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  1. So with the game beeing in plus it kinda looks interesting to me but what am i geting into? i read abit about it beeing buggy as hell. ist that fixed? and are there any mayor annoyences in the trophies? i really dont ind grinding or difficult stuff but i dont little annoying stuff thats difficult and extremly luck based for example or when the controls are unprecise and you have to be very precise or when i need 7 different guides that i have to click arround in to not miss anything so yea how is the game?
  2. of course i only have myself to blame who else should have put those trophies into my account? why would i make a new account? seems insame to me to losse almost 400 platinums and 13 years of collceting when i can also just hide the games i dont like
  3. i hide 16 trophies from i think 15 games. they are in fact games that i never "played" and i simply dont identify enough with these games to have them in my profile. why would i not do that if it makes me more satisfide with my gameslist?
  4. yes that metro DLC could easily be a standalone game for 15 bucks. 10 bucks triple A games a just not very common so the only reason for it beeing a DLC is to not confuse people about how much playtime a metro game has so where is the line for you between content an a game? in witcher the DLC play in seperate areas. they just use the same geralt and you can keep your savefile. in the metro DLC its basically a small game. different character different story, new weapon different NPC just the same assets pretty much. in borderlands DLC you get new areas new characters new story. whats the difference between a new borderlands game and a borderlands seasonpass? in enslaved odysee to the west you play a different character in a different time. even combat is different because the new guy plays completley different than the original. also would work as a own little game and has nothing to do with main game other than the NPC that is used as playable character. in middleearth shadow of war there is also a DLC were you play a new character with new abilities. oh and there is a point system added, and the nemesis system wokrs different. and you got some kind of world domination system or something were your party and the computers fight for areas and stuff also easily would work as seperate little game assassins creed odysee and origins. new and pretty big open worlds, new story better weapons i think. every single one of the DLC would in theory work as its own game. just smaller and you get to keep your safefile dying light. here i would really like to hear if you consider this a new game or extra content. a giant new map, new story, driveable cars get introduce. playtime 10h+ maybe 15? in every single one of these games i would have bought the DLC even if it was standalone games. all these DLC would work as standalone games. in some cases i actually prefer them as DLC instead of new game because you can keep using your current character in others i would be no different if they were small standalone games. did you ever even look at what some DLC include? did you never get a complete edition in sale and at least have a look in there? i even forgot the 2 colonel DLC from metro. It tells the story of another guy that doesnt even show up in the main game. he is just the father of some dude. I wouldnt say no if you told me that DLC is even better than the main game. and it would work as stand alone. also "they get their money anyway" is not how buisnesses work. when you invest money into something you want as much profit out of it as possible. you dont lock money into an investment that is guaranted! not not make profit for a year. if i gift you 1000 bucks and i give you the choice to have them now or in 1 year what would you do? wait a year because it doesnt matter? or just take it?
