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  1. Except if, as some people theorised, this dog shrine is the dev room (which I don't think it is), you officially don't even have to beat the game once to get the platinum. The final story-related trophy (Good Luck) is unlocked before the final boss (whichever boss that may be). Really strange trophies, but knowing Toby Fox, none of this is all that surprising: he wants the game to stand on its own without trophies and he wants people to go exactly as far as they want to without being forced to by an external factor (which is brilliantly exemplified by not giving a trophy for beating the game: first-time players will still want to beat the game at the point that they get the last story-related trophy)
  2. Does this game require VR or is it optional?
  3. I was pretty disappointed by The Evil Within, but I definitely saw potential in it for sequels, and I'm probably getting this game and this last interview has me very optimistic about the improvements That said, is anyone else confused that there seems to be some new villain and there's no mention of Ruvik anywhere?
  4. While I had a fine time with the game overall, I didn't feel the game got better as it went on because, though I usually prefer linearity over open worlds, the linearity (combined with often being split up with team members) severely limited your options and the "flow" of the game throughout gameplay. That said, the best piece of content in the game in my opinion is an optional platforming dungeon called Pitioss, and it can only be accessed after finishing the game, so in that sense it does get better. I just finished Pitioss (after I got lured back into the game by the new update) and I have to say, Pitioss filled me with respect for this game I didn't have yet. The level design, puzzle ideas, look and feel, almost everything (only its irregular checkpoints and 2D-but-not-really section were lowpoints for me) are surprisingly spectacular and excellent.
  5. Cool I just got it on Melusine by using my weakest weapons and never attacking myself until I could block an attack, but that took like 20 minutes. Well done finding this method
  6. Maybe she can be handy in tougher fights (wouldn't know yet, not very far in), but my tiers are mostly affected by how much I enjoy playing as them, and holding a button to play the flute just doesn't keep me that engaged
  7. I don't have a consistent team of three that I use (since I want to level the characters evenly), but I do have rankings for how much I like using the characters S Tier: Trey, Cater, Nine A Tier: Sice, Queen, King, Machina, Rem B Tier: Ace, Seven, Eight C Tier: Deuce, Cinque, Jack
  8. Wait, what? Could have sworn AC Freedom Cry had already been a PS+ title at some point...
  9. Every question you enter is usually guaranteed to appear at some point. Isn't it possible you forgot to import a question with one or two of your devices? (Perhaps they were unable to play a question yet because they hadn't played the game yet?)
  10. If you have 5 other people to play with --> play two games with all 6 of you. Before the second game, make sure everyone creates a question. If you don't, but you have enough old phones to make up for it --> do the same. If you don't have either of those things, use the video guide posted above in this thread (Qui es-tu? Créativité débridée) to emulate 1-6 android phones. It takes quite a bit of setup, and even then lots of things can go wrong. You don't want to try more than four emulators at once if your computer is weak. By the way: How do you get Broad Knowledge? I doubt it's another 6-offline-players thing since rarity is over 5% already. I've played a consensus in a 2-player, 3-player, 4-player, 5-player and 6-player game and haven't gotten this trophy. (This was all offline using emulators). And in the 6-player game I made sure there was a consensus on every type of question that seemed distinct.
  11. If we're talking about a trophy you get for just completing the game, without any other requirements: Velocity 2X. The trophy Mind Over Matter, which you get for completing level 50 (the final campaign level) has 7.05% rarity on PSNP (and 2.4% on PSN) If we're talking about trophies for completing the game in a certain way/difficulty: Escape Plan The trophy A Clean Escape is earned by completing the game with less than 20 deaths and has a rarity of 1.88% on PSNP (and .4% on PSN)
  12. YES YES YES, merci! Je vais essayer toute de suite Just turn on Closed Captions (button left of video quality), subtitles are already present
  13. So I tried this. I was able to download the app on 5 emulators and take pictures, answer questions on every one. But I couldn't connect. I fiddled around with Wi-fi Settings, but it seemed to only accept the fake Wifi "MemuWifi" Could you think of some solution that would make this method work anyway? I was getting really excited that I got this close at all haha Thanks in advance!
  14. The PS+ game That's You. I played it yesterday at a party. But I don't go to many parties like that, so I definitely won't be earning any of the local MP trophies naturally. I'm going to have to ask my family to participate, which would be cool if I didn't have to ruin the entire game by adding in two fake players (using old phones) in order to get the "six creations played with 6 players" trophy.
  15. Well that sucks. On any given day, about 5 phones are present in the house, and even then most of those people won't want to miss their phones for so long. And I don't even have 5 friends, let alone 5 friends willing to waste time on trophy hunting. Guess I'll never get the platinum here