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  1. You're a crazy radical. It's either black or white that is the best, they are your only choices, don't start bringing the rest of the palette in.
  2. My daughter Finishing a run or gym session Getting my body shape to where I like it A book you can't put down Finishing chores, work schedule and relaxing afterwards A bottle of wine, not getting drunk but just that happy state Woods, Forest, nature, peace. Funniest part, none of the above relate to anything digital, yet I spend so much time in that world.
  3. If the Stanley Parable Wiki is correct you can just amend your system clock to get the Go Outside - 5 year achievement Literal time dependent trophies are irrelevant and unhealthy and shouldn't be present in games.
  4. Mega Man 11


    Are you sure?...................Ta Da!

    Are you sure?...................Ta Da!

    Are you sure?

    Are you sure?...................Ta Da!

    Are you sure?

    Are you sure?

    Are you sure?...................Ta Da! All ready.

    1. gamercris066



      Meme possible.


    2. nestamar5


      My ears are still ringing

  5. Injustice - Platinum Trophy


    Straight off the back of the rage and frustration I felt getting all 720 stars on S.T.A.R. Labs I went immediately onto the final trophy Ultimate Battler.


    I'm sure many of you who have earned or attempted this trophy will know that the first 17 battles don't cause too many problems, maybe a few retries and some challenging moments.....and then you hit battle 18 - The Max - and it's like hitting a wall at 60mph, it stops you dead in your tracks.


    You realise you are really going to have to pay attention.


    The Max


    Day 1 - Defeated 3 of 10 opponents - more luck than anything else, I was still trying to find a groove and accept this isn't just going to happen without concentration and practice

    Day 2 - Defeated 2 of 10 opponents - realising yesterday was more of a fluke, I just want this trophy and be done, my head isn't in the right place for this, S.T.A.R. Labs has lowered my tolerance and frustration has taken over

    Day 3 - Defeated 2 of 10 opponents - I've done with this game, I don't want it anymore, it isn't worth the hassle, I can accept that I'm not going to get the platinum. I take the disc out, put it back in its case and back on the shelf. I'll start Mega Man 11 tomorrow instead

    Day 4 - My brain doesn't allow it. I put the disc back in and everything has changed. I'm watching what my opponents are doing, realising that at times they are going to completely destroy my health meter, that's just the way it is, but stay calm and keep going. I end the evening defeating 6 of 10 opponents and now it actually feels possible

    Day 5 - All 10 of 10 opponents defeated - I'd been getting consistently to 5 but then I suddenly went from 6 defeated to all 10. The adrenaline when it was over was insane, I was shaking for at least 15 minutes afterwards, it just all came together.


    Here were my opponents:


    1 - Doomsday

    2 - The Joker

    3 - Black Adam

    4 - Sinestro

    5 - Harley Quinn

    6 - Lex Luthor

    7 - Zod

    8 - Catwoman

    9 - Superman

    10 - Green Lantern




    I got this on around my 4th serious attempt, it really wasn't so bad, but wow did it come down to the wire on Battle 23 against Ares




    Fortunately Battle 24 was against Cyborg, but what an ending, not only did I beat him, I got a perfect round




    Finally this one is done. I never want to see this game again.


    I'd just like to say a thank you to @Sergen, your videos really helped

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    2. Copanele


      Yeah that's pretty much the same order in terms of difficulty for me. Batwoman was very moody, one fight I just perfected her ass and the next one when she appeared she just blitzed around without managing to catch her. She has some broken AI for sure.


      And yes, the only reason why this game has such low percentage is because it's a DC game and it was given free at some point, many people played it but never bothered to complete it (for good reason). 

      For sure, SSF4 is way tougher than this game. But even if it is tougher, it felt amazing to pull those moves and finally figure out the combos. In Injustice, I just wanted it to be done xD 


      Never would have expected to jump like Super Mario over barrels in a fighting game...


    3. FawltyPowers


      Ah that explains a lot if it was given away for free, on saying that 1902 platinum achievers for SSF4 and 421 for Injustice.


      I guess frustration puts people off long before difficulty.


      Almost forgot about levelling to 100, I feel bad for anyone that doesn't have an arcade stick, turbo button and an old shoe.

