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  1. I have 6954 unearned.
  2. yeah these sport trophies are tough. Over 40 races with no win, no pole. seems like i have to leave this after 322 races trophy.
  3. Crysis games. Gta iv & v Risen series
  4. Also those buy 15 and 25 vehicles trophies are bugged. i have over 30 purchaced
  5. It will take long time since servers are almost empty.
  6. Restarting game works for me. Sometimes when switching server this connection problem appears. Having same sort of problem with other ea hosted game (crysis3) too...
  7. Also leaderboards not functioning. and stats do not upgrade. Only thing is working is rank progression.
  8. Get it without boosting. I Don't even try to get demo and knife trophy. Just played online about 400h. Then just finish other campaign trophies, only thin which i cheated was m-com stations thanks to YouTube finally found them...