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  1. Does anyone have any good detective game recommendations, either ps3 or ps4. 


    I've played:

    The Sherlock Holmes games

    LA Noire

    Murdered Soul Suspect 

    Black Mirror 

    The Sinking City 


    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

    Heavy Rain


    I was thinking maybe the ABC Murders, Agatha Christie. But any games like the above list would be appreciated. My birthday is coming up, and I want to buy myself a gift. X3

    Please and thank you. 


    ~L.G. <3

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    2. DaisyVilla102


      Ooh, also--if you'll allow a bit of leeway with the "detective game" criteria, may I recommend The Sexy Brutale and Firewatch?  The first one is a murder mystery where the goal is to rewind time and prevent murders you've just witnessed, and the second is you playing as a fire lookout who just wanted some peace and solitude, but ends up trying to solve mysteries (from clues found at abandoned camps, caves, etcetera) out in the wilderness.

    3. Lady_Galleth


      Oh cool. 😂 They both sound interesting!

    4. PooPooBlast


      Everyone needs to try out judgment! It's such an awesome detective game and to those who don't like playing Japanese game with Japanese audio, it has an English dub. 


      Being a game from RGG studios however, it does require some time committment but the experience overall is very rewarding and worth the time investment. I'd say a solid 40-50 hours to finish the story and dabble with the majority of the side quests and minigames. 100% completion however takes 80-90 hours maybe depending on skill level. It took me 80:51. 




      Either way whether you want 100% completion or not the story of the game and side quests are so much fun and it's worth the time!

  2. Like I said, that was my problem. X3 A friend told me it was my controls. No problem, happy to help.
  3. The level skip and cheat codes for Aladdin only work if you have your controls set to DEFAULT. I had the same problem until @conkervertex told me I had to set my controls to default. 😂😂 If You're having trouble with the peddler, it didn't pop right away for me either. I just had to awkwardly stand there and wait for it to pop.
  4. I heard there was a cheat mode for both of the games - level skip, invincibility, etc. But I'm not finding it anywhere on the menus of either game. I just beat TLK on normal, and I really Don't want to play it two more times. ^^ how do I unlock cheat mode? ~L.G.
  5. Still not working. :/ I set the difficulty, yeah, started the game, paused it using the options button the my controller, and am punching it in exactly like you said to. 😢 even with your corrected code.
  6. Neither of those Aladdin codes work for me. :/
  7. Thanks. :3
  8. For anyone interested, my stream of The Lion King hard mode will be Thursday at 10 am Central time. I will be both on YouTube and PSN.


    ~L.G. <3

  9. To the people who got an advanced copy, does it matter which version of the game I play to get the trophies?
  10. I know what you mean. I was hoping for two, but not surprised there's only one. If they treated TLK like they did Aladdin, they could have two lists, or at least more trophies. Certainly unbalanced!
  11. Hm. Seems easy enough. Thank you. I think they are relatively short by today's standards. And they COULD have gotten "beat ___ boss" for TLK like they did Aladdin but .... *sips tea*
  12. My 40th platinum will be dedicated to my favorite movie. 😎 Just wish TLK had more than 3 trophies, but at least the platinum image is, so for that I'm happy! And I'm more happy knowing that the cheats and other game features won't affect the platinum. Do you know if the difficulty trophies stack?
  13. Hey guys!


    Just a heads up. I'm thinking about livestreaming The Lion King sometime next week! I've never streamed anything before, but I think it would be fun. If you'd be interested, leave a like on my status. :3


    ~ L.G. <3

    1. Lady_Galleth


      Or comment so I can see if enough people are interested in seeing me fail at this ridiculously hard game. X3

    2. MidnightDragon


      They're sure taking their time on the trophy list.

    3. Lady_Galleth


      It comes out Tuesday! 😣😣

  14. I know It's not likely, but I hope they either change the list for ps4 to include more TLK trophies, or we get a patch for it. One can dream.
  15. TLK is my all time favorite movie ever! So I was a little mad and disappointed when I saw the Xbox list and saw TLK got THREE out of fifteen! Like. Aladdin got a trophy for every boss fight, right? Why shouldn't TLK get the same? 😶😑 And yes, I hope for a platinum too.
  16. The Sherlock games is one of my favorite series, and I love Frogwares. I hope the company works something out. I don't think any new entries in the series should be effected, since The Devil's Daughter and The Sinking City [even though It's not a Sherlock game, I'll count it here] were published by Big Ben Interactive, and not Focus Home, which seem to be the problem here. If the problem persists, the de listing shouldn't effect future games from them, as long as they continue with Big Ben. The only games affected by the delist currently are Crimes and Punishments, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, and Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper. All this talk makes me want to play Crimes and Punishments again. 😋😋 This is so sad, because I'd say Frogwares is still a pretty obscure gaming company, though I think The Sinking City really helped put their name out there.
  17. Platinum number 38 - Doctor Who The Eternity Clock. 😎


