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  1. Due to me trying to find ways to procrastinate its update time!!! Yea avoiding university work!!!! Anyway i had a strong month Watch Dogs: Legion All 50 Trophies 1st June 2022 • Completed in 7 months, 1 week It started with completing Watchdogs legion. I did the permadeathrun on the highest difficulty and i must say it really safed the game for me. The story this time was kind of dumb and failed to motivate me for the game so i put it off for a while and enden up running throught the game for the platinum. The permadeathmode on the other hand has pretty hard direct combat. In the beginning it was annoying but i quickly discovered that you can avoid conflict buy using your gadgets and doing a stealthy attempt to tthings and it was great fun! SO in the end i found the game quiet enjoyable. i really regret not starting on this difficulty from the get go. Enter The Gungeon All 55 Trophies 13th June 2022 • Completed in 1 year, 4 months Oh enter the Gungeon. Another game i struggled to get into (like so many of my completions lately^^). Its kinda hard and all the weapons felt horribly bad. After a friend told me he started unlocking the rellay good stuff after about 30h i got back into it and also started to get better at the game. in the end it turned out to be an absolutley awesome game. i ended up playing 155h which includes platinum and the DLC trophies but as i had to find out in a video yesterday i didnt even finish the story. i also bought the game on switch an i think i will go for the final final final boss there. he seems crazy difficult so lets see how that goes^^ all in all great game if you like twinstick shooters have a look! Borderlands 3 All 81 Trophies 19th June 2022 • Completed in 9 months, 1 week Not to much to say here. We all know borderlands. this was a simple DLC cleanup of the ps5 version Tom Clancy's The Division 2 All 61 Trophies 19th June 2022 • Completed in 2 years, 4 months Another DLC cleanup. i bought the warlords of new york DLC a while back and finally got to completing it. i also had the raids left to do and there is one seasonal trophy that can be kinda annoying but i found a group that seems to be a clan who is helping people throught the raid on stream. with them the raids were no problem at all and i was able to finish the game. felt really good to get that 112gb of space back on my ps5^^ Killing Floor 2 All 62 Trophies 20th June 2022 • Completed in 5 years, 2 months The newest map is the first one i needed a guide to find all the collectibles because there are just tiny black round boxed that stick to walls. anyway its over a year since i counted the game last time so i will use it again^^ Overall Division 2 is my completion number 100 and last month completed my currently going streak of 2 years with a game removed from backlong every month. 2 big milestones for me i dont think i will finish another game this month but who knows. i also expected to loose my streak a few months back already so my trackrecord of predicting my trophyhunting is not great^^
  2. I solo q-Ed stumbled on there by accident had no idea what’s going on and still managed to get the trophy that way. So really not hard. The trial itself is just shooting some animals
  3. You need to stand in the correct position. Take a view steps back. The camera tells you when you are in the right place in the middle of the screen. Something like „target in sight“
  4. So i got Corona and that made me get another game done for this month Watch Dogs: Legion 49 of 50 Trophies 22nd May 2022 • Platinum in 6 months, 4 weeks i started this and then pretty quickly lost interest. But i got back in the mood for the gameplay and managed to finish the PLatinum for this. Overall i cannot really recommend the game. i like how the System with recruiting whoever you want works thats pretty well designed but it does not fit at all into the story. Dont really have a lot more to say about this game without putting spoilers out there so i will simply stop here @Gretchen27 please us escapists for my streakchallange entry as i plan to use the remaining trophy of watchdogs next month for the streak entry. it requires a full new playthrought on the highest difficulty with permadeath and the bit that i played already seems worthy for another point of this game^^ (also this event is by now pretty much the only motivation i got to keep playing this so i will use it xD)
  5. Can someone tell me how practice mode ends? btw I really don’t like about this instalment that after you reach 90% you get a set number of Beatlines before you transition to the next board. On the first game you just transitioned at 100% which is a much better system in my opinion.Teneb things just adds an annoying nothin to keep in mind
  6. I describe a few options to my girlfriend and she decides base on how excited I sound talking about the game. Works pretty well for me. Managed to clear almost 100 games^^ generally Intro to do a good mix of games and alternate between boosts, not done collectibles and games I simply didn’t have the time for were I pretty much start at 0
  7. There is even a ton of 90+% games that are very good ratalaika games started as a publisher for indietitels who couldn’t find a publisher and the trophies are often that easy because you only have to play a tiny fraction of the game. Foxy land 1 and 2 and gravity duck arecsuch examples so I never wanted to say games with a rarity above 70% are not got (I love ratchet and clank and I think rift apart is above that for another example) but the task was to filter out 30min plat and I think to fulfill that task avoiding games above 70% rarity works as a very easy solution with minimal time investment of research. Of corse you miss out on a few good Titels but you miss out on good Titels no matter what as there are to many out there to ever play them all
  8. I know but if you want a solution that’s easy to maintain I think it’s viable. There are to many good anyway to play them all in a lifetime^^ also he is probably in a situation we’re he finds good games by mouth to mouth propaganda and in such case he has easy acces to information about the game and if it’s a 30min plat. of corse rarity shouldn’t dictate but it is a indicator that has influence so why not use it to some degree
  9. Does the resistance mode trophy autopop?
  10. Just avoid games with a plat rarity of above 70% and you should be fine in 99% of cases
  11. I was afraid to break my strek this month but ended up having a game done already^^ The Escapists All 46 Trophies 16th May 2022 • Completed in 10 months, 3 weeks Really fun little game. i bought it on sale with all DLC and started playing it without any guide. like this its actually somehwhat difficult. at least took me some time to figure out all the crafting and how mechanics work. i ended up platinuming it and then got kinda bored in the first DLC. now in my fear of breaking the streak i came back to it (using a guide for the DLC trophies as the escape also work a bit different in the DLC) and it was a pretty quick DLC cleanup in the end taken only a few hours in total. all in all a very nice game were you can try on your own for a bit of a challange and "skip" things you dont like buy using a guide. i will probably start working on watchdogs legion now. a game i started and then didnt really do anythig more.
  12. Probably no free upgrade for psplus version
  13. Doesnt really look like a shortgame to me "finish the game on no chance mode" sounds like mor ethan a 20sec platinum^^ anyway i am somewhat interested in this. played quiet some surprisingly good (at least for me) sidescrollers lately so maybe this is another one? happy for anyone to share his experience with it
  14. Just give me a ps3 emulator. I would pay 5€ a month for that. And you could probably make me pay 10 even tho I would feel ripped off^^
  15. Thank you i will look throught this. i do plan to keep this list going.