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  1. Believe it or not it was your status update earlier that prompted me to post this, but then I couldn't remember who had posted their status update, glad you found it! I've been meaning to do it for ages. Best of luck on your journey, some trials are brutal and my intention with this post is to bring across how difficult they can be if you're not a natural and to not give up! For example you'll see that Ken's trial 24 took me just over 18 hours to do over the course of 7 evenings!
  2. Hi all, Three years ago I finally achieved the trophy Trial Athlete and posted my progress each day on the N3H forum, N3H (Never Ending Hunt) are a community of like minded gamers who like to talk about and boost games. Here is a copy of that post which includes the trials and other hints and tips which you may find useful: This post is a journey towards a trophy which to me will be more than likely the most difficult and time consuming trophy any game has to offer – Trial Athlete. I’ve always loved playing Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat but sadly have never had any real ability and always get destroyed in a two player match up. Luckily this trophy is single player and very addictive. My thought was to record a log of my progress along with all the stumbling blocks I encounter. I’ll also write about my experience switching from the dual shock controller > arcade stick. I have found it quite demoralising reading posts in other forums where people have written that one set of trials are “Easy”, “No trouble at all”, “Took me 5 minutes”. I’ll write down how long it actually took me even if it makes me sound completely noobish. I have no idea if I’ll ever complete the trials but I’m certainly going to do my best and I’d like to think that if I can do it then anyone can. Dual Shock or Arcade Stick? I toyed with this for a long time. The first 9 characters I completed with the Dual Shock and it’s possible I may have stuck with this except I started to develop pins and needles in my left hand which I read could be due to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. When this happened I stopped playing the game for a long period, when I returned and played Dhalsim it started to come back within a couple of hours so I decided to switch to an arcade stick. Which Stick did I choose? The tournament arcade sticks are very expensive and I’m not prepared to spend that kind of money so after research I found that you can get a relatively cheap arcade stick and mod it with arcade quality parts for half the price. I have no experience with arcade sticks but I’m impressed with the one I have. This is the arcade stick I purchased: Venom Arcade Stick My main reason was that reviews said it was incredibly easy to mod, without the need to solder and what you have after is equivalent to a tournament arcade stick. Shortly after I purchased it I found this post: Step By Step guide to modding Venom Arcade Stick I was really happy to find this especially as it’s the exact one I purchased. I then purchased all the Sanwa parts from arcadeworlduk as listed and replacing all the parts took me less than half an hour, it was incredibly easy and I’m extremely happy with the results. Octagonal or Square Gate? There is post after post after post on the internet on this exact same topic, but this is what the general consensus is: Sanwa JLF stick > Square Gate Seimitsu stick > Octagonal The reason being the Seimitsu Octagonal reduces throw while the Sanwa JLF Octagonal increases throw (throw is the distance from neutral to the gate). The Sanwa JLF comes with a square gate as standard, I would say buy the Octagonal gate as well as they’re really cheap and you can swap them out and decide for yourself. I started with the Octagonal gate and have now switched to square. The difference between the two for me was minimal but I was able to find corners just a little better with the square gate. Is an arcade stick better? Without question I could see the potential of an arcade stick immediately, but when you first start using it you have to relearn everything so if you’re good with a pad you’re going to find