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  1. Its not tho is it.
  2. I only remember sound shapes and gta online doing it. Seems like every ps5 game as it
  3. Auto popping trophies. Rant over. Thanks for reading Thoughts?
  4. Your missing the point of the thread. The op is saying that the quickest plats are around a week. Wether the games been out 2 weeks or a year is irrelevant, people are still getting the first trophy to the plat in a week Maybe in 2020 people have no choice than to sit on their ass all day with no job. Im sure they would rather be working
  5. Ive only got as far as the lazer bit. Im struggling really bad. This and beat one of the bosses without getting hit is tricky compared to the rest of the game
  6. I know. Thats what i cant get my head around lol
  7. Ive never got any super hard plats but ive got some that im pretty proud of. Ive platted rdr2, gta 5 twice, tony hawks remake and the crash trilogy but im struggling with this game lol The trophies where you need to defeat a boss without getting hit and not getting hit in wrigglemania are causing me problems. The controls arnt the best but i shunt be having problems platting this. Should i? This game is not a 3/10 as shown on powerpyx guide Thoughts?
  8. No probs dude. The layout is very confusing. What i did was look through all the challenges and see which ones seem fairly quick and easy to do and worth at least 5k. Get them done and then concentrate on the grind. Im curently at level 93. We can do this lol
  9. Sorry i ment seconds. No idea y i put minutes lol. I never tried using the above method but if people are using macro to do this grind it must have been bad. Its all opinions but i imo 100 plus hours just for grind is bad. About the challenges that were newly added. Im not wrong i did them yesterday. The forbidden connectors give 5k each and getting a 40x multipliyer and getting a certain amount of combos in multiplayer give 8k each. Its set out strange. Sometimes it says just xp but if you press x it shows all rewards including xp Edit. From the new challenges i mentioned above theres over 100k that can be done in around an hour but a couple of the forbidden connectors are tricky
  10. Before the latest patch the fastest way to level up was to get 150xp per 40 seconds. Over 100 hours doing the same tedious thing. Its alot better now because the grind is about 5 times as fast. Still a boring grind tho. Dont count your chickens yet tho being level 92 because the grind gets really slow in the 90s. They have also added alot of easy combo challenges worth 5k each and a couple of very easy multiplater ones worth 8k each
  11. Game of the year- last of us 2. (Really dont get the stick this game got) Backlog game of the year - rdr 2 Plat of the year - my name is mayo 2 💪 Backlog plat of the year - rdr 2. So proud i got this done
  12. Hi. Ive seen a few threads on this but thought i would say my thoughts (hope mods dont mind) As well as the upgraded graphics, the load times are a big deal for me towards the ps5 and its one of the best features of the new gen. Wether the loads times stay short moving forward when the games get bigger is still to be known. Short load times make a huge difference with an enjoyment of a game Ghost of tsushima for a triple a title has unbelievable load times on the ps4 but on the other side of the coin watchdogs legion as terrible load times which even tho im really enjoying takes away some of the enjoyment you have in the game. Thanks for reading and would love to know your thoughts. Im just trying to take my mind off that i didnt get a ps5 at launch. Gutted.
  13. Ive bought this for my bro for xmas as all ive heard is good things about it. I keep meaning to buying it myself one day. What puts me off is i buy rpgs and just end up not playing them (eso, skyrim, fallout 4) Really pumped for cyberpunk and i expect amazing things from it after the amazing reviews from witcher 3
  14. Spiderman miles morales does. More to be confirmed in the coming weeks/months Spiderman miles morales does. More to be confirmed soon Edit. Sorry @Cloud_2049 i qouted wrong person
  15. Nearly every cross gen game i think