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  1. I've played 4 visual novel series Zero Escape Danganronpa Stein's Gate Hatoful Boyfriend I don't know whether it's just that the story is better, or for the fact that there's some kind of puzzle gameplay in there, but I love the first two series. Stein's Gate is all right, but more fun to watch the anime than play the VN's. And I didn't like Hatoful Boyfriend at all.
  2. Oh, also: can we all agree the Platinum should be called "Underwent"?
  3. Already played Undertale twice on PC, but I'm very happy to replay it on PS4! The reason most people who haven't played it don't understand the fuss about the game, is because the presentation is (obviously) nothing to write home about, and the very things that make the game so incredibly special are all spoilers that would ruin the surprise of the moment if you knew about them beforehand (much like Zero Escape: 999, for instance). Just trust us when we say this game fucks with you and has loads of really neat ideas Also: we're in luck: The creator stated when the game released on Steam that he deliberately didn't put in Achievements, so that people wouldn't be compelled to play a certain way and would have a 100% natural experience. While I still recommend people's first playthrough be blind, I read an article in which the creator states the PS4/Vita version DOES have Trophy support, which probably means Sony forced him to include trophies. Don't let the simple look of the game fool you, though: this could be an 8/10 difficulty Platinum, depending on what they make us do: .
  4. What's everyone's thoughts on the trophies? Everything looks like they're just story-based, collectible or miscellaneous trophies, but then those last two trophies come into the picture. One asks you to never be captured by the enemy in the game (so essentially, a No-Death Playthrough). Since I have no idea how difficult the game is, I also have no idea how difficult this trophy will be. Secondly: Completing the game without tapping. I'm pretty sure with "tapping", they mean, cause the vibrations that allow you to see. So it's basically a run where you have to know exactly which steps to take without any/much visual cues, like the Minimalist trophy from The Unfinished Swan, only much much longer? That could be incredibly annoying.
  5. Studying to the tune of the Nier Automata OST. I'm starting to think this could be the best video game soundtrack of all time. Each time I listen to any of the tracks, I get sucked in completely, and each time I repeat, I notice new details within every single track. It may not actually be a great OST to study to because I keep getting distracted by its beauty all the time lol. Great for listening to when high, though 👌
  6. For you. Different people have different tastes. I prefer English dubs, and that won't change because you constantly insist the Japanese is superior In English, I can empathize with voice intonations, recognize good acting, follow without having to read all the time, and without having to cringe over every female overactor. It brings me closer to the characters, makes me feel like I know them personally as opposed to them being characters from a video game that react nothing like people I know would and that I need a translator to understand. F.i. I love Kurisu from Steins;Gate in any iteration, but I feel more attached to her English version because there's just something jarring about the Japanese versions of any given character. You don't have to agree with me (and I know you don't), I'm just saying, for all the great you experience from Japanese original dubs (and there's definitely something to be said about it being closer to the original vision of the characters, and truer to the cultural nature of a piece of work), it's all just lost on me. Rather I do things my own way and end up enjoying something heavily, than doing it in your superior way, but end up thinking it's just okay. It's kinda like if a friend were to constantly say "Blondes are always hotter in the looks department. You have to date blondes. You'll have a better experience." Well, I like brunettes, so that comment just doesn't really help me. You understand?
