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  1. So I should have probably said this earlier, but right now is the EASIEST time EVER to get infallible. Right now the Clan of Yeetus playlist is going. You win JUST BY FINISHING. You aren't competing against anyone else! All you have to do is finish all four rounds (Which is SUPER easy) and you get a win!
  2. Xenoverse 2 has all the first game's mission and now even has a DLC to play all of the first game's story including it's DLC on it. Xenoverse 2 is better in every way. Better off just buying the story DLC pack on xenoverse 2 and play it on a much better system. Xenoverse 2 is leagues ahead of 1.
  3. Could you please tell me the online trophies?
  4. They do listen to feedback though. They do weekly vibe checks and they have feedback from betas that they do address.
  5. Pretty much majority of Red War stuff is unobtainable unless you find it as a random drop or Xur is selling it as his weekly armor. Planets and other things have been removed from the game so if you didn't get them, then it may have been too late.
  6. I know this is extremely late, But I went with the mode where you got all the characters. You lose nothing out of it! You can use whoever you want and all characters will level at the same time
  7. Sweet Thieves is coming back on Saturday! That is a great time to grind out crown shards! Six wins nets you a crown and each game is 3 minutes each at maximum. Edit: Not sure if it counts but top and bottom piece you can get legend version just from the season pass and even the current Glizzy event. List of All Legend Colours --------------------------------- 2 Crowns: Bumblebee Draconic Enchanted Glacier Paragon Star Ranger T-Rex Wanted Season Pass Exclusives: Plastichrome (Season 4) Siren (Season 5) Crown Rank: Crown Master (Crown Rank 33/879 Crowns) Royal Carpet (Crown Rank 36/1164 Crowns) Untouchable (Crown Rank 39/1494 Crowns) Regal Purple (Crown Rank 43/2004 Crowns)
  8. You can make your chances higher of seeing one by playing a lot and clearing out the cheaper options. The less options you have, the higher the chance is of seeing a rarer piece.
  9. It took me around 10 minutes or so? It takes around 20-30 seconds for every time you do it.
  10. After a long time, I finally had a chance to use this glitch. I finally got the trophy after years! Thanks so much! I was getting around 1.6 million zeni a try. It goes even faster if you go to the network setting first, and then you can double click the PS button in order to do an instant swap to the network settings.
  11. For those wondering "Why only for Destiny", Bungie has been working on a new game for the past few years now, the game at the moment is titled "Matter" and it has otherwise been hush hush for development. Destiny also makes huge amounts of money. During Anni DLC on steam back on the same day as Infinite release, It was taking two of the top five slots and almost beating Halo Infinite in sales with the DLC pack alone. It makes lots of bank still.
  12. There are three regions in the game, but you need to get to AR 30 to get to Inazuma
  13. It seems like you get angry or irritated very easily. You say a video, but I'm not sure what? The story currently ends at adventure rank 30 or so. When you brought up the wizard, you need to beat fire shields with water, ice with fire, water shields with electro, and the like or they will be near impossible to take down. I don't recall floating islands? If you mean inazuma islands, you need to be like ar 25-30.
  14. It is indeed! It took a long time, basically half a year, but the time is here!
  15. But they do give sigils. I'm talking about the ones you go into during a story like Shogun's. I got 10 sigils out of the one from her story line.