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  1. 1. GTA IV 2. Borderlands 3. Red Dead Redemption
  2. Borderlands. Got it for only 5 bucks at GameStop. Only borderlands game I have yet to play. One of my favorite series.
  3. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Platinum Trophy on PS4.
  4. Can you add me as Helghast Champion for Killzone Mercenary platinum. Thanks.
  5. Outlast , Red Dead Revolver, or Race the Sun. It is a joke these are 100 percents while my name is mayo has a platinum.
  6. Also you can get 2 free ones by playing option A and B after you complete the story.
  7. I have an overdrive crate and a nitro rare crate. If anyone has a very rare item I would basically " rent it" and give it back after I get the last trophy I need. I'm not a fan of the game so I would give you whatever you needed for free essentially .Plus, I have rare and uncommon items too. Tired of playing the game . Sawfan20 on psn I got the trophy so help no longer needed.
  8. Can you add me for The Wolf Among Us for vita and ps4 as well as Tales From The Borderlands on ps4. Thanks.
  9. Would be awesome for people like myself that love gta online. But, it would piss alot of people off who probably got rid of the game. Plus, like you said import export and finance and felony, bikers etc. didn't receive them so it wouldn't make sense for this one either. Although it looks like the last huge update for online so in that respect it would be a good way to go out to add trophies to the update.
  10. Was wondering why the rarity was dropping on the King Trophy. Unfortunate for people that did it legitimately like myself.
  11. I think you are being a bit generous there. Gone Home at least had a story you felt emotion for. It also tackled homosexuality and it was made by someone(can’t recall his name) who worked on Bioshock 2’s Minerva’s Den. Everybody’s gone to the rapture has none of that , except beautiful graphics. But I do not play stuff for graphics so to me it still sucks.
  12. The Blair Witch sequel that just came out. The saw franchise as a whole even though the first Saw movie is very popular and is a classic. Shoouldnt even be mentioned. Also The Judge that Robert Downey Jr stars in. Incredibly underatted imop.
  13. I have 10 ultra rare platinums. Would have 11 but I played the ps3 version of The Evil Within because I didn't yet have a ps4.
  14. The Evil Within. I loved the game and loved how it was a pretty difficult one as well. Having played the main game around 5-6 times, it is one of the few times where I felt pre-ordering a game turned out well for me. I don't quite understand why many didn't like it. One of my favorite games in the last few years.
  15. Can you add me to Movie Buyer? I have the platinum for Saw, Saw 2, and Battleship. Thanks.