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  1. I did like the single player to RDR, quite a lot, the multiplayer destroyed the experience. Not done single player to GTA yet, still have the 4 player mastermind run to do with controls not fit for purpose. Their MP in games, to me, is abysmal, but as GTA V has made them hundreds of millions from monetisation you can bet online for RDR2 will be a far greater force than in RDR1. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I can't see it.
  2. 100% it will have multiplayer trophies. I won't be getting it this time, RDR1 MP was a mess, GTA V MP is unpleasant. Massively over hyped games just because they are massive and the visuals look phenomenal.
  3. Yes the whole situation is farcical because I have no idea anymore what it means, what exactly are you getting for your money in relation to the actual finished product? I was under the belief that a season pass gave you access to all future DLC content. Guess I'm wrong so will avoid that in future. No idea what a silver, gold, platinum, deluxe, mega-deluxe edition is. It's been hilarious watching the whole loot box debacle and developers fighting for our right to loot boxes that we don't want. To hear them, it's never something they want or the hundreds of millions they make from them, it's all for us. I'm moving more towards indie titles now, got tonnes in my backlog. For the most part it's buy the game and that's it, no bullshit, just like it used to be 20 years ago.
  4. Rocket League - I was confident I wouldn't like this game before I even brought it and the only reason I did was 3 of my friends had it and it's great chatting to them and having a laugh when you don't get to see them that often. The idea was to team up as 4 players and play online. They kept telling me how much "fun" it was and I relented. I couldn't stand the game after the first match, I had no "fun" and by the time I had 100% of the trophies I loathed it, especially that BS with Certified items and loot crates. My friends, however, had great "fun" mostly hearing just how much I wasn't. Now, like some kind of penance for saying how much I hate it they released new DLC, having to re-install it again, my friends were overjoyed, there's also more talk of DLC in the future, seriously I wish this game would just die.
  5. I've always been told to use UTC when people have different time zones. PSNProfiles is normally down UK time of 8:50am to 9.00am, UTC time of 7:50am to 8:00am. It can vary by a couple of minutes, it's not exact. This is the time of the morning I normally check my stats.
  6. In the UK I know to leave the site alone between 8.50am and 9.00am each day
  7. All copies of Salt and Sanctuary have sold out already. Had to be quick with this one.
  8. Multiplayer trophies are off the table as far as I'm concerned, they are absolute garbage, often shoehorned into games that shouldn't be there in the first place. People don't play it, modes are dead, requirements are often ridiculous. Perform X while doing X within X seconds of X on map X with X players. Kiss my arse, chances of this ever occurring within the game are infinitesimal. If waiting for that small window to present itself, much akin to waiting for a lottery win makes you an Ultimate Trophy Hunter then nah, sod that, I'm a cheat. Co-op trophies normally require skill and co-ordination and although I don't particularly like them as it requires other people, I at least respect them. I have done a few games without boosting: Ghostbusters (servers closed before I knew about boosting, perfect example of why I now boost online trophies) Dead Island Bioshock 2 Doom The Last of Us I don't think there will be many trophy hunters that won't have boosted trophies due to the above, but if you genuinely have never boosted your online trophies then, for what it's worth, hats off to you.
  9. FUTURE NOTE TO OTHERS Never use OCD in your post when all you really mean is you have a routine you like to follow and you get a bit annoyed when it's broken, otherwise all the above, again.
  10. I'm not sure what the issue is here. If you like to sync your trophies at a specific time of day, what is stopping you continuing to do this even if someone else updates it prior to this time? What is it that causes an impact on what you're doing? Is it data collation? You do have a point though. AFAIK my account is updated at midnight automatically, why someone would want to update a profile that isn't there's doesn't make much sense to me. The option should be just View. You should be signed in to your own account to manually update. Not a big deal though.
  11. A beef sandwich, it was a bit gristly 😞
  12. Silent Hill doesn't seem so bad as long as you don't chase little girls in the fog. I'd just sit in the safe zone of the diner with a toasted sandwich and everything will be fine. Raccoon city is a bit messy, I'd find a room high up with a trapdoor and put a chest of drawers over the top then I should be safe, would be a bit boring though sat there twiddling my thumbs, not as good as the diner. I'll go to Silent Hill please.
  13. Even if you did have a backlogging club you would still need to be online at specific times so you would still use the Boosting Sessions thread. I don't really use boosting sessions anymore but what you could do is suggest a game on here that you would like to focus on, set up a session in the Boosting thread letting people know what you're doing and leave it up for a month, see what response you get. Have people suggest a new game for the following month or put one up yourself. No reason you can't make a go of this yourself and see if it takes off.
  14. Definitely. Going for a platinum over 90% of the time is playing a game more than you would do normally. By the time you're done you never want to touch the game again. It's great to have a list of every game you've played on your profile, especially the older your profile becomes, but sometimes I wish trophies didn't exist and instead a timestamp for when you last played the game and the amount of time you've played that game for. That gives you a more realistic picture of just how much you enjoy the games on your list. At the moment, the more trophies I earn, the less they become interesting.
  15. Yes it looks stunning, so does GTA V but I find the gameplay to GTA V to be very average. RDR was one of the worst multiplayer experiences I've ever had. A lot of people are getting excited about the game because of the visuals, how can you not, but from a gameplay perspective from what I've seen in the trailers it looks less appealing than the first one.