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  1. Another completion for november Bodycount All 42 Trophies 29th November 2022 • Platinum in 9 years, 1 month I didnt expect to touch this game ever again. When i originally started it i simply didnt like it and also was not in the mood to boost 1000kills in multiplayer: Turns out they count in coop mode! It still was not a good game but i wouldnt call it bad either. each one of the coop maps has a spot were you basically cannnot take damage so my partner and i just took turns hiding in such a spot while the other did the killing. like this one guy is safe while the other can die as often as he wants. Only problem are the framedrops down to sometime 5ish which made aiming hard from time to time. Singleplayer even on "hard" was quiet easy (my tipp for that one difficult part were you have to survive in a room. just run a circle throught the room then hide behind behind something. if the enemies get to close run another round. the room is big and like this you can stay away from enemies pretty efficiently and i made it second try with that stragety after having a pretty hard time without it. Happy to have another one of the games done that i kinda accepted to never finish thanks to @ShadyWARcotix who found the spots and the fact that kills in coop count for the 1k
  2. Finally another update^^ first i finally got Black ops 3 to 100%. found a nice teammate and got throught all the remaining estereggs. really happen to have this off my list then i was able to motivate myself to finish team sonic racing which i enjoyed more than i thought so i went straight into anthoer racing game with f1 2013 which also has a UR plat that brings to me 1 games total which mean Tier 1 is complete and i got the first game done for tier 2 i also finished another killing floor 2 trophy that in fact is an UR even tho i think by now its 2 months old. anyway i would feel a bit dirty making that one count so i wont^^ Tier 1-> Done super time force ultra 2,38%-> done Furi 1,67%-> Done project cars 1,77% -> done uncharted 4 0,84%-> Done dauntless 0,12%-> done enter the gungeon 2,03% -> done rayman legends 4,18% -> done little deviants 0,62% -> done black ops 3 0,17% -> done Sonic Team racing -> 3,47% Tier 2-> F1 2013 3,18%-> done Not done dandara Pix The cat Voodoo dice dont starve Dead Nation Apokalypse steamworld dig mercenary kings iconoclasts puppeteer 10 second Ninja escape plan (ps4) vanquish (ps3)
  3. Update time for me as i dont think i will finish another game. Team Sonic Racing All 52 Trophies 6th November 2022 • Platinum in 6 months, 4 weeks When i started this I really didnt like it. I didnt really understand how the different kind of boosting systems work and it seemed suprisingly difficult or at least random to win so i stopped playing. i dont know why but for some reason i picked it back up and had a lot of fun with it. (not all the time tho^^) the difficulty is very random in single player as you are very dependant on your teams performance. weirdly extreme difuclty was kind of a cakewalk after ripping my hair out on hard on some events were my time just really didnt want to win. anyway i ended up having a enjoyable time with it and it got me in general more in the mood to play racing games again. F1 2013 All 46 Trophies 24th November 2022 • Platinum in 8 years, 4 months so i made sure to follow it up with one^^. i tried to get into this a while ago already but again here was a bit surprised about how "difficult" it was. turns out i ws just really rusty with my racing skills. on the first time trial i tried i struggled to beat bronze time until from one lap to the other i kinda found my abilities again and my laptimes decreased by about 3 seconds literally from one lap to the next, after taking 2h to get gold on the first track it took me only 30min on the second and after the 4th i started getting gold times in third or forth laps on a track. was kinda fun to re-learn racing games after playing them alot when i innitially got into gaming many years ago. this also was very enjoyable in the end. i might play one of the more recent instalments as well. i also started boosting bodycount yesterday so that and probably doom eternal might be completions for next month other than that i have nothing to report.
  4. So you keep the link update? the original posters profiles say joined september 1 and last seen september 4^^ anyway if thats the case i will update myself platinums 469 UR plat 61 UR Trophies 652 av. rarity 41.28%
  5. But according to this using cfw simply means removal from the leaderboard. Anyway thanks for the link couldn’t find it He said himself he used cfw and wants to be removed from the leaderboard
  6. It is very possible that there is a misunderstanding on my side. I thought „flags are for cheaters“ so you get flagged for cheating stuff that is not done with cfw and entirely banned for cfw? What exactly do you get flagged for then?
  7. You dont have to understand everyones interested, hobbies or projects. If he wants to use this site (and he even paid premium to support its further existance) let him.
  8. But there are profiles on the site that are not listed on the leaderboard. Don’t see a reason for that aside from cheating
  9. I did read the whole topic and answered a specific posted that was quoted in my response
  10. Whywould we want his profile deleted? Just take him off the leaderboard and let him do with his profile whatever he wants and track it here
  11. What exactly does finish mean? Sorry I am just starting out. Do I have to reach 100% or is killing the first boss enough?
  12. Tbh looks quiet managable to me^^ anyway good luck with it. there are some very good games that are also not too long on there. as for me i finally finished black ops 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops III All 99 Trophies 9th October 2022 • Completed in 6 years, 11 months i found a good coop partner with who it was actualy also fun to play^^ and finally finished this game. i used to really like the zombiemode but at som epoint didnt have anyone to play it with anymore so i stopped and have a bunch of unfiished games because of it in my list now. anyway this one was under the most important to finish for me
  13. The new HALPS weapon is now required for the maingame all weapons trophy
  14. What does „no powerups“ mean? Just no weapon powerups or also no shield/lasers? edit: ok watched a video. You are allowed to collect all powerups that come along the way. You are just not allowed to use lasers/bombs/shields.