  5. i dont believe them i see that it is economically the better choice. how would it make sense to finish developement for a DLC when it comes out a YEAR after the maingame? how would that make sense? when a company has the possibility to delay spending money they will always do it. because money can make yuo more money. there is no point in investing money to finish the developement of a DLC buy november when it comes out november next year. companies calculate into their spending something called opportunity cost. if you invest 100 bucks into a project that has a profit of 1 buck instead of a project that has a profit of 5 you have opportunity cist of 4 bucks because you missed the chance to earn 5 instead of 1. if you pay someone 100 bucks to finish the DLC until november and you dont release it until november that investment gives you 0 profit over 1 year. thats a horrible investment. ok i give you one example for ideas that didnt make sense in the main game but did in a dlc metro exodus is the third part of the metro trilogy and it Has the SAM dlc. its the after story of an NPC that plays in a different time in different levels with different other NPC. it has basically nothing to do with the main game aside from the fact that SAM apears in the maingame and that they happen in the same franchise. how is that cut content? i love the metro games and what i got there was a 4th game. it was shorter than the others an reused assets but it also only costed 10bucks. so how is that cut content? or the legogames. maingame has a open world with levels that tell a story. DLC (2 bucks each btw) are random levels that display movie scenes from the same franchise but different movies. you also get new characteres. doing everything takes about 1h so you got 2 bucks per hour there. the legogames without DLC came out for 50 bucks and some of them have content for 10h. thats 5 bucks per h. so you even got a better cost per gameplay ratio in this original content that had setpieces and characters that didnt find a place in the story of the game. another example would be games like smash bros. they release new fighters from time to time. so how many fighters should a fighting game have to not be a ripoff? and what if after the release of smash bros a new IP releases and fans would like to have a character from that IP in the game? do they have to make another full smash bros to add that character? why shouldnt they be allowed to just add it as a DLC? and do you really think every single additional fighter they release now was done in developement 3 years ago? you really think a company would take an investment that doesnt give you any profit for 3! years? thats absud or look at alice madness returns. the dlc there is whole first game. how is this full other game cut content too? i mean in this case i have to admit it was done already when the second game got released. i dont say you should pitty them. that worker earn almost nothing and managers make millions is a complitley different topic. but keep in mind that not every indie developer pays his manager 150mio. look at no mans sky for example. 8 dudes. i dont think 7 of them make 2000 bucks a month and the 8th one goes home with 100mio. and btw dont forget that games are pretty much the only thing that didnt get more expensive. in the 90ies you payd 50-60 bucks for games and now they do too. of corse they need additional sources of income. and if its not profitable enough noone will be interested in developing big games. i happiely buy witcher 3 DLC if that makes the whole thing profitable enough to be interesting for companies. if you wait a few months prices fall like rocks anyway
  6. i am sorry but this statement is simply wrong. and to call everybody a sucker who buys dlc is also not a good opinion. look at games like the witcher. how could this DLC be cut content? the game was a buggy mess when it came out and the DLC added a whole new area. it wouldnt even make sense economically to have this content done when the game releases. these DLC get developed after the game was released. also with cyberpunk now. you really think they took the time to create content that they want to cut for later anyway when the console version is in such a horrible state? no. you pay initially for what the developer is able to create in a given time and with a given budget. then the game gets sold and with the new budget and more time they make the DLC. it may have been the plan in the beginning to make DLC later but that is not necesarily content that could have been in the main game. aso you have to keep in mind that games need to make a profit. you cannot invest infinite time and money into a game. you have an idea then you can think about how many copies you expect to sell. and when you expect to make 8mio bucks your developementcost cannot be 10mio. so you need to make sure your project is of a certain size. and the cut content that gets done in DLC is not perfectly finished content that they took out to make more money its often ideas that didnt work in the main game. or stories that didnt make sense in the main storyline. or stuff that was just not good enough for the main game but creative enough for a dlc with a structure thats different any example would be cyberpunk again and its multiplayer DLC. thats not cut content that makes the game incomplete. with the budget and time they had they were not even able to get the game running on consoles. there is no finished working multiplayer that they took out to sell it to you later. another great example is pokemon. about half of every generation of pokemon get cut. the first generation has 150 but they created 300. is now every newer generation that uses ideas from the cut 150 pokemon cut content and only suckers buy gen 2 games because it makes gen 1 games incomplete? are in general part 2 games cut content from gen 1?
  7. i wouldnt 100% agree with that. there is a difference between a fair deal and greed. Look at people that work in the cleaning branche for example. i wouldnt say they do it out of greediness. there are people that want stuff to be clean and they need money to buy food shelter and some extra for pleasure. and in a lot of cases its not even enough to not count as poor in your country. so the idea of exchange your abilities and time for currency has nothing to do with greed. and game developer do nothing else. they exchange their creative work against my currency. so in alot of cases i wouldnt agree that the "its just greed" agrument is valiable. the witcher 3 is a great example too. they made an incredible amount of money with the base game and i am sure with the dlc as well. but the DLC were damn good. and i am very happy that they made at least a little bit of extra witcher game instead of letting me wait for 10 years for the witcher 4. Call of duty on the other hand. 2 map packs for the same price that gave you one DLC of the witcher with physical GWENT cards included. and also spread teh zombiemaps across all the map packs so that people that just wat to play the zombiemode still need to spend 60 bucks on 4! extra maps thats a whole different story. To put these 2 things in the sam epot buy saying "Its just greed" is not fair. at least in my opinion.