it extremely disappointing in the beginning. The best advice I read was to go to training, turn inputs on and practice moves, you should be able to produce the same move over and over again. Perform a set number of hadokens and if you miss one, start from the beginning again, switch sides and do the same. You’re basically trying to build these moves into muscle memory so they become second nature. Here is a good video for learning the basics: Arcade Stick Basic Tutorial Is it worth the investment if I just want to complete the trials? I wouldn’t have purchased one if not for the pins and needles I was experiencing but I’m so glad I have, although it’s taking time it feels so much better for me and I can execute moves with better consistency than with the pad. If a pad works for you then there’s no need to switch, all trials can be completed with the pad. The Trials I’ll keep this table updated whenever I complete a trial. I took various posts from people who have completed the trials and who gave a tier system of a characters trials in terms of difficulty. The difficulty is in relation to the other characters trials. A character listed as “Easy Tier” is only easy in terms of characters in “God Tier”. Easy characters can be quite difficult when you first start playing the game. I scored each character based off these posts (as no-one can completely agree on this due to many factors) and created my own. Character Completed Percentage Notes GOD TIER C. Viper 24 / 24 100.00% #13. Completed - 12/06/2016 El Fuerte 24 / 24 100.00% #14. Completed - 05/11/2016 TOP TIER Ken 24 / 24 100.00% #15. Completed - 19/11/2016 Dan 24 / 24 100.00% #12. Completed - 08/05/2016 Ibuki 24 / 24 100.00% #16. Completed - 24/11/2016 E.Honda 24 / 24 100.00% #17. Completed - 29/11/2016 Ryu 24 / 24 100.00% #11. Completed - 26/04/2016 HIGH TIER Abel 24 / 24 100.00% #18. Completed - 01/12/2016 Cammy 24 / 24 100.00% #19. Completed - 04/12/2016 Fei Long 24 / 24 100.00% #20. Completed - 05/12/2016 Guile 24 / 24 100.00% #21. Completed - 13/12/2016 Makoto 24 / 24 100.00% #22. Completed - 15/12/2016 Adon 24 / 24 100.00% #23. Completed - 17/12/2016 Chun-Li 24 / 24 100.00% #24. Completed - 18/12/2016 Sakura 24 / 24 100.00% #25. Completed - 21/12/2016 MID TIER Sagat 24 / 24 100.00% #26. Completed - 22/12/2016 Cody 24 / 24 100.00% #27. Completed - 23/12/2016 Gen 24 / 24 100.00% #28. Completed - 27/12/2016 Gouken 24 / 24 100.00% #29. Completed - 27/12/2016 Vega 24 / 24 100.00% #30. Completed - 28/12/2016 Zangief 24 / 24 100.00% #31. Completed - 28/12/2016 Juri 24 / 24 100.00% #32. Completed - 29/12/2016 Akuma 24 / 24 100.00% #09. Completed - 20/01/2015 Rufus 24 / 24 100.00% #33. Completed - 30/12/2016 Seth 24 / 24 100.00% #34. Completed - 30/12/2016 LOW TIER Balrog 24 / 24 100.00% #35. Completed - 30/12/2016 Dhalsim 24 / 24 100.00% #10. Completed - 12/04/2016 Blanka 24 / 24 100.00% #08. Completed - 13/01/2015 Guy 24 / 24 100.00% #03. Completed - 26/12/2014 Rose 24 / 24 100.00% #04. Completed - 02/01/2015 Dee Jay 24 / 24 100.00% #06. Completed - 07/01/2015 Dudley 24 / 24 100.00% #07. Completed - 09/01/2015 M.Bison 24 / 24 100.00% #05. Completed - 03/01/2015 EASY TIER T.Hawk 24 / 24 100.00% #02. Completed - 21/12/2014 Hakan 24 / 24 100.00% #01. Completed - 02/05/2014 PROGRESS 840/ 840 100.00% Sources used to complete the Trials Vesper Arcade on You Tube - you probably use this already, it's invaluable to see spacing and timing of combos. Challenge Guide by Siky - This is a brilliant guide that gives you the inputs for each Trial. I use this first and then resort to Vesper Arcade if I'm really struggling. Dhalsim Ryu Dan C. Viper El Fuerte Ken Masters Ibuki E.Honda Abel Cammy Fei Long Guile Makoto Adon Chun-Li Sakura Sagat Cody Gen Gouken Vega Zangief Juri Rufus Seth Balrog Long Time No See and Birth of the Oni When I saw the requirements for these trophies I thought I'd never do it but in the end they weren't too difficult if you know the trick to doing them. Requirements - Fight Gouken (Long Time No See) 5 x First Attacks 3 x Ultra/Super Finishes 1 x Perfect No Continues Requirements - Fight Oni (Birth of the Oni) 5 x First Attacks 3 x Ultra/Super Finishes 1 x Perfect No