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  1. Are you thinking of a separate page where you can add games you have in your backlog but not yet installed. On this list you could then move those games around to give you an order of which games you want to play next and once you install that game it disappears from your backlog page? It's been suggested before and although I like the idea I'm not sure how much it would be used as it would require maintenance from the user and therefore only appeal to a small audience.
  2. Enter the Gungeon now available to buy at Special Reserve Games. Been waiting a long time for this.
  3. A Free-To-Play game done right. I've read the microtransactions present are cosmetic only and don't give any advantages and this will never change. Looks like a good online ARPG that will take around 200 hours to complete according to the achievements on Xbox. Quite a timely announcement in light of the past few days.
  4. Excellent, case closed. As no-one is real in a video game then anything goes. There should be no lines drawn. Thanks for clearing that up.
  5. I'm giving a reason as to why I don't think it should be included in the game and your answer is because it was in it previously. Just because something was in a game previously does not mean it should be included going forward as society and attitudes change. You then once again talk about censorship in general which has been a debate now for decades. Guns and gore? Yep that will continue to be scrutinised as it should. Why do you want this in the game so badly, this is what I'm trying to get my head around? Do YOU not think it is inappropriate? Right now I'm still trying to understand why this feature is even there in the first place.
  6. I'm talking about this game and what specifically has been censored. That is what this thread is about isn't it? I've looked at the game, I've looked at what is being censored and I completely agree with why it has. There's nothing wrong with liking boobs? Yes I brought that part up because lets be honest it is a bit juvenile and pathetic if we're honest but that's not what I have an issue with. Do you know why this game is being censored? It is being censored because of a mini game where you get to molest what looks like a school girl. Can I assume then that you feel this mini game should be included, why? Does having it removed spoil your enjoyment of the rest of the game? Not wanting something removed from a game because it could open the floodgates to other games being removed is a really crap argument for it's inclusion. Censorship has always been on a case by case basis. Lines should and have to be drawn, personally I think this game crosses it and I'm glad it's being removed. That's an interesting point because I thought I was doing just that. In 2018 we're trying to stamp out racism and homophobia, empowering women and giving greater equality. And here you arguing that in 2018 we should still be allowed to grope a school girl for no other reason than to have fun in a mini game. Someone mentioned we've regressed 20 years because of it, I'd say the opposite, we're actually progressing. If what you're talking about instead, is concerns of censorship then I will repeat it's a case by case basis and my personal opinion is that it is inappropriate and has no place in a game in 2018. So does anybody actually object to having this removed from the game or is the argument your concerns for censorship overall? If it is about having it removed then why do you want it in? What value does it add to the game? How much of a lesser experience is the game without it?
  7. With 11 pages of disgust surrounding censorship in a game I've never heard about I decided to look up exactly what it is that's causing all the trouble. What I saw was what looked like a young girl that you can molest. I also noticed that the game centres around young girls wearing provocative clothing that just keep spinning round while the camera centres on their tits bouncing around. Wow, how adolescent and pathetic it all looked. It's no wonder gamers are stigmatised as being loners sat in their parents basements. If ever a post encapsulated this image it's this. I find this beyond embarrassing.
  8. My memory is quite hazy but this game stood out as being both enjoyable to play and quite humorous. I'm tentatively looking forward to this.
  9. I'm puzzled how the unfinished "main" game can be reviewed the way it is. Multiplayer along with whatever form of microtransactions Rockstar decide to stick in this hasn't even been released and will undoubtedly be bigger than the single player campaign as this is where they make all their money, so how can it be reviewed accurately without it? I've looked at a review of this game that comments on how the controls can feel awkward at times, especially snapping to cover, hmm, sounds exactly like GTA V to me. The controls are awful in GTA V when it comes to doing elements of the game that requires precision. Of course that's swept under the carpet as though it shouldn't have been discussed. Sorry 10/10. Anyway it's good to see that the first 30-40% of the final game is getting praised the way it is and objective criticism is being stamped out immediately by horrified gamers. It looks lovely and there's a lot to do. I'm more interested in getting "real" reactions to the game when the dust has settled months down the line.
  10. No point in even looking at the reviews once they're out. Already know what they will be for the first part of this game (single player). I'll wait until multiplayer is out, wait to see if patches fix all the glitches and errors, wait until all DLC has been released and then when the dust has settled see what people really think of this game. To put it another way I'll decide whether to buy it once the finished game is available.
  11. It's a fulfilling trophy list. Very pleased.
  12. Yes, glad it was blatant as well and not something prolonged. To think that it bothered me as much as it did back then makes me laugh but it was one of life's lessons. It all works out in the end even though you don't think it at the time, years later I'm married and have a beautiful daughter I wouldn't change for the world.
  13. Over here in the UK you have our deepest sympathy
  14. To be fair though this week has been a mess and it annoyed me more than anything else. They just need to keep "Upcoming Releases" up to date so we can prepare and get excited for the day of release. For me it didn't matter, I was only interested in Mages of Mystralia but I don't think it was worth the money they were asking, so nothing this time. Can't wait for Forma 8, Icey, Nuclear Throne and Sundered.
  15. I need to try this, sounds funny, thanks