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  1. Thanks for the replies! Unless there is an update letting you skip scenes there is no way I'm going for the not getting hit trophy, but I'd like to get the rest of them as they seem fairly simple, if I could only find out how to actually do them. With your guy's replies I at least know the controls now!
  2. So I know the blue flare is supposed to be your focus meter but I finished chapter 4 and still have no idea how to trigger the focus finisher, the beatdown or the environment finisher. There seems to be not a single forum or page I can find that just explains the f*cking controls >< (is cursing allowed on these forums? I don't want to get this removed as I need an answer haha)
  3. Hey, I still need the online trophies, I'm CST. Any help would be really appreciated! PSN is X-3CUT10N3RR
  4. Do you have multiple PS3's that you were playing on? I think there are issues sometimes when you earn some trophies on one PS3 and don't sync them before playing on a second. Like I had trophies not count in Fallout 3 because I bought a new PS3 and transferred the save.
  5. Thank you >< It's been awhile since I listened to them..
  6. Yep... I was like 13 at the time when I made my Runescape account and not long after made my PSN name. I was also a fan of Linkin Park and the Reanimation had a song called X-Ecutioner and I thought that sounded cool. Anyway it was taken, so I put a second r on the end but that was taken as well, so I did what any kid would do and added in a bunch of numbers. To my surprise no-one else wanted "X-3cut10n3rr"... *EDIT* Replaced Hybrid Theory with Reanimation
  7. Of the physical ones I own? Definitely Top Trumps Turbo, I bought it because I saw it for cheap and thought it might be rare down the road but there are unattainable trophies, games where you get stuck in a stale mate going back and forth with no way to win and you have to just quit, basically no strategy, just pick the card with a higher number and no sense of progression... For digital games it would probably be Woah Dave. Just a crappy rip off of the original Mario Bros.
  8. I guess I would say Surgeon Simulator as I heard that plat is quite difficult. Though it looks like you are up for challenges and grinds by your profile.
  9. Not in the slightest. It's glitched so I don't think some of the trophies are obtainable, though id have to play some more and get others info to test that theory. It's basically a random numbers game where you have cards with stats and try to beat your opponents stats but there is no progression, you can get stuck in loops where neither one of you will win and you have to quit, and there are constant crashes.... I bought the physical copy because I figured it would be kinda fun as a stupid rare game in my collection and popped it in to see if I could be one of the first to 100% it, but even though it would probably only take around 5-10 hours to 100% if all the trophies worked, I still dropped it quite quickly
  10. No problem! The game is not great at explaining things :/
  11. I have it on the Vita and just go the trophy a couple days ago. I would suggest trying it again. Wereyou not able to revive via the terminal? Because I have done that on multiple missions, or did the trophy just not pop? Because it is probably either a glitch or you revived them before the arena actually started if the trophy just didn't pop
  12. You have to call a teammate back during one of the 'arena' battlrs, which basically means when the purple circle appears and the waves of enemies come. I got it on the first mission. I switched to the girl, and had her get killed as early as I could, then progressed with Maddog. When the bridge blows up, you run right up to the respawn circle and go to the floating orange console and an 'X' will appear. At that point, just hold down the x button to revive them for free while the purple circle is active and you will get the trophy.
  13. 8,604....... I'm a great completionist
  14. Little Big Planet 2, you only need two more trophies! I would suggest just finding a couple boosting partners if possible. (As far as I know the servers are still up).
  15. GTAV, this is one of the games I have been meaning to dive into for the past couple years, but it always seems way too daunting