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  1. I used penta for the plat and the first gp online. Best cheat code ever 👍
  2. Witcher 3. So wanna start it cos ive heard its amazing but the lengh of the plat is putting me off
  3. Thank you. Didnt think i was gonna get a reply lol. Not many people are playing this any more. My concern was doing the last 5 seasons and then it not counting. Very boring trophy. Thanks again
  4. Id have to agree with borderlands. Amazing co op with plenty to do and not too difficult. Really brilliant humor as well so you can both have a good laugh playing it. Brilliant games as well
  5. Its the 2011 vita version by the way. Dosnt say that on the forum page. Just says f1
  6. Im currently working towards the 8 world championships trophy and ive just done the maximum number of seasons in career mode which is 3. Im just wondering if you can do the rest in championship mode or if you need to do all 8 in championship mode because i dont want to risk starting a new career just in case it dosent count.
  7. I wouldnt mind even if they made a saints row 5 and they then just put 1 and 2 on ps store with trophy support like rockstar did with the older gta games
  8. Brilliant news. Agents of mayhem was a bit of a dissapointment so time to put the wrongs right with a real saints game
  9. A firey readhead. We definatly would
  10. Lego batman 3. I so wanted it to be untill dawn Rush of blood 😉
  11. Thanks mate. Im quite new to this forum. I did wonder why someone talking bout boosting gta 4 in a gta 5 thread was aloud to stay but my message defending hakoom was deamed bad enough to get deleted was a bit strange. Would explain why in the past another message of mine got deleted even tho it was defo on topic and wasnt out of line. Thanks again for the info
  12. Anyone know why half the messages have been deleted from this thread
  13. Onrush
  14. I think i gave up too quickly which is suprising because not alot normally beats me in gaming. If i got back on it, it would taje a while getting back used to the controls and stuff. Might give it another try one day because its the only trophy from the plat
  15. Sorry if this as been posted before but cant find another thread on it Ive been discussing with my brother about boss battles. Personally i think the valkyrie queen in god of war is hands down the hardest boss ive faced in gaming. Most other bosses have a certain technique or way of beating them but of the randomness of her attacks and so many you cant block or avoid it makes it so frustratingly hard to defeat. Plus a few hard hits and your almost dead I would like to know what bosses other people think are the hardest. Ive never played any dark souls games but people say the valkyrie queen is harder than anything they have seen in dark souls