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  1. I'll give you a 10/10 for your TCRS plat
  2. 1.2/10, sorry. GoW3 is your only platinum that warrants a rating. You should really listen to the other guys who already told you to change your signature. All it does is discourage you from even thinking about revisiting those games and finishing them. None of the games you list are truly difficult by any means. Dead Nation of course will take a while to learn well for the Morbid trophy but it's nothing insurmonable. The other games are really easy, just read up the guides on the trophies you have trouble with. A little commitment is all it takes.
  3. Pretty nice and melancholic, 8/10.
  4. 1/10 u suk lolololol Kidding. 9.8/10, you know why. Do some top hard shooter shit like TCRS or LP2 to get a 10. But your recent UMvC3 really bumped your list in my eyes.
  5. Transistor. I really, really want to play that game but unfortunately don't have my own PS4 yet. :/
  6. 9.5/10 for you bro. Amazing collection of course, all those hard ass fighting games like BattleFantasia, Darkstalker, SF4/SSF4, KOF13 and UMvC3 always impress me.
  7. Yours is quite random regarding genres and rarity, but I'm guessing they are from your favourite games/franchises. Also, some of them are quite rare. Nice looking either way.
  8. GH: Warriors of Rock. I heard it's not as difficult as the harder GHs, but I would still love to have one of those plats. I always wanna get into the series since I'm a musician irl, but I'm not sure the instruments are worth it :/
  9. Battlefield: Bad Company Kidding. GT5 is probably one you should not bother with. The login/grinding bonuses being non-existed with servers closed makes it such an unbearable grind. I have it unfinished too and I don't think I'll ever get around to it. If you do it though, props to you
  10. Yeah, here and there. MDK2?
  11. I agree with Judas, I'm finally done with kills but god, the amount of times I got burnt out and thought I won't return to it is too high. I did the awards in 3 weeks, all self boosted with 2 PS3 except strike and saviors, back in 2014 October. Nolifed the crap out of the game, getting the "hard part" done, assumed that if I get those done early I'll enjoy just focusing on kills more. Well I was super wrong... Only had around 2500 kills by then and every single kill I got since that felt like such a chore. I kept taking months of breaks before briefly returning again. Only now with these 24 player sessions did I finally feel like I can get this done at a bearable speed.
  12. Kinda cool, 7.5/10
  13. Just Cause 3. Just cause it's a good game
  14. Heard it's annoying and glitchy to complete, so good job. 8/10
  15. Super Time Force Ultra. Haven't seen too many people with it yet.