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  1. I would have to say rayman legends. Not really because of the time i played daily but i made sure i played everyday to get the awesomnous trophy which took about 6 months of daily play. I even played in a morning before work to see what medal i got because that was the time that challenge ended Good job it was an amazing game
  2. Theres not many games with a constant online connection that let you play without plus to be honest. Does'nt help you with the trophies but theres a offline mode which games like the crew does'nt have Death stranding being one that you dont need plus to play
  3. Never thought about tracking bullets for them pesky rakks. Only thing im missing is a decent shotgun. Ive got a good damage one but its one of them where you have to hold it diwn and it fires elemental. Really good tips. Thanks
  4. Wasnt it patched mid november with the maliwan update. Think i just missed out on it because i didnt get a last stand artifact until then. I might be wrong tho
  5. I tried the first one on normal difficulty. Failed and then decided to get better gear and change to easy. My gear is now 3 times stronger than it was and im ready to try and solo them. If its like the previous game u get more and stronger enemies in co op. Quick question. Ive got the disc version and if you delete all the updates will u beable to use the invicability glitch
  6. Im thankfull watchdogs and nfs (eventualy) learned there leason and ending up bringinh a decent game out after the previous one was awfull
  7. Or a fps. Christ, what do people want without being a moaning bitch. 2 decent looking games if you ask me.
  8. Looks like a very pleasent game untill sheriffs arrive lol F#ckin loved that game. 2d platformer of the decade that bad boy
  9. Gta 5 In all seriousness any lego games are really fun and will keep them entertained for hours. Plus the trophies are very simple and most will come naturally so they will get that beloved ping now and again
  10. Grid autosport - 2 years 3 months. The 100 wins and the level 250 in multiplayer were both a pain in the ass
  11. The division 2 - played it quite a bit when it got released but then not touched it since april. Keep wanting to go back to it but then another game gets in the way Yakuza kiwami and yakuza 4 - great concept and great minigames but the plat length puts me off getting really into these
  12. Im glad soneone made a thread on this. Ive only done 2 so far. 1 that i invited and one 1 that as ever popped up to invite me. Most times i invite people in my online session but noone joins.
  13. If you look at the previous cods the owners and recent players have gone up in the last month because they realise they arnt so bad compared to the new one
  14. Are u not gonna tell everyone how its done then
  15. Defo openworld games. 41 out of my 98 plats (nearly half). There never the hardest but I get a real sense of completion when i plat a good openworlder
  16. Think it was a joke dude. Obviously one that as whooshed right over your head
  17. I would pal but i cant get far enough away to fit it all in the pic
  18. Jees bet your fun at partys. At least 5 of them would go down as the best games of the generation
  19. Its getting a bit easier now ive got a faster car (hated my starting car. Mustang i think it was). But they are so fast and are basacly industructable, unless you lead them into the water. But i still chicken out past heat 2 and escape to the garage to bank lol
  20. Currently playing 1. Borderlands 3 2. Nfs heat 3 grid Going for the plat on the first 2 on that list. Grid might take a tad longer Im currently on 98 plats so one if these might be my 100th (as long as i dont get a couple of quick plats before hand)
  21. Fifa. Love football with a passion but another pointless annual game. Cant blame ea tho. Make tons of money from sheep gamers that think they need to buy it year in year out even tho all thats changed are players and kits. Its only ever worth buying the first entry of a new generation of consoles
  22. I would rather spend my money on same games each year (which wont always be the case, cyberpunk etc) that i know i will enjoy and are fun than a boring walking sim that as been hyped up way way too much
  23. For me its not as fun as driveclub. Driveclub had stars within a race so each race felt different. Grid is getting a bit samey after bout 50 percent through the career. Agree about the plat. Im gonna get the rest of the trophies and leave it for now. Maybe they make a couple huge dlcs in the future but that still wont even come close. I know they want to keep the game alive for as long as possible but even if the multiplayer was gt sport standard it still would be a big ask. Dosnt help they have prevented people from using the rubberband trick which helped gt6's autobarmy trophy