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  1. Completely correct. There are 614 requirements for Entitled and 299 for Iconoclast. Part of both of these requirements involves completing Trials just as the person who raised the dispute stated. As an example here are another couple them: Entitled - Wish I Had a Family - Complete 22 trials with Abel. Viva Mexico! - Complete 22 trials with El Fuerte. Iconoclast - El Fuerte - Flag - Complete 24 trials with El Fuerte. Abel - Flag - Complete 24 trials with Abel. In addition it is not even remotely possible to earn Trail of Trials 8 seconds before Trial Athlete. The best you could do is get 23 trials with each of the 35 characters and then go through each character and complete their final trial. I know he's admitted to cheating this because he couldn't do it but thought I'd add a few words as to why it's wrong.
  2. I agree, the people on this forum are on point when anything changes. There's already threads that list unobtainable trophies and future unobtainable trophies from upcoming server closures. As a completionist the first thing you check is that trophies are obtainable, this would be a welcome feature. Maybe even change the text to red on the games list so you can see at a glance which games to avoid without having to look at the trophies.
  3. Yes, glad you ask this, not sure why people laugh? I don't know answer but I had a similar problem wiv PS3. Someone give me a new one for Christmas wiv a separate white controller. I was very fed up when I open box to find console was black and I couldn't use it but at least it looked quite nice under the TV. I really surprise when I went to throw the box away a month later there woz a black controller in there so I was finally able to use it. Also found game in there too! The white controller went in the bin. I hope that make you think.
  4. Not something that would appeal to me. Anything with a rarity over 50% are filler trophies that take no effort to earn.
  5. This is how you calculate the Geometric Mean in Excel (Figures shown are for the Trophy - The Awakening in the DLC for SSF4 in Feb 2017). X = Achievers (4452) Y = Main Game Owners (247023) Z = DLC Owners (38894) Formula in Excel is: =SQRT((X*X/(Y*Z))) = 0.04542 (4.54%)
  6. 2017 has been extremely challenging and rewarding, completing games I didn't think were possible when I started them. Here are all ten along with the date I achieved 100%: 01. Super Street Fighter 4 - 8th January 2017 02. Borderlands 2 - 6th February 2017 03. METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE - 20th March 2017 04. Dragon's Dogma - 24th April 2017 05. Dead Space 2 - 19th May 2017 06. Demon's Souls - 23rd June 2017 07. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - 29th August 2017 08. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - 30th September 2017 09. WipEout Omega Collection - 9th December 2017 10. Astebreed - 18th December 2017 Got quite a few more challenging games lined up for this year, the main one being Super Meat Boy. Just wish I could find the time to do them.
  7. Displayed time doesn't make sense. It still says 6:15:12pm, if that was due to displayed time then the rest of my timestamps would be 5 hours out. The trophy earned the following day and all trophies thereafter are all correct. Like I've said already, this obviously is a VERY rare occurrence, but as someone who tracks every timestamp to build my own stats, I'm just letting you know it did and can happen.
  8. With respect MMDE, you're wrong. I record my timestamps every day from this site and they are the only ones that are incorrect. I'm not saying this is a definitive yearly event but it happened to me in 2016. The following day my timestamps had corrected themselves. See this post: There are anomalies occur, it's not relevant to this particular case but they do occur.
  9. There are issues with the internal clock when daylight saving ends in the UK. I have a discrepancy with timestamps on MGS Peace Walker saying I earned the platinum at 18:15:12 when I actually earned it at 23:15:12. Fortunately this didn't cause an issue that would lead to flagging but just to make you aware that there are factors aside from the leap year bug. This doesn't apply to the OP's case as he earned all trophies in June.
  10. I think it works perfectly how it is. You might not like those games now but you had an interest in them and it's part of your gaming history. It would be quite boring if we kept deleting games we couldn't complete or didn't want to complete. If you could delete games there would be a lot of people who would regret it, wish they hadn't, then would complain if they played the game again and had to earn all trophies again. It could also cause problems with old saved data auto-popping trophies when starting the game afresh. Not only that players could hack games and if they're caught just remove them. Delete games when they're completed to then try and get better timestamps. In the end you just have really messed up profiles that don't properly reflect your gaming history. Be proud of your profile whether it's perfect or not, every game tells a story of who you were and what you now are. If you don't like a game then hide it, remove it if it's 0%. I hope that's the way it remains.
  11. That's great thanks @DPatriot. I'm going to get myself a physical copy. Have a great Christmas
  12. Average Rarity is just an average of the rarity for all the trophies in the game, if you try and look at it as anything other than that you're looking at it wrong. You cannot base a games difficulty from this. If you look at any guide the difficulty of a game is based on the hardest trophies in the game, not an average of every trophy.
  13. I think this would be quite informative. I like to see who the top 50 are but it would also be nice to see how I rank in that list. Maybe something like this (apologies for my awful editing skills)
  14. Hi all, I'm looking to add a new SHMUP to my library and have been interested in this title, however, there is very little information out there and such a small player base. I have Astebreed and will be getting Dariusburst, both of which have platinums that can be completed solo offline, can the same be done with Raiden V? I've read that there is local 2 player co-op, is this a requirement for any trophy or can everything be solo'd? Thanks
  15. Looks like a Sci-fi version of Three Men and a Baby 🤔