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  1. seems like for magic the gathering duel of the planeswalkers the DLC are available in the UK store but the Main game is not anymore. can anyone tell me if the Dlc are compatible with the main game from the austrian store? anyway i can find this out thats not trying?^^
  2. i 100% agree with your statement^^ just wanted to share a little funfact^^
  3. In Mario maker you have to finish your Owen Level Before you Clan Upload them btw. Its almost impossible to submit a level than cannot be beaten there
  4. I understood Sony there More as „we are Not gonna disable the posibility to download content you already Owen“ i dont Expect them to fix anything if something breaks and Thats the Problem i see and worry about
  5. @Gretchen27 just one thing. What do 100% that have dlc count as? 100% or absolute rarity? And what do i do if i got more than 3 games done?
  6. Nfs shift worked for me (austria) 2 days ago. I was also able to install the patch and play online (and even found people)
  7. Thanks alot! Just got the trophy in 2021 i thi k this will not stop working
  8. Does someone know a good level for those trophies?
  9. i find them usefull in term of seeinf the difference between a game that takes 10-30 hours and a game that takes 70-100 hoursl also for diffuculty its useful for me to see if its 1-2 5-6 or 8-9 also when someone can plat a game quicker its doesnt really have to show that he is better or something. with a lot of games i dont even want to finish them as fast as i can. some games i also wonna play a little bit and have gaming fun with them instead of just going for the trophies (which is a different but also legit way of having fun in my oppinion)
  10. i wouldnt say difficulty rating is entirely subjective. sure some people would give a game a 7 were other would do 8 or 9 but i think noone would give wolfenstein 2 a 1 or even a 4 (maybe for bragging purpose) i mean i guess in few cases it is possible that 2 estimations vary alot but thats often not due to it beeing subjective but more due to other factors When i started dragonage inquisition for the frst time i choose mage and pretty early went a little unprepare into a bigger fight an also saved over my last file outside of the fights area. i got crushed and felt like a 8 is to low for that game. years later i got back into it. this time choose to play an archer (with the ability to become invisible but i didnt know that when i choose him) and made sure to not fuck up my savefiles and in the end the whole game was pretty straight forward and didnt feel like alot more than ah 5 or maybe 6. if someone said 4 i also wouldnt really feel the need to disagree because there was no point were i really had to practice. something is too difficult? just do something else an come back with a higher level. espacially after thinking a tinny bit about how my party should look like it actually become quiet easy. others that maybe choose their party in the beginning more out of sympathy might feel very different
  11. i dont think the difficulty measures how mental taxing a game is. i would argue that buggy games can be as mentally taxing as hard games. or very long but easy as heck grind can also be very mentally taxing but both dont go into the difficulty rating. the difficulty rating measures how much skill you have to build up to be able to unlock a trophy. the difference between mastering 100 combos and 2 combos comes out of the combination of difficulty and duration and some reading in the guide 9/10 and 30h -> there is probably one difficult thing 9/10 and 100h -> there is probably a lot of difficult things but to make sure check the roadmap mfor signs of long grinds like this its a much easier to standardize system because there is less variation in what causes the value to be high or low i mean wolfenstein 2 or vanquish with a rating of 4 or 5 because both have only one difficult trophy and there is only 1 difficult goal to reach instead of many seems like a system you can trust even less than the current one
  12. We could Share the work on the summary in a google doc or something. with 2-3 people should be pretty doable
  13. 20 Games. More Than i expected naile'd (15) chime super deluxe (3) Black ops 3 (2) we are doomed (4) The Crew (3) no mans sky (2) Call of Duty INfinite Warfare (1) Geometry Wars 3 (5) R.U.S.E (2) Hawx (3) Modnation Racers Roadtrip (2) Battleborn (1) Battleborn (1) Cod WW 2 (1) Killing Floor 2 (1) Killzone Shadowfall (1) LittleBigPlanet 3(1) Fuel (1) Lego Worlds (1) Mortal Kombat Vita (1)
  14. you finished cloudberry kingdom? holymoly not bad. i also thought about getting int it but somehow never got myself to start it. have fun on spec ops the line btw. i love the story!
  15. Likes to show his challanging games. espacially his racing games