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  1. damn..just discovered this. goes i am gonna remove this from my wishlist again
  2. I only manage to get outlander done this month. One more game done on my quest to finish almost all the housemarque games (I will not do the angry birds stuff^^) Outland All 12 Trophies 1st November 2021 • Completed in 10 years, 5 months anyway next month I hope to clean up more than 1 game but at the moment my priority is at the university @Gretchen27nice to here your dog is better!! btw gta5 on ps3 has unobtainables for ps3 for a while already. Nothing to safe there for a lot of people^^ (like me)
  3. So there seems to be a group called „psone“ and they bring old ps3 servers back online. All you need to do is change the dns settings of your ps3. I heard Warhawk and motorstorm can be played online like this again. I didn’t try this myself but I know this practice from pokemon where someone has setup a server that gives out old events and can be reached buy setting up the right dns. anyway. If I used this to play an old ps3 game online would the trophies earned be considered cheating? I mean we are back at the old discussion here. i personally think as everybody has access and you still have to fulfill the trophyrequirements it should be fine but that’s just my opinion and I see there are Arguments against it that are probably also viable
  4. Tbh because it works. Invest 1 one year of work and then earn money or earn money now that you can put into other projects take also make you money. it’s simply better to earn money every 3 years instead of every 4. atm we are just in a phase we’re they went a little too far with how early the game can be released already. They will learn from this do better for a few years and then again try to find the edge of what’s possible. And it doesn’t even seem to hurt the sales that much
  5. Do I have to get 3 stars on every level for the plat or is just 1 enough?
  6. Thanks I found it in the forum for the us version. Yes you basically open and close any menu point then sometime he got something to say. Took like 10min anyway I liked the switch version of this game more. It for some reason often opens a popup that says „checking safefile“ alsmost feels like one of those mobile games that gives you adds all the time. It doesn’t do that on switch
  7. According to that tool on ps5 I have 300h in resogun. But most of the time I stop with the plat or in some cases I rebuy the game on switch and keep playing there. in Diablo 3 for example. I platinumed 3 items pulled someone throught for a forth and then gathered 320h on switch ( more to come in the next season)
  8. I would say Witcher 3. on knockout city you seem to work anyway
  9. How do I get all of kuros stories? Other than a little Splittergrind it’s the only trophy I am missing
  10. But I don’t have it in my purchased games and also cannot download it from the store. So how do I download it? Edit: ok over my PS4 I was able to purchase it ( on sale for a bit over 2 bucks) you indeed get the ps3 version with it. Seems like something went wrong there but wouldn’t be the first ps3 game that disappears from my purchased titles so I am not too surprised
  11. does anyone know why its not available for purchase? it says its a bundle so i guess i just own a piece of the bundle already but i have no clue what that could be. any solution to this? i probably own the original from psplus i think
  12. Oh ok thanks a lot!
  13. I have this game downloaded on my vita but it seems like there is no trophylist for it here. What’s going on there? Does the vita version not have trophies?
  14. They managed to go from some of my favourite games down to me not being interested anymore within one generation of games. I don’t know why they think they have to keep going. Is there any GaaS that didn’t kinda fail lately?
  15. Same problem in austria. That really sucks i am pretty active on vita/ps3 still