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  1. Platinum # 53 - Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts. 


    One of my favorite series. I absolutely fell in love with this game. I took a chance on shooters and it did not disappoint! It took me three years to platinum it. I almost gave up several times, but this is among my proudest platinums! I might have to revise my trophy cabinet after this one. 


    Shout out to @dieselmanchild and my wonderful boyfriend for the support, encouragement, and tips. 


    I can't wait to pull the trigger on the sequel! Get it? X3 Contracts had stunning visuals and good graphics! The ending was pretty lackluster, though, I must say. I wonder if it ties into the conflict in the sequel. I hope, because Syberia's story didn't get resolved fully. It was certainly a cliffhanger ending. But the sequel has a different protagonist, so we'll see. 


    It certainly was a unique game. I've heard it being compared to Far Cry a lot, and, after playing some FC games, I do see the similarities. But SGW definitely has more emphasis on stealth as opposed to run - and - gun. 


    Also. Tiger guns. Always use a tiger gun if available. No point, really. Just a personal preference. :3 Any Sherlockians out there will know why. 


    ~ L.G. <3


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    2. dieselmanchild


      Congrats m’lady! I am proud of you. I had a great time with this game thanks to you, and I wanted to see you finish it. I knew you could do it! 🙂


      I am really looking forward to SGWC2 now. If you get around to it before I do, you’ll have to let me know what you think?

    3. Lady_Galleth


      Alright. X3 It's been a frustrating blast. Honestly one of my hardest platinums to get personally. But yes, Raven, we shall set our aims true. 

      Thank you, guys!

    4. dieselmanchild


      Feels good though when you earn one that required some sweat, blood, and tears, no? It gives you a nice little dopamine rush.😉 

  2. Can somebody PLEASE help me? Connor's bow has just disappeared into the abyss!! It's not even showing up on his back, but the quiver is. The ONLY thing I can think of was that it happened during a fight. I'm about to be in sequence 6. 




    I'm so mad because I don't want to start the game over. The f+++king Haytham section, I wish I could skip it. The first five hours are so boring!!! 




    Is there any way to fix it?? I've tried everything. Quitting the game, leaving the Animus, replaying a few missions. NOTHING!! It's completely disappeared!!








    ~ L.G. <3

    1. AJ_Radio


      This must be an issue for the PS4 version. I played the original PS3 version and I don't think I ever heard anyone say they lost the bow.


      Regardless, Assassin's Creed III is a buggy mess, definitely a low point for Ubisoft.

    2. MidnightDragon


      I never had that happen on PS3. Must be an issue specific to the remaster. Wish I knew

  3. Can somebody PLEASE help me? Connor's bow has just disappeared into the abyss!! It's not even showing up on his back, but the quiver is. The ONLY thing I can think of was that it happened during a fight. I'm about to be in sequence 6. I'm so mad because I don't want to start the game over. The f+++king Haytham section, I wish I could skip it. The first five hours are so boring!!! Is there any way to fix it?? I've tried everything. Quitting the game, leaving the Animus, replaying a few missions. NOTHING!! It's completely disappeared!! Help!! ~ L.G.
  4. Platinum # 51 - Far Cry 4 (PS3)


    Wow. What a fantastic introduction into the Far Cry universe. Kyrat is such a lovely place. Special shout out to my friends for helping with the online and co - op trophies. I never thought of platinum omg this game until you guys came along. 😎


    It plays similarly to the recent Sniper Ghost Warrior games, but less emphasis on stealth and sniping, obviously. X3 For a PS3 game, it looks really gorgeous. I honestly have a difficult time telling the two versions apart. The cutscenes frame rate could be better, but I guess that's to be expected from a late cross - gen game. Everything else ran fine. 


    This being my first Far Cry game, I've been told there were some reoccurring characters I didn't know about, such as Hurk and his monkey obsession or Agent Willis. 


    I can't believe I almost gave up on this game entirely. 


    I'm proud of this platinum. It's not much and not a high rarity, but I can honestly say every moment I've played, every trophy I got, was refreshing and a blast to play! It was so much fun to just "tear some shit up" from the back of an elephant or listening to Radio Free Kyrat in a Golden Path truck. 