Continues Defeat Seth with Ultra/Super Finish How to do it First of all set the difficulty to Hardest, 1 round, 99 seconds. Have a second controller ready, if you are about to lose the round then click start on it and then defeat player 2. This does not affect the "No Continues" requirement. Use Ryu. Some say use Zangief, he has a great spinning Lariat move but his ultra requires a 720 motion which I could not do reliably at all Here is the trick to being successful with Ryu. First of all as the round starts wait for your opponent to make their move, as soon as they make their attack then do a medium dragon punch to get your first attack requirement, now move a bit closer and then do a focus attack Level 3, as the move is coming out dash forward then immediately perform a throw. Now wait for the throw animation to end and immediately begin the focus attack level 3 again. This puts the CPU opponent in a continuous loop as they aren't able to block your focus attack. It does take a little practice as beginning it too late will give the CPU player a chance to perform their attack, too early and the focus attack won't work. Also there is an element of risk getting your first Focus Attack in but this is only really an issue when going for the Perfect not the remaining rounds. If all goes well this should get you a perfect first round, if ever I didn't I would quit and start again, never taking more than a few attempts. For subsequent rounds ensure you get your first attack and then aim to get your focus attacks in to bring the opponents health down to around 5-10%, now let the CPU player attack you. Once your health has been depleted around 40% your Ultra will become active. Normally at this point I would get in a floor sweep, knocking the opponent over and then activating the Hadoken Ultra. That's really all there is to it. If your health starts to get low then press start on P2 controller, better not to risk it. When I fought Gouken I had to use 11 starts with P2, the second time when I got to Oni I only used 4. Here were my opponents for Oni (forgot to write down Gouken) 1. Makoto - 1 x Perfect, 1 x First Attack 2. Ibuki - 1 x First Attack, 1 x Ultra 3. Yang - 1 x First Attack, 1 x Ultra 4. Juri - 1 x First Attack 5. Rose - 1 x First Attack 6. Dee Jay - 1 x Ultra 7. Sagat 8. Seth - 1 x Ultra 9. Oni Here is a video that shows this method, although this guy never needed to use P2. Ryu Fight Gouken the easy way EDIT: Fighting Seth Just to note that Seth is now the easiest opponent on Hardest, he's actually a lot easier than on Medium. Before Ultra Street Fighter 4 he performed an irritating move that pulled you in and once close he would grab you, there was nothing you could do about it and this still happens on Medium, however on Hardest he now performs a charge move. All you need to do is wait for him to do his charge, jump back and hit him with a flying kick and then do a floor sweep. He normally follows that up with a kick, so floor sweep him again. Now back to pulling you in and the focus attack, rinse and repeat. You don't even need to beat him with focus attacks, it's really easy.
  3. In the sprit of the post I reminded myself of a game long ago named Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. I'd really enjoyed Tiger Woods on the PS2, in fact I got the PS2 because of it, so brought this title in 2011 only to foolishly realise that PGA Tour 11 was out of date and I should have gotten 2012. The servers were dead and if I remember correctly it was the first time I got involved in boosting to get the 12 v 12 trophy, that was in November 2011. After that I only had one trophy left named Hanging Chad but it was unavailable, me and a number of others contacted the dev's to get it up and running but it took until September 2012 before they decided to put up the penultimate survey before the servers closed for good. It was a good learning experience, rule of thumb now is never buy a game with a year in the title. Their shelf life is so limited and their subsequent releases rarely offer anything that couldn't be offered in a patch, total waste of money and that was before they turned into casino's with microtransactions. Shudder.
