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  1. Well there's no denying that these games have completely bastardised the prestige of platinum trophies. Quantity of platinum trophies means absolutely nothing now, only rarity holds any kind of integrity. I know it's people's choice to play these games but it can't be much fun for them either, I'm guessing that the only reason people stack these games 6 times is so they can inflate their profile and progress up a leaderboard (is there another reason?), for this to happen quickly they feel they have no other choice than to play them. There's been posts about people getting burned out because they keep playing these games back to back and don't particularly want to but feel they have to. All in all these easily obtained trophies are doing nothing positive for the trophy system. The ONLY way that anything can change this is to put a greater emphasis on the value of rarity, even though it's not a perfect solution.
  2. You want to play the latest games but don't want to spend much on them, you want to 100% these games even though all DLC won't be released yet. Quite tricky to be honest as you've not defined a genre either. Resident Evil 2 Bloodborne Devil May Cry 5 Witcher 3 They could be good additions to your profile.
  3. One account for me, shows my entire gaming history, I'm proud of my toughest achievements and I'll stand by my failures. I'm not afraid of a challenge.
  4. Thanks for posting this as I wouldn't have checked. Got mine yesterday
  5. For me it would be the white listing feature for the handful of games it applies to. The dispute team must be sick and tired of these reports coming through, week after week. You've picked a good 8 topics from the ones raised in the past years and all would be enhancements for the site. More to the point, are any of them in development? I haven't been keeping up to date with them.
  6. I've just ran a quick macro with a random number generator on a spreadsheet from 1 to 5. It came up with 3, so my answer is 25.
  7. Uncharted 3 DLC - nothing comes close, even the total boredom involved with Friday the 13th platinum, the appalling Criminal Masterminds trophy on GTA V or even the buggy mess of RDR online.
  8. We need a new forum section "Trophy Therapy".


    It's getting insane. I've started to realise just how many posts we now have with people having issues with their trophies and profiles. The obsession with 100% and lengths people go to in order to maintain it, people starting new accounts because of a single game and wasting hundreds and thousands of hours in the process.


    There's nothing wrong with doing this when you enjoy it but the posts on here are where people feel miserable, stressed, no longer wanting to play games.


    Anyone feel like making a forum post on trophy addiction, how to notice it, how to combat it, solutions and how to move forward?

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    2. DaivRules


      @Cobby It’s not a competition for which addiction is worse. You’re generalizing trophy addiction and aren’t acknowledging all the forms addiction takes. It’s fine, you don’t have to be convinced that trophy addiction is a bad and real thing. The point is to make a resource for people who might be affected by it. 

    3. Cobby


      Getting a full time job and turning up to work helps lol

    4. Mr_Skirra


      @Cobby I've seen people with gaming addictions, and worked with them, which is basically the same as a trophy addiction, as it's an in-game thing.

      They were just as bad as alcoholics. Not every alcoholic steals from family, and not every gaming addict doesn't "just not go outside and goes to bed late." 

      I'm not here to convince you, but you're just factually wrong and unless you actually worked with addictions you'd know that, and others reading this should know that as well and it should be taken seriously, not downplayed as if it were nothing. People get depressed, they can get mental illnesses over gaming addictions. 

      Gaming addictions can turn physical as well. It can literally change your entire neural reward system. That's not just being a bit tired, that's changing the way your brain works to stimuli. 

      Also, look up something called "functioning alcoholics". Not every alcoholic shows the same symptoms as others. Same thing with cocaine addicts. An addiction is still an addiction, and it is bad no matter what. One alcoholic can drink an entire bottle of whiskey every night and not feel a thing the next morning, but still *need* it to cope with the day, and others drink 4 beers and get drunk as hell to cope with the same thing, but are still classified as addicted due to their physical, or mental need. 

  9. Congratulation on the Friday the 13th platinum, that takes a lot of willpower. I have it as well and it took a LOT of time, with hours and hours of total boredom. If you can do that then surely you can get the other games finished on your profile. So, why don't you have any urge to complete your unfinished games on your current account? Do you not like them, are they too difficult? Is it that after seeing the same games on your account you get bored of seeing them and wish you hadn't added them even if you have achieved 100%? If you're getting bored of seeing the same game on your account then I think you're going to be wasting your time going round in circles. If it's that some games are too difficult or unenjoyable to you then the best solution is to try games out on a second account and only add them to your main if you think they are worth it. Overall do what makes you happy and don't keep chasing what you think other people are going to like because you'll never be fulfilled.
  10. I've just took a look at their profile again @Rally-Vincent---. The OP was nearly a month ago and the games they've played hasn't changed so I guess they are content to carry on.
  11. I paid for Premium Membership and then the following year paid for a Lifetime membership, I feel the website is completely worth it. That wasn't the point though. It's about features that should be working and aren't, features promised that haven't yet materialised and suggestions for site improvements that don't seem to be acknowledged despite a great deal of time and effort from the OP and then the communities response. This thread up to now has been useful, we've had a response to concerns from the owner and discussion from some of the main contributors to the site. I'd say this has been long overdue rather than a moan.
  12. You're not on your own. I've seen many good ideas raised to improve the site which in themselves have raised interesting discussions but then I become irritated that nothing ever comes of them, there's no reply to say that they are being considered or that they won't be added. Sometimes these ideas have taken considerable effort from the people behind them which deserve a reply. I've even written in a couple of these posts that although they may be interesting ideas that they shouldn't get their hopes up, others have done this too. I feel that there's no point in joining in these discussions anymore when they don't go anywhere. A few years ago I made a suggestion and it was acknowledged by Sly that it wasn't something he wanted to do. Fair enough, at least he responded and at least I felt like the time I put into it was acknowledged. I do feel this site is maintenance only now.
  13. You say you're burned out and had enough because you're prioritising garbage games (your words) over games you want to play. Why would you do this? Is climbing a leaderboard more important than the point of playing games in the first place - enjoyment? My advice: Put all the games you own on a spreadsheet and put a priority list together, which you want to play the most at the top, then just go through them like that. Something similar to this:
  14. Probably should be concentrating on this project instead of trying to decide whether to go on FFXIV or Titanfall 2 tonight 🤔
  15. I forgot there was an expansion to FFXIV. Tried to log in last night and was in position 674 in the queue, turned it off and watched Stranger Things instead.


    Signed back in 4 hours later and at position 19 in the queue so only took a few seconds to get in. Also completely forgot after years of playing World of Warcraft that of course an expansion means your rotations have changed, so got to get used to that.


    I want to get hooked with this game, the same as WoW but after 2 years I'm still only level 48. Anyone any tips on how to get the most out of this game, what to aim for, best place for guides etc. I'm still not in a guild! My ultimate aim will be to raid end game content, not interested in PVP at all, that kind of stuff just makes me cross. I'm a ninja as I used to love playing a Rogue in WoW.

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Join a FC, join some LS, look for some friends, sure theres plenty of features that allow you not to have friends but in the long run its going to be boring and most wouldnt survive the lonesomeness. You also got a ton of lore to catch up on...oh boy. 

    2. FawltyPowers


      Just had to look them up - Free Company (FC), yes read about that in game but not done anything yet. I'll look them up some more. Linkshell (LS) is a chat channel. I've never heard of that. I think it's fair to say that I haven't made the most out of the 2 years I've had this.