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  1. Black Friday's Deal of the Day




    Get it while you can!!!!!

    1. zizimonster


      Wow, what a big discount! :giggle:

    2. Sikutai


      But this game is free with PS Plus.

  2. Over £3000, I've been adding the amount I've spent to my games list and last count it was £2939.72 and it's out of date. That's PS3, PS4 and PS5 only, PS1 will be quite steep as you only had physical copies and I brought most games full price (didn't have the internet back then so little competition) and I didn't chip it until later on which did save me some money, PS2 I didn't spend as much, it was an era I wasn't gaming as much. I'd go for a tentative figure overall of between £5000 - £6000
  3. Don't know this game so looked it up on Push Square. They agree with you but still gave it a 7
  4. Definitely a new plan to see how many of the people who get the plat are also concerned about 100% If it's a success, I can imagine untold amounts of DLC. Why have to go through spending a day or two creating and adding a new game when you can just add some new trophy requirements and make money. The objective here is bare minimum effort for maximum profit. A bit like EA with their sports franchises. People who are already sick of doing these games on a daily basis are going to hate it even more when trying to keep up with DLC, it will be a full time exercise of pressing X every day. Part of me thinks it's hilarious but also feel very sorry for those individuals that feel like they have to keep chasing these titles, staring blankly at a screen, a tear rolling down their face and a very swollen index finger.
  5. I'm guessing then that you don't like ribbons related to Rarity? I thought it was just the name "Effort" that was bothering you rather than what it represents. Fair enough.
  6. If it's just the word "Effort" that bothers you, then think of another, contribute. To me effort doesn't cover everything but it's a good generalisation
  7. Don't take it so personally. If a game has a rarity over a certain percentage it isn't included. It really is that simple, it's just a very quick way of saying "You have this many games with a platinum under x%" Don't worry this thread was started 3 years ago and nothing has happened so I wouldn't get stressed about it ever being a feature.
  8. Games with unachievable trophies and any trophy list that doesn't have a platinum.
  9. Nothing to do with the topic, but, this line made me intrigued to look at your profile and what a great profile it is. So many indie games, a lot I have that I haven't tried yet but thanks to the list of games you have I've now added the following titles to my wish list that I'd never heard of: Eldest Souls Lost in Random Foregone Minoria A profile I enjoyed scrolling through not plagued by 5 minute, 99% platinum rarity games. Thanks On topic - There were so many I've forgotten over the PS3 era when I had to do so much online multiplayer to get 100% in games, nowadays, I have a small group of friends for online trophies. I was reminded why that was exactly when I played Red Dead Redemption 2 and did "Public multiplayer" (shudder). There was a Scottish guy and it was just a constant barrage of "Ya f...in don't know what ya f...... doin, just wasting everyone's f....in time" on and on and on, I think just to anyone, I'm guessing he was either having a very bad day or he had some kind of mental health issues anyway I left the game when a particular game mode wasn't available and some time later I happened to rejoin the same game he was in and he was still carrying on, which I thought was quite funny. Poor guy. Other than that I got a message that just simply said "Fuckoff" once, don't know the PSNid or what the reason was, again, must have been someone having either a really bad day or mental health issues.
  10. Indeed. More automation is definitely the way forward. I've only reported a handful of people, but it's always been because they have earned trophies after server shutdowns, at that point they are impossible to get, why isn't that automated instead of manual intervention? Maybe they are and I've just happened to get there first, that I don't know. There must be hundreds, if not thousands of scenarios that will pick up impossibly earned timestamps, if for whatever reason some of these conditions turn out to be wrong then that's what the dispute is for and they can be ironed out. As the situation gets worse and more and more people do it then it will save hours and hours for the Cheater Removal Team so they can look at cases that actually warrant investigation. On saying that, a good starting point raised many times is when someone clicks on Dispute there should already be the game name, platform, region and flagged reason automatically output, then all the disputer has to do is give a reason as to why the flag is wrong, saves the laborious "What's the reason for your flag" reply ad infinitum.
  11. Not to mention once a Leaderboard topic comes up it essentially turns to this:
  12. If you're going for the platinum, you will get this
  13. No game I've stopped playing completely yet, just have a lot of unfinished games which unfortunately is due to time, nothing is too hard, it's just me needing to get better, also, no game has made me rage quit, when a game irritates me, for instance Injustice, I normally swear a bit and say sarcastic things to the screen, I'd be mortified if it was ever caught on camera. If I feel something is making me particularly angry I'll turn it off for a while, every time when I come back it goes better. Now as a kid, when we had things called Joysticks, well just just say I broke three or four of them, my favourite moment looking back was once when I didn't say anything or display any emotion I just slammed the joystick down on the desk, took a breath and then tried to carry on as though nothing had happened, which was extremely difficult as the joystick was now in half. That was the C64 and Amiga era when games were purposely meant to piss you off.
  14. Achieving a trophy that took time, patience and practice is a phenomenal feeling I wish I could bottle, the nerves and tension preceding it and the release when you've accomplished it. The best part of trophy hunting in my opinion and being able to talk to fellow enthusiasts about it. Getting someone to do it for you, deprives you of any real emotion because what can you feel or say? You didn't do it. So in my opinion a new feature like this doesn't bother me at all, it shouldn't bother you either if you have no interest in it, you aren't losing out, not by a long shot.
  15. Thank you, that's one crossed off the list. Injustice 2 I've just completed, Superhot I have been interested in so, not bad, I'll take one out of three.