  4. @Kiyan-13 This was the post from Yuri that discussed that issue going back to March 2017
  5. The only way for DLC stats to be accurate would be for a flag to be present on our profiles for each DLC, if DLC is installed the flag is applied. If the flag is applied then those stats will be included in rarity. It's the way it works for base game trophies, anyone that has installed the game but not earned a trophy are still included in rarity stats. As this cannot be determined we have to do a best fit, geometric isn't perfect and will cause discrepancies in many instances but it's certainly better than both previous methods of: 1) If the game is installed then DLC is automatically included as well, leading to a lot of DLC ultra rare trophies because only a fraction of gamers purchase DLC content 2) Once a trophy is earned in DLC content then those stats are included, this led to more common trophies appearing and in a lot of instances 100% common trophies. This discussion has been done to death, if Sony implement the above then I'm sure stats will be changed again. EDIT: The point raised about DLC's already included with base games was discussed by Yuri a couple of years ago or more, I would assume that for the handful of games it affects it was decided it wasn't worth the trouble of calculating it differently?
  6. I'm gradually trying to change my approach, but it's not easy with my personality. For the longest while it has been completion percentage, now I just want to play every game I have in my backlog - although it's an internal battle with no outright winner. My aim is for my completion percentage to continue to drop and to care less about trophies, it was 99.68% (maximum it could be due to server closures on 2 games), now it's 82.39%. I envisage it going down to around 50%. It seems daft now having 100% completion on around 30% of my collection and never experiencing the other 70%. I still have 152 games in my backlog, that's my target. I've therefore voted for Amount of games played / completed as my first choice. Second it would be Rarity or quality of trophies. I like a challenge, walking through a game with minimum effort is rarely memorable (unless the game is meant that way like Life is Strange for example) Third would be Completion percentage (battling for 1st place) Ranking years ago meant very little, but now nothing due to the waves of easy 6 stack platinums. I'll leave that battle to those with too much time on their hands.
  7. You see that while playing Fifa 20! Oh my, talk about this franchise being EAsy money
  8. I think there's 25 of them
  9. To the guy who has given the original a 2/10 difficulty, I think you're confusing Ghostbusters on the PS3 to the game they released on the PS4 a few years ago. They are completely different. The plat on the PS3 was not easy. Single player wasn't too bad but still a decent challenge. Multiplayer was where it got tricky, there was no way of tracking your stats so you had to have a checklist of some description, as I remember you thought you'd hit some requirements then realised you hadn't and had to go over things again and again. I've no idea what it was like to boost but playing normally which is what I did was hard to hit the requirements. It was ultra rare for a reason.
  10. It's a legitimate question with this game. If you'd played the original you will remember how the servers where closed with no warning whatsoever, that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. If they choose not to play the game because of the MP that's there choice and I can't blame them.
  11. If you're serious about this then here is how I would go about it. First of all I would compile a spreadsheet of all my outstanding games Next I would look up guides for every one of those games and write down the estimated difficulty and estimated time for completion For 100% completion take that estimated time and divide it by 3 years to see how many hours per day you would need to invest to get there If you want to get to 90% then sort those games by difficulty and time taken, leave the most difficult and time consuming ones out. I've around 170 games that I haven't completed yet with an average of 2 hours gaming a day I have an estimated completion time of 20 years.
  12. Here in the UK I have no interest in a game of rounders. The Last of Us, of course, is a great game for those that don't have it.
  13. When I find something difficult I just practice, practice and practice some more to get past each difficult stage. My motivation is that satisfied feeling you get when you've made it to the next stage or completion.
  14. Nothing for me, there's a few games that appeal but I can buy those cheaper physically online. I spent a lot on the last Big In Japan Sale so can only assume this sale is not so spectacular this time round.
  15. Whilst this exclusive must be exciting for Switch owners, not much use in PlayStation 4 > Unreleased Games