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  1. Pretty much every game I have at 90% completion I'm still enjoying it but by the time I have 100% I'm glad it's over. That's the journey. This game I loved on the PS2 but I already know that for me it should remain in the past, I don't want to sully the memory going for the platinum.
  2. I'd say it's either the comatose patient being shot in the head or the man stabbing himself repeatedly that's caused the rating to be 17+ rather than someone's hairy arse. Mind you, some arses laid bare can scar you for life.
  3. Probably because it's shite. P.T. is still talked about and most people envy those that have a copy. Evil Inside people want to try and forget and wish there was a way to delete their digital copy.
  4. Whilst it's a slim prospect there's no harm in trying. I remember Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, it took from October 2011 until September 2012 until they added the option to take a survey and they put this up before the servers closed in October 2012. We sent messages on the forums and they replied. A goodwill gesture. My gut in this instance though does say it won't happen, this trophy has been down for years and there will have been many people get in touch with them about it. Customer Service replies aren't worth the paper they are written on unfortunately, you only have to look at the recent closure of Mad Max and the empty promises from Customer Services that gave people false hope.
  5. So you're asking that anyone who has the game should have the trophies automatically pop if they haven't already because the servers are down. No, just no and it trivialises those that actually earned the trophies, you'll struggle getting people to agree with you on here, let alone to the powers that be. You should have done it in the 10 years they were up unfortunately. I thought this was a petition to try and get the servers re-opened which I was going to say, best of luck, I remember how well it went with F.E.A.R. 2
  6. Yep, my wallet took a hit Truberbrook Darkest Dungeon: Ancestral Edition Tacoma Crossing Souls The Messenger Gris Thimbleweed Park Iron Crypticle Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Spelunky 2 and off the back of another sale A Plague Tale: Innocence Also tempted to still get the 3 Shantae games and Owlboy but maybe I'll wait for another sale.
  7. Oh my word, I think my wallet is about to take a battering
  8. I have no plans to retire just yet although I do feel that I've now hit a peak with the PS4. I have a great library of games, mostly physical, with titles that could keep me going for the next 20 years. Moving forwards I can't help but feel the industry is going to continue to push further ahead into a domain I don't want to be a part of which is digital only, all games becoming a monthly subscription like Netflix with the bigger gaming companies having their own separate subscription services, consequently more advertising and more microtransactions. In the end spending x amount of money each month renting games and never actually owning anything. I don't think it will be me retiring from gaming it will be the new age of gaming retiring me.
  9. My take on it. Bedroom - fun, if you enjoyed the happy birthday scene in the main game you should enjoy this Nightmare and Night Terror - fun, a bit like zombies in Call of Duty. Ethan Must Die - brilliant, my favourite part of the whole DLC. 21 - Mixed feelings, as a card game it's excellent but it's so jarring in the context of the game especially after coming off the back of Ethan Must Die, still, by the time I'd finished it I'd really gotten into it, so on balance another positive Daughters - The story before the main game begins, really enjoyed this, a nice addition. Jack's Birthday - Silly, some may enjoy this, I just thought it was a waste of time. End of Zoe - didn't particularly like this, got sick of hearing Joe say "Zoe", "Zoe", "Zoe", "ZOE", "ZOE!!!" Not a Hero - didn't like this at all, as soon as it started and he looks down at his phone and you see what he has the corporation written down as I just groaned, yeah, he's got an attitude, yawn, this encompassed everything that Resident Evil started heading towards and I started moving away from. In summary, I enjoyed the DLC for the most part, there's a lot of variety but because of the last two modes, by the time I earned the final trophy, I was glad it was over.
  10. I've brought 3 games that have been on my wish list for a while and haven't seen on sale before, so a decent sale for me: Super Hydorah Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla Ex) Straimium Immortaly Was also considering Gods Remastered but as much as I loved it back in the day and for that I'm tempted, from what I've read, it should have remained in the past
  11. Just a quick recap of the history. Please correct me if I've missed anything. Method 1: Originally all DLC trophies were calculated using Achievers / Base Game Owners. This was in place for years and it changed for the principle reason that almost every DLC trophy was either Very Rare or Ultra Rare. Whilst this is technically correct (especially as you are counted as a base game owner just by installing the game and not earning a trophy) it bothered most people that the rarity for DLC made the base game look trivial in comparison. In fact having an Ultra Rare trophy became trivial in itself when Ultra Rare trophies were pretty much handed to anyone who purchased DLC content. Method 2: DLC was then changed to Achievers / DLC Owners to try and make Ultra Rare feel Ultra Rare. Again in place for years, a DLC owner can only be established once a trophy has been earned. This turned things on its head making rarity for DLC content worthless, only one trophy in a DLC, the rarity was 100%. This then completely dropped Ultra Rare numbers so they then became more prestigious. They are the only two methods using actual figures to calculate some kind of Rarity, however, the only true way of getting an accurate statistic would be Method 3: to have an install flag for DLC on your profile, if this has been set to true then you would be counted a DLC owner in which you could then have Achievers / DLC Owners. The first two methods got argued over so many forum posts, over pages and pages, do you want to use method one which although technically correct just leads to people with hundreds and hundreds of Ultra Rare trophies just because they purchased DLC or Method 2 where Ultra Rare trophies feel more prestigious but also makes DLC achievements relatively worthless. On about page 11 of one such discussion, @ProfBambam55 suggested Geometric Mean. Yes, it's a made up figure but it actually gave some DLC trophies Ultra Rare status and could arguably be closest to the correct truth of Method 3 should Sony ever incorporate such a flag. That about sums it up for those that missed all these years of discussions. Obviously I can't speak for the powers that be but If you're either trying to argue for Method 1 or Method 2 to be re-introduced, it's highly unlikely it will ever happen because it's been talked to death.
  12. Not the faintest idea but I've given you a like for making me laugh at the title of this thread.
  13. Ghostbusters and F.E.A.R. 2 actually ended my streak due to server shutdowns. They came before I started aiming for 100% so I didn't pay them much attention at the time. No game I've considered as being so difficult I just couldn't do it, all except for Super Street Fighter 4 and more specifically Dan Trial 23, that was the first time I've experienced hitting a wall, my fingers just couldn't do it on a pad and I was starting to experience carpal tunnel syndrome attempting it. In the end I made a leap and got an arcade stick and that changed everything. Still really difficult for me but I got there, it took 2 months to complete it though. Years later with my profile I'll never hit 100% (minus the 12 trophies unattainable above), not because of difficulty but because of time.
  14. Guess it's that time of year again where DLC rarity is discussed for the nth time, the same pro's and con's will be outlined for all 3 methods, there will be some arguing about who feels what is best and then the thread will close.
  15. Kingdom Hearts: If I wanted to go through every game available on the PS4, do I just need to buy the following:


    Kingdom Hearts - The Story So Far

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    Kingdom Hearts 3 - Re Mind



    1. ExHaseo


      You can do that, but there's also an "All-in-one" package that includes Kingdom Hearts 3 as well. So you would just have to buy that and Re Mind.

    2. FawltyPowers


      Thanks @ExHaseo. I already have Kingdom Hearts 3 (minus the DLC) so I'll just get The Story So Far and the DLC, excellent, thanks for confirming.