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  1. Though I've since boosted all of these on other accounts and made friends and good memories along the way, the absolute best memory for me was doing Brotherhood legit and getting Extreme Variety in an actual match. Back in 2014 or 15 when I did this, it was still possible to get decent Wanted matches with randoms. I wasn't ever good or anything, but I could scrape together a few thousand points per match. Getting level 50 was then expected to take about 300 matches (I think you needed 600k if I remember right), assuming none of your sessions got disconnected in the middle (which they often did). Anyway, I did 5 or 6 matches a day for months, and had tried to get EV any chance I could, without success. For those that don't know, Abstergo Employee of the Month requires you to get every single match bonus, and one of those is Extreme Variety, which is for getting 15 different kill/evade bonuses in a single 10 minute session. Even boosting this is a pain, but trying to accomplish it in a regular match is complete torture, there's no counter or way to tell which ones you've done and there's certainly no guarantee that you'll have the opportunity to get the ones you need. Anyway, I set up a method where I'd keep track of 9 of them each match, ones that I thought I could get mostly on command, then keep an eye out for opportunities like ledge kills or weird ones like intercepted, and if I got the Greater Variety bonus (10) with some time to spare I'd try to finish the match by getting 5 new ones. I was not really close to this ever, I might get Greater Variety every 20 matches or so but it would always be with less than a minute to go. I was almost at the end of the grind, I think I was level 49 with about 20 matches to go, when I finally got a chance at this. Thanks to some weird circumstances (I think I had a match with half runners and half stalkers that made both escapes and stealth kills possible), I got Greater Variety with about 2:45 left on the clock. I was frantically searching my memory trying to remember which bonuses I had gotten, and I was able to add hidden/incognito and stun to that, then die and switch to my gun profile. I needed the midair bonus (for shooting someone while they're jumping), and one other, and when I switched profiles my gun ability hit me with a 90 second cooldown. I managed to get a double escape during the cooldown then painfully wait for the gun to come up while I looked for my target, hoping that 1) they would be on a roof, and 2) they would jump from that roof in a way that I could shoot them within the last 30 seconds of the match. They did. You have to hold the trigger long enough to focus the shot and my hands were shaking so much that I almost missed the shot. My aim was true though, and my count was correct, so with about 20 seconds to spare I got Extreme Variety, which in turn popped AEOTM. I was so excited I had to stop for the night, and about 7 years later I'm still grinning as I write this. Not just my favorite AC Multiplayer memory, one of my top 10 trophy moments of all time. I definitely will not miss AC Multiplayer, and I hope I never have to see it again. But at least there were some good times out of the whole mess.
  2. My 2 all time favorites are "Very poor, unbelievable" because I used a rocket on a Geth Prime in a ME3 bronze match. There were 2 of us in the match and the other guy was like 2nd on the world leaderboard, you get points toward challenges for each enemy type and I needed Prime points, so I basically stole his kill. Still have that message and my wife and I still use "Very poor, unbelievable" in our everyday lives, so I guess the dude did us a favor. The second one was in Medal of Honor: Warfighter where I was trying to get sniper kills for the 1440. I played like 10 matches in a row with another lifer (top 10 at least) and got like 7 kills total, he told me to "Go play Mario Brothers." I told him I thought this WAS Mario Brothers, then spent the entire next match jumping back and forth over the same piece of cover. He couldn't kill me b/c he was on my team. I ended up doing the 1440 legit, which took like 3 months, and whenever that dude showed up in my room he left immediately
  3. I'd say about the same, and for the same reasons. No in game tracking and Liberty City has the same verticality issues as well (you get to the spot on the map and you can't tell if you should be looking up or down.) You're not totally off to be worrying about glitches, either. I still think most of the complaints are from people who didn't keep good notes, but even when I was doing AWP earlier this year we had someone that had to redo all the races, and another one in my group that didn't get the team modes right and had to redo those as well. From looking at your profile, though, I feel like punishing yourself like this is part of the fun, so I feel like you'll end up doing it anyway Good luck and happy gaming!
  4. It's up to you, but I still complete this about once a year and I would say it's still pretty stable. There's 4 sessions right now on PsnP alone and I know there's at least one that has a huge Discord where people were still active as recently as March 2022. The game itself is long and annoying, so playing on PC might save you frustration from not having to collect all the pigeons or AWP, but if the online is the only thing you're worried about you'll probably be fine. Also, if you're USA, there's usually some kind of used game store in most cities (mine's called The Exchange) where you can still buy used consoles, and see them before you buy them. I was able to pick up a super slim PS3 with a working controller for I think $150 this past May. Not too bad since it came with a warranty.
