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  1. I earned two free dlc trophies on batman origins with zero effort. I don't even own the dlc
  2. If the season pass is 3 times the value of the game, there's something fundamentally wrong with the ongoing dlc prices we're seeing these days. Just like the extra 15 bucks for AC ps3 -> ps4
  3. Western FF fans have been screaming for a Type 0 release on Vita for years, yet they release it on ps4 and are now making a statement that the fans only need ask for a FF game and they shall receive??
  4. No need to buy hohokum thingy, just the hohokum dlc eill do
  5. When is the dlc coming out? Nvm i didnt read the op
  6. DLC are way overpriced, something needs to be done
  7. DayZ and TWD might have zombies, that doesn't make them horror games Surprised there's no slenderman inthis list
  8. If a game doesn't run smooth you will want to check the disc for scratches and dirt, delete and reinstall the game data. If that doesn't help the discs is probably broken
  9. Its best to have a couple of levels, you'll need a total of 50 amongst all of your levels, not just one
  10. Kane and lynch 2 bweh
  11. The God of War Kratos has butchered quite a few
  12. Bladestone farming isn't that bad. Usually people have stats or equipment that considerably lower the chances of any rare drops without realizing it
  13. Trine 2 CS GO
  14. Don't need usb on hardcore, you can just quit rightbefore the game over screen The only good thing about this game is co op
  15. You will need to farm these black knights for their sword and spear anyway