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  1. That's weird. Was the last one on 9th-10th of March, going by the trophy history, or later? I've been checking daily but couldn't catch it regardless.
  2. Are the boss invasions done again? It's been quiet recently.
  3. If the OP hasn't created this thread and would proceed to syncing the trophies without letting everyone know, no one would've noticed, right? If the OP has legit timestamps with a proper date that goes back to the time when the servers were still up, the website would place the OP in the trophy lists according to the timestamps and there would still be people who got the trophies after the OP. Therefore, the OP wouldn't appear as someone who has JUST obtained the trophies. It's basically like when a user enters and then exits a private mode (disappears from the PSNP trophy lists first and then appears again), if I'm not mistaken? The website would track user's timestamps and place them in the trophy lists according to the date they received the trophies, not according to the time they did the sync. Or can the website track this properly?
  4. For me, all the PS+ games expire on 1/1/1 at 1:00.
  5. I have the same issue. PS+ titles only, official FW.
  6. Got it, thanks. One more thing: LBP2 supports Pirates DLC as well, is it possible to get the dlc achievements by playing it in LBP2, not LBP?
  7. Might be slow on this, but is the actual game available digitally on any of the asian storefronts?
  8. Can someone confirm that Tekken x Street Fighter and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will not be affected by this?
  9. Is there any fix/workaround for this? I didn't get the trophy even after doing a couple of races with a friend. Playing an offline race afterwards didn't help either. Not sure if it's related but for some reason my friend couldn't find and join the lobby I created. I had to join his. Nvm, got it with a different player.
  10. Really hoping they are coming back! I'm kinda worried they went down separately at a later date and are still offline, while the PS3 and PS4 ones are back in action.
  11. As far as I know, PS3 and PS4 servers for other titles are back online, unlike the Vita ones. What's more, the developers have never acknowledged any issues with the Vita servers or the fact that they are trying to resolve any. Thus the question.
  12. Is it even confirmed that the servers will be back?
  13. I see, for some reason I thought Sony can do this. Oh well. Thanks!
  14. Long story short: I have Hotline Miami from before and now I'm unable to buy the HM Collection which is on sale (and HM 2 is not). I thought I'd ask Sony to remove the HM license from my account so that I could just buy the collection but PS Support told me on Twitter that it's impossible to remove a game from the PSN account. Isn't Sony able to do this?
  15. Is there a list of Vita titles with multiplayer? It would be super useful when prioritizing getting trophies.