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  1. I learned a few things while doing test runs on an alt for fastest to 100%, so I figured I'd share here. I noticed one of the fastest got this out of the way within 8 minutes of starting the game, so I did some investigating: 1) You can create multiple franchises, so you can start a team for the sole purpose of getting this trophy, then make another one for winning. 2) I started a team and picked the 4 people with the lowest robustness. I think there were some 11's in there, and all 4 were under 20. Your goalie doesn't matter. 3) Learn to win fights whenever you want to by picking someone and staying away from the scrum until the rest of your team is down. Whoever is left on the other team will clump up and you can skate circles around them and do drive-by punching until they're all down. Sometimes they'll even knock each other out! 4) Get in your first match and switch victories (in the fights, not the matches) until 3 people are dead. Minor injuries don't count. I did 4 practice runs before the real one (5 total) and all 5 times I got the trophy in the first match. Even if you're horribly unlucky, you can quit and reload with your same 4 weak ones. As another side note, you don't have to be out of money to get The Mark of Failure either. The option is there on rent day even if you have like 20 grand in the bank. When you reload you'll be back on rent day and can pay rent and carry on. This saves like 20 days of losing on purpose in season 2. Hope this helps!
  2. I'm assuming OP didn't care about speed running, just getting what would be unobtainable tomorrow. FYI though, my mapping puts me at about 5 hours for all the SP trophies, if you get cute and use the constraints well. Might come in handy for the PS4 version: current record's 14 hours and something, and someone could probably do it in under 10.
  3. It's funny this gets brought up, and the practical answer is of course no, but it is actually theoretically possible. I run "fastest to 100%" speed runs on an alt and was thinking about taking this one right before the closure. My wife stopped me, thankfully, but here's what I came up with: If you had full control of 10 PS3's, and 4 live people who would help you, you wouldn't have to take turns for 2500 kills. You could run 50 full matches in roughly 5 hours. Add another to stop and get all the medals kills (BBQ, Triple Threat, etc.). 50 elimination wins would take another 90 minutes if you went straight through, plus 3 more hours for plunder. Unless you've worked with your team and maximized this run, you'll probably need another hour for disconnects, errors, or missed kills (like defender or afterlife), so call that 10.5 hours for competitive modes. A decent 3 person team could probably run the 3 arena modes in 30 minutes, but doing the 6 objective maps (3 hard, 3 crushing) would take the best groups more than an hour. In short, I guess, even if you maximized everything you'd still be around 13 hours. And they'd be soul crushing hours. And 4 people would never talk to you again. Too much messing around if you ask me
  4. There's a big difference between the Overwatch trophy change and the Destiny one. Nerfing Mercy's ability made the trophy 100% impossible to obtain. Changing the Raid level back to 300 made the trophy obtainable (but more difficult) for vanilla owners, but changing the trophy requirements itself was neither necessary nor beneficial to anyone. As an avid trophy hunter, I can list at least 10 examples of spending money on DLC making it easier to obtain trophies (my favorite is the Red Bull car in GT5). But at no time, ever, in the history of trophies, have I seen a trophy requirement changed to make it harder for people that dropped the cash. Unfortunately, I don't think they'll change it back. The outcry just isn't as widespread or vicious as it was when COO was released, and I don't think Bungie wants to resurrect this again. I'm super angry, and I'm sure some others are too, but unless it's the thousands that originally complained about this I think our little squeaks will fall on deaf ears. My hope is that, like D1, some later DLC gives you a weapon or loadout that makes Prestige Leviathan easier. My group tried about a month ago and got smashed in the face bad enough to give up. And we actually DID the normal Raid during the week it was 300, and have finished Prestige NF a few times. Meaning we actually all have the Platinum trophy, but like a petulant little brother who changes the rules when he's losing, Bungie decided our completions didn't count.
  5. Well, I took the challenge and I'm sad to report, that's a Nope! And, Nope! The mechanic for spawning Gatekeepers has apparently changed as well: they don't come out till you make it to the other side, so only one Gatekeeper per sword. I tried a few methods of getting more Gatekeepers, but failed at all of them. I got frustrated after a while so I crossed and let my sword go away so I could practice knocking them off the ledge. Apparently that mechanic is fixed as well, so when they fall off they teleport back up, right behind you! I must have knocked that guy into the abyss 20 times, and he was still happy as anything. Oh well, I guess better minds than mine will figure out a way to do this. I'll keep looking, or I might just suck it up and get some friends Thanks everyone for helping, and I'm sorry this strategy came to nothing.
