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  1. i got myself Rayman origins (played it on vita already but never finished it. last year i finished it and realised how great of a game it is so i decided to double plat it some day. 3d dot game heros (back when i got the ps3 i always wanted to play this game but never saw it anywhere for purchase. now with the ability to buy stuff online i finally went back to purchasing it ^^)
  2. i am not trying to convince you. you have all the right to not use a lite^^ all i am saying is there is a target group that actually prefers it^^
  3. i myself use a regular switch for almost 3 years now and my dock is still in its packaging. the only reason i use a regular over a light is because the lite didnt exist when i got it and the bigger screen sure it defeats the purpose but most people i know barely use the purpose anyway i think the lite is also still a buget option so a more expensive screen has limited use there. i mean i dont know if the normal oled switch will be more expensive but i could imagine that the margin on the light is smaller and theirfore an oled fits worse into the budget. but thats pure speculation i think the pokemon swordshield variation of the switch light looks very good. i got that one thats for its looks. (and for my girlfriend to play animal crossing ^^)
  4. my girlfriend actually like the light alot. its smaller and lighter (and also a bit cuter i guess^^) and just fits better in her hands. also the normal switch even with a proper backpack is kinda clunky and with the light its a bit easier.
  5. aaand of course the no death trophy didnt pop on my 5th playthrought -.- aaargh
  6. Ps3 200.000 owners ps4 8000 owners And a lot of them probably like the Game on ps3 an redid it. So While on ps3 everyone was new to it on ps4 a % of Players already Knew how to do it
  7. Finished another ratchet and clank Ratchet & Clank 1 PS3 Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando PS3 Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal PS3 Ratchet: Deadlocked / Gladiator Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Ratchet & Clank: Qforce / Full Frontal Assault Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus Ratchet & Clank (2016) so this is my List now. Unfortunatley i dont have a ps5 yet to play rift apart
  8. i kinda got back into this thing were you pley games that are less than a decade old so i dont think i finish any more games this month so here is my update Killzone: Mercenary All 53 Trophies 1st June 2021 • Platinum in 7 years, 8 months God i love the Vita. This game is great and i am really sad that the VITA stopped getting Triple A Stuff like this. Anyway no idea why i stopped this (i always throught i got anoyed with the 10 kill streak online but i had that trophy already) and this month i was finally able to clean it up. only slight inconvinience had been the 10k kills. after beeing done with everything else i only had about 6k^^ so the grind took a while after that but the levels are relativles short so everytime i felt like i got 10min of time i did a level. can easiely be done while on the bus or toilett over time^^ Super Stardust HD All 17 Trophies 3rd June 2021 • Completed in 12 years, 6 months one of my First ever playstation games that i owned myself (never had a ps2) there was actually only 1 trophy missing that needed me to play a mode it simply didnt like. Very happy to have this 100% in my profile finally as this game really shaped my taste in games and awakened my love for twinstick shooters (espacially the housemarque games^^) it also comes kinda close to the biggest possible trophy gap atm^^ with the first trophy beeing earned in dec of 2008. Chronovolt All 9 Trophies 6th June 2021 • Completed in 8 years, 5 months This game sucked. its one of those games that were free in the early psplus times were i tried basically everything they gave us. only picked it up again because when the messaging system of vita gets turned off the 100% become unobtainable. luckiely it didnt take very long. if you didnt start it yet stay far away from this game^^ it even made me write a forum post about it^^ Dark Void 50 of 58 Trophies 9th June 2021 • Platinum in 10 years, 5 months Back in school i always used to go to a papershop that also had games with a school friend who was also trophyhunting. this shop often had leftover games that they couldnt sell for damn cheap and we bought a lot of stupid stuff for what have been fast platinums back in the day. ( in this case about 15h^^ one of the faste rones back in the day^^) it also bugged me to have spend 10 bucks just to have the plat of this game and then not having it for so long^^ anyway i made it finally. the game is not great but it was also not too bad to play. i also wanted to finish the DLC but a bad mode in a mediocre game was a bit too much for me right now^^ will probably get back to it at some point...or maybe not... time will tell^^ Dead Nation (ps3) 35 of 41 Trophies 15th June 2021 • Platinum in 10 years, 2 weeks This has always been the only housemarque game i didnt like and it bugged me that it was the only one i had no platinum but 2 unfinished lists in my profile^^ so i fianlly picked it up again and tbh its great. when you fully upgrad ethe standard rifle its really satisfying to shoot loaded shoots in zombie hordes. also the difficulty is much more doable than i expected. all in all when you make a plan what to do the levels are pretty fair and due to the fixed spawnpoints you can really take control ove rthe level but trying a few times. after plating this instead of going for the DLC i decided to start the Ps4 version first. there the DLC is necesarry for the plat and i want to up my ultrarare count a little more. i hope when i figured out how to do the trophies efficient in the ps4 version going back to ps will be quick to 100% but as of now i didnt get them don eyet. Anyway great game i would really recommend. Ps4 version has noticably better graphics btw. i expected a pure port^^ Thats it for the month. as said i got a little back into playing newer games. its kind of a different process if you play what you want instead of playing what you want from a pool of unfinished projects. even tho that pool i qiuet big in my case there is still a reason i stopped for most of the games^^ i also with the pandemy getting easier atm started to do couch coop sessions again and finish a way out and after that ratchet and clank full frontal assault became my platinum #400. i hope to have ratchet and clank rift apart as 400 but i still got no ps5. sadly i confused the dates i couldt fet full frontal assult as 400 on the release date of rift apart but thats ok^^ anyway i am currently working on Dead nation apocalypse edition (ps4) call of duty back ops 2 with next months traveling i will probably do something on the vita
  9. Thanks alot for this review. i hate nothing more than constantly having to down and upload my savefile. i guess i will get the game on my switch and avoid the platinum
  10. ok time for another update Changelog Super Stardust HD enslaev odysee to the west Alice madness returns Ferrari the Race experience dead island ratchet and clank full frontal assault Dead Nation Dark void i started to get back into ps4 and also vita a little bit but still managed to get some stuff done. Happy with the result for sure. on dark void the dlc is will probably take a while longer due to it not beeing that good^^ anyway also happy to finally be done with killzone mercenaries but thats for another project full list
  11. maybe the challange must be better than your own time on that level?
  12. i have the original super meat boy also still in my list. not sure yet when to start working on that^^ btw in your goals the > symbols are the wrong way around. unearned trophies < 300 would mean that you want to have less
  13. spec ops the line enslaved odysee to the west dragons dogma 3d dot game heros lollipop chainsaw mirrors edge dungeon defenders sacred 2 kingdoms of amalur reckoning (there is a ps4 remake and i have to admit it didnt age perfect. also delisted DLC are annoying) infamous 1 and 2 red faction armageddon sly triology ratchet and clank games split second star wars the force unleashed 1 and 2
  14. i still have no clue what my platinum 400 should be^^ only 4 platinums until i have to decide^^
  15. is the online mode tsill working? i still need to get the online stuff of shift 2 done and some people report that shift 1 doesnt work online anymore