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  1. Whats this idiot on about 😆
  2. What a strange and awful thing to say. Especially when you already have nearly 2000 unearned trophies. You cant be that arsed. Edit. @Markemmanuel thank you for editing post dude. I did like this game and love the series but seems a wierd one to add a new dlc after such a long time, especially when this game didn't go down amazingly well
  3. Doesn't take that long. Most of them are easier than the licences and you dont need them all for the funds you need. Also circ exp are very fun to do
  4. Unbelievable player. Gives me shivers already thinking him against our defence
  5. Mbappe is nearly as good as saka. Edit. Was originally a joke but hes just missed from 5 yards
  6. Best player to ever kick a football imo but never turns up for argentina
  7. And Maybe people have other interests other than gaming. You do know that it says the thread name and subject before you click on it if you came here by mistake
  8. Great scoreline. Shame about that pen. Var not done great so far. No idea how that was a pen but maguires wernt. But never mind. Im a happy englishman right now
  9. Near perfect first half. So happy for bellingham. Would have prefered foden instead but hes had a great game so far. Do his confidence a world of good. Would make a few subs now to rest a few. Heart in mouth time when kane went down hurt. Its coming home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  10. So hope this is a free upgrade. Id be more than happy platting this game again. The dlc was a nice challenge compared to the main game but such a great underated 2d platformer. Anyone know when its available
  11. DLC

    With you saying this im guessing you dont need gold times for 100%? Ive got them in most but some of these levels are pretty tough and long for gold requirements
  12. Not sure bout that. Very good remake. Not worth the 70 pound price tag tho. Gta trilogy on the other hand. Now that was a definition of cash grab
  13. DLC

    Thats a shame dude. Hopefully be on sale in europe soon. I very nearly deleted my save as a didn't expect as a dlc releasing for this (wouldn't of taken long to make it to the dlc area anyway if i had done) I had never heard of it until i came across it by accident
  14. DLC

    The dlc is accessed on the jungle world on the map which is the 2nd world so im guessing you have to get to that point first
  15. I also realised that my reply was to the wrong god of war game. I must have been pissed this morning 😆