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  1. Dannyswfc9- what was that?!? (saw)
  2. Shadow of the tomb raider. Bout it a couple weeks ago on ps store sale but been on hols so not had chance to.play it
  3. Until dawn rush of blood. Im shitting it doin it on the hardest difficulty and messing up
  4. The trophy would be definatly be glitched and no one would agree on how to get it patched 😁 ffs
  5. Yeah man
  6. Bit off topic but would love the next crew game (if there is gonna be one) to be set in the uk to include london
  7. Ohh share play. when i saw the thread title i thought u ment vita remote play and was just bragging lol
  8. Vr worlds-fun game but wow its hard Rdr2-dont need to explain why lol God of war-left it too long now since attempting valkaryie boss. I would probs after start it again to get my skills back up Overwatch-need to.be very good at multiplayer (which i am not) and get shit loads of luck Gta 4-currently gone back after 6 years to get all offline trophies but no chance with online these days
  9. Rdr2 and god of war
  10. Far cry bloody dragon maybe deserved one and would of been nice. Just because i love the far cry games
  11. I didnt mind doing all the locations. U kinda new where u stood. Apart from the story missions not sure wot i should be doin on oddessy
  12. Fallout 4. Fortnight ( unless your under 12) Yakuza games
  13. Witcher 3. Heard that games really good but a long plat
  14. Bit tricky for u mate cos u av only 2 plats to get and im guessing u are working on them and ive played neither Ive heard sekiro is a nightmare with alot of playthroughs
  15. This system needs to happen and would be very easy to do. It would entise more people to buy digital copies of games. Even if you got hardly anything for a game it would still help towards a new game, because at the minute people have tons of games that have been platinumed and have mostly no use what so ever.