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  1. :platinum: Platinum 32 - The Testament of Sherlock Holmes 


    I loved it! Sort of better than Crimes and Punishments, which after playing The Testament, I've discovered is a prequel to The Testament. It goes, I think, Crimes and Punishments, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, and the The Devil's Daughter. 


    Like I said, you could tell it was an older engine, with the different UI and gameplay, but never the less I liked it. 




    I was right. Moriarty was involved. It was quite obvious if you know the stories of "The Empty Hearse" and "Reichenbach Falls". Complete with fake Sherlock suicide, depressed John, the triumphant return, reveal of Moriarty, blah blah blah. 




    Now that I've finished all three Sherlock games in the PlayStation, I don't know what to do with my life. X3 I have some other games in my queue that I'm interested in, though. 


    ~L.G. <3

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    2. Deceptrox


      For stealth games, I recommend Lone Survivor, not a stealth game but can be played stealthly, it also has suspense and mystery; Level 22; and Stealth Inc 1 & 2.

    3. Silently


      Cool congrats.. ^_^v I have Sherlock homes on ps3 just haven't started the game yet.. Good luck on ur next plat..

    4. Lady_Galleth


      I don't know. It's a lot to consider. Thank you all.