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  1. My first time using PSNprofile on mobile, and its a nightmare, took me 10 minute just to write this, as ive deleted my previous post two times, well well well. But hey, back with a platinum(FINALLY) after 1 year since #43. #44 DEAD NATION(ps3) I dont have a lot to say about it, its a fun game the first 3 difficulty, as youre the one kicking the zombies ass, but in morbid its the other way around.. That last part on morbid is hella hard, but the platinum would be even harder if beating undead was a trophy, wich i dont wanna imagine.. But in the end, its a new platinum, and i sure hope next one wont be in may 2018😁 Fun: 7 Difficulty: 7
  2. Hey sup, I have: -Hitman Contracts -Hitman: Blood Money So that make me an hitman
  3. Number 42: Monster Jam Battlegrounds

    1. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat

      Congrats mister NFS avy (^_^ )

  4. #42: Monster Jam Battlegrounds Well its been a long time with no shiny platinum, but now im back. Its just because Medal of honor warfighter took all my time but since it fucked on me im putting in on the side for now. I picked this game on a sale for 5$ or somethin: its not worth more than that. Im a fan of Monster truck but this sucked badly. Fisrt, the controls are the worse ive seen in awhile. In the stadium events your truck just go everywhere its incroyable! Second, 80% of the games is just a 2D trials-like, so its boring. Only hard part is the precision event on forest and challenge on urban. Other than that, easy peezy platinum. Fun: 1/10 Difficulty: 2-3/10
  5. Im a tourist Games platted: -Far cry 3
  6. Add me in Mortal, I only platted Ascension :/
  7. Add me to Regular soldier plz ive platted: - Modern warfare 3 - Black ops 1
  8. HELLDIVERS finally patched! Its pretty fun

  9. Waiting for that damn HELLDIVER patch....

    1. TheYuriG


      Went through that helish download twice in a single afternoon. PS4 doesn't have this issue

    2. sup3rk0alol17x


      Im on Ps3 and theres absolutely no texture. Just black. It piss me off, game look awesome

  10. Add me in:) I have platinum: -Lego Marvel Super hero(Ps3) -Lego Batman 2:DC super heroes Ps3
  11. Ive platted Arkham asylum and Lego batman 2
  12. 8Er$ x Matstubs -Burn Babylon
  13. Platinum No41:Deadpool

    1. ShadowStar83x
    2. DJROE95


      Are you gonna sell the game now ha ha :)


    3. sup3rk0alol17x


      I got the digital one xD, but thanks guys

  14. Platinum No.41 Deadpool Ma 1st plat of 2016 BTW cool platinum name. This game was very funny, Deadpool is my favourite marvel character so having a game on him was awesome. But the gameplay is normal. I mean its a beat em all like others. But even on my 2nd playthrough i was still laughing the joke. Ultra-violence is not that bad, but oh god that last fight........ You have to know your deadpool 100%. fun: 9 difficulty: 6
  15. Deadpool is so funny and crazy ^^ So far gr8 game