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  1. I started on the PS3 in 2011, PS4 released in 2013, didn't get it until 2017. If no backwards compatibility on PS5 then I can wait until 2025.
  2. It's not luck it's skill I'm afraid, whilst there are instances of getting hit at the finishing line and losing the race, it's nothing compared to Wipeout HD, that game I would say involved a lot of luck. I won't say this game is easy but keep practicing and mastering the courses and you should be fine.
  3. Hmmm, I don't know. A tick box next to each trophy. Stats displayed in a bar above that will increase / decrease each time you tick /untick a box. The first thing I would do is tick all the boxes for one game to see how completing that game will affect the figures, the problem there is a game can span multiple pages, with all that navigation I think people would give up. Whilst I agree with seeing potential figures from earning future trophies and it's something I do a lot of myself, I don't know if it would really be utilised on here in the same way.
  4. Just before I get off the toilet.
  5. Slyde - A platinum in less than 30 seconds, actually looking at fastest achievers it was done in 1 second, fuck me. The platinum is at 98.27% so some people still couldn't manage this fiendish brain teaser Luckily though If people are struggling there's a trophy guide! Someone thought that a guide should be written for a game that takes less time to complete than it does to wipe my arse. Well that's livened me up this morning, back to payroll.
  6. Where they drunk when they put this together?
  7. My friends are really enjoying it, they've been playing multiplayer for the past month. I've got Everybody's Golf so can't comment.
  8. I tried other spots but always returned to Western Thanalan, getting around 20 fates done in an hour as I remember. Considering just how much there is to do in this game the trophy list is really dull.
  9. Not in my opinion. I like having one long list, it's aesthetically pleasing. I like not having to click from page to page and wait while each loads, also trying to guess which page a game might land on. I can understand people with tonnes of games who want to check the earliest games on their list, that is probably the only time a navigation bar would be beneficial. Would it save that much time though? The PSN game updates 100 games at a time when you reach the bottom.
  10. I have an Alt account for my wife, she never uses it and probably can't even remember I made her one, so I use it for my daughter when she wants to play games I don't want on my profile like Sonic Adventures. I did use it as well to help me get a trophy on Mortal Kombat X on my main account, can't remember which one. That's about it. I think there's only about 6 games on it.
  11. Well the way he looks at it is that he's doing things in the real world, whereas gamers spend their time in a fantasy world. On top of that he will see adverts for games on TV like Mario or Crash Bandicoot that look like cartoons and therefore take from it that only kids play these games, logical reasoning, doesn't matter that the game mechanics can be fiendishly difficult and take a lot of skill. Who knows if he's also seen some people's behaviour when they lose on games as well and go into a rage? You probably shouldn't mention to him the backlash of some gamers that say they will completely abandon a console because a Western release of a game has censored some tits. At least games are more acceptable now unlike 20 to 30 years ago, less and less people share his viewpoint but it will always be there. It's still something I don't talk about with my colleagues because a part of me still looks at it like that too and I've been gaming for 35 years!
  12. I'm surprised all developers aren't doing multi-stacks for their games. People are prepared to buy the same identical game 4, 5, 6, unlimited times, just for more trophies. It's working for Ratalaika, I'd imagine more developers following suit in the future.
  13. Oops, switched Levity to Joking. Was just having some fun. Looking forward to this game - once I've played Nioh!
  14. Platinum is sitting at 100% right now, can't believe Nioh has took the Ratalaika route 😒 Joking
  15. One for you oldies.


    I'm looking at starting Lumo in the near future, from what I've seen of it, it looks  similar to Head over Heels on the C64. I loved that game!


    Has anyone played both? Does Lumo remind you of Head over Heels or would I feel disappointed if I went into the game expecting that?