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  1. Ive hardly played this one since i bought it on release. Im not sure why because i loved the first game. I dont understand why the story trophies are all over place. They dont go in order even tho it says they do on the trophy description. Suprised ive not seen this mentioned
  2. I always wallrided too long and always hit the ceiling or not enough that it wouldn't count. Manage to finally do it tho. Felt so good
  3. Im already thinking same lol. Im on the mall and im really getting pissed off with that last gap over the stairs. I cant seem to land it without crashing horribly but..... I know i can do these with a bit of patience. I compare it to the time trials trophy on crash team racing. Yeah its tricky but not crazily difficult like alot of trophies out there and just takes practice and patience
  4. Thats a beautiful thing
  5. I cringe when jinxed pops up because it can go either way. Luckily it never pops up often due to the high number players needed (normally its one of the obstacle courses) and it needs even numbers
  6. I would like it a bit more if i could actually hit the ball cleanly. I dont know whats wrong. Ive tried using a ethernet cable to make make connection better but still same With all due respect he never said it didn't take skill. Hes just not a fan. Also because you have a different opinion to him doesn't make him wrong
  7. Ps1- fighting force (king of couch co op) Ps2- gt a spec/timesplitters 2/simpsons hit and run. Sorry i cant decide lol Ps3- gta 5 Ps4- rdr2 Vita- velocity 2x Great idea for a thread by the way
  8. Omfg i got it literally 4th try. Been dreading this one for ages. These tips helped thank you
  9. Between 15-20 i recon. Everytime i win im expecting the 20 wins trophy to pop by hasn't so far. Wins are getting harder because people are getting better and there are lots of griefers now. Some guy grabbed me on perfect match threw me off but fell off at the same time. Bet they were still laughing there head off tho
  10. This game had so much potential and even tho it pissed on the hardcore project cars fans it appealed to my type of gaming but.. Wow those graphics. Ive seen better early ps3 games with better graphics and thats no exageration. The game is a broken mess and im so glad i just need to wait till end of month to get the 300 rival points trophy (if it unlocks) to get my plat. Also luckily there are more objectives that 200 because i must have over 300 before the trophy unlocked. I had more than it said anyway but then after the patch it took another 50 off me
  11. I bloody loved plating bully or canis camen edit for my uk friends. Like you said it as aged really well
  12. Ye true. Was gonna play this on a second account until i found the buildng trick 😉
  13. Its a disgrace dude. Im glad im nearly done with this mess. A company that can bring a patch out but break nearly everything else in the game should be strung up imo
  14. I was wondering the same @LoveInHell. Thought it was strange that there are no game bundles around but this is the first console ive been really been wanting day 1. I would take any ps5 right now tho lol. Preorders went so quick