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  1. I'm kinda confused, I thought Tellyale only released 3 episodes. Is the 4th episode in this list by the external studio? Is ep4 an actual ending or is it clearly anticipating a final fifth episode?
  2. Nope, I did everythig the Capcom support person suggested, and I did rebuild the PS4 database. The same problem persists 😓
  3. I sent a mail to Capcom support, and they advised 1, to run my PS4 offline, which I already tried, 2, to leave my PS4 on Rest Mode for a while, which I don't see how it would help the problem, but I'll try it this afternoon; and 3, to restore my PS4 Licenses, which I'll also try in a bit. I don't have a Twitter, but if nothing else works, I guess I'll make an account and contact them there. Thanks for the advice. Rebuild the database? How do I do that? Thanks for your advice!
  4. Thanks for the link! I know the speedrun times are short, but I always have to try and try and try segments until I get through, so even though my final time for Claire A Standard was 3h, it actually took me a full day of playing. Conversely, even though my Leon Hardcore file has about 100 minutes on the clock, it took me 2+ days to get there. So I'm not really willing to do the same thing again (without the infinite SMG anyway). It's Capcom's responsibility to make sure things like this don't happen/ are fixed, not mine to go through those hardships again.
  5. I wish! Yeah, it's really depressing that though there are some answers out there, none are helping my situation... Is there some way to make Capcom aware of the issue so they might patch it?
  6. Yep, tried that a bunch of times already. No change.
  7. I generally delete games after I'm done with them, so I definitely have enough space. I checked the Information tab, but it just says Size, so seems to be fully downloaded. Some people in the comments on the video said their problem was solved when they turned off RE Net. This got me excited, thinking this must have been the problem. But my RE:Net was always off, and it still doesn't work after turning it on and off again :/
  8. So I had a save on Leon B Hardcore in NEST right before the G3 boss fight. In other words, right before finishing the hardest part of the platinum. Ever since the 1.03 update, whenever I try to load that save file, I get a pop-up saying "Game data not finished installing. Please wait." I checked, and the update has completely installed. Anyone know how to fix this? I'm probably giving up on the platinum if I can't recover that save file, cause I'm not doing that whole thing again I already tried de-installing the game so it's on version 1.00, but I get the same message. After re-downloading the patch, I again get the same message. Please, does someone know a fix for this? Thanks in advance! Edit: I don't particularly care, but just FYI, I also cannot access any of the extra modes / bonus content; the same pop-up appears. Since this is gamebreaking, does anyone know how to contact Capcom to request a patch?
  9. I felt the same way, went blind through Leon A, and will next go mostly blind through Claire B. I ended up doing Frugalist on my first playthrough with not too much trouble, too. Though I cleaned up all I could before the Point of No Return, I missed two high missables (the raccoon by the croc fight, and the raccoon during Ada). Based on the fact that I wanna keep enjoying the story before I go into "Business Mode" from playthrough 3 on, I made up the following roadmap for myself: 1. Leon A, Assisted: all miscellaneous trophies, most collectables, no recovery items 2. Claire B, Assisted: all miscellaneous trophies, hopefully all Claire collectables, no item boxes 3. Claire A, Standard: S-Rank, plus any collectables I might have missed in Claire B. 4. Leon B, Hardcore: S-Rank, plus the two raccoons I missed in Leon A 5. Claire B, Hardcore: no need for S-Rank, but I'll be speedy either way and looking out for 14.000 steps if I haven't gotten that yet.
  10. Is Hardcore Mode an option from the start? And if so, is it a good idea to start on that, or should the first playthrough really be on Standard Mode? Also, without spoiling too much if possible, what are the requirements to get the true ending?
  11. I loved the Higurashi When They Cry anime, and would love an opportunity to play its VN if it came out on PS4, are there any plans to localise this?
  12. Hi! With the big sale on the game right now, I was thinking of getting this game. Could you give a bit more insight into in what ways the platinum is challenging (if at all), what trophies to look out for, any trophies where the trophy description doesn't fully explain what has to be done, etc.? Thanks in advance
  13. Juggling a first viewing of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (liking it so far; a friend kept pushing me to give it a chance), and rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender (saw it when it originally ran. A Youtube video made me think about trying it again so many years later, and it's amazing to see how well this show holds up as an adult.)
  14. Thanks for letting us know!
  15. I live in Europe (Belgium) and I've been checking daily for the CoM DLC on the Playstation Store since I knew it was going to release Nov 22. But it's still not available in the store for me. Anybody else have this problem? I haven't seen it addressed on the website.