  7. In Danganronpa 1, my favourite is definitely Kyoko, with Taka in a number 2 spot because he won me over during his free time events. In Danganronpa 2, (while Nagito was definitely the most interesting character), I obviously loved Chiaki the most, followed by Fuyuhiko (who had great character development inside and out of the free time events) and Nekomaru and Ghundam, whose free time events I loved. In order, from favourite to least favourite, here are all the characters from both games: (I love going overboard when giving my opinion on stuff I'm passionate about haha) SPOILERS for both main games within my explanations! Also, I haven't seen the Danganronpa 3 Anime arcs, so I won't be taking any of the info from there into account. I'll refrain from listing Monokuma & Monomi because they're just a different kind of character somehow and I feel unable to compare them to the rest. Chiaki: I figure she's many player's top choice. She's smart and often helps out during trials, she's kind and open, and is obviously there to connect to the player as she's a lazy gamer as well It was clear to me early on that she was too good to be true, so I figured she would be killed off early on (and dreaded every trial for this possibility), or that she'd turn out to be some mastermind psychopath that was behind a murder, or perhaps that she was the traitor. One of those things came true, but it happened without besmirching her character whatsoever. She's definitely the character I think of most fondly in the entire cast, and I love that she's got an extra dimension by just being digital, but having these human desires to connect to people. Kyoko: Early on, I didn't make much of her, but she gained my respect and affection throughout the game. I liked finding out things about her (sometimes along with her) and hoped she wouldn't be next often. I like that they made the player trust her to get to the true ending, but I still think the point where you're given the option to tell her about Sakura but then you can't is the absolute worst scene in the game. Don't give me the option if you won't let me do it! I felt cheated when she wouldn't talk to me for days for a decision I hadn't even made. Nagito: I love how Nagito was introduced and developed. In the beginning, he was very much shaping up to be the Sayako of D2, but they upped the ante: They gave us the best early-game twist and it was a source of much entertainment throughout the game. I loved his take on the concept of "luck" and his Trial is the best Trial in the series in my opinion. Fuyuhiko: He grew from an annoying character into a likable and reliable companion through an arc that makes sense. Just a very well-written character. Taka: Even though he was undeniably annoying sometimes, there was something there in Taka. This thing I can't name that I liked about him. Especially seeing him open up to Mondo (and later being so devastated upon his guilt) and having him open up to us during the free time events really spoke to me, and make me think we'd be good friends in real life despite our differences. I didn't really like/get the whole Mondo transformation thing and I think the character was given a disservice by being the lesser half of a trial's murder victims.) Ghundam: He's very much the Taka of D2 for me. There was just something there. I loved his design and voice actor and his love of animals was both interesting and gave a glimpse into his true nature, which we got to see further at the end of his trial and during his adorable free time events. Chihiro: While I didn't really care about the gender reveal thing in itself, I thought Chihiro was a really brave and upstanding character and he seemed like the only person who genuinely wouldn't hurt a fly. I'm happy that he lives on in Alter Ego, since that way he's a continued source of strength. Still got sad during the School Mode ending that she was gone Hina: A nice girl who I felt I connected to and that I could trust. I respected her friendship with Sakura and her horrible decisions during Sakura's trial, as they showed a glimpse of depth we hadn't seen before. She was mostly a rock throughout the first game and I liked our conversations in the free time events. Celestia: I didn't like Celestia per se, I even outright disliked her heavily. I hate liars and deceivers more than anything. And yet, that was the thing that made Celestia interesting. I never did know how to take whatever she said. While I hate that kind of ambiguity in real life, it made her very intriguing in the game. Nekomaru: He was always cheery and supportive, and I felt I could trust and rely on this guy all the time, without it being so overt that I felt I had to keep an eye on him like Nagito, for example. He was the guy I spent a lot of free time events with during my playthrough because I just liked to hang out with him. Also didn't mind all those homoerotic jokes His transformation into a robot is still one of those things where I don't know what to make of it. Sakura: Though I didn't pay much attention to her throughout the campaign until her Chapter showed up, I now respect her as one of the most honourable characters in the series. The Ned Stark, if you will. I liked her general attitude and feel she was one of the people that "deserved" to escape most. Mondo: He was abrasive, sure, but his thoughts on brotherhood resonated with me. I was hoping to get to know him better throughout the game and was sad to see him go. Toko: Throughout all my interactions with her, including free time events, etc., there was never a moment where I actually liked or felt connected to or sorry for Toko. But she is one hell of a well-written character, especially with her well-designed Jack persona. For some reason, I view her to be, alongside Byakuya, one of the most iconic characters in the series if that makes sense. Byakuya: I can't stand Byakuya and I never will. However, there's something of good writing here too. You expect him to soften up a little bit as you progress. And he never does, which holds its own kind of merit as a narrative decision. He's brilliantly written and voice acted. Much like Toko, I find him to be iconic for the series. Junko: I'm neither flabberghasted, nor completely disappointed by the big bad in the series. The multiple personalities thing feels kind of added on to keep people entertained, but it ends up masking that there's not much to her as a character. There's just one thing: Despair, and in a way that is good writing, since that's exactly the only thing she stands for. She's also written sufficiently aggravating so that you just want to see her fail by the end of each game. Hajime: He's assertive and