  8. i wouldnt call dlc automatically greedness. the lego games for example have pretty fair DLC in my opinion. its real original content that does not feel like it got cut from the game but like something new. also burnout paradise i think had very fair dlc. When you get a game that feels complete and then there is something added i dont really see a problem with that. from a trophy completionists perspective its a bit annoying. also for me but when its done in a fair way i usually also buy the DLC. most times i wait for a 50% sale. Another thing to keep in mind is that not every developer has a huge budget. sometimes they make a game thats as big as they can afford and when it ends up beein really good they can afford to make more content for it. look at no mans sky for example. that was a 8 people team that created what they could. and with sales they were able to improve the game. in this case even as free DLC
  9. try to pull the plug an plug back in. worked on my ps3 at least
  10. i can only agree. the original i played alot on my friends xbox and it was one of my first games when i finally got my own ps3. back in the day i even finished all the online challanges for that p12 diamond. sadly the online progress is saved local i and lost my savefile at one point and in the remastered i never found enough players to finish all the challanges. Anyway soundtrack is awesome!!
  11. Longest is Mirror's Edge 45 of 51 Trophies 23rd June 2020 • Platinum in 11 years, 6 months but the funniest gap i have is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 All 77 Trophies 3rd November 2020 • Completed in 9 years, 30 minutes
  12. So form is filled but i still wonna post a readable update here so here it comes Dragon Age: Inquisition 51 of 70 Trophies 1st April 2021 • Platinum in 6 years, 1 month First game if the Month was Dragon AGe InQuisition. i stopped playing because back when i started it i simply had no idea what i am doing and managed to get stuck in a bad situation on the highest diffuculty with no older savefile and lost motivation to go on. at least thats how i remember it but now that ifinished the game i really dont know how i should have pulled this off^^. Anyway this game is GREAT. i loved it enoug to get motivated to play the other ones in the series on ps3. i like the story, like talking to the people and i also kinda like the open world alot. its in different areas of a bigger map and that gives some varirity on th eopen world without making it endless and hugh. also i really like the dragon fights. if any of you still have this in your backlog dont worry to much about the difficulty. in the end i wnet as a archer with 2 mages and 1 warrior in my party and could win every fight almost with ease. skilled the fighter very very defensivley to get attention had on mage be a healer an one a damage dealer and became a damage dealer myself and it worked fine. in the beginning i sometimes needed to search for possibilities to make progress a little bit but that got less and less over the game. i loved my time with this and for sure will play the dlc one day. ATM just spent to much on ps3 dlc because of the store closure^^ Minecraft All 127 Trophies 2nd April 2021 • Completed in 6 years, 7 months Not alot to say to this, finally done with all minecraft games^^ for this one there is a very helpful gaming session going at the moment Killing Floor 2 All 58 Trophies 3rd April 2021 • Completed in 3 years, 11 months Not a lot to say here. cleaned up some more trophies here^^ Wake-up Club All 12 Trophies 7th April 2021 • Completed in 7 years, 10 months one of the more frustrating games to not have at 100% in my profile for me. i started it because it was free and seemed easy and then this aweful trophy were 12 humans players have to wake up together stopped me from going on. in the end i found a gaming session and it still took a few days but we mad eit to get that trophy. (Its also buggy btw). after that just some grinding was left and after 7 years its finally over^^ Zombie Army 4: Dead War All 62 Trophies 8th April 2021 • Completed in 11 months, 2 weeks With season pass 2 on sale my coop group for that game and i deicided to finish it together. we even finished the whole missions instead of just doing the last checkpoint^^ its a little frustrating that there is a season pass 3 comming also but at least the game in coop is not too horrible. Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 All 26 Trophies 11th April 2021 • Completed in 9 years, 9 months Oh magic the Gathering. how i love this game. i finally got to buying the DLC for this one and in the same go made sure to finish the whole series. the games are much more simply than the game in paper but still fun to play from time to time. i think i liked 2013 the most because it got the coolest cards^^ luckyly i had some people help me on the very short online part of this and the other games Sunflowers All 15 Trophies 11th April 2021 • Completed in 8 years, 5 months Another game that was free and had trophies which was enough reason for me to start it at that time, but this game is surprisingly fun. with cross breeding its also pretty quick to get all the flowers and thanks to some glitched the legendary flowers are also very easy to get once you have one of them. also the NEAR Trophy is still obtainable. the games doesnt care its something actually gets sent. it just wants you to press the button. had a fun morning with this Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers All 21 Trophies 18th April 2021 • Completed in 9 years, 10 months Another magic the gathering game. the dlc were a little hard to find but for anyone who is still searching: with a german store you can download the trial of this game and then go to the store via the ingame menu. there you can buy everything still. unlock key and all the DLC. mechanicly this game is the worst of the 4 but its still fun. i am just really happy to have this series completed now^^ PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap All 16 Trophies 18th April 2021 • Completed in 8 years, 11 months i dont know why but this game made me rage like nothing in a while. its a little like motorstorm RC but simpler. all you can do is speed up or dont (no brakes) and switch lanes. there is 5 of them and a lot of other cars that you should or should not crash into (depending on game mode) but due to the amount of other cars it often gets a little luck based if gold is even possible in a level. i almost gave up on this just because it was so efficient in making me mad but one morning it somehow worked all of a sudden^^ F1 Race Stars All 65 Trophies 20th April 2021 • Completed in 8 years, 4 months i didnt expect to be able to finish this. but for some unknown reason a friend of mine has his time on the leaderboard. its far far from beeing in the top 1000 but its there and i could beat it very easily. also the trophy to hit 3 people behind the saftycar worked first try on my second console at my girlfriends place. the gold medals in time trial were pretty easy after beating a friend was done. alll in all a very fun game. i can only recommend you to clean it up^^ Alice: Madness Returns 45 of 51 Trophies 23rd April 2021 • Platinum in 9 years, 2 months and last i finally was able to motivate myself to do some collectibles. i just really hate to play after a video guide thats often semi good. the game actaully is pretty good. and has no problematic trophies. the DLC is the whole first game and atm i have no space on my 12gb ps3 to install it so i will do it some day in the future^^ to anyone who doesnt like playing higher difficulties. in this game its enough to play the first and the last checkpoint of every chapter to get the trophy and in most levels the last checkpoint is even after the final boss. so you dont have to do much more than 2 fights for the trophy Edit: Another unexpected completion MotorStorm RC (Vita) All 32 Trophies 28th April 2021 • Completed in 8 years, 2 months Dont know how that happen but i kinda sat there and started some random game and then suddenly finished it^^ it was fun MotorStorm RC (ps3) All 32 Trophies 30th April 2021 • Completed in 7 years, 5 months Edit2: OK i really didnt expect this because i thought the last trophy of Red Faction battlegrounds seemed to be a big grind. i wanted to start it tomorrow but after beeing done studing i thought i might just check it out tonight already to see what is comming up. Turns out it can be done within about half an hour^^ Red Faction: Battlegrounds All 16 Trophies 30th April 2021 • Completed in 10 years, 4 weeks So another completion for this month^^ The game itself is a topdownshooter mostly designed for online mathces for up to 4 players. there are some training missions offline that you have to get t 3 stars but nothin too hard really. also 2 people with 4 controllers are enough for all online trophies. might even be doable with just 1 console but i am not sure about that. i myself did it with 2 consoles. Anyway fun little game can only recommend it. it has 2 dlc but they are not too expensive and take only about 30min each to complete. ok now i am really done for this month. dont think i stumble into another completin within the next 1,5h which is all thats left from this month for me^^ Weird month with alot of games that turned out to be much easier done than i expected^^ i am pretty happy with my month overall. got alot of stuff done and also finished some multiplayer parts of games were now other trophies are still missing.for now even tho my profiles feels chaotic i feel like i did a big step to my disired completion rate of 90%^^ currently i am working on red faction battlegrounds (done^^) enslaved odysee to the west DLC dragons dogma @Gretchen27 my total games removed count wasnt updated in march so with this months 14 games and the 2 from march i am standing at 70 games
