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  1. The Testament of Sherlock Holmes 


    It's really good so far! The controls were certainly improved in the other titles, I would certainly say. X3 That and the interface. 

    And I'd already say that I deduced who did the thing. 




    It's obviously Moriarty. I've seen a screenshot of him, and The game's story is taking heavy influence from "The Empty Hearse," and "Reichenback".




    That being said, I'm still interested in this game's twists of how it portrays that famous story. So far, Frogware can shut up and take my money for the ninth installment of the Sherlock Adventures. 😊


    [Though I do prefer his actor in Devil's Daughter.]


    ~L.G. <3

    1. Lady_Galleth


      I got to play as Toby the bloodhound again!! ^^'