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  1. Luvs that completion stat! Also trophies push me to do what I didn't think I could do, but in my heart knew that I could (I'm looking at you Batman: Brutulity 101/ Freeflow Perfection)
  2. Peer Pressure your friend LOL & abuse SOS Flare, the Hunter Community is quite friendly : ) Yes, you've reached The Grind, but persevere, pal, you got this : )
  3. First & foremost, I'm sure you don't just need to spend a sufficient amount of time on the game to "git gud". I'd love to see you plat Monster Hunter: World with your friend, you are sooo close & all that is left for you is multiplayer. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade & have a great time!
  4. I like the mystique of the Gamer Name
  5. Aaaand that's why we keep our receipts....RETURNS
  6. So bad they're brilliant: PoopFuel ElbowdeepEddie OhPubesWhereArtThou
  7. Does Tesla accept PayPal?
  8. Send out Safaris to Elder's Recess & Coral Highlands...usually get 4-5 investigations easily. .
  9. I believe that you can delete a 0% ps3 game using the ps4, but not using the ps3.
  10. I must admit, I miss the days when I could just click on the trophy in my Trophy Adviser & get a concise Tip explaination. Call me lazy ("erised_ YOU"RE LAZY"), but it gets me back to gaming that much quicker.
  11. I highly recommend Typoman, Unravel & Psychonauts. Platformer's Bacon : )
  12. Backward compatibility, better browser (my needs are simple : )
  13. The moral choice of choosing Templar over Assassin is what makes this game interesting (tho I'm an Assassin for life : ) Also learning how Achilles got his disability was Bacon for me.
  14. The thrill of The Hunt, the thrill of seeing the completion rating go up by .01%
  15. Marley's ghost is, unfortunately, damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. While a happier ending for Marley would be nice, this is a Victorian morality story, & they just didn't write things that way back then.