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  1. Good on you, Skybound.
  2. PSN : AphexRedux Blank Requests? No Current Games : MLB The Show 18 Spider-Man GTA V Hotring Racing
  3. PSN: AphexRedux PS systems: PS4, PS3 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: No Current games : MLB The Show 18 Spider-Man GTA V Hotring Racing
  4. First DLC drops 12/19. A new patch added a harder difficulty (Diabolic) today.
  5. PSN: AphexRedux Systems: PS4 Blank Friend Requests: No
  6. PSN : AphexRedux Current Games : MLB 17 Gran Turismo Sport (10/17) South Park GTA Online Stunt Races
  7. PSN : AphexRedux Currently playing : Arkham Series MLB The Show 17 GTA V Online Uncharted : Lost Legacy
  8. AphexRedux Current Games : MLB 17 The Show (Diamond Dynasty) Fallout 4 Last of Us Multiplayer
  9. Probably would not fight Skyes. Claptrap don't want none.
  10. Because Battle Royale is broken. Most people just DDOS you if they're losing if the game doesn't DC before that. Will definitely keep me from platinuming this title.
  11. PSN : AphexRedux Currently playing.... Uncharted 4 Multiplayer, MLB 16 The Show DD/Battle Royale. Also willing to play some TLOU & GTA5 multiplayer, although I'm semi-retired from those titles. Will not accept blanks, but if you want to play UC4 or grind some MLB 16 DD innings, add me. Cheers.
  12. In. Love me some GT.
  13. 3 Games... GTA V (3), IV (1), and MLB 15 The Show Platinum.
  14. PSN ID: AphexRedux PS Systems: 2, 3, 4, Vita Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Nein Multiplayer games (PS4): GTA V The Last of Us
  15. I move for a lifetime sentence of dial up.