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  1. Games that can be done in under an hour Girls games like Barbie, horse riding, Hannah Montana etc Anime pervy games aimed at adolescents. Kids games - I do like games I can play with my daughter like Unravel, Ratchet and Clank etc Any other game where the platinum feels like it's given rather than earned unless it's a damn good game.
  2. The box art looks amazing, I like the retro look and the gameplay footage I've seen. I read a PC review and what concerns me is the lack of a challenge and longevity. It can be done in around 3 hours and the trophy list seems to support that. Shame but I can't justify the price tag for this one.
  3. There's a lot of manual control over the raw data to customise it to have everything I find relevant, for example I have to list whether each trophy is offline, online or unavailable (guides and forums), which in turn affects potential trophy completion percentage on my main stats page. Then there's a couple of macros that create the various lists, stats figures and charts. Rarity Stats for 0% games are correct at the time the trophy list is added and are not maintained. Rarity Stats for trophies earned are updated the day they are earned and then on the first of each month using the figures on the Trophy Log tab. I didn't update them this month though as I didn't get chance. With all the work that's gone into this and with how much I use it to keep on top of things I can see the value that a feature like this would have if it was implemented.
  4. My mistake I misinterpreted the part where you wrote about appeasing those who want to keep a 100% profile, I'll edit my post. I really like the idea and I hope it gets considered as a feature.
  5. I've had this exact tool running now for almost a year (I think!) on a spreadsheet. It contains games I have started and games I own but have not yet added to my trophy list. Games that are already completed to 100% or games where I have earned all trophies except ones that are unavailable (server closures etc) do not appear here. I know I've posted this before but feel this gives a good visual idea of what a backlog can become: It's got quite a level of detail, including Main Game and DLC trophies, the rarity of each trophy, how many are online, offline and unavailable (server closures) and the estimated time and difficulty. I track a lot of other stats as well (this is page 5) but I've found over time this is the main sheet I concentrate on so I absolutely see the value of a feature like this. Not only that but when you start to amass a library of games it's really easy to lose track of what they are, this feature brings things into context. The only thing I don't agree with is moving incomplete games from your main profile page to a backlog page as this causes a misrepresentation of your profile. I agree having a backlog page which would include your incomplete games is a Work In Progress you can focus on but your main page shouldn't alter because that is an accurate view of your profile. If you want to improve your profile, then you can work on your backlog. The two compliment each other.
  6. I was a completionist up until I started my PS4 in 2017 getting up to 99.68% on the PS3 over the course of 7 years (could never get 100% because of closed servers) just playing a game at a time. As I turned to the PS4 I said I wouldn't let this happen again, but right now I have 123 games I've not started yet and my habits have been trying to push me back to 100% completion. To give me a reality check I created a backlog spreadsheet. Here is the top of the list: Everything in purple I own but haven't started yet. I have an estimated time and difficulty for each game unless they aren't available and only having around 2 hours a day my completion time for all games stands at the 11th April 2034. Just over 15 years. My completed ratio is at 0.30%. Every time I earn a trophy the completed ratio goes up, but if I buy a game then that increases the trophy count and lowers the Completed Ratio. In the past year I've not got my completed ratio above 1.5% which is ridiculous, even after earning over 700 trophies. The hard choice I have is either play a handful of games to 100% or play them all and forget about completion. The latter is the obvious choice, what is the point of owning these games and never playing on them just because of a profile. I'm gradually pushing myself to forget about completion. I think the more incomplete games you have on your profile the easier it gets so that is how I'm trying to tackle the backlog.
  7. Just like the books I read I put them back on the shelf, unlike books it's unlikely I'll pick them back up again.
  8. I wouldn't play it if the trophies were glitched until they fixed them. No different from games with unobtainable trophies from server closures. As everyone above I research games before I buy them, it is a bit trickier of course with more obscure titles and if I was in your situation I'd do as much as I could trophy wise and move onto something else. I have two games with unobtainable trophies as servers closed after I started them but they don't bother me anymore because they are out of my hands.
