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  1. Thank you you are genious. I raged quit on the bit where you get fuel in downtown because i had no ammo. May leave this until its confirmed 100% it doesnt disable trophy
  2. As anyone actually played the time trials yet because the times might not be as strict. So lets see before we all give up 2020 is truely the year of the bedwetter
  3. Lego indiana jones. One of the first games on my profile and got 77 percent before i cared for trophies. Never got round to plating it
  4. Are you having a laugh. Game of a generation this bad boy. Cant wait to see how good the jar looks when it inevatably comes out on ps5
  5. You may be pushing it but possible if you blitz it. Depends how many wins you get i guess. From level 35-40 seemed really slow
  6. You maybe should have learnt after you played the first game and didnt like it. I know its not everyones cup of tea and people have their opinions but no way should this game be anywhere near this thread Project cars 3 is bad for real reasons to justify it being on this thread. So many issues and the graphics look like the start of the ps3 era, not the end of the ps4
  7. Just got 3 left. School 2 Bullring Venice Never thought i would do roswell but these last 3 are gonna cause me some issues. Ive had a few goes on school 2 and doesn't seem 2 hard, just long. I may be wrong because everyone says its one of hardest. Bullring im trying to find the easiest route and venice seems easy enough but that first gap is quite inconsistant and that manual at the end 🤬 I cant give up now tho Edit. Yep school 2 is a right bitch. The gaps are easy enough its just keeping your grind/manual balance for a long period of time which is a pain in the ass
  8. I would prefer a new game plus if you could skip cutscenes. Really dont fancy watching them all again
  9. I have officially lost faith in mankind
  10. I live in the uk and i could only get hold of the digital version in the store game. I personally hope it doesn't completly go digital because even tho i dont get as many physical copies as i used to i like to have the choice
  11. I cant imagine it will for a while. I think sony are testing the water by releasing a digital console but i cant see it selling anywhere near as good as the disc version Also this^^^^;
  12. I thought i could get all the "get theres" even bullring with a bit of practice until i came across this pile of shite. That high deck gap can do one.
  13. We are edging closer to a new generation of gaming and whilst i think the ps4 era as had alot of stick. Some deserved, some not so much. I think sony have really celabrated the history of gaming from the last 25 years. We have had remasters/remakes of the likes of - Crash trilogy Crash team racing Spiro trilogy Ff7 And the stunning tony hawks 1+2 We have had ports of the likes of - Gta trilogy Bully Manhunt Doom series Whilst the younger gamers may not appreciate the above as much as the (cough) mature gamers. All of these from a 31 year old have had me on nostalga overload and have not only stayed true to the original but imo improved on them. So well done sony So i want to know which remasters, remakes and ports have had your childhood rushing back to you and had you smiling from start to finish
  14. To say it needs to find around 55-60 real players its really fast. Its literally the quickest multiplayer game to get into a game ive played. No lobbys, no ques, no waiting And thats at its slowest
  15. Another plat i wont be getting then on top of fall guys and thps remaster in the last few months. Oh well good job im not a obsessive completionist
  16. Ouch, yeah that brings back bad memories from my ps1 days lol
  17. Great tips. I noticed that yesterday with it remembering your last manual. I always panic when i change to a grind thinking im gonna bail as soon as manual again because my pointer was way off. Also do you use the d pad for everything because i cant move my figures quick enough to switch from analog to d pad whenever i grind or manual
  18. Ive hardly played this one since i bought it on release. Im not sure why because i loved the first game. I dont understand why the story trophies are all over place. They dont go in order even tho it says they do on the trophy description. Suprised ive not seen this mentioned
  19. I always wallrided too long and always hit the ceiling or not enough that it wouldn't count. Manage to finally do it tho. Felt so good
  20. Im already thinking same lol. Im on the mall and im really getting pissed off with that last gap over the stairs. I cant seem to land it without crashing horribly but..... I know i can do these with a bit of patience. I compare it to the time trials trophy on crash team racing. Yeah its tricky but not crazily difficult like alot of trophies out there and just takes practice and patience
  21. Thats a beautiful thing
  22. I cringe when jinxed pops up because it can go either way. Luckily it never pops up often due to the high number players needed (normally its one of the obstacle courses) and it needs even numbers
  23. I would like it a bit more if i could actually hit the ball cleanly. I dont know whats wrong. Ive tried using a ethernet cable to make make connection better but still same With all due respect he never said it didn't take skill. Hes just not a fan. Also because you have a different opinion to him doesn't make him wrong
  24. Ps1- fighting force (king of couch co op) Ps2- gt a spec/timesplitters 2/simpsons hit and run. Sorry i cant decide lol Ps3- gta 5 Ps4- rdr2 Vita- velocity 2x Great idea for a thread by the way
  25. Omfg i got it literally 4th try. Been dreading this one for ages. These tips helped thank you