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  1. I cant remember the full trophy description but can remember getting far into a mission and then having to start over because all our team died. Then thought screw this im playing something else. Maybe the same for others. Hate team missions/raids with real players. Especially when trophies are involved. You are so relient on them and alot of time out of your hands
  2. Im sure godfall gets rumoured every month lol. Saying that @Abby_TheLastofUs sources are very reliable
  3. Ditto. I also idoled in online races for alot of time to get it quicker (hardest part was getting into a lobby). 25k gears trophy popped at level 31 for me
  4. Wow thats crazy. My session normally takes between 1 - 4 mins which is still a pain. Needs sorting. Its not like this game is dead. Just needs the matchmaking sorting
  5. I just went to the social section and just added everyone into my group. Most didnt accept but eventually someone did and i got 10 events done
  6. I find these to be one of the best events of RR but can imagine getting to 50 gets tedious. Mostly due to having to wait for the next one to start. Would be better if there was a division system like the other online modes to keep them fun. Thanks for tips. May try this when im around 30 races
  7. 2021 - 30 plats so far Rarest - falls guys (2.33) Most common - funny truck (99.51) Hopefully between 5 - 10 more before end of year
  8. Gone for control. Quality game with a very nice and easy plat
  9. I did wonder if xp worked on the campaign because ive alreafy finished the campain but quick races are boring me now. I just need the 25k gears trophy. Hopefully wont take too long now
  10. Im at level 5 and the xp for each level dosnt seem to.be increasing which is good. I dont think it will take too long to plat this now
  11. It might be because i have high expectations of rockstar but i expected better than this. Tony hawks remaster was from the same era and looks alot bigger improvement compared to this
  12. Call of duty. Never learnt my lesson for about 5 years running Fifa 19 Cyberpunk
  13. Ok cool thanks. A pysical ps4 edition will be nice to keep. Ive just got to try and hold off now without buying the digital edition lol
  14. It might have been said on here but not checked here for a while but is a hard copy of the game coming to ps5 in the uk. Can only see preorders for the ps4 version at the minute
  15. I loved both games in their own way. I prefered the first game even tho i never achieved the plat. I liked the way the events were set out and i never got bored completing them all I hope the make a third game but in a different location