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  1. I know its been mentioned here several times and very much deserved but ive got to repeat it by saying absolute amazing work @SiC. You have saved people loads of time and effort because you have put the time and effort in. I have had this page bookmarked in my phone for a while now and checked daily. I was worried if the cycle would be the same so really happy it looks like its going to be so i will be over the moon to finally get the plat of this amazing game at the end of may
  2. Ive just looked and the last person got the trophy on the 2nd may which was after the ferarri sold out. Must mean other cars qualify for the trophy
  3. I recon the op needs to update his misleading thread title then because i aint reading 10 pages. Just came here to help. But even so you can probably get more than 2.4 mill per hour and yes there one time only but most people on here are grinding the credits for the trophy which you get more than enough on circ exp for the trophy Same. Thread needs updating
  4. Am i missing something but do people realise you can get way more than 1.5 million credits per hour by doing circuit experience. Way more fun
  5. Yeah thats a good point dude. Thanks for info. Keep up the good work. Do you know if todays update will let you sell cars. Cant remember what the roadmap said
  6. Could be a big day tomorrow boys and girls. Possibly 4 new cars. Hopefully at least 1 is a repeat and follows the same rotation as before
  7. Thanks dude, i was wondering how much as well. Im slowely getting through circ exp golds. Alot more fun than farming same race over and over. I will if i have to because i dont want to miss out on a car when they are confirmed and some of the circ exp are rock hard
  8. Yeah your right. I thought i had done the ones i looked at but hadnt. Also great tip about entering and exiting for reward
  9. I think the progress in circuit experience as reset. Is this ment to happen. Not complaining tho because can do them again for huge payout and i only did a few for the trophy. Edit. Ignore this im being stupid. I was looking at ones that i thought i had done but not.
  10. Oh nice. Was gonna play this on xbox but held off just incase it came to playstation. Hopefully a plat with it
  11. Do we actually know if the other 2 cars are the right ones? Ive heard loads saying they have bought 3 cars with le mans attached to them and no trophy. Also games have roadmaps of future dlc so they might have tested it back then. All i would say is dont waste your credits just yet. Everythings speculation yet as no one 100 percent knows yet
  12. Could a dev have tested a upcoming update that has these 3 cars thats not released yet. The description says aquired so we might not need to buy these cars so the guy saying it might be a upcoming menu (or something thats not in the game yet) might be on to something. If the cars were in the game at some point im pretty sure someone will have got the trophy by now
  13. You have an amazing profile dude and i see you have ctr plat so this one should be a breeze for you
  14. Probs later today over there. I couldnt find it in store until i checked library
  15. Ive just autopopped the eu version. Plat still says 0.00%. Wonder how long it takes to update