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  1. Aaaand that's why we keep our receipts....RETURNS
  2. So bad they're brilliant: PoopFuel ElbowdeepEddie OhPubesWhereArtThou
  3. Does Tesla accept PayPal?
  4. Send out Safaris to Elder's Recess & Coral Highlands...usually get 4-5 investigations easily. .
  5. I believe that you can delete a 0% ps3 game using the ps4, but not using the ps3.
  6. I must admit, I miss the days when I could just click on the trophy in my Trophy Adviser & get a concise Tip explaination. Call me lazy ("erised_ YOU"RE LAZY"), but it gets me back to gaming that much quicker.
  7. I highly recommend Typoman, Unravel & Psychonauts. Platformer's Bacon : )
  8. Backward compatibility, better browser (my needs are simple : )
  9. The moral choice of choosing Templar over Assassin is what makes this game interesting (tho I'm an Assassin for life : ) Also learning how Achilles got his disability was Bacon for me.
  10. The thrill of The Hunt, the thrill of seeing the completion rating go up by .01%
  11. Marley's ghost is, unfortunately, damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. While a happier ending for Marley would be nice, this is a Victorian morality story, & they just didn't write things that way back then.
  12. My favorite stat is my completion rating. That being said, I do enjoy having bronze, silver & gold gravy on my platinum potatoes. May skip a dlc trophy or two, but if I start a game, I will perservere to get the plat. Good game with trophies but no plat? Sure! It's all about the journey (as it was in Journey). Guess my answer is "all of the above".
  13. My Fake Trash Crash showed his bucktooth hairy face at 100%. Beautiful : )
  14. Totally feeling your pain. I finally just disabled my internet & played offline. Inconvenient, but no crashes : )
  15. Accidentally starting a new game when on the last visit to Veldin on Ratchet & Cllank...with no dog to blame it on (long story) ..with all hoverboard races aced.