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  1. Concrete Genie! I hear it's great
  2. 6:15.69 for me! Most of them are one runs, I could probably improve some like the rolling ball one, I really suck at that one!
  3. I don't believe you can, I have it updated and I only have one version now on PS5. The only way you could have kept it, is if you had it downloaded and didn't "purchase" it on the store after the update. Sorry bud, you will need a PS4.
  4. Put me up on the bench please! I really want to compete!
  5. awwww man. Well, good luck to the other two teams! May it be a good match. It's a shame we had to lose all those points.
  6. What's the game you've chosen as your banner?

  7. I know! Soul crushing. I didn't know it could be done in less than two days. Besides six hours of work, I stayed up almost all day and night playing it.
  8. Excuse me? I am first for 100% completion
  9. Personally I have quite a few easy trophies on my list due to having done events in the past on another website for trophy hunting. They helped me finish the events, where as if I didn't have those games, I most likely would not have finished the event that I was trying to do. Really, sometimes people have some trash games due to them having to do some events. Some people play quite a few quality games, and only have "Trash tier" games or multi-pops on their list because of trophy events. The only exception being those way in the top hundred buying every easy game possible to stay at the top.
  10. I wasted a good hour or so trying to do this. You would think spin attack means pressing down while moving. That's even what the wiki says for all of Sonic's history. It should have just been "Jump on three enemies in a row". Thanks for the tip.
  11. Except, I doubt many "real elites" will play. Also, what is this competition even going to be? Hardcore trophy grinding for a certain time? What? This seems like a thought up thing right on the dot.
  12. So let me get this straight? The elite are people who play non-stop 24/7. There will barely be anyone who will participate in this. I been playing since 2012 with over 10,000 trophies and am only level 37. I would consider myself an "Elite" at this point, especially being in almost the top thousand in the USA. Also, are you not level 55 yourself? That means you shouldn't participate right?
  13. 4 New stages with 2 acts each from Christian Whitehead himself, and then the other 8 levels are heavily re-done levels with new gimmicks/platforms/tweaks and such. It's both old and new.
  14. I would like to chime in here. I would like to say that if I played Black Ops II for the first time, and the lobby I end up in accidentally ends up popping my whole list or perhaps big leagues or such, that I should be able to get a pass on it. I always believe games with hacked lobbies that you can accidentally stumble into so easily should all be exempt. Black Ops II should easily be white listed because of Such things. I remember someone joining a lobby in Modern Warfare 2 and it popped all their trophies at once. It marked him as a hacker and he wasn't allowed to come back into the official leaderboard. You guys should really white list all games like CoD that are well known for popping trophies just by joining an online lobby. It isn't fair or right that that someone who stumbled upon a hacked lobby and it pops all their trophies in the game.
  15. I know this is more of an older post, but the best thing I could tell you is do not use the PS4 microphone. Just like Rock band, it won't pick up that well. Pick up an actual USB microphone and it will enhance the quality tremendously.