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  1. YES! Thanks for finding that guide! Shame that it's incomplete, though. Haven't started yet, no, was waiting for a rough roadmap before I began. I wasn't all that into Layers of Fear (and I didn't think it was scary at all), but this looks way more interesting, and I've heard good things in reviews.
  2. Anyone working on a trophy guide for this, or who can point to a trophy roadmap of sorts? If not, are the trophies intuitive? Are there missables (besides the Unbreakable one), is there Chapter Select, stuff to look out for, etc? Thanks in advance!
  3. A similar question from me: I have a friend who started playing Destiny 2 at launch, but I will probably have to wait until October or November to get the game. Is there a way for me to catch up / join his team if I start 2 months later than him? Or should I completely rely on strangers?
  4. I was baffled at how difficult the Not So Fragile After All trophy is turning out after seeing the guide only has a 3/10 difficulty... Maybe in the past when I had more free time on my hands, I would've attempted this trophy, but atm I kinda don't want to spend hours upon hours doing something I don't like (just getting through the game itself had its bullshit moments, but having to get through the levels without dying sounds like much more rage and time than the trophy is worth for me.)
  5. I steared clear of this game because I expected exactly this, based on the trailers: a game about a bunch of self-satisfied SJW's saving their city from tyranny that they themselves inflict upon others as well. No thanks, Ubisoft.
  6. I see. You had mentioned earlier that Reload was a port of a PSP game, but then my reaction became "Okay, so then it was shitty that they gave THAT game just one platinum, so that doesn't really address the problem." But I didn't realize all three games came out at the same time and the amount of Plats was part of the marketing strategy, which makes sense with that context. So thanks And I barely ever see devs as evil, I just think they don't put as much consideration into trophies as they could, which is a shame, but of course an understandable point of view.
  7. I was pretty angry about DanganRonpa Reload, simply because we were getting half the trophy value for double the games. So whereas original players would get two platinums for their 100 hours of play, Reload players would get one platinum for those same 100 hours. Not cool. I had much less of a problem with Zero Escape, simply because 999 is not that long, so 10h max were added to the time to platinum (compared to VLR's original list). So yeah, devs should definitely stop doing this because it lowers the trophy payoff/ effort + time ratio significantly.
  8. I see your problem, but don't find these people hypocritical. If anything, they're being consistent: they hate spoilers, so they don't want to spoil you (even if you don't mind) and they don't want to be spoiled, either. If someone refuses to spoil you, even if you ask, that's just silly of them. I think people do this because they can't understand that some people can still enjoy a story when they already know a twist. They feel like they're doing you a favour by not telling you because they think you'll enjoy it more unspoiled. So, it's kind of dumb of them, but they're not really ruining anything for you; you can just look it up online, ask someone else, or just play/ watch the thing and the problem's settled. On the other hand, if you do spoil something for people who don't want to be spoiled, you are in a way ruining the experience for them. If people get a kick from the not knowing and the careful narrative unfolding of twists as they happen in the medium, then you just took that away from them. So while people definitely exaggerate about what can constitute a spoiler, or how massively it altered their experience, you can see how it's uncool to hear something you don't want to hear. So no, not hypocritical, but certainly silly when people take it too far.
  9. Are these Double XP times still going and do they happen all over the world? Aside from a long grind, is there also challenge involved in getting all those silver trophies now? (F.i. are there requirements like winning x number of matches, or anything like that, or do you just get easy access to certain silvers starting from certain levels?) Haven't played any Multiplayer yet, so I don't know how the progression works; Trying to figure out whether I should play Doom on PS4 and go for all/ most trophies, or play casually on PC.)
  10. "Not enough trophies, 3/10" - PSNProfiles community
  11. I don't understand the people in here implying that somehow a short and simple trophy list correlates with a worse game or more DLC... The game will be what it is, and the trophies simply reflect that the developers didn't want to spend lots of time thinking up trophies, don't want people to be all that bothered by the trophy list, or any number of reasons. And the trophy values still add up to a complete trophy list, so I see no reason to think there will be less content in the base game than before. The amount of trophies a game can have when counting DLC is unlimited as long as the base game value doesn't exceed 1270 (just look at Rise of the Tomb Raider with 125 trophies, 66 of which are base game), so it makes no sense to assume that "not many base game trophies" means "more DLC". Am I missing something here?
  12. Wouldn't say Telltale, looks more interactive and puzzle-focused than that (apart from the 8 different endings proving that your decisions actually matter more here than in Telltale games). It does look like a hide and seek exploration game with environmental puzzles. Trophies look somewhat doable. Hell difficulty sounds bad, but I doubt they'd make you play through a near-unbeatable difficulty 10x, so I'm cautiously optimistic that it will be quite doable. Considering there seem to be 10 endings (8 from the original, the 2 last ones are new), 10 playthroughs may not be too much effort. Especially since the game was meant to be beaten in under two hours (in the original version, you HAD to clear it under two hours on the highest difficulty). That said, the scares will definitely get old quick. All that aside, I'm very excited to finally play this game since I seem to be at a loss for actually scary horror games
  13. Let's see... - The Evil Within: I found it quite frustrating and barely enjoyable, even though I liked some of the atmosphere and enemy designs and design ideas. May have been because I played without upgrades, but it was an unpleasant experience in the end. Which was especially disappointing since I had hoped the game to be the second coming of Christ of horror games, because that trailer was just fucking awesome. - Steins;Gate 0: I don't know, it never captivated me as much as the first game & series. Maybe it was the relative absence of Kurisu, or maybe it was something else, but I didn't really enjoy myself playing (reading) through it. - Bloodborne: This one is tough for me to express. I love EVERYTHING about this game. Except the actual gameplay (or, more specifically, combat). I love the narrative design, enemy design, level design, sound design, lore, atmosphere, art style and the "theoretic framework" of the combat. But by God, did I hate actually fighting things in this game. It felt unresponsive to me, and where in every other Souls game, I felt everything was tough but fair and every death felt like my fault, I continuously felt cheated during BB, and I mostly just wished that they'd used the Souls mechanics and just transposed those into this wonderful game world. The long load times and having to farm blood vials fueled my hatred for playing even further. In the end, I can appreciate that Bloodborne did many things great, and is theoretically a near-masterpiece, but I cannot "love" a game that I plain did not enjoy. But most of all: The Saints Row games. Everything just bothers me about this. I find the jokes unfunny (trying too hard), and all the voice actors sounded like screeches to my ears. Aside from that, the combat and open worlds are completely unrefined. There's lots to do, sure, but almost none of it is fun to me. I appreciate some cool ideas here and there, such as the dildo sword and the inspired Dubstep Gun, but overall I feel the game lacks the quality to make it enjoyable, and the soul to make it something special anyway.
  14. As someone who never really liked Chloe, but loved Max' story, I feel kind of awkward buying the Deluxe Edition when all I'm really interested in is the Farewell Chapter...
  15. Except if, as some people theorised, this dog shrine is the dev room (which I don't think it is), you officially don't even have to beat the game once to get the platinum. The final story-related trophy (Good Luck) is unlocked before the final boss (whichever boss that may be). Really strange trophies, but knowing Toby Fox, none of this is all that surprising: he wants the game to stand on its own without trophies and he wants people to go exactly as far as they want to without being forced to by an external factor (which is brilliantly exemplified by not giving a trophy for beating the game: first-time players will still want to beat the game at the point that they get the last story-related trophy)