  5. Good topic, there's lots of profiles I "love," but for different reasons. 1) Pretty much anyone on my friends list, people I know irl or have boosted with in the past, it's nice to remember the good times and see what they're up to. The most impressive of those is probably twyz and OJ9999vr, one for volume and one for persistence. 2) I love looking at the cheater profiles. It's fascinating to me to see what is considered "impressive" by people who are willing to break the rules to get it. I used to have fun creating alt profiles and see if I could match the cheated ones, but now there's just too many delisted/unavailable games to make any kind of comparison. 3) Top leaderboard ones - before EZPZ it was really fun to look at the top profiles and see what you'd have to do to get there, but now not so much. I still pop in and see what Smashero is up to from time to time, though. Probably my favorite top account. I used to compare these folks and for like 5 years I was super proud that I had By My Hand Alone in Dishonored but RoughDawg didn't. 4) Fastest to 100% - The main ones I like looking at are the ones that hit top times on the 100% leaderboard, I really like reading the profile and trying to figure out if they got the top time on accident, cheated, started an alt, or whatever. I also like to see if they have other top times on their account. It takes some effort to do, so I like seeing profiles like Waraneasy or HoorayForTyler that have multiple games on their main. Honestly, though, I don't look at profiles nearly as much as I used to just because of the EZPZ's. As soon as I see 8 stacks of Cow D or something I pretty much move on. Too bad, there's some good work still buried under all that junk
  6. I saw this and though I haven't played the game, I was able to consult an expert who was telling me about this every night just a bit ago while she was going through the same thing. Here's her advice: Oh man I really had to think about it. I think I actually stopped at 82? I seem to think I only got a few more levels by the end of the game, maybe ended on 86/87 or so? Far less than I thought I would. I’m almost positive I didn’t hit 90 by the end. If this person wants to completely avoid hard mode then probably get to level 95 or so to be on the safe side. You get xp much quicker in hard mode though, so if they think they can handle it I’d recommend that route so they don’t completely die from boredom. Hope that helps!
  7. Yeah, there's an issue with the way the game saves your progress, it was mentioned in another thread: It has something to do with one hole rounds on the online courses, I think it only saves everything when you leave the lobby. There's something in your stats page that will show you if your Condor was recorded or not, make sure that you go back to the home area after you get one so the game saves your progress. Unfortunately, if it didn't save, you'll still have to get 3 more. Good luck!
  8. Yes, a sad farewell to another great PS3 game and another worthy addition to the unobtainable stack. I had fun playing all weekend right up until the closure, and I just want to thank KathyGriffin, Its-Muertez, BTS-9(something) and RyansRavens for leaving your empty bases on Security Challenge right up to the end. I was able to get enough resources for the nuke in 47 minutes thanks to your negligence I guess it's on to PS4 then, that should be up for quite a while, right?
  9. I agree with all of this, I just recently went on vacation to a place with no internet, and I thought it would be fun to fire up some of our old consoles instead of bringing the PS3's and 4's. We couldn't even hook up the original Pong (it has bare wires that were supposed to connect to your TV's antenna). I got the NES to work on an old TV before we left, but after about 2 hours of blowing on cartridges and dying on Mario we decided it wasn't even worth bringing. I ended up bringing Ivan (my old PS2), and even then I got tired of it within a few hours. The games were just harder, no autosaves, no dynamic camera movement, and most of all no trophies. Though I will always be fond of the "good old days" of gaming, nothing really holds a candle to the enjoyment from PS3 onward. By contrast, this past weekend I finished Phantom Pain on PS3, basically played for 60 straight hours to try to beat the fastest time to 100% right before the servers closed. I enjoyed every single minute of it (except the last 2 hours trying to beat the tanks with a splitting headache) and now that I've caught up on my sleep again I'm going to start looking through the games list for more PS3 games that I might have missed. 10 years I've had this generation and I'm ready for 10 more!
