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  1. i sadly didnt join this thread until last month but was still working on it and its going pretty well. had some stuff were i just was not in the modd to do collectibles 10 year ago and some stuff were i just got one trophy and now did them al from scratch and can count about 30 games cleared. the next 2 months will be much slowerd due to me beeing out of town the whole time but i hope i can keep up with doing at least 1 game a month on my vita. but after that i will be back in full power even got a second ps3 to be able to go on at my gilfriends place^^
  2. The wolf among us should be pretty quick done for you if you need a game you can finish tomorrow
  3. damn would hav eloved to joi this at the beginning of the year^^ actually for this year i decided to spend less on this hobby and instead ( i know crazy idea) i would play some of the games i bought but never really played/finished^^ its going well
  4. when you like something the idea of reenjoing it a second time is pretty normal there are people that go in the cinema for the same movie 2 times (and pay 2 times) there are people who drive the same rollercoaster 2 times (even tho there are so many rollercoaster they never used) people also eat the same food multiple times at the same restaurant and they pay every time for it. i mean there are so many new and different restauraunts why would anyone ever eat the same thing TWICE? so why is it crazy all of a sudden when someone say "Hey i had fun doing this platinum. i will pay 10 bucks and get the game a second time to do it again"? i guess because lots of people dont think about what they say and just like to call others dumb for spending money on things they wouldnt themselves in my case i have some spare money for buying game duplicants from never drinking because the idea of spending money to poison myself doesnt really sound like fun to me so is it ok for you if i maybe buy a game for a second time for the price you pay fo 3/4 of your next cocktail?
  5. Usually the games count for the month you finish them in. when you started them doesnt matter als long as its over 6 months ago
  6. OK so due to my exam i am not sure if i will be able to add a lot more this moth so i will post what i got till now lollipop chainsaw after 7 years 4months actuall a pretty fun game. i stoppe once again because of the collectibles. but there turned out to not be any deal at all^^ brink after 9 Years and 1 weeks dlc also after 9 yeas and 2 weeks really fun shooter. the only thing missing was 1 mission that i had to finish on hard. after i read you can do it only against no one and that makes it much easier it was a question of an hour of play. also finished the dlc right after it. does that count as 2?^^ infamous after 9 years 8 months that last goddam shard. i finally found it. after going thought all of them with a map so many times. just happy i finally got this platinum^^ killing floor 2 after 3 years 2 month once again at 100% i sometime wait to finish more dlc in one go but this time it actually was just 1 map pure after 6 years and 11 months after missing the missable trophy and revisiting the game a while later and getting annoyed with the stunt i revisited it again and finally found out how the stunt controls actually work and it ended up pretty easy with that knowledge^^ air conflicts vietnam after 5 years 4 weeks nothing good i can say about this game. i stopped playing the campaign because i thought it was bugging and not going on but it turns out now flying between 2 spots over ad over again is what you actually have to do 5 times. horrible game. zone of the ender hd edition after 6 years 11 months just played throught the story on my first attempt and kinda was not in the mood to get a rank everywhere but with playing now it actually was a good game. had some fun with it and will do the secon dpart too. ratchet and clank all 4 one after 7 years 7 months i am a big ratchet fan but this didnt really fire for me back when i first played it.sadly i also used my money instead of saving up for the million so i was farming money for a day straight^^ anyway its done mirrors edge after 11 years and 6 months i think to this day there is no much bigger gap possible^^ i really liked this game but kinda never wanted to get into the speedruns. anyway i finally did and it also became my platin number 350. awesome milestone in my oppinion child of light after 6 years and 4 weeks started in koop but then stopped cause the coop is kinda boring for the second player^^ now finally remembered it and restarted from scratch. nice little game and nothing annoying in the trophies so 10 games in total (11 if you count brink double dont know how that works here) and i think i am done for this month. kinda happy i got done this much. down about 30 games since i started to activley tackle the backlog (some before i joined here) a long way to go still (at 117 unearned platinum atm and also want to finish some 100% games on ps3 and vita) for sure i can stay active here for some more years
