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  1. Thanks for your reply! Based on your reply, I've decided to buy the DLC, since I want to waste as little time on grinding as possible. Indeed, it has to be bought through the game, I noticed that too. Could you also tell me how to access the DLC? I can't seem to find that info. Thanks!
  2. Could you give an estimate on how many hours of main-game grinding you saved by doing the DLC? For instance, would you say that getting all the items the DLC contains, by grinding in the main game, would take 5x as long as a DLC playthrough?
  3. I'm in my first playthrough now, and having read the trophy guide on Playstationtrophies, I'm unsure as to whether to buy the DLC for this game. Someone here who can tell me how many hours of difference that DLC makes in farming all the materials for the trophy to upgrade all weapons? (And where I can access this DLC f I buy it?) Also, I'm still on playthrough 1, but already getting close to the 30 sidequests required for trophies. I wasn't planning on doing all sidequests, since so many of them seem to be meaningless fetch-quests. Are there certain sidequests I should look out for from here on out that grant some of these rare materials somehow? (Or certain quests that you recommend because they're interesting?) Thanks in advance!
  4. My main complaint with the game isn't even the game itself: it was the hype around it. "10/10, masterpiece, groundbreaking, the game of the generation". It was none of those things for me. And I'd probably appreciated the things that were there more if I hadn't been told to expect the best of the best. It was a game that took elements from several other games, executed them perfectly, and blended those elements perfectly as well. There's not a single facet of the game I wouldn't commend, but there's nothing I'd say is revolutionary/groundbreaking or completely astounding, either. A solid 8.5 - 9/10, but no more.
  5. I literally just bought a PS3 (secondhand, of course) JUST to play the original NieR (though I'll definitely take advantage of it to also play Drakengard 3, Metal Gear Rising, and other PS3 games that haven't been ported to PS4), so 30 euros isn't something I mind (though I don't have a credit card, so I couldn't buy the game on the SE site, and ended up getting it for 27 euros on amazon.de). But nothing new seems to be added anyway, so just buying the original should be fine
  6. So about 120 euros for both? Yikes, I thought since these were spin-off games that were very similar to each other, that they'd go for a lot less than 60 euros each, and that the double pack would at least be somewhat advantageous price-wise. Even though I love Persona 3 and 5, it looks like I'm going to skip these games. For now, anyways. Maybe I'll get one of them once the price has dropped significantly.
  7. I absolutely loved every facet of the art design, and though I get that the dungeons can be long, I never think they're too long, cuz they're of such high quality. I basically only agree on the Morgana thing, and that's an old meme at this point. And once you get used to expecting that Morgana is gonna be a bitch, you can plan your life around it and give it a place in your schedule, so after a while, it doesn't matter that much anymore. What I found more annoying was when unannounced story events that took up days fucked up your planning for other things. Also, the stealth was very imperfect when it came to camera adjustments, going around corners, but that's basically a nitpick.
  8. I don't know if you just watched season 1, or also watched the Future & Despair Arcs (DR3), but DanganRonpa 1 is exactly the same story as the first season of the anime, only with much more detail, much more character development, and it's just overall much better in every way. The gameplay takes place during the Class Trials in which you use knowledge and logic to shoot down faulty statements/arguments to progress the debate. This part of the gameplay can be really fun and exhilerating, but much of that has to do with not knowing the answers to all the questions yet, so I'm not sure how much fun it would be to play after having watched the anime. You also get to choose which characters you spend the most time with, and you'll get acquainted with their backstory more. DanganRonpa 2 is its own thing, there is no anime that follows the events of this game, but the Future and Despair Arcs of the anime (2016) serve as a direct sequel and prequel to it, introducing all of the characters, and spoiling much of the reveals that made DanganRonpa 2 great. The gameplay is largely unchanged, but the story is a lot better in this sequel, though you'll definitely enjoy the story less if you've seen the anime arcs. DanganRonpa 3 has no anime adaptation, so except if you consider the internet, there's nothing to spoil you. It introduces some cool ideas and does something very cool (imo, it's polarising) with the story, and is definitely worth experiencing. Also, if you only watched the first season of the DR anime, don't bother with any of the later ones. Even after finishing DR2, don't watch the 2016-17 arcs. They ruin characters and plotlines to the point of seeming disrespectful to the source material. They're garbage imo, I don't consider them canon, and my advice is you stay well away from them.
  9. The Drakengard (Drag-On Dragoon) trilogy, and Nier Gestalt/Replicant Remastered for the PS4 would make my year.
  10. Looks pretty simple logistically, and every review says the main game is really easy. Those Dreamer's Doors could be somewhat tough, though. Pretty happy with the list overall. No missables, no overly complex trophy requirements. Will allow everybody to play at their own pace, and in their own style, and I think that's the way to go Looking forward to playing this when I've finished my current backlog. Note: are the trophies glitched in our favour? Kinda weird that at the moment of typing this, 100% got the trophy for chapter 7, while the previous ones have 67%...
  11. Wasn't shit. Wasn't great. Pretty bland imo.
  12. The boss was shown and named in the trailer, and is listed in every article telling people what the Royal Pack includes. Since people generally want to know what they're paying money for , I assumed most people who were interested already knew of it (its name, that is, since that is the only thing the title "spoils"). Calling me "people like you who only care about themselves" is unnecessarily antagonistic and presumptuous, especially when considering the scale of this "spoiler". That said, I'm sorry that you feel bereft of a part of the experience, and would change the title in case others feel the same way, if this were possible (If so, can someone let me know how?) .
  13. Thanks! I'll try both of your methods!
  14. Here are my stats & strats: Everyone's level 99. Noct's got only Royal Arms equipped, and the item that upgrades Armiger. All of the companions have equipped weapons that don't deal holy damage. The fight: I constantly warp-strike the antenna until Omega shortcircuits. I get away from the area, use a Mega Phoenix since everybody else got caught in the red AoE and immediately use Ignis' Overwhelm. Once that's over, I use the upgraded Armiger until I lose all my HP. (I just hold circle, though it doesn't seem to do much more than original Armiger.) Then, I do a second Overwhelm, after which he goes back to the invincible state. Rinse and repeat, with many potions and elixirs in between. I did this for about 45 minutes, and it still had approximately 95% of his health by the end. Which is ridiculous. So, why is it going so horribly? Anyone know what I'm doing wrong, have any suggestions, tell me what they did, etc? Anything would be helpful.