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  1. DLC

    I'll bite one day and pay that additional £4.99 for Darkseid on top of purchasing the base game and then purchasing the Ultimate Pack. WB win this time but there won't be a next. You never forget that underhand shit.
  2. Just in case you were on the fence spending $0.99
  3. Average Rarity was removed from the front page years ago and gets brought up in conversation from time to time. I wrote something about it a while ago when someone mentioned it was a vital stat: That said, some people seem to like it so I guess that's why it wasn't removed altogether EDIT: This stat may actually have more relevance now, 4 years ago we didn't have the constant stream of 5 minute 99%+ completion platinums.
  4. I deviated from the idea that @BlindMango suggested and it may not be the right direction, alternatively @BlindMango may not be the perfect suggestion either even though I like it and would be happy to see it implemented, it could be something in the middle. I've put some visuals together so that it gets people thinking and the only reason I look at this thread particularly is that it was originally a conversation between Sly and Mango so it would be nice to try and find something that works. Obviously what we have at the moment isn't what Sly wants so we keep trying and if Sly doesn't want it at all then it would be nice for him to have a word in Mango's ear and then we can lock these threads. I'm not sure why there is a conversation about badges, maybe that should be set up as a different thread to discuss as these topics aren't even in the same ballpark?
  5. I was thinking about whether Ribbons could be incorporated in the current PSNP layout. This is an idea I had. In your General settings have a checkbox for Show Rarity Ribbons. If ticked it will change the screen to the following: (sorry I only have access to MS Paint so this is ugly) I was looking at my profile and realised all I ever look at are the number of Trophies earned and number of platinums, I pay no interest to whether the type of trophies earned are Gold, Silver or Bronze, in fact when it comes to rarity the type of trophy is irrelevant. On the main bar I've included: Total number of trophies and a breakdown by rarity Total number of platinums and a breakdown by rarity For each game I've stripped out the number of gold, silver and bronze and put in the rarity ribbons instead. This has led to moving the rank, I'm sure this could be done better. Finally it would then be good to have three additional sort options included in ORDER: Sort by Platinum Rarity. In my case I have 118 Platinums out of 210 games, it would therefore only show me 118 games sorted by the rarity of the platinum Sort by 100% Rarity. Again in my case I have 118 Completed out of 210 games so 118 games will be sorted by 100% rarity. If the platinum is 100% then use that figure. Sort by Ribbons. All games will be sorted like the Olympic medal leaderboard, most legendary first, then ultra rare etc. After going through all this and ribbons turn out to be a dead end I think I'd settle for just being able to sort by number 1 and 2. I know there are a lot of profiles out there with a lot of rare platinums stuck in the middle of 99% platinum games. If we could just sort by that then we wouldn't have to scroll endlessly through it. The information is already there to be able to sort by. So just some thoughts, I'm sure someone else can come up with something better, just showing that you could potentially include ribbons on the current layout.
  6. I decided to do Ribbon of Ease yellow as its the same colour as Common rarity that it represents. I'll have a play about with colours to see how orange, purple, blue and green look, thanks for the suggestion. EDIT: Just for fun I added the colour schemes used in World of Warcraft Legend < 1% Ultra Rare < 5% Rare < 20% Uncommon < 50% Common >=50% Also amended the original banner of Rarity (Ultra Rare) on the original sheet to match the colour PSNProfiles uses for Ultra Rare
  7. 5th most popular game last week 3rd most popular game this week:
  8. Just a lacklustre month
  9. I've been using the Ribbons you made @BlindMangoand applying them to my spreadsheet to make rarity a priority. They're sorted by rarest platinum I've added a couple of ribbons and changed the current rarity to include Legendary: Ribbon of Legend - Rarity less than 1% Ribbon of Ultrarity (Rarity) - Rarity less than 5% Ribbon of Effort - Rarity less than 50% Ribbon of Ease - Rarity of 50% and above. Even if your efforts never see the light of day, I'm loving them, especially as rarity now has it's own set of icons instead of just a number to one side. It gives them some substance and makes those games that took time and effort stand out. Thanks for all the time you put into this.
  10. Brought my copy for £40 on e-bay. Such mediocre reviews, but so many recommendations on this site. I've enjoyed every minute of it which has taken me by surprise. Yes it's Lewd, but it's also funny especially Nick, satisfying combat and a decent challenge (I'm embarrassed how many times I died on the gondola). The camera can be irritating at times but that's the case with so many hack and slash games. Hopefully have the platinum tonight.
  11. 7th in most played games this week. One behind Ghost of Tsushima, just wow. EDIT: Actually, 5th in most played games this week now ahead of Ghost of Tsushima, what a proud moment.
  12. It's from a spreadsheet I created along with other stats. I don't know if there is a site that has a completion graph, which is a shame as I think it says a lot about your profile.
  13. I did hit the ceiling in 2017 when I switched from the PS3 to the PS4 with 99.68%. Only 12 trophies left that were unobtainable. I'm going through a completion patch just now, then my mind will switch to trying to get as many of the games that I have purchased onto my profile (harder than I thought), then back to completion. Maybe I might 80% one day, but with how I keep switching, I'll be lucky to hit 70%.
  14. What a tight game, it could have gone either way. England were the better side in the first half Italy were the better side in the second half Chances for both in extra time - you couldn't call it! Just what a final should be - two deserving teams. I do feel that Italy had a better side and it really shone at times. England had so much pressure on them, an enormous weight and it showed. Penalties are cruel, England SHOULD have won it. Southgate's decision of penalty takers will haunt him, just as his miss did in Euro 96, but he should be proud, the team should be proud. Well done Italy!