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  1. not sure why you say that the DLC is not worth but to each his own. for me, if you are buying the physical version off amazon, it's totally worth it since the game include the DLC all on disc for 20USD which is cheaper than 25USD digital. And the DLC is the same length as the main game. if it's trophies that you are so concerned about, isnt getting a 90+% better than leaving it at 70+% ?
  2. of course it's sony's fault. they are the platform holder and they allow this shit to slide. why else would the mentioned game all have 1000 points on another platform? in fact megaman legacy collection 1 has more achievements on 2 other platforms than on sony. capcom even mentioned that on their twitch livestream that for whatever reason, sony dont allow them to have a platinum for that collection. maybe sony just dont treat all these old ass games that originated on other platforms 1st as actual games. who knows. lol... you would think that this one man developer have the money to pay more for a platinum in their games? if it's really that, i would believe all the EA and activision games would have no platinum no more.
  3. ^this... screw save state man...haha
  4. you would believe that so many companies fucked up instead of sony being the problem here with their weird ass trophies policies?
  5. i enjoy the game so much that i have to unlock every bonus in the main game and the DLC.
  6. you want cat ears? pony up another 5 more bucks... hahaha... you can save a lot more time by not playing the game. just a suggestion.
  7. well, at least i aint a dolphin or whale paying for something that can be accomplished by yourself for free... keep buying these shit and support the bad practices, ok!
  8. Yeah!!! smart enough to only attract 30+ million out of a population of 2 billion gamers!!!
  9. thanks. and i hope it's not required to be done on the hardest difficulty right?
  10. congrats on being 1st. btw, do i need to perfect+ and special+ all stages?
  11. just spam cervantes' psycho crusher move. back B+K for any tough opponents in libra souls
  12. Just use Cervantes' psycho crusher, back B+K. and you will beat all the tough opponents in Libra of souls...
  13. how many characters excluding DLC ones is this game gonna have?
  14. looks easy. it's the tradition for namco bandai's fighting game.
  15. i always use kazuya and do the 4 hit combo spinning kick... even in T6 and TTT2.