skeptical, but still sufficiently kind. A believable character that's a good proxy for the player, often reacting the same way a normal player would. His revelation as Izuru is generally cool, but overshadowed by other twists in the final trial. I actually didn't like the very ending of the second game so much, as Hajime's decision to "be both" seemed like somewhat of a cop-out. Ibuki: I didn't think much of her throughout the campaign, except that she reminded me of an old acquaintance who always reacted exaggeratedly to everything. I did become sad playing her free time events after the campaign though, as I realised this was a sweet, innocent girl who got violently murdered. Akane: I never really felt connected to her in any way, and she's not the brightest either. I respect her for her friendship with and loyalty to Nekomaru, though. Makoto: I loved his designation as The Ultimate Hope at the end of D1, it was very fitting. Too fitting: it's all he is. He's a tad too positive, and kind people are nice and all, but there isn't much depth or interesting things there. Sayaka: Sayaka's friendship and betrayal was effective, to say the least. I was getting close to her, and I was already fearing that it was all too good to be true before she got killed, after which her true nature quickly became clear. I feel like our entire relationship had just been an act to get close to Makoto and frame him, so I can't really judge her character much, since all I really know is that she's someone who'll deceive and kill innocents to get to see her band again, which doesn't really earn her any points. It's the writer's effectiveness in making us trust her that I respect here. Peko: She caught my interest early on , probably because of her attitudinal resemblance to Kyoko, but I quicky grew bored of her. I liked hanging out with her during free time events, and I liked her "tool --> person who loves" arc, but she never really stuck in my mind for all that long. Mahiru: I didn't really think much of her in the campaign, and wasn't affected by her death in the slightest. I grew to like her in her free time events, though there doesn't seem to be too much to her. Sonia: Sonia was so miss-goodie-two-shoes-clueless-cutie all the time that I genuinely expected her to turn out to be a psycho killer at some point. That never happened. What also didn't happen, was anything else. She never really became interesting in any way. Sure, her dismissals of Kazuichi in favour of Gundham were entertaining, and I have nothing against her, but I definitely think she's one of the more boring characters in the series. Hiro: He's not smart, he's not honest, he's not all that sympathetic either,... I feel no connection to Hiro and felt like he was the only survivor of the first game that just didn't "fit" in the gang for some reason. Mukuro: Since it's not clear to see which parts of her are played and not from the main game, I'm taking info from Danganronpa If here: Bad guys turning good and shitting rainbows with their new-found friends is all well and good, but there was never really anything outside of that stereotypical narrative that was remarkable about her in my opinion. Imposter: The most interesting thing about this character is the fact that he looks like someone we know. I think that says enough, doesn't it? His free time events and his thoughts of individuality were really nothing special, what else were the writers going to do them about? Kazuichi: Throughout the game, I never grew any kind of rapport or connection with this guy. His crush on Sonia was entertaining, and he didn't kill anyone, so +1 for that, but other than that, he's just a boring recycled Leon in my opinion. Leon: Leon is the kind of guy that's cool to hang out with, but that you really can't get close to or trust at all. In other words, a fair-weather friend. I don't like those. Mikan: Not only is she incompetent to the point of being annoying (and her overly high pitch of voice doesn't help), she's also apparently a murderous psycho? I did not find that reveal to be interesting at all, and her free time events made me squint in disbelief rather than make her interesting. Hiyoko: An insufferable little monster with little redeeming factors. I'd feel bad for her loss of Mahiru had she given me any reason to think she didn't deserve the psychological pain of loss. I was relieved when she was killed and didn't enjoy my free-time events with her much. Hifumi: I constantly wished this character would just shut up most of the time. His voice hurt my ears and he never commented anything that added something of value to the conversation or that gave him any depth at all. He may have been a mostly good guy and all, but overall he was boring and annoying to me. Teruteru: Hifumi 2.0: even weirder design, even more annoying voice, even more obnoxious personality. If done right, a pervert character can generate some good laughs. It wasn't done right here. I was actively hoping he'd die soon so that I wouldn't have to be subjected to this torment too much, and luckily, I got my wish. If it had been anyone else, I may have given him some slack over his love of his mother, which I very much identify with, but nope, he was just TOO annoying and he 100% deserves this spot on my list as worst character in the series in my opinion. Whoo, well, there it is
  8. I usually try to play everything I own (and plan on ever playing) before going on to buy the next thing. Of course, I get side tracked as well. Just yesterday, out of nowhere, I saw Wolfenstein PS4 on sale for just 4 Euros and though I hadn't planned on playing it before, now I definitely will after completing the two games I'm busy with now (Late Shift & Kingdom Hearts 2). My backlog consists mostly of PS+ games I'll never play (Grow Home, Lords of the Fallen, Apotheon) and games that were in a collection, of which I only wanted to play other games (FFX-2, the non-numbered Kingdom Hearts games, Bioshock 1 as I already played it on PC) and some small games that I bought impulsively but never actually feel like playing (White Night). While my problem lays not with buying something and then not having time to play it, it's rather that there are so many games out there that I want to play, but I know I don't have time for them all, so I buy them one by one so that I'll never have more than I can chew off. But that leaves many games that interest me (like The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy Type-0, Berserk Musou, Prey) yet unpurchased and growing ever more likely that I'll never buy them, sadly. That said, a backlog of 100+ games sounds crazy to me, that must be like at least $1000 that's just gone!
