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  1. Exactly. Just proves devs can do nothing right. People was crying out for something different because the series was going very stale, year on year the same game but a different setting. In my eyes origins and odeysey was brilliant but i agree with the op that syndicate was amazing too.
  2. Thanks. Im just going through them one by one again in one go. Fingers crossed lol Can you do the same race with a different car each time Edit. It popped after finishing a race with haze. I literally must have kept skipping that one lol. Dont know why its a decent car. My orginal system was when i unlocked a car race with it to save time later. That dint work lol
  3. I am mega confused. Do you have to come 1st intbe race because ive done a race with every vehicle, even spent 1.45 on the dlc just incase you needed to and still no trophy
  4. Someone said same a couple weeks ago when there wasnt a real race planned that week so i think its just guess work and im not hopefull. Hopefully im wrong but after grinding the online trophies and the sportsman/showman trophies i will be gutted if a easy bronze stops me from plat and 100% it
  5. Agree. Only reason people can not think this game is brilliant is if there not into the wild west setting and prefer a fast car rather than a horse but you kinda know what its about before you boot the game up. With the amount of rushed trash out there i cant understand how people can say its a bad game. I know its different opinions but i think people just like to complain for sake of it like others have said on here without giving proper reasons
  6. And the most patronising and demeaning post of the year goes to... i go back to my point why finish a 50 hour story on a shit game.
  7. Finally done it phew. I did the exact same car settings as @Kooky_Spooky_ so thanks for that dude and the assists i did Abs 2 Trac 0 Stab 2 Worked a treat
  8. Totally agree A 50 hour storyline, bit less if you skip cutscenes. Makes me wonder if it was that awfull you would even put yourself through the pain. For me every second of the story was a joy. I felt like i was there in the wild west. One minute i loved dutch, the next i wanted to put a couple of bullets in his head. Rockstar games are totally different than any other game. The imersion and visuals of their games are truely stunning. A bit quicker authur would have been a bit better but this is not an assasins creed game and you get used to it
  9. Good tips thankyou I think my problem as well is for the last month i have been f1 2019 so jumping from that game to grid is chalk and cheese when it comes to handling
  10. Im guessing by your first sentence you didnt want to pay full price for it so even if a new one came out soon im guessing you wont want to pay full price for that one either, plus it will probs cost more than the current gen one did on release. So yeah i would get it. A decent catalogue of games out for it now
  11. I dont think peoples expectations will be too set. Last month rumours suggested it was dark souls and dying light and we ended up with farming sim and city skylines
  12. This And this Oh and this
  13. The featured races arnt monthly that i thought because its been a month since the last person earned it. Also this week didnt have a real f1 race scheduled so this should have been a featured event. Ill be gutted if the plat is unobtainable because ive done all the tough online trophies
  14. Nice one
  15. Ive just started the long endurance. All other guides say its a 109 race endurance but on mine it says 111. Its no big deal unlesa it stops me somehow getting the trophy but just find it quite odd because the endurance covers the entire games tracks so what are the extra 2 lol Anyone else have 111 races