    Until a heavy dick bag with a flamethrower blows up my truck!! :/ :/ R U D E. 


    I'm glad I took the chance on shooters and bought this game. It was only 7 bucks, free shipping. Plus the code that came with it, surprisingly, hadn't been redeemed. It was a used copy. 


    Thoughts on the DLC? Valley of The Yetis and Escape From .... That place. X3 After I finish the remaining Assassinations and hunting missions, etc. Etc. I might think about picking them up if they're good. 


    ~ L.G. <3

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    2. Lady_Galleth


      @NERVergoproxy, if you do decide to play it again on the PS3, hit me up! I'd gladly play with you!

    3. NERVergoproxy


      @Lady_Galleth Hmmm, I may take you up on that offer. LEes see if I can find it super cheap off ebay.

    4. DaisyVilla102


      You know I'll be up for at least helping with the multiplayer again :D 

  5. FAR CRY 4


    EXTREME shout out to @Anxiety for hosting tonight's boosting team for Far Cry 4 PS3. Lots of issues occurred, I kept getting killed by an elephant, exploding trucks, and falling through the map ....


    We're bonded now. 💖💖 


    Now I just have three more trophies to go. 


    Happy Pride, all!! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈


    ~ L.G.<3

    1. kindajustin


      @Anxiety is an awesome person to boost with, congrats ^_^

    2. MidnightDragon



  6. FAR CRY 4 


    I finished the story last night. I chose to spare Pagan and Amita, but kill Sabal. Sabal was the "leader" of the Golden Path, but now Ajay is the king of Kyrat. They're both horrible people. 


    I'm so close to the platinum! I just have four more trophies to go. Thanks to a boosting party, I'll get the multiplayer trophy tonight, and I've already gotten the co-op trophies thanks to @dieselmanchild. Then all I need to do is clean up the 10 lost letters, distract 15 enemies with rocks (I forgot the rocks were even a thing. ^^), and kill a lot of enemies with mortor rounds. Which I'm horrible at. But gosh darn it I'll do it! 


    ~ L.G. <3

  7. FAR CRY 4


    So I'm about done with the main campaign, having gotten rid of both Noore and De Pleur [that rhymed], and I want to write down some thoughts I've had. 


    Gameplay wise, I've found it very similar to Sniper Ghost Warrior, though SGW has a bigger emphasis on, well, stealth and sneaky sneak. 


    The driving is SUPER loose. Idk if that makes sense, but it's very slippery. I've definitely had better driving in other games. I even had to change the driving controls, and that helps some, but it's still not great. 


    Amita and Sabal .... I'm finding myself morally agreeing with Sabal on s lot of things, but I do agree with Amita that Kyrat needs to change and modernize. So it's always a tricky choice for me. 


    I. Love. Pagin. A lot of people say Vaas in really good, but I haven't played 3 yet. But I do remember my brother saying that he wasn't in the game much. 


    The framerate for cutscenes on the PS3 is so choppy!! Everything else seems fine. Of course with lower graphics, but that never really has bothered me. Though I do get curious as to what the PS4 version looks like. Eh. I got it for 7 bucks. I'm not complaining. X3


    ~ L.G. <3

  8. I'm also trying to get more into shooters. 


    So I got The Order: 1886, and Spec Ops: The Line and Call of Duty: Black Ops from eBay. Spec Ops has been on my radar for a while, and I enjoyed the demo when I played it. But I was in a bad place mentally, and my brother advised against me playing it. Now that I'm older and doing better, why not give it a try?


    As far as Call of Duty goes, it's my best friend's favorite franchise. She wants me to get into Fallout, too. So, out of the two of them, I decided to see what all the hype was about with Call of Duty. I hears it's more "run and gun" rather than stealth based, a little bit off course from what I've been playing. But who knows? Could be just what I need. I never knew I could like a shooter until I played Sniper Ghost Warrior. 


    So we'll see. 


