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  1. It’s 2019 and as of today, it’s May 14th. Max Payne 3 was released in May 15, 2012, nearly 7 years ago. So I decided to try and go for the platinum trophy before it’s 7th year anniversary 1st Attempt: Glitch occurred in Chapter 7 and the enemies didn’t spawn, so I couldn’t continue. I kinda hoped that it wouldn’t happen since many people had this issue during their runs on YT and I was confident I could’ve finished this on my first attempt. 2nd Attempt: Died in Chapter 10 by that one enemy inside the bus after the massive shootout. Couldn’t see him in LMS so it was a fail. 3rd Attempt: Got killed by one of the enemies on the rotating boats in Chapter 5. Couldn’t get a clear shot of him in LMS so I died 4th Attempt: Died in the beginning of Chapter 11 because the enemy in the kitchen cover was too good. Ended up in LMS and this was probably the one that got me REALLY irritated. 5th Attempt: Was really impatient in Chapter 8 and ended up getting killed by the sniper. Didn’t have any bullet time so I panicked and shot too many bullets resulting in my death. 6th Attempt: In Chapter 4 Part II where Passos opens the gate, there is a gas tank and an enemy behind it. Decided to shoot it for the first time and funny enough ended up killing myself. It was ridiculous because I had full health and wasn’t even near it. 7th Attempt: During Chapter 8, in the area where you’re supposed to distract the enemies from Passos, I decided to use the grenade launcher just for the hell of it. It later ended up showing a short cutscene in which one of the enemies killed Passos. I was literally left speechless. 8th Attempt: This one angered me so much to the point where I almost wanted to break something. In Chapter 14, I was shot out of nowhere and ended up in LMS where you’re supposed to turn on the power for the train to move. The enemies already threw smoke grenades and I couldn’t see him. What confused me the most was that I was at full health with 6 painkillers and in no way is there a weapon that immediately downs you in one shot. I almost stopped trying to get this trophy since this was the last chapter, but a part of me still wanted to continue. 9th Attempt: Accidentally killed Giovanna in Chapter 2 since I was in a rush. 10th Attempt: Got shot out of nowhere in Chapter 10 after the bus shootout. Enemy was hiding in the smoke since I shot many vehicles down and couldn’t see him in LMS. 11th Attempt: Died on Chapter 11 in LMS during the part where Passos joins you for the shootout. The enemy immediately went back to cover after I was shot which is complete utter BS. 12th Attempt: Finally beat NYMH and I'm never playing this mode again! I can proudly say this is the hardest and most challenging trophy I’ve ever attempted and got. This is probably the platinum trophy I’m most proud to achieve because I’ve had this game for almost 6 years and while it was a pain in the ass (no pun intended), it felt satisfying knowing that I finally completed it. All I have left is the DLC trophies which I don’t know if I’ll buy since the multiplayer is meh to me, but who knows maybe I will in the near future.