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  1. Shouldn't rarity leaderboards just be scored off the rarity of each trophy? For every trophy take the trophy percentage away from 1 and then total them up. For example: A trophy with a rarity of 35% scores 0.65 points (1 - 0.35) An Ultra Rare trophy of 4% would score 0.96 points (1 - 0.4) A Common trophy of 95% would only score 0.5 points (1 - 0.95) Comparison scores for 2 games on either side of the rarity spectrum: Super Meat Boy Ultra Rare - 20 Very Rare - 2 Rare - 0 Uncommon - 1 Common - 1 Score - 22.54 points Super Destronaut DX Ultra Rare - 0 Very Rare - 0 Rare - 0 Uncommon - 0 Common - 14 Score - 0.08 points The colour of the trophy doesn't matter, just the rarity. No complex formula, just going by the rarity already provided. No division of giving points based off the category, for example 25 points for Ultra Rare, 20 points for Very Rare (4.99% = 25 points, 5.00% = 20 points). I know that some games will score higher than others because of the number of trophies but at least the EZPZ games with 75% or greater platinums would hold virtually no value.
  2. I thought it was a good game, not as good as City but the Deathstroke fight in Origins is still my favourite moment of all three games (Asylum, City and Origins). It's true the multiplayer is awful in Origins, but so is the DLC to city too.
  3. Raging Justice The trophy descriptions on this site say to complete certain tasks on "Hard" mode. On PSN it says "Insane". It would be useful to update this list as Hard mode doesn't exist, only Normal, Brutal and Insane. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7593-raging-justice
  4. I like this feature and it's potential, finally something for those of us that put hours of effort into challenging games. I think 75% is a good figure to use, exactly as stated in the OP. Platinums over 75% are usually throw away games that can be done in under an hour, these are the games that are trivialising the trophy system. 50-75% will take some effort, albeit minimal in some cases but they're not the games being targeted. The best part of this is knowing that there are ideas being implemented on this site. The site has been so quiet with new updates for so long. Excellent.
  5. I can completely understand if these guys decide to quit, having to maintain the same generic accounts, filling it with stack after stack of the same game. Day after day, week after week. I can't imagine how soul destroying it must be.
  6. Hehe I already have, I also have Ikaruga and Raiden IV: Overkill in my backlog.
  7. I've got too much of a backlog so haven't got anything in this sale..... ….well except for: Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug Arcade Game Series: Galaga Arcade Game Series: Ms. Pac-Man Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man Bastion Lumo Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Pyre Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (or was it the New Order. I can't remember anymore) Ys Origin Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA Bloody Hell.
  8. I loved Earthworm Jim back in the day but as this isn't for the PlayStation I'm not sure why you've posted it under PlayStation 4 > Unreleased games
  9. Whilst the concept of alerting people to server closures is a decent idea, I'm not sure if this is quite the way to do it. For example if you had 600 games on your profile and there was a server closure due on a game that's listed 468th on your list it would be easily missable. You could then say have an alert on your profile that would let you know of upcoming server closures so you could then scroll through or allow you to sort your list so these games come to the top but that would take extra work. There's also those that would have to moderate it and there being a potential backlash in case the times given end up inaccurate (unlikely but possible). The first thing you would do if a game came up on your profile as an upcoming server shutdown would then be to go to a forum to find out why so probably a good idea to just keep a close eye on this, which those who are serious about trophy hunting do anyway. All that said, I'm not sure if new ideas are being considered anymore on this site, it seems to be maintenance only. If they are then best of luck with your proposal.
  10. If the PS4 was backwards compatible with the PS3 I would have retired the PS3 long ago. The UI is unpleasant and sluggish, the store sometimes kicks me out and after using the PS4 controller it's not so great handling the PS3 one. That aside I still have a big collection of games to return to and have actually brought some more physical copies this year. Also completed World at War last month so still staying active!
  11. I find it interesting how people say that once you've completed a game on one region it means that auto-popping all the trophies on another region in seconds is legitimate. I know no-one is doing anything wrong as you're just using a feature but stop saying it's a legitimate platinum when it sure as hell isn't. You're choosing not to complete the game when you could just to gain a free platinum which ultimately bastardises the leaderboards. @dokkanexpert, this is obviously causing you a lot of headaches, if what you wrote about your tours in Iraq is true then you could do without this drama, there are far more important things in life. I would just make a new account and start afresh otherwise this will stay with you while ever trophies and the playstation are a feature.
  12. This is a four year old topic. If it was going to happen, it would have happened by now. Might as well lock this thread.
  13. It's just not worth it. Having read through the linked article some games have been tested, others haven't, there's a chance you could lose save data and reverting back to your previous id may not solve the problem. Good luck to you if you decide to take the risk.
  14. I think it's time now for Sony to insist all games feature a platinum for consistencies sake or at least have a standard that games have to adhere to in order to feature a platinum trophy. It's turning into a complete mess. Other than that I think the trophy system works well, however, this is what Sony should do for the PS5 and I'd be surprised if they aren't doing already (except for point 4 as it's just wishful thinking): 1) Progress indicator next to each trophy. 1000 kills needed then lets see 0/1000 next to the trophy. 2) Total time playing the game. We know this is already an unseen feature in the background. This would be a nice addition to the trophy list. 3) More statistics. I know this site is built on statistics and we love to see them. Time to have some visuals on the PS5. 4) I would like multiplayer pvp trophies to be removed. Multiplayer trophies completely devalue the multiplayer experience for those who just want to play the game normally. People who play multiplayer pvp are doing it to try and top leaderboards, they don't care about trophies. Have an online leaderboard rank on their profile instead. Imagine being able to see a leaderboard rank on here and the competition that would create. For games that are just pvp then the game would still be added to your profile but there would be no trophies and instead just an online rank.
  15. Finished my first playthrough of God Of War on "Give me a challenge" and what a journey it was.


    My first impressions of the game were that it was exceptional, but after meeting the Stranger I went through a long period of not enjoying it. Having played all other God Of War titles I struggled to enjoy the combat and found it difficult to get past certain sections getting killed with 3 hits, it drove me mad only having limited visibility (still does to an extent). I also thought the story was mundane.


    It wasn't until Mimir that everything changed. The story picked up, the combat began to flow and I began to realise just why this game has received the praise it has.


    Playing on hard mode was a great choice even though some sections really tested me, for example the third wave of enemies on the timed section of the lift stopped me for half an hour and the large room at the end that had the two bosses with pitchforks attacking had me stuck for around 45 minutes.


    Now it's time to clear up the remaining trophies. I intend to keep it on hard mode, even for the Valkyries, but that may be a bit ambitious. So far I've lasted around 20 seconds at most on the ones I've fought. So glad to have played a game that has lived up to the hype.

    1. starcrunch061


      That last valkyrie is a bear, even at the default difficulty (or, at least, she was for me). Good luck!

    2. FawltyPowers


      Harder than the others! Ouch. The swear jar is already half full!