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  1. Thanks. Yeah Iv'e tried that in the past but it has been pretty unstable connecting whenever it feels like it, but this gave me an idea that maybe my TV is eating up some bandwidth or something as its connected to my router by cable. Everything else is usually turned off when im gaming.
  2. Hello. I was wondering if someone had some knowledge about the rough requirements of internet download and upload speeds to stream online and offline games with each quality of the video. Highest I can go is 720p (60fps) and I think my 150mbs connection isn't enough for online games as it either disconnects completely or lags and ditto. Also does it change anything if I have someone else playing online (or why not offline) with me from the same playstation? Aching to start streaming but I dont feel like going through the trial and error of trying everything one by one.
  3. Whats going on with the account thing in this game? When im trying to login or create account I get server error (52400) or some number like that but its always the same.
  4. Cant you just hide the games trophies you havent completed yet? I feel like its borderline impossible to know in advance if something is gonna grind your gears the wrong way without giving it a shot or watching the whole walkthrough on youtube before playing...which I find pretty counterproductive for your enjoyment of the game. But of well. My advice would be to complete those other games you havent played through yet cause most likely your gonna keep on piling unfinished games in the future too just like now and be in some kind of denial about it lol.
  5. Well I guess Fuel is one of those games id like to legit start over and earn the trophies. I downloaded a completed save file back in the day just to see if it works and how it feels when so many trophies pop at once. Now its forever hidden because I dont want to be banned from the forums basically.
  6. Has the Bawsaq market been totally abandoned by Rockstar for good? I see the stocks dont seem to move on social club or the game and it doesnt recognize my portfolio on the website...has there been some partial server shutdown etc. I dont know about?
  7. Anyone know if the save file will be always saved when switching back to US system language? Or will it be wiped out forever if I switch back to finnish?
  8. Yes at first I thought that this is just the way it is but later I read some other topics of players having local sessions from the same coach and talking about friends getting same trophies as the host so it's kind of weird...honestly I dont know what to do but we'll keep trying to get it to work. If we figure it out ill update this topic for the solution in case none has come up.
  9. I think it took me 1-2 days to get this trophy. You can have breaks and exit the machine etc It doesnt matter. Its all RNG so it doesnt really matter which "hatches" you choose, I always just spammed X in the bonus round and eventually the keys and gems lined up on the default selections. Youll get there eventually with some patience.
  10. Yeah I installed the game today for the first time just so we could play it together at my place. No previous saves or anything and we tried to start a new game multiple times with mixed and standard storymode with no luck. Im the only one getting the trophies.
  11. Hey. Today I tried to play the game on duo mode with a friend but for some reason he was not getting any trophies at all. He was logged in on his account as the second player and I was 1st so we have no idea whats causing this problem. We tried everything from him being the 1st player etc but no luck. Any idea what to do cause we'd really love to play the game through together and rack up some coop trophies. Thanks.
  12. Apparently you can get it from playing slots in space too.. not sure about the other slot machines but i won over 10k while grinding for the 100 perfect missions trophy and this trophy popped instead.
  13. I guess I gotta go with Mortal Kombat X those games are just so hard to plat at least for me. Great job man.
  14. The reason I'd like to delete trophies is because at one point I downloaded a save file from the internet for Fuel and unlocked almost all the trophies for that game that way which I deeply regret now. Im forced to hide it from my trophy list completely or otherwise im labeled as a cheater on this site. Im okay with my profile having incomplete games and unobtainable platinum games etc. but this mistake I made years ago is affecting my trophy list in a way it feels like theres a rotten apple in my basket if you know what I mean. Now wiser id like to get those trophies in a legit way but I cant. I know its my own fault but cheated trophies also corrupt the overall statistics of the trophies so wouldnt it be better for Sony to allow the deletion of cheated trophies or to implement a system that erases trophies that are obviously cheated?
  15. Quantum conundrum - Still Alive 1.06% -bronze trophy. Not that hard at all, anyone can get this with a little patience, but I think it should be a silver trophy. Not really worth it for the effort for a bronze.