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  1. 0 – if you make a save before the final dungeon (Point of No Return – the game will notify you when this happens). So be sure to make a Manual Save when the game warns you of the Point of No Return. Technically, “Look, No Hands!” could also be missed if you’ve already completed all Vaults (they close after finding all items in them), but this trophy should come naturally before then.
  2. I've got the same problem, but I thought that in the lab, the portal appears at a later stage of tasks from Zana. :\
  3. There is quite a lot of time left, platinum is quite easy. Only the arena can be difficult for people who have never played CCG. Good luck to all those who haven't managed to do it yet and those who have already done it.🙃
  4. Hello, I have bought all the upgrades, and I did the job with the race. The mission does not appear, did anyone have a similar problem? I'm only missing this one DLC trophy Edit: The problem is probably that I made half of the improvements in the first pass, but the game doesn't take that into account. Edit2: Support wrote me that they know the problem, recommend removing the game and all files, including those in the cloud, and starting the game over again. lol 🤔
  5. The same problem as in dragon age😏, a few classes to choose from, but only pays one. Copying items will certainly be useful, the more so that the game you have to pass a minimum of 2 times.
  6. Priest or Lancer - Because they're the fastest way to find a team to the Dungeon. I played the priest myself.
  7. He's on the list! Thanks! But the question still remains, why can't I see on the console?
  8. Good soul, will you tell me how to do it?
  9. Hello! I don't see the game in the library, I don't see it in the shop (EU). Does anyone have a similar problem? I bought the game in 2016
  10. After the account is restored, the premium status is not restored? edit; on the forum shows that there is, on the website that there is no edit2: everything's back to normal.
  11. Leather arrmor+spear(with poison rune). Its best combination if u want fast Platinum
  12. If the enemy doesn't die during mind control, but kills him after I stop controlling him, won't it block the trophy?
  13. 60-80h
  14. Yes. Or just press touchpad and back to main menu is faster.