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  1. Hi. Its been a while since ive played it but brok will tell u bout fast travel and i think at first u can only travel back to the shop but latet on when u find a mystic gateway in each area u can fast travel back to it in future. I cant really remember about upgrades sorry
  2. Im sure i did that. Ive played every far cry game since far cry 3 surely i didnt do that school boy error lol. Im just bout to go on it so ill check Edit. Yep ur rite. Not sure wot i was doin earlier lol. Cheers pal Ps. You need to put a waypoint even on the icons ie. The story or side mission ones. I thought a driving line would appear automaticly
  3. I know theres not a mini map anymore which is same as far cry 5 but when im driving to a specific waypoint theres no road markings to show me which way to go. Anybody else got same problems or a solution. Thanks
  4. Wow. Ur missing a rite treat there. Online not too bad. Only probem i had was a 5 set tennis match with someone. People just quit cos who really wants to play tennis on gta 😎 For me its got to be monster hunter world and witcher 3. Far too long for my liking
  5. Wow good call. That and golden eye best multiplayers at the time by far Also Gran turismo a spec should be
  6. Yeah thats a good system. I was worried bout em closing the servers down at the time but it hasnt been on plus that long so cant see em doin it for a while. I was getting quite obbsessed with it for a while especially wen i got the diamonds jyst in case i got dropped down at the last minute
  7. Really enjoyed getting this plat. I played it a few years ago before it wen on plus so there wernt as many players on then. If i remember i only got 2 diamonds but mostly gold. It took me around 6 months of online every day but never got bored. Loved the music levels. One of best 2d scrollers ever
  8. Really hope this game isnt like destiny. Flop of the century and destiny 2, i wasnt even bothered bout the free plus version. The trophies for anthem look very good tho. A completionists dream. Hopefully the collectables will be marked and challenges not too difficult
  9. Not sure far cry 6 comes out this week. New dawn does tho.
  10. A couple locations are quite hard to find without a guide.
  11. Exactly. Ive got 78 plats and most of them are tripple a games that take between 20-40 hours to plat. 90 percent of them games ive really enjoyed playing and i like looking back on my list now and again to reminise of some brilliant games ive finished over the years
  12. I really enjoy mine. Mainly remote play for certain games. Rarly play vita games on it unless i go on holiday
  13. Its definatly a very frusrating game but very worth it afterwards. I was thinking yesterday hope they do a steep 2 cos it was suprisingly a very good game
  14. Finally got the plat mate thanks. Nearlly gave up. Had 1 left. Tried lumberjack and yeah not happening. Then tried glacia finally got it. Cheers forur help
  15. Thank you for that. I half thought bout using skis. Ill try and use the line on glacia. I was trying to find my own way which ending up landing on my face lol. So hard to not fall on that one. Thanks again