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  1. You're back my friend (^_^ )

    P.S Merry Christmas 🎄 

  2. let it go
  3. This feels like the wrong thread, also I have no idea what you're on about. PM me why don;t you. Dammit Mark, wasn't the Rock off in the other thread fight enough?
  4. to let things
  5. who hate spammers
  6. gregarious
  7. banned for not knowing spamming. I may be overruled, but am entitled to my opinion that is shared by many, maybe that makes me a bitch, I'll take it to stop spamming trolls.
  8. i don't do stomps. Stop trying to get killed
  9. I wish I could, that stallion of an inward singing man Can you hit Matt Bellamy notes?
  10. Banned for trying a rock off
  11. Banned for not knowing about wax
  12. Cheeseburger and chips, with coke, Same question
  13. -10/-10
  14. banned for having no idea about wax
  15. Demonstrable