  9. I'm with you @Spaz, right now I'm not looking forward to the PS5, unless it has backwards compatibility. I've been visually impressed with the AAA titles on the PS4 but the sacrifice is the ever increasing monetisation of these games. Like yourself I've been gaming for decades and seeing this ever increasing trend has got me questioning the future and whether I want to be a part of it. On saying that the market has become saturated with open world, loot driven games and I can't help but feel there's a big fall coming as the bigger companies become more brazen trying to extract more and more money out of people to keep their investors happy. It seems all new releases are now surrounded in controversy, it's a sad state of affairs. In the meantime, I'll leave them to it, I don't touch these games until the final product (trophy list) is on the market which I can then make an informed opinion on. This week I began Axiom Verge and gameplay wise it's simplistic but fantastic, it feels right. Most of my purchases last year were Indie titles sitting in my backlog. I've started buying games from Limited Run Games, Play-Asia and Special Reserve Games, spending more on Indie titles than I have AAA titles. I have 123 unplayed games. 123! To some that's nothing but to me that's insane, what's more they (to me) are all good titles that have been purchased through seeing reviews and gameplay footage, not on a whim. I've got plenty to keep me going right now to bypass the PS5 altogether. As for the older titles being revived, I'm all for it, Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Resident Evil 1 and 2 have been particular highlights for me. Also looking forward to getting Onimusha Warlords and replaying Shadow of the Colossus. Despite having 123 games in my backlog I have other titles on my wishlist that I'm waiting to get: A Hat in Time Assault Android Cactus Battle Princess Madelyn Bendy and the Ink Machine Chasm Child of Eden Dandara Detroit Become Human Divinity Original Sin 2 Dragon's Crown Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise Flinthook Flipping Death Forgotten Anne Forma8 Guacamelee 2 Hob Hotline Miami 2 Lumines Remastered Mark of the Ninja Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Moonlighter - Signature Edition N++ Neurovoider Nuclear Throne Onimusha Warlords Resident Evil 2 remake Rez Infinite Spiderman Stardew Valley Subnautica Tetris Effect The Invisible Hours The Messenger The Raven Remastered Thimbleweed Park Undertale Volgarr the Viking YS Origin Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA Unravel Two The Witness Spec Ops: The Line Pyre Night In The Woods Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Hollow Knight Hyper Light Drifter ICEY Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood The reason I've listed them is because how many of them are AAA games, next to none.
  10. Off the top of my head the only game I can think of where the music made me feel unsettled was on Resident Evil 3 when you'd enter a room and the music would change and you knew Nemesis was on his way. The unsettling part was where and when.
  11. It's a fun gimmick that I like to look at but I don't hold any value to it.
  12. According to my stats I've still got 117 to start, 18 left to complete and 2 with unobtainable trophies. I'm going to try avoiding buying any more games until I get my backlog down a bit
  13. I've ordered 4 games from Limited Run Games so far but I'm going to try and limit what I buy now. In 2018 I purchased around 100 games and trophy wise only completed 10. It's getting a bit silly buying games that I just don't have the time to experience. According to my calculations it will take me to at least 2033 to complete every game I own.
  14. There's no way Sony would do something like that, checking each game before it's released to make sure all trophies will work when expected. It should be down to the developer to fix glitched trophies as and when they are discovered. Not fixing them damages their reputation. It also affects sales as glitched trophies are announced on forums by the community and people advised to stay away from the game until they're fixed. I've no idea how much of an influence this is in the grand scheme of things but for how long it would take to fix these trophies it's surely worth the effort.
  15. I thought the story and voice acting were excellent, this isn't based on other people's opinions they are based off the emotions I felt playing it and wow did the intro really hit me emotionally. Another stand out moment was with Henry and Sam that surprisingly stunned me. I loved the connection between the main characters too as it built overtime. If a game or film can make me feel emotionally about it then they've done it right. As for the core gameplay I really enjoyed my Survivor playthrough but once it hits new game plus things started to change. For a start I'm struggling to find the point of new game plus, from a gameplay perspective nothing changes, you still have to collect each weapon and you still have to find limited ammo. On higher difficulties you spend most of the time in stealth so nothing changes in the way you approach it. In all honesty it's a waste of time. By the time I had finished Survivor plus and got the platinum overall I had enjoyed the game but now I'm going through my playthrough on Grounded mode (should have done this instead of a Survivor run but the Survivor plus playthrough gave me The Last of Us platinum as my 4000th trophy). Now I'm finding the game tedious and struggling to get through and yes as soon as I've finished I've got to do it all again. I need to keep at it though as I've memorised the routes. This game is not a masterpiece especially if you're going for 100% but it is a fantastic game if you're just playing through the game once or twice for the story and ignoring the trophies.