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  1. I finally got floor 12 done today! Which btw, in six days they are going to make the abyss even harder just so you all know. First half: Xiao, Venti, Childe, and Diona Second half: Bennett, Fischl, Ganyu, Zhongli This was my team set up for floor 12. I struggled hard, but I beat the last enemies on floor 12 with 11 seconds left on the clock, it was very intense. Having a shield to protect you here is almost a must, as it carries. If you have a zhongli, definitely invest in him and the shield buff artifact set. Xiao just carried the damage while Diona healed and shielded.
  2. You need to get powerful gear, which drops until 1310. You can get powerful gear from weeklies like Gambit, crucible, strikes, nightfalls, the raids and dungeons. After that, you need to get pinnacles, to get to 1320 armor which requires pinnacle, which you can get from Vault of Glass, Crucible, Gambit, strikes, and nightfall weeklies. You can also get some pinnacles from hardcore grinding crucible valor ranks. The other way to gain levels is having the artifact, and then just constantly grind bounties and doing weekly challenges for the season. You can gain levels even higher than the possible 1320 armor/weapon level that way.
  3. That's not right, it should be the full game with no restrictions, it's not a beta. Are you sure you got the right one? All my friends have the free version and are playing
  4. You can't earn trophies in the free trial
  5. I know they said before in their discord Q and A section a long time ago, that they don't want statistics to show because then it will bring out all the try hards, and have them ruining the experience for new players.
  6. I have finally picked this game up for $10, the cheapest it has been on sale! I can't wait to try it in VR with my wife tonight!
  7. I feel if they intentionally did it while also saying it isn't meant to happen, they wouldn't be working around to clock to constantly monitor their twitter and discord to delete any message that even hints about the trophy. They are even kicking people now in the discord if you keep trying to talk about it, and sometimes a ban.
  8. If that were the case, they wouldn't be trying as hard as they can to stop and delete every single tweet and discord message that even mentions the exploit.
  9. They already said they plan on patching it, so it's not going to last forever.
  10. 1a: You can win it in squad mode with your squad winning 2b. Gaming playlists do get moved in and out of rotation like hex a gone only and the like, but squads is the easiest. All game modes count as wins. There is no way to see how many you have I would say getting a group together through a group, and working together in squad mode would be fastest.
  11. I just got my friends their infallibles, so it still works!
  12. Asumiría que saldría automáticamente You do not need to spend a penny at all! Though it is a long grind and pulling for characters for the Abyss will be a huge benefit over time. Though you most likely would get a lot of characters by the time you get to that part.
  13. It seems that this game has finally achieved getting some DLC trophies! I already have the vast majority of it done. Getting Floor 12 done is going to be a pain. https://www.exophase.com/game/yuan-shen-psn/trophies/ PS5 is for getting all base game trophies and DLC trophies, except it is part of a single list so it has a platinum!
  14. Yeah, unfortunately you guys can't get it unless you buy an American account. I got gamefly recently again and decided to try out Cooking Mama as one of the games. You could never get me to pay more than $10 for this game.
  15. The platinum is super easy, I am almost done with it. My opinion of the game is, I am glad I rented it. I thought I would have some fun, I never played a Cooking Mama game and always wanted to try one out. The unfortunate part is, after around an hour, I got extremely bored. I could have this platinum faster but I can't take the huge amounts of repetition this game gives. Once you played about ten recipes, you just about played all of them. There isn't much variety in what you do with the recipes. Another thing that doesn't help, is that the motion controls feel bad and sometimes the stick movements feel a bit unresponsive/too sensitive at times like cracking eggs. I really wanted to enjoy this game more, but unfortunately, I can't say I would recommend it except for the easy trophies.