but the payout is almost the same.

    4. BR-Guh


      Thanks Bro for all tips 👍


    Hi, how did you manage to make the payday 2 Celsius or Fahrenheit trophy? I heard some rumors that it's bugged, I even tried it a few times and the trophy did not go up, thanks
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    2. BR-Guh


      does it still work?

      100% ?

    3. Wuthg21


      Yes, Me and Stylin tested it and it worked for sure

    4. BR-Guh



      Good to know that someone tried and went right, the look she has already released, right?

      I do not have to play missions to release it, right?

      just to confirm even more these are the steps I have to follow right?




      Thank you very much for your attention.


      owwww, now that I have seen your posts up there, now yes I am sure that of that is this post even kkkkkkkkkk