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  1. I think so from what I've heard but I've never played multiplayer on COD, I just did the basic requirements needed for BO1 and WaW. You get something each time you level up, normally cosmetic armour. Multiplayer is active, rarely had a problem finding a match, all DLC is included free with the game and the game can be purchased for less than £10 (not sure how much it is in the US). I suppose have a check on some gameplay footage on YouTube to see if it's your kind of thing. I jump on it for a few matches every now and then. Only at Echelon 1 level 9 so a long way to go.
  2. Multiplayer will take longer to complete than the single player campaign. In order to get two of the trophies you need to get the following: Computing with Style - Reach Echelon 5 Beauty is Pain - Reach Echelon 8 When you reach level 50 you reach Echelon 1 and then you need to get to level 50 again to reach Echelon 2, so essentially you will need to get to level 400. You will normally level up once after each match depending on how good you are so that's around 400 matches. So yes something to keep you going for quite a while.
  3. Another title I've never heard of but will now keep an eye on it. Enjoyed the trailer, thanks for posting
  4. If you knew this already why did you do it? If you didn't know about it and it bothers you that much then make a new account. To me it just seems like lunacy if the reason you are considering making a new account is because there's a chance people you don't know might think you've cheated a game you haven't. I'll take your word you haven't cheated anything as I'm not familiar with the subject.
  5. The only question I have is can the platinum all be completed offline?
  6. Strange, very strange. To answer @Sergen, yes it can all be done private. This would probably be the worst trophy list in history if it had to be done public. It's the reason I won't go near Dead By Daylight. In a private lobby you can do whatever you want without affecting the hardcore players. Did you ever go into a public lobby? If you did and someone spotted you were level 150 it might have made someone a bit mad as levelling up through public games takes months. Still, to send a message like that, just because someone is playing the game differently to them is a bit infantile, which doesn't surprise me as I've come across a lot of children playing this game.
  7. Yes I wondered that when I saw the "Dot Eater !" trophy. Exactly. A split second of lag in a tight situation and it's game over. I'm guessing the trophies will be local co-op and I don't think my 5 year old daughter would be up for the challenge. Not to worry if the platinum is not possible solo, I still have Caladrius Blaze, Dariusburst and Raiden IV in my backlog.
  8. I guess it was too much to ask for a challenging single player SHMUP trophy list. If the co-op trophies can't be done idling a second controller or I've got to mess around in boosting sessions then I guess this is one I can scratch off my list. Looking forward to your opinions and trophy guide @DPatriot 😉
  9. It used to be that I would attain 100% for every game I played. Now my goal is to play 100% of the games I own, that's not as easy as it sounds when you look at your backlog.
  10. Nipped into Tesco to get 4 pints of milk and walked out with Watch Dogs 2 for £10, that's what happens when you stray from the dairy aisle.
  11. I've not touched a lego game as they aren't really my kind of thing but a friend of mine does and he says they're so glitchy, especially at release. I've seen a couple occur myself when I've been at his house. I'd check out the guides just to be safe before you start. Never care about what people think if they're games you enjoy. I have in my backlog "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture", not because of trophies but because I love the English Countryside setting, it looks stunning. I also have "Broken Sword 5", again not because of the easy platinum but because I grew up playing Broken Sword and I'll be playing it without a guide like I did years ago. The harsh fact is that no-one cares about your profile except you so just make sure it's a profile you're happy to look at regardless of completion.
  12. Thanks for posting. I've never heard of it but after watching the trailer I'm looking forward to it's release in August. Sounds like it's going to prove quite a challenge!
  13. I watched A Quiet Place and I've never been so bored, I was the first out the cinema, there was nothing new on show, except that it was, er, quiet. I cannot understand why it got high praise. I've not seen Hereditary, all my friends went to see it at the weekend. They said it had amazing promise but at the end it was so bad they were belly laughing at parts. Feel like I've dodged a bullet.
  14. I'm guessing you're not enjoying what you're doing which is why you've said you want to break the cycle. If the reward is not worth the effort then yes it's time to stop. It's all easier said than done though, you look at your profile, you see a game incomplete and want to complete it, seeing 100% closes it off and clears it from the back of your mind, otherwise it's always there, nagging. I've looked at your profile and I've never seen anyone's profile as close to mine - if I installed all the games I've purchased, you have probably the best trophy list I've seen in a long time, a considerable amount taking effort (and you didn't auto-pop sound shapes for easy trophies, big thumbs up 👍). I'm trying to break the "Completionist" cycle because I simply do not have the time to do what you have done. I got down to 12 unearned trophies last year which were unearned due to server closures. My current estimated completion time for all the 101 incomplete/un-played games I own is 2029 as I only get a couple of hours a day. To put it another way it will never happen, so I either play and enjoy every game and then move onto the next or play maybe a third of them to completion and never get to experience the others. I'm trying the former. I say trying because here is where I say it's easier said than done. This past week I've installed 5 games and am flitting between them and it's actually quite tricky. After having the "completion" bug for so many years and finishing one game at a time my heads all over the place, it's ridiculous. I think a lot of that though is having outstanding online trophies, but why should that matter, I'll never be able to 100% every game I have so why worry. So yes, from my experience it's hard to break the cycle the longer you've been doing it and there's no easy answer depending on your mindset, it's one you'll have to come to on your own.
  15. I've just looked at your profile, I don't think you need advice, you've got it all in hand.