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  1. Thats why i think astro could/probably will beat it. Almost everyone with a ps5 will play this amazing game
  2. Yeah i would say so. Apart from the challenges, especially the final one which i would suggest dont go for the platin. Ive got plat in the crash trilogy but cannot do the ripsnorter challenge on this. Its a fairly long platfomer which i think she will enjoy if she thought astro was too short.
  3. Could do. Playroom on ps4 as come close and that was without a plat and not as good game as astro playroom
  4. I did this technique before finding this thread. Gutted because i went in circles at first but then realised side to side was faster. I did it in 5 mins 47 secs but i would have done it faster if i did side to side all the way through. I still got in the top 50 fastest achievers tho for the first time in a game 😎
  5. 100m - 8.4 seconds 💪
  6. I think ive heard from somewhere ratalaika make a good selection of games for the vita. They may or may not have trophies 😉
  7. So glad i buy most of my games digitally these days. Would drive my ocd nuts lol
  8. Ac valalha. 30 hours in and hardly made a dent in it. Enjoying it tho
  9. I remember crushing difficulty in uncharted 4 was a pain in the ass. I think it was chapter 20 which made me nearlly snap my controller This tested my patience
  10. I did simular by backing my save on a usb. Same sort of thing really. I did it with the ability points as well
  11. Great minds 😁. I can remember it still took a while so when i saw 100 online races i did a little cry
  12. Can you still pause it and let the ai take over like the previous games. Thats how i did 50 online races. Its not a quicker way but makes it more bearable
  13. Agree @GUDGER666. @Agent_Renegade22 is right doing my nut in. Well done italy. England fans have shown their selves up especially this weekend but the players deserved alot more credit than they have recieved on here.
  14. If you watch alot of finals then you know its not a first time this as happened. Who wants second place right. We also never said we was gonna win this tournament. Why would we when we have been shocking for most of the 55 years since we last won a trophy Please show me the messages of me attacking people or calling them stupid. Im just replying to some of the harsh messages on here. They look like hate to me
  15. Their subs changed the game in the second half after a brilliant first half from us. Then when ciesa went off i thought it would swing back in our favour because he was fantastic. Southgate got it spot on all tournament but he should never have picked some of the pen takers. Bring on qatar