    This one took me forever, as I had to uninstall a patch preventing certain trophies from unlocking. But, of course, being a digital game, my save file also got deleted so I had to start all over. But thank you @EqualityEarth, for keeping me motivated and for providing tips through this timey - wimey journey. 


    [David is still best Doctor, fite me. X3]


    ~L.G. <3

  18. Platinum 37 - Black Mirror [Nothing to do with the show. X3]


    This was a surprising change of pace, but a little stale coming fresh off of The Sinking City, that did Lovecraftian horror so much better than this game. 


    It was an intriguing story, yes, but the technical issues and lame puzzles made it not worth the full price for me. 35 bucks worth of entertainment - no. 7 bucks? Yes. It's glitchy, and the frame rate is downright atrocious sometimes. 


    Sometimes, the story feels rushed and disconnected, I feel like it needed a few more chapters to flesh out some characters. 


    But overall, a good ghost story with horrible controls and nearly unplayable lagging. 


    ~L.G. <3

  19. I picked up a few things from the flash sale. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock [even though I prefer 10, David Tennant. X3 Matt is okay too.], and Black Mirror. I've heard pretty iffy things about it, but I love detective stories, Scotland, and I adored The Sinking City. 


    Second thing on the agenda, THE LION KING REMASTER!!! And Aladdin, but I've not played Aladdin. I remember playing TLK with my father early mornings on our computer. I'm super stoked!! 


    ~L.G. <3

    1. MidnightDragon


      Aladdin was fun. Play that, too!

    2. Lady_Galleth


      I'm planning on it, yes. I'm curious about the trophies. 

  20. Hey guys. Call me L.G. I finished this game yesterday and I was wondering your opinions on it? What is your take on what the park is or what it represents, what was your take on the ending and the overall story? Feel free to talk your heart out. ~L.G.<3
  21. I'm back! And just a heads up, everyone, I don't accept blank friend requests! So if you want to message me on PSN or send me a friend request, just say you're from PSNP. :3 please and thank you. 


    Now, back to The Sinking City. 


    ~L.G. <3

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    2. WhiteDragonAura


      Welcome back! :D

    3. ee28max


      Awesome, welcome back :) 


    4. Lady_Galleth


      Thanks, everyone. <3

  22. I won't be available as much. I'm on vacation. 


    ~L.G. <3

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. Silently


      Enjoy and be safe..

    3. ee28max


      Have fun! :) 

  23. I'm honestly not sure. I never set mine up to public, only my friends, but if you add me on PSN, I can see if I can find yours. Who is Anita? ^^ Probably a dumb question.
  24. Hello! Call me L.G. I looooove this game to death!! And I was just wondering if anyone of you have played the first one, which one you prefer? What did you like that Catalyst improved on? What did you like that the first did that Catalyst didn't? Discuss away! I hope everyone's enjoying this game as much as I am. ~L.G.
  25. Hey guys. 


    I know it's been a WHILE, so here I am going to try to explain what's going on. 


    I've had, recently, someone really close to me pass away in a very tragic and surprising way. It's been really, really difficult for me, as well as my family. 


    Because of this, my depression and anxiety have been acting up really badly lately. I hardly want to do anything, just sleep. I do battle with really bad depression ever since middle school, but I'm taking medicine and seeing a therapist. 


    I just wanted to let you all know why I disappeared for a while. 


    ~L.G. </3

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    2. BG_painter


      Thank you so much for remembering us and hang in there luv :) you'll make you're strong!

    3. Lady_Galleth


      @BG_painterOf course. You guys are my friends, and I should have told you all sooner. But instead of messaging people individually, I figured I'd just make a status here when everything settled down. It's been a few weeks since the funeral. 

    4. DamagingRob


      I'm so sorry for your loss. :( It's never easy losing someone close to you, but hang in there.