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  1. I’m not sure about replaying a chapter. I got them as I went. Hopefully it works for you. Finding all the enemies is a pain. Especially in Zone 6. If I was missing an enemy I would get to the end of the level, save then run around using the radar then reload when I found one so I never ran out of them. Yes. Having the stats on screen helps tremendously. also in zone 7. Make sure you kill all the enemies before the boss. Unlike most chapters that one ends with the boss kill. one last thing. Zone 6 is a unique zone. I ended the second part of that zone missing 67 enemies, however when I came back I was only missing 39. I’m not sure if some of the enemies can be killed in either level but the numbers didn’t add up. Depending on how far you are now. I personally would start over to be on the safe side. I have a feeling it’s a running total of all zones. Because of the end screen showing the percentage for all zones.
  2. Not that I see. I do not see a place to enter any of them.
  3. Using the Konami code in the switch version unlocks the frame rate. I think the radar is shown because you have to hit “right” on the directional pad to enter the code. I know it unlocks the frame rate. I could be wrong about the radar. When I tested it. Nothing happens on PS4.
  4. You could play with the same person. As soon as the other player joined. Close the game using the dashboard and repeat twenty times.
  5. Okay well that sucks. How did you manage to get it?. I’m thinking about making 20 accounts to get it. I have never seen another person playing this game when I have booted it up.
  6. You can turn on stats in options to see when you have all the secrets and kills. However the mega secrets are not counted in that total and zone 6 you have to switch level before you can collect all secrets and kills in the second level. You come back to this level after the 3rd level.
  7. I went early as well. Pretty much as soon as I got the ship and was able to. I also believe that is what caused the issue.
  8. I can confirm that you only need to beat the last zone on maximum fury for the trophy. Same as the PC. On Zone 6. I had an enemy that was in the wall. I couldn’t see him however the radar showed he was there. After some trial and error I was able to hit him and my enemy count jumped up by 4 therefore I assume it was a centipede. If this happens to you, just use the proximity mines “alt fire” then use “fire” to place it on the wall the enemy is behind. You have to move immediately because you will take a lot of damage from the explosion. With that method I was eventually able to kill him. I spent a good 8 hours replaying that Zone before i was successful in killing all enemies.
  9. I just kept playing and after about 15-20 hours I randomly got the quest. I hope that you’ve eventually pop up as well.
  10. Does this have to be with 20 different people or does it work like the Xbox version where you can do it with the same person?
  11. I got it when I was running around randomly. Everything I read said I should have gotten it much earlier but it did eventually show up while I was by the arena. Also I should add I have terrible internet so I play disconnected from psn because the system hangs on the trophy tab if I don’t. I had just reconnected to psn when they popped up. So I don’t know if being online had anything to do with it or not.
  12. How much further do I need to go? I’m chapter 7 now, level 50. What exactly is the trigger for this event?
  13. Okay thank you. I will continue playing.
  14. How do you get this quest? I’m level 40 at the start of chapter 5. I have been to the location. Quest doesn’t pop up and neither does he. So do you have to be at a certain point in the game before he spawns?
  15. Okay cool. Thanks guys. I searched and somehow missed that info.