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  1. Black Friday is next month. Physical copies of these game will be way cheaper and you'll be able to sell them off after so don't waste your money.
  2. Cosmic star heroine was awesome. Had that snes rpg/Chrono trigger feel. Plat took me 15-20 hours so story-wise its short and not too complex yet fun. Played it on the ps4 but they released a vita version.
  3. Hate the obvious agenda pushing and those defending it while not understanding why people dislike what they see. It's like Ghostbusters 2016 all over again. Females or lesbians aren't the problem, it's the sjw virtue/gender/orientation signaling and personal politics that people can't stand. I couldn't care less about lesbians kissing, heck, the kiss in the dlc took me by surprise but it was well executed so I rolled with it but this one is forced as heck. The violence and gore feels forced too. Lost all respect for Nd for this and for the fact that druckman is a friend and fan of anita sarkosian. By the way remember the bald asian chick in the trailer. Yea, she's transgendered (can't forget about the buff butch chick in there too). Only thing missing now is a one-legged hermaphrodite. Can't forget hermaphrodites and handicapped people now, can we ND.
  4. Same here. They released ps2 games that no one wanted and asked for so maybe they didn't make much money and scrapped the project. Hope I'm wrong.
  5. Posted last week but still haven't been added to the list for some reason. Pretty sure I followed all the rules. So here is my entry again https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6334-energy-cycle/Hayades
  6. This looks interesting. I want in. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6334-energy-cycle/Hayades
  7. Thanks for the warning man. Had this game in my wishlist for a while, waiting for it to go on sale. Won't be buying the digital version now.
  8. Alright, just got the notification on my ps4 and got my money. All is well.
  9. Hope I'm wrong but I think you only get one 15$ code.
  10. A few weeks ago, Sony ran their Spend 100, get 15$ back campaign. They said we'd get it before or on March 16th, which is today but I haven't gotten any mail yet. Did anyone receive theirs yet?
  11. Same thing here (I'm also Canadian). Is this a problem only Canadians have?
  12. Got 8/10. Good quiz.
  13. It says that my first plat in 2017 was Life is strange before the storm but that game was released in the beginning of September and I got the plat near the end of December when the last episode dropped. Got way more plats this year before then. Says that I earned 26 plats when I actully earned 29. The tracking on this thing is off.
  14. The guide one playstationtrophies said all the trophies were offline.
  15. That's a dumb fucking trophy right there. They should've had a gold trophy for beating I am death incarnate instead and left it at that. And for the very few hardcore mofo's who actually want a near-impossible challenge, they could've made a contest were if you send the devs footage of yourself beating that difficulty, they send you a t-shirt saying "I beat Mein Lieben" or some shit. Everybody would've been happy and they would have gotten a bit of extra media coverage for the contest. That's a win/win scenario and makes way more sense then this crap.