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  1. You could set up a separate account. Keep one account for 100% games and another for games you want to try and enjoy without the worry of getting 100%
  2. I think trophy lists are both a burden and and enhancement on pretty much every game I've been on. The positive (enhancement): Pushes you to play every facet of the game that you may not have ever thought of doing if it wasn't for the trophy list. The negative (burden): There is always the final one or two trophies that become either a grind or frustrating.
  3. If the game(s) play well and can be platinumed solo, then I'm up for it.
  4. Pure Playstation gave this a 4/10 so unless your desperate for a new truck simulator, probably better to leave well alone
  5. Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below - Daddy Pig
  6. It's more the timestamps I'm interested in, they are accurate so I can look back at a given year and know what I was doing. The time stamp is more valuable to me than trophy points, levels and leaderboards. In essence my profile is a diary. 100% means less and less now, it's more about the games I've experienced. If I had the time to 100% everything I would, I haven't found a game that's stopped me yet. It's a pity there wasn't something like this when I first started gaming on the Commodore 64. A 35 year gaming diary would be awesome, as it is, I'll settle for 10.
  7. I'm doing them in release order, well the ones I want to experience anyway. So far I've done: Resident Evil Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 3 Resident Evil 0 Resident Evil Revelations 2 (in progress) Resident Evil 7 (to do) One thing I will say is that going to Resident Evil 0 after the remakes is jarring to say the least and I didn't enjoy it at all. In all honesty I wish I'd done RE0 first. I don't know what doing this before Resident Evil would spoil, maybe it went over my head, or maybe it was because I spent more time faffing around trying to find an item in the piles of inventory I'd left scattered over the floor, like a child's bedroom or waiting half an hour sending items up and down a dumb waiter than I was with what I was supposed to be doing it all for. I did Resident Evil 5 years ago, can't remember what the point of that was, but yes I suppose you can chuck that somewhere in the middle.
  8. Yes the soundtrack is intact, sold.
  9. Same games on an endless loop, this time though I may get Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization.
  10. I also like the way it is now. Games played is a snapshot of your account, a statement of how many games you have on your profile. If I would change anything I would change Trophy Advisor and list your incomplete games here, sorted by either platinum difficulty or the easiest trophy in each. Clicking on each game would expand it to show missing trophies sorted by rarity Trophy Advisor is a feature I've never used as every trophy in there relates to a different game, following it would mean opening a game, earn trophy, close it, open another game etc.
  11. What a great addition to an already brilliant game. Me and my 7 year old daughter love this, even more so now with 2 players. She particularly likes trapping the boy in the phone box so we can go in the shop and start honking while on TV or stealing the slipper from the guy reading the paper. It's only took a year for us to finish the game, we may even try for the platinum one day
  12. Judging by their profile I think it's fair to say they found their way again
  13. Don't worry about it, just feel pity for the person sending it. They are so angry inside that they feel they have to send you a message to make themselves feel better.
  14. I did all this solo over November and December. Highly addictive, enjoyable and a great challenge
  15. Got to hope not, the Doomsday trophies were pure torture, so many glitches, so many hoops to jump through, play private for this, play public for that. But mainly this is a PS3 game, now being moved to PS5. What happened to you Rockstar? Is this all you are?