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  1. I think this would be quite informative. I like to see who the top 50 are but it would also be nice to see how I rank in that list. Maybe something like this (apologies for my awful editing skills)
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to add a new SHMUP to my library and have been interested in this title, however, there is very little information out there and such a small player base. I have Astebreed and will be getting Dariusburst, both of which have platinums that can be completed solo offline, can the same be done with Raiden V? I've read that there is local 2 player co-op, is this a requirement for any trophy or can everything be solo'd? Thanks
  3. Looks like a Sci-fi version of Three Men and a Baby 🤔
  4. % dropped when DLC trophies were calculated with Geometric values. That may be the reason for your variance.
  5. I do feel there is a difference from movies and TV that you watch and games that you interact and participate in. I know how immersed I became playing Heavy Rain and making decisions that would affect certain outcomes, it felt way more personal and emotional than watching a film that you have no way of influencing, especially when children are involved. I just watched the video in the link you sent and I think playing it will be an extremely emotional journey and at times uncomfortable and I really do understand the concerns but I also feel that as long as this is aimed at a mature audience and as long as the abuse isn't too graphic and is handled well it should stand. If it isn't then there is justification for certain edits. Games have evolved enormously and cover a wider audience, so too will the subject matter and scrutiny of what is acceptable.
  6. On my PS3 I played a game until it was at 100% before moving onto the next and quite honestly it not only became completely boring but it also felt like more of a chore than relaxation. My new approach on the PS4 is to ensure I have a few games on the go at once from different genres. I might be in the mood for an MMO with FF14 or just a quick blast on a SHMUP with Astebreed, some humour from South Park, adrenaline racing from Wipeout, story driven game with The Last of Us, Unravel with my daughter, Friday the 13th with friends etc etc. I do want to keep this number manageable however, if you leave a game for too long it can be hard to return to (as was my experience with Borderlands 2) so I'd try to keep ongoing games to under 10 if possible. As mentioned by others here it's always handy to get the online part of a game out the way first but other than that try to keep a nice balance of games on the go from different genres and difficulties.
  7. That's annoying if it is true. Darksiders 2 - was just on sale in the store, I brought it. Thanks for that That's You! - Go away, nobody wants this. I just looked at the trophy list. Veteran - Play thirty games - 2.32% Ultra Rare. Only 2% of gamers could stand to play it that long. Kung Fu Panda - Has 2 recent players. Do we have to pay for PS Plus, I don't want it anymore.
  8. Just to update. Could this be fixed? Trophy Log Trophy Profile In addition there are trophy descriptions out of date. Here is one for example in Dragons Dogma: Trophy Log Trophy Profile
  9. Since 1984 when my parents got me the Commodore 64 with this gem:
  10. I'm old fashioned, if I've paid for a game I expect to be able to earn everything in the game through natural play like we used to. No one should be able to buy an advantage or obtain better looking costumes not available without purchase. As this isn't the real world anymore I only agree with microtransactions if you know what you're getting for your money, for example costume X = £1.00. I do not condone microtransactions that give you randomised items. I don't care if it's cosmetic or items that give you an advantage because that is then gambling. Most of us can make rational decisions but others can't and they need protecting. Gambling has no place in games. If companies have to rethink their strategies that's all good in my eyes.
  11. Not the best sale to be honest, quite underwhelming. The only game that's tempted me is Bloodborne GOTY, but I could get a physical copy for only £3 more which I may do. To be honest I'm glad about that there is nothing tempting. With a backlog of 26 unplayed games I shouldn't really be adding more. Like @Dreamcatcher4891 said, Christmas isn't far away either.
  12. I honestly worry about your stance on this subject. If I'm reading everything you've written correctly you don't feel that developers of games that include gambling of real money have any responsibility. There should be no warnings that they are included in games and if impressionable people were to indulge in what stares them enticingly in the face, even though they brought the game to play the game and not to gamble it is their own fault. No-one needs to know about them, we can trust the developer to do things right? Well isn't that funny, that is exactly how this has gone, it started with cosmetic items that people grumbled at but largely it slipped by, this has been going on for the past couple of years. Now EA brings a game out that revolves around loot boxes and in the beta a pay-to-win system that can give you a chance of getting items immediately or grinding for thousands of hours. This has caused a revolt, EA have showed their intentions, Activision are showing their intentions with their accepted patent and it's scaring people where AAA games are heading. They had their chance of handling this, but no they had to push the boundaries of acceptability and now IT NEEDS regulating because these greedy corporations will keep pushing and pushing because they can't help themselves. The only reason they took this out TEMPORARILY was not because of the consumer, but because of higher influences.
  13. Forgetting? What are you talking about? We all know the number one priority for any business is to make a profit. This isn't about profit, this is about greed. Are you saying games do not make profits without having microtransactions? Microtransactions = Greed. As far as I know every time you click on a lootbox you don't have to enter your credit card information? Sometimes the account owners already have this set up. If you have a gambling addiction seek help? Wow, again, just wow. But anyway that's my point, this needs to be removed from games, you play games to play games not to gamble money, you've already paid for the game! EA are not trying to exploit you? It's hard to carry on reading this. Did you actually see the Activision patent recently? Will you still say that their intentions are not exploitative? Budweiser is an alcoholic drink. We know it's alcohol, we are told its alcohol, "drink responsibly" even appears on the commercials. People who are alcoholics should stay away from alcohol. Erm yes. I see all the advertising for Battlefront 2 everywhere, massive online multiplayer experience, lush graphics, hmm, don't see lootboxes shown anywhere, no disclaimer, even though the game revolves around it. All that's happened now is people who weren't aware of these practices now are and this is the response. But you're right if you're using that comparison, we should know that a game has lootboxes before we buy so we can make an informed choice. That will hopefully happen now. So bored of the bad parenting angle. Maybe you were that squeaky clean child growing up. Didn't drink alcohol until you were 18, never touched a cigarette until you were 16, no sex until 16, never watched an 18 certificate film until you were 18, never played a computer game with an 18 certificate until you were 18. Wait what you did? Then you had really bad parents. Oh and just to add when it comes to the gambling aspect. When I was younger and you brought a game from a shop it was the complete game, it had to be, there was no second chances and this is how a lot of parents probably still see games. Lootboxes is relatively new and people aren't really aware of them. Well now they are. Now everyone is.
  14. Sounds like you actually feel sorry for EA? EA's profit runs into the billions, they aren't struggling. It's time gambling in games for real money is properly regulated, please stop justifying this shit whether it's cosmetic or pay to win. It still targets those with addictive tendencies and impressionable people to gamble, just to see what they can get, it's that anticipation that hooks people. A show of good will that EA listened? That's probably the most naïve comment I've read so far. It was Disney contacting EA directly and the fact that this is being investigated. It has caused widespread condemnation and damaged Disney's reputation. I really wish EA lost their exclusivity rights to the stranglehold they have on Star Wars and Fifa etc. People have had to put up with the shit they produce for too long.
  15. This is great news. The fact that things are moving as fast as they are shows just how vile these greedy practices have been. Now investigated in the US too. To quote YongYea "shit just got real"