  9. Fuck these crashes. It's really annoying. It crashes every single time I try to play the game at the exact same moment in episode 5 (about halfway). I've tried removing the disc, restarting my PS4, and it's still crashed every one of the four times I've tried. Anyone else? Any advice? Update: Thank fuck, I got it working. For those encountering a similar problem: I changed the UI settings from Standard to Minimal, I upped the Brightness, I switched the Y-axis, I changed the subtitle size from Large to Small, and I paused the game right before I usually get the crash, and it didn't crash this time. One of those things must have gotten it to work.
  10. Season 3 was definitely a step up from Season 2 (and most recent Telltale games) in my opinion. I've grown rather tired of the Telltale formula by now (and have already decided I'm not going to be playing Guardians of the Galaxy), but TWD S3 kept me entertained so far. The graphics and UI had a crisp new style, characters were mostly layered, if scenes were dull they were also significant in some way, I felt like choices mattered not all that much, but still more than in your average Telltale venture. I had no problem with the redirection of focus away from Clem. By not making her the main character, the game lets you decide, not what you would do as Clem, but how much you the player care about the individual that is Clem, which I appreciated. I'm definitely not expecting to be blown away by the final episode, but I'm sure it'll be serviceable. Don't make the Amy Schumer mistake of assuming anyone who disagrees with you is a troll haha While I'm sure many agree with your opinion, he just has a different one
  11. I have the platinum of Danganronpa Reload and The Nonary Games
  12. I'm very excited. It reminds me gameplay-wise of Bioshock and Dishonored (Duh), and I love both those franchises. It definitely looks like the story will be great, so will the level design, and I'm looking forward to discovering all the powers you can obtain. The only thing that I'm concerned about is the combat. I played the demo and felt like combat with the wrench and with guns was very imprecise and awkward to handle. I'm really hoping either something gets done to fix that, or I just get used to it while I play. I'm probably going to do four playthroughs to this game anyway, because I want to get everything I possible can from the first playthrough (without being restricted by trophies like not using certain powers).
  13. I don't like it when trophies limit your playstyle in games with freedom like this, as in making us do one playthrough without powers, one with human powers, and one with Typhon powers. That way, I'd have to do 4 playthroughs if I wanted to do a playthrough where I play as I want to (which is, with both human and Typhon powers). But oh well, I guess it's not really that different from Dishonored except that they're just more playthroughs and probably a longer game.
  14. I understand and agree that what they did with the trophies was really shitty BUT I don't think this factor is worth giving up on the entire game for. The rest of the game is magnificent, and while I myself am reticent towards using such strong language towards a still-fresh game, many have called it the definitive game of the 8th generation, and you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn't have a generally positive opinion on the game. Are you sure you want to miss out on such an experience that you MAY find very engaging, just because you want to protest this one feature it contains? Not trying to force your hand of course, I just think it's worth reconsidering maybe. Anyway, that's my two cents, and you can do whatever you want obviously
  15. Basically, what I'm doing is: 1. Giving people the roadmap of paths to each ending. 2. Going over every escape room. BUT: I do emphasize many many times that I encourage players to try for themselves first, and that this guide should really only be consulted if they already have and are stuck somewhere. First and foremost, I plainly describe where players can find the objects they need to solve the puzzle (finding hidden-away objects isn't really much fun, so I have no problem giving those locations away). Also: for every puzzle, I give two hints that push the player in the right direction. Only after not being helped by those hints, can a player scroll down to the actual solution, which is under a spoiler tag. So I don't think the fun of solving the puzzles will really be ruined for anyone who doesn't want it to be It's made so that people can take away as much or as little from it as they want to I personally don't think the puzzles in the Zero Escape Series are at all as obscure or "Moon Logic" as many other puzzle-heavy games, but to each their own I do recommend at least trying something before trying to find the solution online immediately. But either way, the guide will deliver both to players who just want a nudge in the right direction, and to people who want more straight-forward answers.