    ~  L.G. <3

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    2. Yuzu Kichougasaki

      Yuzu Kichougasaki

      Give em hell Purple Gal. :)

    3. PooPooBlast


      Order 1886 was a fun but short experience. It's a short game though and just when it picks up, the game ends sadly. Gameplay is very standard and has been done before. 


      Still though, it's a nice little game to experience throughout the 10-15 hrs you'll spend. 


      As for black ops, it was very popular but I personally never got into it. I very much so prefered the modern warfare trilogy with MW2 being my absolute favourite cod. Platinumed that game twice. 

    4. Lady_Galleth


      I actually picked up a copy of Call of Duty Ghosts for a $1.14 at a thrift store. I'm thinking of playing it before Black Ops. But I have this horrible habit of not playing a game until I finish the current game I'm on, even meaning if that means getting bored of it. 


      So I'm trying to break that habit, along with my trophy hunting. X3

  9. FAR CRY 4


    So I decided to jump back into Far Cry 4 randomly one afternoon after work. I just got through act one. Since I'm taking a break from trophy hunting, it actually feels quite liberating playing the game not having to worry about restrictive trophies. 


    I know this game is also on the PS4, but I'm playing the PS3 version. Is the frame rate for cutscene this bad on the PS4, too? Gameplay looks fine, but the cutscenes look so choppy!!


    ~ L.G. <3

    1. PooPooBlast


      Nope. I played the ps4 version and I don't recall it being bad. That's why I played it on the ps4 actually and same goes for a lot of games that exist on both consoles. Sure the PS3 games are cheaper (tend to be) but I'd rather spend a bit more for a game that runs better. 

  10. My only concern is not having checkpoints. 😬😬
  11. I was thinking the same. How I might need to start a new game if I don't get the trophies. I just checked, and I don't have any of the DLC, so I'll need to get them. If I do decide to platinum it, Deadly Obsession shouldn't be too hard with NG+ I hope. X3
  12. Which DLCs, specifically? I'm about done with the story. :/ I made it back to Paititi for the second time, "Back To Where We Started." I HOPE I can get them before I end the story, but if not, then I can always do the DLC.
  13. Hi! Is it true, to my understanding, the combat trophies are missable? Like you can't get them after you beat the main story? And if so, are there any combat encounters in the DLC that I can grind? I'm about at the end of the story. Thanks! ~ L.G.


    I'm thinking of platinuming it. But difficulty trophies and collectibles. :/ It Shouldn't be too bad. New Game + lets you carry over skills and weapons / equipment. I did Uncharted The Lost Legacy on Insane. ^^' So hopefully I can do SOTR on Deadly Obsession. 


    ~ L.G. <3



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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Deadly obsession is not too bad if you play it on 2nd playthrough. I tried it on first, but i gave up after couple of hours because i realized exploring and collecting everything would be pain in the ass. As for collectible the only problem is bad map. You can get all items to show up on map, but you will probably hit few dead ends while trying to get to them. Nothing what YouTube can't solve, but annoying.

    3. Lady_Galleth


      My only concern is not having checkpoints for DO. 


      As far as collectibles, I got all the chests today. So progress! X3

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

  15. Have you guys ever bought a controller that looked real, but then discovered It's a counterfeit? I have a Crystal Blue controller I got for my birthday - brand new - from eBay. But It's counterfeit. It looks completely legit! Even with the PlayStation symbol and everything. But I opened the box and saw the dreaded power supply cord, and I knew. Original, genuine Sony controllers don't come with charging cables. 


    So when I plug it in to charge, the darn thing doesn't register until 5 seconds after I plug it in! It works fine sometimes, but most of the time It's a mess! Laggy, doesn't input correctly, even turns off randomly! Maybe has about a two hour charge until it just dies. And whenever I have a mic attached, the person I'm talking to says I cut out every other word, and is very choppy. 


    I wish I knew what exactly this brand was! I use it as an emergency back up only. 


    I have two good controllers, and the one that came with my console has stick drift. So it works good if I reset the calibrations for a bit. 


    Then I have the janky clear blue one. Which is hella disappointing because it looks so cool!! It's usable. But only in case of emergencies. 


    ~ L.G. <3