    4. ihadalifeb4this



  6. Two other good schmup's I'd recommend are Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax and Sky Force Reloaded. I'd drop them into the medium category suggested by Virgil along with Astebreed and Raiden V
  7. Injustice - World's Finest - Complete All S.T.A.R. Lab Missions with 3 Stars


    One of the most stressful, frustrating and rage inducing trophies I've worked on in years. So much of it down to luck, forget all the difficult ones listed in the guide, it was fighting Lex that sent me over the edge. When the trophy popped I got no satisfaction at all, I instead just stuck my middle finger up at it, turned it off and went to bed.


    It's made me realise I don't have the hunger anymore to put myself through this like I have in the past, it just isn't worth it.

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    2. FawltyPowers


      @Copanele Ultimate Battler is the final trophy for me - I am interested to see how this works out. If you say it's decent then maybe this will be a nice way to end the game.


      Up to now this game has been one long frustrating experience. Trophies like "Feel The Burn" and "Metahuman". Also trophies like "Around and Around We Go" which is a great title as going "around and around" in circles is exactly what I was doing for all three of these trophies trying to figure out which one I'd missed.


      I remember going through every character god knows how many times only to discover that I'd input the buttons to one of Banes moves incorrectly, but the incorrect move looked exactly as the move described, I think that was for Metahuman.


      On top of that the game crashes if it's been on for any length of time, so I've finished Star Missions before and the buttons to quit out had disappeared, I had to force shut the game down which meant I lost the stars I'd just earned. That happened around 10 times. Also for "Top Rung", after I'd completed every character the trophy hadn't popped, I went into the menu to discover that Cyborg hadn't registered, even though I'd done it. Maybe that was an instance as well where the game crashed, can't remember. I'm just thankful there was an option in the menu to see which ones were left.


      Anyway thought I'd get that off my chest.


      In a few games time I'll be onto Injustice 2 where I paid £4.99 to do a special move for one character trophy that took less than 2 minutes.


      I'm done with this franchise.

    3. Copanele


      Just letting you know, what I also experienced during the "beautiful" time with this piece of tra--game.

      If, at any point, you observe a lag spike OR you see that the game is loading endlessly before finally continuing to work (like 5 minutes stuck in a loading screen), don't bother continuing. It's an online/offline bug and your progress won't be recorded until you restart the game.

      Had that happening to me in the nastiest arcade mode when I was going for Ultimate Battler so I had to do it all over again.

    4. FawltyPowers


      Thanks for the heads up @Copanele. I will certainly keep an eye out for this bonus feature

  8. It would be nice if games on here could be flagged as unobtainable due to either glitches or online servers no longer active. I think Husky did something like this on PSNP+? That would be a massive benefit in itself. Based on that I guess there then comes the question. "If I've earned every trophy possible except for unobtainable trophies do I have 100% completion". Those trophies that aren't obtainable no longer exist, so should they count towards completion if I haven't earned them? If you agree with that then maybe you can have a 100% profile, instead of including unobtainable trophies as unearned trophies, take those out of the completion percentage. You could hover over the Completion percentage and it read something like 99.53% - Obtained 00.47% - Unobtainable Just a thought, I made peace with unobtainable trophies years ago, so I'm not that fussed anymore.
  9. Then good luck on completing those games you've listed, don't worry about a 100% profile, very few of us have them.
  10. There's tonnes of games that don't require an internet connection, you could fill the page. You're better off writing down a list of games you're interested in and then the community can advise on whether you need the internet in any capacity.
  11. Puppeteer was a pain in the arse, did that last year. There's probably worse I've done but I'm old and I forget.
  12. I wonder if they'll copy this list again for the PS6 🤔
  13. This game was so painfully slow. The lengthy cutscenes and the length of time you spend doing absolutely nothing meant that when I was allowed to do something I'd lost interest in any kind of exploration like I had in the first one and instead just wanted to get from point A to B and be done because I was afraid that doing anything else in between would mean more cutscenes. When the highlight of the game in terms of interaction was trimming cannabis buds repeatedly that kind of sums up my lack of interest. I loved the setting especially the woods, didn't mind the characters and I especially liked the separate game Captain Spirit that you are advised to play at the end of episode 1 (in fact this on its own was better than the main game because you do things). I know the first game had a lot of cut scenes, so I was trying to figure out what it is I just don't like about this one and I think it mainly came down to the first game having the rewind mechanic, it added something interactive. Yes that's it. Maybe if the first one didn't have it I'd have been bored just as shitless.