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  1. Came here to post about this.. glad it's not just me cause that means there's a better chance it gets fixed
  2. Friend of mine actually just tried this and said it's not working for him either. Thinking back, I can't remember doing anything special to trigger this happening but it worked for the entirety of level 2 even after tons of deaths and restarting checkpoints. That's unfortunate that it's a bug, I'll post if I can figure out how to replicate it
  3. Very helpful tips, thank you. Want to add one more: if you hold R1 to sprint into Sligs, it knocks them out. You can literally run through entire sections by exploiting this "feature". It helped me get the "apprehend 50 Sligs" platinum badge in level 2 and will make the no death runs so much faster. Note that this only works for the lowest level grunt Slig as far as I've seen.
  4. If someone who was eliminated is still in the lobby it doesn't count. Have gotten it 4-5 times now with someone in the lobby. Trophy hasn't popped... More luck on top of the rest of the luck to get 1v1 and get the Burn in the first place :'(
  5. No. The online trophies specify it needs to be an "online match"
  6. This didn't pop for me. Got the burn notification TWICE 1v1. Sad
  7. I keep getting "Annihilations" instead of "Wrecks" and the trophy never pops. Smh.
  8. Has anyone gotten CRASHendo and have any tips?
  9. Thank you so much for this advice! Some of those hero trophies are insanely difficult imo
  10. I've played this game for a few hours already... I actually am really enjoying it. only problem is that a lot of times the frame rate dives and when things get hectic the game can chug. Other than that it's actually really fun.
  11. I have sunk a few hours into Freedom Wars and I don't think this game can compete with Persona 4 or Danganronpa, my two favorite Vita games. That said, I'm really enjoying my time so far with the game and I'm glad I haven't seen a bad review yet. It would be nice for this game to sell well, get good press, and open some developer eyes.
  12. ^ Yes. I had a Nintendo 3DS XL before I got my Vita and now I play my Vita more than that and my PS4 (I recently traded in the 3DS). With PS Plus I think getting a Vita is a no-brainer. Games like Persona 4, Danganronpa, Tearaway, and many others demand to be experienced and I think you owe it to yourself to try it out. Check out other threads too. I think if you shell out the money for a vita and the memory cards you really will not be disappointed.
  13. Easiest: God of War II Hardest: Velocity Ultra Most Enjoyable: Fallout 3