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  1. Getting really close (I hope, anyway. Don't like that there's no indication of how close you are. Closest one could have been 30% left for all I know), but never quite getting there. Have 90 shotgun shells and 8 Ramrods after raiding boxes and taking everything in the boss room. Thankfully also 3 Medpaks, 4 stun grenades, 2 fire grenades and 2 regular grenades. One of my first runs, I started using stun grenades, and they consistently worked, which was a relief. But in all subsequent runs, they only work about 1/3 of the time. So I'm basically just running around the arena, shooting him in the gut with my shotgun for a couple of minutes. I'm mostly consistently able to avoid damage, except when I have to recharge oxygen, which usually ends up killing me when I'm out of medpaks. Starting to get tired of this, hope I defeat him soon. Update: YES FINALLY GOT IT Onto End of Zoe now
  2. Anyone heard of somebody beating the fight without an A+ ranking? Would be really frustrating to give your all and finally beat him, only to find you got a B or A ranking.
  3. Cool trophy list. Glad to see it's one big story DLC this time, and not "3 minigames including one tiny story". I'll probably get all the trophies except the gold one, assuming it's a Hard difficulty No-death run. (If it's just a hard difficulty, that'd be A-OK for me ) Free DLC doesn't mean no trophies. It just mostly means no trophies of value. Aside from Warframe, every free update usually comes with a couple of bronze trophies, never silver or gold. (Examples: FFXV, Doom, Firewatch. So hopefully, maybe, we'll get a trophy list after all, a bit later, though it will probably just be two bronzes if so.
  4. I've platted - The Nonary Games - Zero Time Dilemma - DanganRonpa Reload - DanganRonpa Ultra Despair Girls - DanganRonpa V3
  5. I'd like to nominate DanganRonpa V3 Killing Harmony Trophy Guide Extremely detailed whenever necessary (The Gallery, the cards, the RPG, the tabletop game, the present matrix). Serious amounts of effort went into making this guide and it shows! Overall, each trophy description was very helpful in giving tips and information on how to do things The list of answers for every trial was an addition they didn't have to make (They could have just said the trophy was story related and would be unlocked after clearing the Xth class trial), and was very convenient for the few times I was completely stumped. Also: Agreed. I primarily used this one when planning the roadmap and during my first playthrough, because the other one was a bit too crowded for my taste and I didn't want a walkthrough, and then I used the more popular one for details for unlocking some of the more complicated trophies. Both great guides, for different purposes
  6. Generally, trophy values will more likely be based on time consumption or time + difficulty than difficulty alone. Beating a 40 hour game might land you a silver or gold, beating a 40 hour game on the most difficult setting will land you a gold, and doing something that' difficult, but not time consuming to try (like 20 headshots in one minute or whathaveyou), are more likely to be bronze or silver. Games also can't make every difficult aspect of their game into a gold trophy, as there's a limited amount of max trophy points, and a gold takes up 1/11 of the total trophy capacity, while bronzes only take up 1/70. So they have to pick and choose which achievements will be gold, and that will be completely up to the preference of whoever picks these things: If a developer finds just playing through the campaign the most important, they may make "Beat the game" gold and "Beat on highest difficulty", " Do all side quests", "Find all collectables", etc. silver, but if they want to reward completionists more, they'll make the first trophy silver and the rest gold.
  7. Thanks for the help, but I got the trophy long ago
  8. Yay, congrats
  9. I understand people wanting the FFXV experience to be over. I also don't like constantly having to come back to a game to keep up my completion percentage. But at the same time, I usually do end up having fun with DLC's and most of the upcoming ones, including Comrades, look like fun. I just hope "One With Your Blade" and "Let There Be Light" don't require hours upon hours of grinding, as some people estimate.
  10. No USB stick on me, unfortunately.
  11. @Maxie Mouse Sure! But you don't seem to have played this game according to your trophy profile?
  12. Here's what I'm missing: Prerequisites for getting Felicity to burn to death? Having both Becky and Felicity die in one playthrough (the game always ends after Becky dies in the explosion for me, even when she's far in her investigation.)? Prerequisites for Trapper trying to commit suicide? Prerequisites for Becky's partner helping her escape the cops (Does it matter whether Karl or Tom is your partner?)? Prerequisites for Felicity tricking the killer into an ambush? Prerequisites for Finn helping Becky versus helping Adam. The problem is that damned lack of chapter select, I'm getting so frustrated trying to get to certain outcomes and failing, and having to go halfway back the game (made a cloud save at the start of Part 2). And while I could possibly take a guess as to what to do in specific circumstances to get a trophy, it's more the situation surrounding that trophy that's hard to pinpoint.
  13. Getting frustrated with nonsensical outcomes and the lack of chapter select. There are a couple of trophy's I'm missing that I just have no idea how to fulfill, so I'll ask around in another thread first. Probably none of this would be too tricky to figure out if there was just a decision flowchart or chapter select, but each time I try and fail to get a certain outcome just leaves a sour taste in my mouth without the opportunity for savescumming. (There's cloud saving, which I'm using, but I can only make one save and the later in the story I put it, the higher the chance I missed the opportunity to make the right decision.)
  14. I'm working on figuring out all the trophies atm. If there isn't one in a week or two and I've gotten the platinum, I'll try my hand at it
  15. Update for anyone interested: This site helped me get the trophy on my fourth attempt using it. I never would have gotten it without this program, so I definitely recommend trying it out! https://black-wolfwood.github.io/Monolith-Tool/