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  1. 196. I'd like to be some smaller cause I'm tired hitting every shelf wherever I was
  2. It's Heather Mason from Silent Hill series. Not a big fan of Silent Hill games, however I like movie series and also a character of Heather.
  3. I'm mothertongue Russian. Then, I studied english all my life cause I wanted to be engineer since I was young and my mom told me that english is the most useful thing that engineer could know. Thx mom, you don't really understand how right you were But I'm lack of practice cause I don't talk english too much, I mostly read something. And since I live in Italy for some years, sure I speak Italian, but also not so good, it's still new language for me. So, 3 languages. However, I'm very addicted to linguistics and despite languages I can talk, I can understand some more. For example, I can clearly understand Ukrainian and Belarusian (my grandparents lived in Ukraine so I heard it very often when I was a child and went to my grandma for summer vacation; Belarusian is something between Russian and Ukrainian). And also after I started to learn Italian, I realized I could understand some Spanish and Portuguese. Not too much really, but I think it will be enough to travel there and understand everything I need to understand The only one language I'm afraid of is German, It's totally out of my mind. My german classmate told me if I speak Russian, German will be easy for me, but hell no, I couldn't... And, looking to recent discussion... I am mothertongue Shell and also speak PHP and Python
  4. Few recent news. First of all, I had a new banner by awesome Floriiss. Now it looks like it looks, maybe in future I'll make it dynamically changing over my progress, thinking about the way of doing this. Next, I have 2 new plats. #26 Transistor I like this game! It's a bit unusual, a bit original, a bit interesting (well, I tried to understand wtf is happening but finally decided to read a plot in google), and has A HUGE BIT of awesome music. Skillsystem surprised me, I was sitting for an hour just to try out every combination and find something comfortable for me. Enjoyed this game very much. #27 Wolfenstein: The New Order After Far Cry 4, Advanced Warfare, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline - biggest part of AAA FPS titles for last few years - I finally found a game that was kinda challenging for me. It was really hard for me to play Uber in this game. Maybe the reason is that there is no autorifle with sniper zoom (it's my favorite type of weapon), maybe it was cause I've done it in on solution, without farming all the perks before playing Uber... Anyway, much up to MachineGames, they did a good job making this game. And yes - I cried like a baby when I had a bad dream ingame and woke up in... Wolfenstein 3D! One of the best easter eggs I ever seen! Glad I played this game. Sure I'll play the prequel. Next games are LEGO The Hobbit and Beyond: Two Souls. About the first one asked my girlfriend, she likes Tolkien's universe. The second one is Quantic Dream game, so It's pretty must-platinum to me.
  5. Thanks, I like it! Yeah, I don't need a text cause I'm going to make a text dynamically changing a bit later
  6. Hm ok, so it looks like a bug that I cannot purchase a full game anymore. In the case of time trial it should be available to purchase full game, but...
  7. Well, for some games it should be true, cause I still have an option to purchase it again. But, for example, for Infamous and GTA4 I have no such option - PSN tells me that I own these games. And - Uncharted 3 is single player version. I know that MP is available, but I was surprised when I found a single player version. Here is the link (i'm not sure if it will be opened in english).
  8. I've recently found that it's possible to get some games for free (in addition to monthly freebies) with active ps+. Here is the full list I've got. There is no information about if all of these are demos (also under GTA4 is written "Full game") and I can't find anything about sales or free giveaways. What could it be? Is it a bug? Or these games are really demos, but Sony forgot to write it? I have no PS3 to check it all... Ah, forgot. It's EU store.
  9. This is the command to view all the files in the directory, even those which are hidden (in *nix systems hidden filename starts with point) ls -al <folder> And this is for saving a listing ls -al <folder> > <file> In both cases you could use any style of path. For example: ~/file.txt # ~ is alias of current user's home folder, so basically it is equal to /home/username/file.txt /home/username/file.txt # it is the same as previous, but with full path written ../file.txt # two points and slash is alias of upper level, so if now you're in /bin, ../file.txt equals /file.txt ./file.txt # one point and slash is alias of current folder, so it's not necessary to write it in this case file.txt # simply create file in current folder
  10. And then, If you have enabled sharing of news about your trophies with friends, your friend could leave a comment on his "What's new?" feed on PS4. It's a bit difficult cause it's newsfeed, not a backlog, but such possibility exists.
  11. New signature again. I'm at bad in painting, but I enjoy working with typography
  12. I'm sorry for that. But yeah, this game is kinda buggy because of online. If you get disconnected, you could loose a trophy. If your internet is not too fast you could start AFTER the first checkpoint in a race, etc etc... So, if you're friendly with the game, you could get a trophy for challenges, then start a new game and play it again, game is pretty short. However, I'd recommend you to wait some weeks, EA promised a new DLC being free, so it could possibly fix some issues including this one.
  13. It means "Three trophies".
  14. Well, this is not the first time I heard about similar trouble, not only about this one, but about every story trophy. The reason of this bug is unknown, but I assume the it's because you maybe got disconnected after you've done the last mission in Crew storyline. It's the only one reasonable thing could happen. Maybe you should replay entire crew storyline... Or wait a patch which will fix this bug.
  15. Much time passed since I updated this thread for a last time. Now I've made another update. Since the last time I've got 16 plats: inFamous Second Son Wolf Among Us The Walking Dead S1 Grim Fandango Remastered The Order 1886 Far Cry 4 Sound Shapes (2 plats) Life is Strange Teslagrad Ether One Dying Light Rocked League Tales from the Borderlands Need for Speed Rivals Need for Speed 2015 So, I've done a part of my 2015 checklist - I've reached 20 plats and now I have 25, and till the end of the year I think I'll make some more. And also I have few 100%s: The Walking Dead S2 Valiant Hearts Never Alone (well, it was 100% when I've done it, but later DLC was released so it's not 100% anymore) Few days ago I wrote my very first gameguide for the Need for Speed 2015. It's not the great guide but I'm glad for it as for the first. Now I'm writing a second one which should be better then my first (even the game is much easier than NFS, but I just love that game and it's pleasure to write something useful about it).