  7. Its kinda funny how for different people different trophie are annoying. i dont really mind speedruns but i cannot stand collectibles or stuff i need a video to find. and i really dont care playing throught a game more than 1 time while a friend of mine hates that a loves using videoguides^^
  8. OK its the last day of the month so i guess i am not going to be able to add another game so its time for my update After entering with 2 games this month already i manage to get 3 more done deBlob 2 (Ps3) after 9 Years and 3 months The Darkness 2 after 8 years and 3 weeks I,Zombie after 2 Years and 11Months Some words to the games DeBlob2 I Played he first part on WII when it came out and i really liked it back then. its kind of a unique game were you play as a blob that can take diffferent colors and everything you touch becomes your color. with this ability you fight against general ink whos goal it is to bleech the whole world. The trophies are a little annoying due to a lot of stuff to collect and some of it beeing missable but nothing is hidden really i was easiely able to get all the missable things just by collecting what i saw. also the time you need to beat in the levels where easy as heck and the points are basically guarateened when you do everything you can in the level. also there is pretty good guides online. i got annoyed from time to time but ovrall it was a fun game that i might do one more time on ps4 the darkness 2 there is a few collectibles that stopped me from getting the plat the first time i played it (it is colllectibles that stop me almost every time i stop a game^^). but they were not to bad. its just a few per level so no big of a deal. it was also the first time i usd a third party controller (doubeshock 3) due to me beeing at my girlfriends place for a while and oh good it was a hell with this controller. no clue how anyone can play with it but the shooting range minigames that should be prety easy got me really frustrated. anyway back to an original ps3 controller that my fathe luckily was able to bring me on his way to work it was much more doable and quiet some fun. good game and kinda nice story i, zombie what should i say. dificulty is around 2/10 and it takes not more than 2 hours to complete but i just kinda didnt like it. anyway i managed to motivate myself throught it and it was ok. wouldnt recommend it but when its on sale and you look for a kinda quick game to 100% thats still not specifically made to be 100% quick go for it. all in all that means 5 games less in my backlog for this month currently i am working on lollipop chainsaw and hope to get it done withing the next few days Agenda for the next games would be Pure (just need that stunt trophies dones) F1 2013 (did the multiplayer already just ever finished the carrier and time trials) puppeteer (just never really got the time) saints row the third (ps3 version) dark void (got stopped by the collctibles) Dragons dogma (love this games and got ps4 plat already) and some stuff that i decide on today when picking them up from my parents place^^
  9. i would probably delete about 16 trophies so yes i would^^
  10. i just bought a second ps3 to play it at my girlfriends place. got about 150 games in the backlog that need to be done before i stop.
  11. I meanlets look at how effevtive this rule would be would it prevent hackers from doing what they do? Not at all. You could easily just hack some ofthe trophies with current time stanps and say you picked it up again and it was hidden before could it cause some bad feelings for people that play legit? Yes it can in the end you would have a rule that hits some non guilty people. Some hackers that are too dumb to work around and hackers that dont care if you catch them botg of the hackers you already find with current methods easily
  12. Could hackers not still just hack the multiplayertrophies with correct timestamps then some singleplayer with current timestamp and keep some hidden trophies to always be able to say the multiplayer trophies were hidden and getting back into it made me unhide it? that would explain why it is back on top of the list and if somebody recognises changed in first or latest achievers or anything also explain that so it would be a rule hackers can work around easiely
  13. i am using the white gem already oh you cann still get chests that way? i thought after they beeing removed for sale they got removed completley but ok thanks will try thatas soon as i am home tomorrow luckyly for me the online mode works without the problems some people seem to have
  14. oh ok i expected a hell long grind and kinda got unmotivated abit already but 7/8 sieges sounds like the right amount to still be fun^^ yea planned to get the dlc anyway to 100% it thanks for the tips. yea i started to recruit the orc that attack me during the siege but often they are just that 1-2 levels above me so that i cannot get the good ones^^ and i am a bitunsure how to level myself if not with leveling my orcs anyway ^^
  15. Ok nice thanks for the tips:)