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  1. What’s the fastest way to level up adventure rank?
  2. Awesome news! Thank you
  3. Damn, then it’s probably every version. I’ll hold off on getting ps5 version for now.
  4. Which version are you both playing? I’m playing the NA PS4. it’s a really cool game too. Just wish this would be happening.
  5. Anyone else had a problem with save data corruption? I played for about 3 hours yesterday. I started the game tonight and it says my save data is unreadable.
  6. I had the option to tell Eric to stay behind when I played. Let me have a go and heart to heart can be done in the same playthrough by reloading the vault chapter. I’m unsure about climbing out of hell because I wasn’t going for that trophy when it unlocked. Ghost Signal I don’t believe can be done with Let Me have a go because you need a bad relationship with Nick as oppose to a good one.
  7. You’re welcome. I had issues with several trophies. So I figured I would help if I could.
  8. Heart to Heart has to be done when setting the charges. Advance and pass the three don’t move sections. Jason had to choose the dismissive option when examining the stake to give it to Nick. For “Let Me Have A Go!” It must be done without leaving or pausing the game as sealightbreeze stated. I can confirm this. I did it multiple times before learning this and nothing. Then it popped after not leaving or pausing. Clever Girl, I got on my first playthrough by replaying the finale and having only Rachel survive. They may be more to it then that but that’s how I did it. Eric and Nick had already died prior to the Daylight sequence.
  9. By choosing only head options is how I got a good relationship despite losing a point for no WP grenades, you gain a point automatically when you save him. I didn’t fail any QTEs. Do however choose the left most head option when Eric says he’s going to lead Nick, Jason and Himsef or he will die later when Salim is cornered. I did mine in Theatrical mode. Make sure you don’t leave the game or pause once Eric uses the wand on Joey just to be safe. This trophy is glitchy for some on PS5 and glitched apparently on PS4. I had to do it multiple times because I didn’t know that was the cause.
  10. For anyone having issues with Ghosy Signal. Here is what I did. With Rachel I putt the relationship with Nick on ice. With With Eric, I didn’t take air support, didn’t take wp, Eric held a gun to Nicks head. I didn’t save Nick. Also I never got the option for Jason to “Obey” Eric’s order despite having zero relationship with him. Rachel choose neither Eric nor Nick, and I shot Rachel in the Star Chamber. This was the same playthrough I got “Into The Sunset” if that helps, I doubt it but with this game you never know. I loved the game but how some decisions lead to others is mind boggling. Fortunately I’m done, hopefully they stick with the actual monsters, killers from now on. Good luck to everyone struggling with a trophy.
  11. I started from a cloud save I made right before Eric used the wand on Joey and played until Nick used it. I shot Rachel in the star chamber. I didn’t do anything different on that playthough. I used the save form my head only game and made the exact same choices. Only difference was I didn’t pause or leave game because I read from someone who got the trophy that was the cause.
  12. I can confirm that after doing the same things multiple times that Let me have a go! Unlocks if you don’t leave the game. Just to be safe I didn’t pause or anything. Takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes or so.
  13. One of the comments on that video mentions that you can’t leave the game once you’ve gotten the first kill up until you have gotten the third or the counter resets. So I’m going to give that a go because I have done what the video says and it still hasn’t unlocked.
  14. Does anyone have a video of a play though or detailed directions of all major decisions for the uv wand trophy? I’ve used the wand with Eric, Rachel, and Nick in a single play through multiple times yet the trophy will not trigger. also does anyone know what decision(s) cause Eric to punch Nick? It seems random as to when he punches and from what I have read that is the determining factor of whether or not Nick gets the wands from Eric.
  15. I can’t the UV wand trophy to pop on PS5 despite doing exactly what is stated above.