  10. Wow, dang dude, what are you getting all riled up for? I would, and am absolutely, going to test this tonight, but this game's servers close in 5 days and I don't see any problem offering a suggestion that someone who's part of the way through the story could check out in a matter of a few minutes. I'm also not even concerned with whether the game "marks" them as completed, I'm interested in whether it unlocks future missions. Meaning, you could get to Mission 22 and unlock FOB infiltrations without having to learn all the missions, then get to Mission 31 and unlock the nuke. Again, time is of the essence here, people who are rushing to get this trophy in the last few days are the ones to whom this thread is relevant, and in that vein searching for quicker ways to get there is sort of the opposite of inane, yes? UPDATE: So I worked on this last night and was able to get Mission 6 unlocked without completing 3 or 4 (I had to do 5 though), then I got 7-10 unlocked without completing 6. It took the whole night though and I never did figure out what was triggering the game to move forward. Since nobody has replied asking for this, I'm just going to consider this possible but impractical and move on. TL;DR - it works, but it's just faster to do the missions. Powerpyx's S Rank videos are pretty quick and you can get to Mission 21 in about 4-5 hours, open your FOB and invade someone and then you'll be safe from unobtainables after the server shutdown. Yes, as long as you can access version 1.0, either from an old (without updates) digital version or a physical copy.
  11. There always seems to be a bit of misunderstanding regarding flagged/reported games, "bans," and what that all means. Nobody on this site is deleting anyone's trophies or banning anyone from playing any game in whatever way they want. If you're earning trophies for PERSONAL TASTE, you can do pretty much whatever you want and nobody cares. We're not talking about personal taste here though, we're talking about the leaderboards on this site, which is all about RECOGNITION. The order/totals/fastest ranks are just that, they're ranked. That means that if you want to be part of the rankings you have to play by the rules, whether you agree with them or not. If you want to see unobtainable trophies ding on your profile by having a hacker help you, that's completely your choice. If you want it to count the same as those who got it legit, then no, that's not how that works. It's like golf, you can put whatever you want on your card, but don't go bragging about your score unless you played by the rules. EDIT - Well, I just caught up on the disputes and it looks like this person isn't talking about unobtainable trophies, just delisted games. Those aren't against the rules, but the point is still valid. People who want "recognition" and don't like the system here can (and have actually) start their own tracking site with different rules. I guess it's just all up to personal taste
  12. So did you test this then? Games are funny sometimes, I know this one definitely counts the task as soon as you do it, as long as you quit to ACC and not restart checkpoint. Can I interest you in GTA V any % speedrun? It's 5 straight hours of people quitting missions until the game lets them skip to the next one
  13. I had an idea and I'm wondering if anyone might want to test this, I can possibly try it after work tonight, but if anyone wants to try this earlier, then be my guest: My current route for the 100% club has me invading my first FOB at 5:31, grinding 8 Base Dev. and 12 Support Platforms (for the resources for the nuke), by 6:58 and starting the nuke build at 8:53. Development time would be 30 hours real time since my base isn't very highly leveled (it would be 24 hours if your BD Platform was level 4), so technically if you knew all the missions you could start this Friday night and as long as you finished mission 31 by Saturday afternoon you could get your nuke developed and dismantled before the servers close on Monday. However- That would require a pretty thorough knowledge of the missions and how to finish them quickly, but I've also been doing a lot of "quit to ACC" to avoid waiting for the chopper. I noticed that when you're in a main mission, if you get one of the objectives and quit to the ACC, the mission task stays marked in the mission select menu and if you haven't completed the mission you get a "-" rank. What I'm wondering, is does this count as completing the mission for purposes of moving the story along? Like, will Troy Ocelot call you and say you got new offers? If he does, you could probably get to building the nuke in 2 or 3 hours. Just start a mission, do a task (like get the diamonds in Mission 1, it will take you 20 seconds), quit to ACC and start mission 2. Rinse and repeat 31 times, do your FOB invasions to get resources for about an hour and a half, then cook your nuke and you're all set. Anyway, my current save file has all the missions unlocked already, so I can't use it for this. Unless someone has already tried this, or if someone wants to try right now, I'll probably USB that file and start fresh tonight just to see if it unlocks.
  14. Sorry mate, doesn't work like that. Survival mode is part of Multiplayer, so you have to be on the latest patch to sign in. But yes, it used to be easier. The FAL had crazy damage output and the shield gate was like 100ms, which is giant in a shooter.
  15. Huge shout out to @shorty2905 for doing these videos. I know it's been almost 5 years now, but I've done 30 stars solo on 3 accounts, with these videos up at all times. I still watch them for fun even (especially stage 9) and "There's no need for this!" (from right before the Stage 2 boss) is a meme in our house whenever some bullshit is happening. As someone who watches A LOT of trophy video guides, this is one of the best I've ever seen. Informative, entertaining, humble and calm. Great job mate! For those still looking to complete this, I did a run in '21 and all tactics still worked fine. Even if you want to cheese the bosses, you still have to get to the bosses in time, and these videos will 100% help you do that.