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  1. Is it just me, or does a lot of this thread just seem to hate and demean DetectiveCJ? I mean, I don't understand why you two chose to start this with each other, specifically. But I just get the impression Kochiya looks down upon and loathes you to be honest, CJ You acknowledge and congratulate Kochiya's achievements, but you don't seem to get acknowledged in return, or at all. I'd have just pulled out by now if I were you Anyways, you seem like a pretty nice guy. I'm late in voting, but fuck it, I'll vote for you I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!
  2. 39 ZOMBI Difficulty: 2/10 Rating: 3/10 It's been months since I've posted in this thread Boring game. Hated every minute of it. It was repetitive and downright boring. Your character also literally screams their ass off when they hit zombies and you hear them trembling with fear despite no zombies being present. The controls are also very flimsy and after hitting a zombie 8 times with a nailed baseball bat, I can't help but to ask myself "When the fuck will this die? (again)" Not making the difficulty trophies stack was a bad move as I had to endure this truly shit game yet another 2 times for the platinum 40 Stormrise Difficulty: 3/10 Rating: 8.5/10 I played this game many years ago. It's a platinum I'd always wanted, but never bothered to go for (mainly due to the online). Once I found myself in the possession of two PS3 systems, I asked myself "Why the fuck not?" I self-boosted this game within a day. Winning 99 ranked matches was a very mundane task. I'd certainly not have liked to have boosted the online with someone else as it'd have made it a much more tedious process This game has received terrible reviews. Honestly, objectively this game is better than the one above, but subjectively I enjoyed this game and going back to it after the years and finally getting the platinum was very gratifying. I saved this platinum specifically for my 40th. I could've gotten it a lot faster if I wished
  3. Get a new power cord
  4. 10/10 Always liked your profile, Aexuz. You have your fair share of difficult games and ultra rare trophies, as well as having a really big collection of good quality games completed I don't really see why I should give you a lower rating Still waiting for the day you finally finish up SSFIV, though... I've started that game too now, so I'll need to finish that up myself sometime. Those damn trials
  5. I swear this thread already exists, however I can't seem to find it I'm apparently "kuudere"
  6. From hindsight, yeah Something tells me you didn't exactly fly through them your first time
  7. Hey

    I wonder who told you to check it out Welcome to the site
  8. We actually share the same opinion in regards to used systems However, I recently purchased a preowned PS3 myself. It's the super slim, 500gb. I would've got the normal slim as it's better quality, and quieter when it comes to reading disks. But I was essentially only paying £5 extra for 180gb more HDD space. I'm also not a big fan of the top-loader myself as I stand the system vertically and it's rather awkward to change disks I still have my normal slim I can use anyway
  9. The servers for this game are still up as of when this post was created
  10. You're pretty silly if you're purchasing new games full price off the PSN store anyways
  11. What kind of formatting is that? I hardly read the post due to it
  12. Sign me up, babe xx Pray_Aex