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  1. Can someone clarify how to go about this trophy? All the guides I've read and viewed seem incomplete. Is there a way to track your height off the ground at any given moment? Are you supposed to start the trajectory from the top of the spire on Spires and if so, how do you get to the top? The following video shows the player climbing the Spire by Ghokebloom, but in my game, there are no ghokeblooms beyond the first launching pad. JETT: THE FAR SHORE Scout Prowess Glide Traversal Trophy PS4/PS5 - YouTube This guide (Scout Prowess: Glide Traversal Trophy in JETT: The Far Shore | PlayStationTrophies.org) is rather confusing, as it doesn't show the starting point, doesn't seem to be very far from the ground, and says to turn on your scramjets "while on Ozu" which is the destination. Any help or clarification would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch in advance!
  2. Sorry, no good news to report; I simply bought the game digitally after refunding the disc and started from scratch (and since I already cleared most of the game normally, I don't mind saying I used the infinite rocket launcher dlc to get back to where I was so quickly)
  3. Hi there its like 2 years later lol but did u happen to find a resolution on that RE2 issue? Im having this issue after removing the application for space. Wanted to play so reinstalled and now Im having this issue… the Game data not done installing… please wait” its really frustrating:( 

    1. QuentinCle95


      Hi, sorry that I can't be the bearer of good news, but no, I never got the issue resolved, I just ended up deleting my save data and starting anew with a Digital version. Sorry! 

  4. I'd like to collab on a guide for the NieR Replicant remake. I wrote the original NieR Gestalt's trophy guide, and it seems most trophies stay the same, so we can copypaste a bunch. Let me know if anyone's interested in collabbing on the new stuff!
  5. Very excited about there being a 5th ending! Also kinda hoping they rebalanced item drops so the grind isn't as painful as the original... By the way, as I wrote the trophy guide for the original NieR Gestalt, and most trophies are the same, I'd love to carry over what we already have and collab with someone on writing the Remake's trophy guide? PM me if anyone's interested!
  6. I ended up reloading a couple times and the only way that it worked was to not use charge attacks at all, but only single attacks. Pretty shitty that hasn't been fixed yet, but at least I cleared Stage 1.
  7. I've been on the first boss for hours. Even if I don't get hit at all and do 200 full-power combos on him, he won't go down. I must've done over 10,000 dmg to it and nothing's happening. I read somewhere that he becomes unbeatable if you destroy his chair, but even with the chair intact I just don't think he's taking damage (though damage numbers do come up). Is there a fix? And if not, how do I contact the devs to patch this? Pretty unacceptable that such a glaring problem is still in the game when it's been quite a while since release.
  8. My Pathologic 2 trophy guide is finished, and submitted for review!
  9. I'm starting work on a trophy guide for Pathologic 2 (PS4). Made notes while playing, so have already written much for the guide, but nothing's been put on the actual guide yet. I would love help from somebody else who has played/is playing the game (especially for the Dream On trophy) Thanks in advance!
  10. Finally the trophy guide is online 😅 I'm really eager to write the trophy guide on this, but could definitely use help (especially with the Reflection trophy, which is highly missable and requires an entire playthrough as well as a high number of "collectables"). So if anybody's interested in co-writing, please let me know! (Also, if you know how to unlock the Reflection trophy but don' necessarily want to help with the rest, I'd appreciate some intel as well )
  11. Nothing too difficult. Since there's no trophy for playing on intended difficulty, the platinum won't actually be that hard for people who want to minimise pain, even though that isn't how the game should be played. I really want to write a trophy guide for this, but will need some help with the Reflections trophy, so please, if anyone's interested in co-writing a guide with me, let me know!
  12. I mainly play after midnight, and oftentimes I stop to go to sleep late morning lol 4AM: 398 trophies 5AM: 257 trophies 6AM:136 trophies 7AM: 80 trophies 8AM: 44 trophies 9AM: 39 trophies. The lowest amount is at 11AM with 30 trophies, and my peak is at 1AM, everything in between there basically flows naturally.
  13. By a "stage", do you mean "1 health bar"? And also, how do you get it in practice mode when you can only turn on your armour light during walking sections (triangle during bosses just does the same as square)? Does armour powered up by holding R in a direction count as well?
  14. I'm kinda confused, I thought Tellyale only released 3 episodes. Is the 4th episode in this list by the external studio? Is ep4 an actual ending or is it clearly anticipating a final fifth episode?
  15. Nope, I did everythig the Capcom support person suggested, and I did rebuild the PS4 database. The same problem persists 😓