  13. i think it doesnt really matter if current emulator work well. they are made non-profit or for illegal profit and atm you can buy a ps3 for 30 bucks and most games are pretty cheap so the potential earnings are very limited for third parties sony on the other hand could for sure create an emulator that works if they wanted to. yes it might be harder to do well than for other console but common. if sony is unable to create an emulator they would be were they are right now. the only things thats stopping them is that they dont want to do it. thats it. even the streams work buy having a ps3 running in the back
  14. i tried the same now and nothing works for me. it fails to upload and with my main account i cannot see anything i could possibly download. my friendscoreboard is empty even tho i have people in my friendlist that have recently played and platinumed the game Edit: Ok so on one track in the 1000ccm category i dont know why but the game all of a sudden showed me the time of a friend and it was a horrible time. like not even close to bronze. it failed to download the ghost but it did show me his time in the left right corner and i got the trophy.
  15. another update from me. i got rid of some games but sadly also added some games^^ changes: plants vs Zombies -> 90% magic the gathering duels of the planeswalkers 2012 -> 100% magic the gathering duels of the planeswalkers -> 100% magic the gathering duels of the planeswalkers 2013 -> 100% magic the Gathering duels of the planeswalkers 2014 -> 6% altered beast -> 80% Tank battles -> 50% castle crashers -> 57% red faction battlegrounds -> 64% f1 Race stars -> 66% Pixeljunk racers 2nd Lap -> 100% mushroom wars ->35% i mostly finished online trophies to have them done^^ anyway in total Green -> completed crossed -> i am done with it yellow -> not completed but worked on it Yellowcrossed -> i am done with it but didnt complete it (unobtainable trophies or dlc i will not do)
  16. No in the Store its not visible. Yes i heard of that error from my boosting Partner. for him it worked after just trying a few more times. maybe restart the game/console in between tries? Also when you are in the XMB you can go to the trial and then press triangle to open that side menu in which you can delete the game. For trials there is also a "Buy" option that leads you to the FUllgame upgrade. Maybe try that
  17. ok so at least playing on switch works. thanks for the infos !
  18. ok adding up the numbers 50+49+48 and so on gives 1275 so you need to get about 1125 while getting 1 point plus the first 50 matches would be 1175 matches which is about 20h. hm seem kinda acceptable to me ^^ is it easy t be done blind? like with a controller next to me and alwas push the buttons needed in loading times and stuff?
  19. are we talking in the 10h aera or less than 70 but still 50?
  20. can any one of you give a estimation on how long it takes? i herad something like 4000 matches? with a minute per match thats 70h?^^
  21. ok to anyone who is interested. With ger accounts if you download the trial you can start the game and go to "downloadable content" or "Inahlt herunterladen" in german. there you can buy everything. the unlock key and DLC are all available the DLc are also compatible with the austrian main game if anyone cares^^
  22. ok i have a austrian key and i am willing to buy one of the dlc to test so i will let you know ^^
  23. i have the main game in my austrian account do you maybe know if the dlc from the german store are compatible?
  24. i never really stoped playing and buying stuff on ps3 from time to time but recently i just got some DLC that i still want to finish and a very little amount of store only games that i wanted to get sooner or later anyway and just made it be sooner^^
  25. the upgrad is not available in the austrian store but if you download the game and then in the menu go to "by" on the installation it might work. at least thats how i was able to redownload the activation key that was not in my downloadlist anymore i btw tried to buy th DLC in the UK store. the listing is there but the buy button is gone^^ so i coulndt try anyway