  6. Good questions: First, the why: there are many reasons for preferring solo over teamwork. No time, generally unfriendly, social anxiety, sense of accomplishment - I guess I fall into a little of all of those Second, I saw a video from Esoterickk a few days ago: Is this what you're referring to? If so, he's a wizard and uses self-res which voids the flawless trophy. Not an option for me. Third, I was able to jump the bridge the same after AoT as before. I just took the sword to the rock to the right of the bridge, and took the same route as every video I've seen on this since year 1. I'll obviously be checking this over and over in the next week or so to be sure, and I'll post if it suddenly becomes un-doable. In the meantime, if anyone wants to try the bridge, please let me know if it works. I think it might, so I'll probably try it sometime tonight and let you all know.
  7. Don't give up! I have no doubt that somebody will find a way to solo flawless Crota's End, even with Bungie "fixing" the cheese. I, unfortunately got burned by this, as I spent months levelling my hunter, grinding exotics to get Bones and Don't Touch Me, then found that the new bridge mechanic "ruined" my chances of solo flawless. I think I have an idea on how to do this, and I'll keep everyone posted here if I'm successful. I'm going to limit the discussion to the bridge section, as I think the rest is somewhat the same. Also, this only applies to the normal difficulty (level 28) raid. The mechanic, as I understand it, is this: you have to build the bridge, kill a Swordbearer, run across, and kill the Gatekeeper. This will light up one of the statues. Then you have to repeat the same process 3 more times to light up the 4 statues by the door. Once "everyone" is across, 6 more swords spawn on the far side and you have to kill 6 more gatekeepers to light up the other 5 statues. Does this seem pretty accurate? Of course, the problem is that once you get across the bridge and kill your Gatekeeper, you can't get back to the first side to pick up another sword, unless you self res and blow your flawless, right? Well, it's my understanding that the Swordbearer/Gatekeeper mechanic works like this: whenever you kill a Swordbearer, you spawn a Gatekeeper on the other side. What if you killed 4 Swordbearers, took their swords, then dropped them until you got the last one. Take the final sword and jump the bridge like you used to. There should be 4 Gatekeepers waiting to die over there, right? I have confirmed that the "climbing the tower" doesn't work any more, and I've also confirmed that you can still jump the bridge without forming it. My problem was that once I got there, I killed the one Gatekeeper, lit one statue and progress stopped. Now, of course you won't be able to kill 4 Gatekeepers with a single sword, unless you're way better at Destiny than I am. I think you could get 2 for sure and maybe into a 3rd one before the sword disappeared. That leaves you with 1 or 2 Gatekeepers to kill and no sword, right? Well, what if you knocked them off the edge? I heard once that hiding by the edge made them come over and walk off the map: that's my plan. Once all 4 are gone, the second part should begin and one person can probably get the rest without too much trouble. Anyway, sorry for the long reply, but if anyone wants to try this out, let me know how it works. I probably won't have a chance for a week or so, and I'd be really interested if this is a viable strategy.
  8. Brako, I think you've hit on a really fun discussion with this question, and I thank you for that. You're welcome to play the games any way you want with any goals you desire. That's what's awesome about video games: you can be a total jerk or a total stud and none of it matters to anyone but you. Obsessions are funny things: I only bought a PS3 about 18 months ago, and the first game I plugged in was Gran Turismo 5. It was my first experience with trophies/achievements, but I've been a completionist ever since i beat the original NES Zelda with no sword. The first time I heard the "blee-donk," I was hooked. So, I'm playing GT5, having quite a bit of trouble, but totally committed to doing whatever it took to accomplish what the developers said was "complete." I found some videos, but no guide on gamefaqs. So I kept trying for hours and hours, and finally got it done. No guide was kind of bugging me, so I decided to write one. Of course, I had to plat the game AGAIN, while I wrote 150 pages of meticulous instructions for each turn of each challenge. This one little game ended up taking me about 6 months to finish. As a result of this "obsession," I now have what I've found out is a very rare trophy (less than 1% at current rates), and I've found a whole new source of enjoyment writing game guides. I'm up to 7, and 3 of them are even pretty good I'd say I made out pretty well, considering I don't even like racing games! Anyway, you stay at it. If you ever get your goal, look me up and I'll buy you a beer. A real beer, not a virtual beer. Cheers! Also, I'm totally going to play Arkham City because of this post. The challenge is just too tempting to pass up
  9. Ha, I love this topic! I don't understand why there are so many replies saying "I don't care about 100%" or "why don't you just..." this is a specific question for a specific type of person. A person like me For me, it was Tiger Woods 13. I loaded it on my alt to make sure the online was still working, then found out too late that EA took the Live Tournaments off. Soul crushing. Also, I'm starting to get a really bad feeling about Spelunky... I have the Gran Turismo 5 Platinum, and I think I finally found a game that's just too hard. We'll see.