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  1. Hmm .... probably lyrium, from Dragon Age. It would enhance my magical powers, taste like sunshine and minerals, and I could use my magic to help the Grey Wardens.
  2. *chants incantation* Happy Bday, happy bday, happy bday, bday, bday......(let the blood magic begin!!!)


    1. Lady_Galleth


      *casts Veilfire to light candles* Ma serannas, lethallin. 

  3. Yaaaaay!! ^-^ Happy Birthday, Warden. I wish you all the best, my FANTASTIC great-friend. <3 




    1. MidnightDragon
    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Happy  Birthday from me too!

    3. Lady_Galleth


      Aw~~ Thank you!! ❤❤❤ 

  4. Hi all. I want this game for my birthday, and I was wondering if there was a decent trophy guide floating around the Internet somewhere. I know the platinum is really rare, but if anyone can give me tips or help in any way that'd be appreciated. ~C.F
  5. Does anyone have any good detective game recommendations, either ps3 or ps4. 


    I've played:

    The Sherlock Holmes games

    LA Noire

    Murdered Soul Suspect 

    Black Mirror 

    The Sinking City 


    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

    Heavy Rain


    I was thinking maybe the ABC Murders, Agatha Christie. But any games like the above list would be appreciated. My birthday is coming up, and I want to buy myself a gift. X3

    Please and thank you. 


    ~L.G. <3

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    2. hugglebunn-e


      4 out of 4. Just like in real life.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Hahaha yea :lol:. 4 girlfriends :P


      And you can have all 4 at once or none at all!

    4. Lady_Galleth
  6. Like I said, that was my problem. X3 A friend told me it was my controls. No problem, happy to help.
  7. The level skip and cheat codes for Aladdin only work if you have your controls set to DEFAULT. I had the same problem until @conkervertex told me I had to set my controls to default. 😂😂 If You're having trouble with the peddler, it didn't pop right away for me either. I just had to awkwardly stand there and wait for it to pop.
  8. Still not working. :/ I set the difficulty, yeah, started the game, paused it using the options button the my controller, and am punching it in exactly like you said to. 😢 even with your corrected code.
  9. Neither of those Aladdin codes work for me. :/
  10. Thanks. :3
  11. For anyone interested, my stream of The Lion King hard mode will be Thursday at 10 am Central time. I will be both on YouTube and PSN.


    ~L.G. <3

  12. I heard there was a cheat mode for both of the games - level skip, invincibility, etc. But I'm not finding it anywhere on the menus of either game. I just beat TLK on normal, and I really Don't want to play it two more times. ^^ how do I unlock cheat mode? ~L.G.
  13. To the people who got an advanced copy, does it matter which version of the game I play to get the trophies?
  14. I know what you mean. I was hoping for two, but not surprised there's only one. If they treated TLK like they did Aladdin, they could have two lists, or at least more trophies. Certainly unbalanced!
  15. Hm. Seems easy enough. Thank you. I think they are relatively short by today's standards. And they COULD have gotten "beat ___ boss" for TLK like they did Aladdin but .... *sips tea*