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  1. Like oblivion said, the dojo is closed and we don't know when it's coming back, hopefully soon.
  2. You posted it in the right place, so I think it's okay. Your artwork is pretty good. I think you also have good colouring skills.
  3. Why are they sending this game out to die? They really need to rethink the release date. Anyway, the new trophies look like the PS3 version sans "Pay it foward". I'm really looking forward toward DS2 but Assassin Creed S, D5, GH, H5 and maybe W2K16 are going to take up my time.
  4. Looking at your profile, I would say that you have moved on to next gen fully. Sell the console, get the £100 for it, save it or spend it. The PS3 is getting old and like Resident said "No one would offer you a better deal in the future".
  5. Can't we allow them if they opt for the PS4 version?
  6. Here's a thread to talk about the trophies of Grand Ages Medieval, dicuss away! My thoughts Quite a decent list, I'm like that the trophy images are a bit basic. The list doesn't seem so hard, I'm really happy that the MP trophies look easy. There's a trophy for getting laid (awwwwww yeah). The only grindy trophies I can see are the ones that require you to build up businesses, getting max experience for troops, having 50 units under your command and plundering 50 traders. Difficulty: 5 - 8/10 Time to complete: 10 - 50 hours
  7. Well, look at the bright side. Now that you uploaded that picture to photobucket, I have a chance to buy a metal print, canvas wraps or framed prints.
  8. I can admit I should have be more clearer, like I said the console is a powerhouse and GR was perfect for the console. I just hope PS VR gets decent support because if PSVR games appears as sequel, it will be GR2 all over again.
  9. I was never talking about the amount of games, so ............
  10. That community is the 4chan of Nintendo products.
  11. You disgust me, I'm so in love with you and your trashy ways.

  12. The PS4 B3 looks a bit basic to the X1 AW version but the controller is far better than the X1 version. I'm still deciding but I think I'm going to get B3 when it comes out.
  13. I see no challegne trophies, yes!!!! I may go for LD after Skylanders SC. I'm a bit happy that there's a simpsons level pack.
  14. I'll use it for the platinum and that's it, gotta keep my rep up in the 3DS community.
  15. I was born this way, accept me for who I am. The PS4 version is sounding pretty disappointing right now, I'll get the Vita version.