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  1. It's always a shame to see the Online/MP components of a game being turned off . Many memorĂ­es, cool plays and time spent with you/your friends will stay, and that's what matters. Now, leaving that behind, I wonder if this games' server closures will/could affect Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. Given that it was a PS Plus IGC addition, lots of people probably have it, and from that group of people, there are some that haven't played it yet (myself included, as my backlog is getting too big). Because I recall that that game had 2/3 online Co-Op trophies, didn't it? Any information on that game's server status?
  2. I'm so glad you guys have found a potential solution to the Dominion glitch. One more victory for Trophy Hunters!!! Personally I got the trophy by playing normally, but if I remember correctly, the trophy popped up after my 20th MP victory or so, not after the 5th one, as I would remember if it popped that earlier. Also, I live in South America, and use a US account, so the fact that I unlocked the trophy so "late" maybe has to do with the matchmaking system placing me in US-located dedicated servers (yes, CoD actually has dedicated servers since years ago, but nowadays the majority of them have been migrated to host matches in the most recent installment, CoD WWII) and in South America-located dedicated servers (primarily based in Sao Paulo, Brazil) back and forth (since my connection is quite shitty), thus making the MP victories not count/register properly, at least the ones played on US servers and apparently not South American (or any other region in the world) servers. So, what actually happens so that winning matches in US servers apparently don't count towards the Dominion trophy? Maybe the server callback that registers a win in the game is bugged on the US servers and it isn't registered by the trophy?, At least, I think it's a plausible theory. What do you think? Hope that helps.
  3. Sorry for the late reply. Had a lot of IRL things to do with little gameplay sessions in between, so I wasn't really able to see if new messages were posted. As for the 2XP Weekend, I barely had time to make the most of it, but at least I got the gist of how the progression system works (class-based, the weapons you use give XP to the class they belong, etc.) and I had quite a lot of fun going through rounds and sweeping hordes of zombies, while at the same time learning the maps' layout (Farmhouse and the Amusement Park one are my favourites so far). On the flipside, I think that the movement is a little too clunky/slow, and it's quite complicated to stay out of the zed's reach the majority of the time, also, automatic weapons seem to be weaker than they should be, and in bossfights, the AA12 + S&W M500 or Desert Eagle Dual Wield combo seems to be a top-tier choice. That's what I gathered from the (little) time I spent in the game so far. Of course, I'm gonna continue playing this game, as it's very fun and I really like Zombies games. Looking forward to get the Platinum on this game!
  4. Well, I watched the trailer a couple of hours ago after learning that the official trailer would be released today from that teaser published yesterday. And, to be honest, it was AMAZING. THIS is how you build an actual Cinematic Universe, with decent storytelling (this may be debatable) and classic, interesting characters. What once started in Iron Man way back in 2007, and linked together many fan-favorite Marvel characters, is now reaching its climax next year, and I cannot wait to see it. 2018 is already looking as an amazing year for superhero movies. Looking forward to it! EDIT: I'm not saying that DC's Cinematic Universe doesn't have it's merits, but there's a difference between a Cinematic Universe that spans 10 years, several movies and a cast of well-adapted iconic characters (not to say DC doesn't have it's own, I think Henry Cavill is the perfect actor for the Superman role, for example) that is now reaching it's peak storytelling and popularity-wise, to a clearly rushed, not well planified Cinematic Universe as WB tried to do with DC's equally amazing lore and characters. The difference is clear, and now Marvel and Disney are, 10 years later, getting the benefits that all that work and dedication to the Marvel Universe created.
  5. And I just finished downloading and started playing the game today, such coincidence! A question, though. I already played a grand total of two matches (one of them being the tutorial, mind you) and I'm not used to the progression system, of course. Is leveling up slow in this game? I'm used to the progression mechanics of games like CoD and Battlefield (albeit BF is a little slower than CoD in that regard), will I feel confortable with advancing through the levels, or is it too grindy and I'll need more 2XP weekends to level up faster?
  6. Hmmm, are you saying that the physical and digital versions have separate trophy lists? I actually have the physical version of AC4: Black Flag on PS3, but I never got myself to finish it after I started playing on PS4 (I'm at 5% of synchronization, if I remember correctly). If so, that would be a nice boost to my trophy list, but doing the game four times would be a little bit too repetitive.
  7. AC4: Freedom Cry started as a DLC to the AC4 base game, but it became a standalone game later during the latter's life cycle, if I remember correctly. So, in reality, it's more similar to Infamous: First Light or the incoming Uncharted: The Lost Legacy than, say, a normal MP game's DLC/Content Pack. Given that AC4 is considered one of the best AC games for it's setting and naval combat, and this standalone expansion also has the same strenghts and improves on them, I'd say it's a pretty nice addition to the PS Plus IGC lineup, although I would have preferred the base AC4 game to be on the IGC, to be honest. A good lineup, nonetheless.
  8. Kind of a bit late for this one, but oh well. My favourite handheld game of all time is Pokemon Emerald on the Gameboy Advance SP. One of the first I played on the platform, also. I had lots of fun trying to beat all the Gym Leaders and strenghten my Pokemon team.
  9. It's quite nice of you doing a giveaway without those interesting (albeit quite hard) questions. Thanks for your generosity, and the best of luck for everyone!!!
  10. "Welp, I should have just called 911..."
  11. Lol. As early as it gets, my friend (officially, at least).
  12. Well, here we go: PS2: Since 2002/3 (14 years). It doesn't really work anymore, as it was a chipped/homebrewed unit - the videogame market was really scarce in Peru in those years (for both consoles and games) and those modified consoles dominated the market back then. Nintendo GameBoy Advance SP: Since 2005 (12 years). I recieved it on 2005' Christmas. Had a blast playing it, but sadly the battery died and couldn't find a replacement. Nowadays, it's stored somewhere on my house with all it's games. Hopefully I can repair it someday. Nintendo Wii: Since 2006 (11 years). This one was very special for us, because we bought it almost in the release period, and it was our first "original" console, although it was quite expensive (2100 soles, which converts to ~$500 dollars from today). PS3 (Slim): Since 2012 (5 years). Definitely one of the most solid consoles I've ever used. Nintendo Wii-U: Since 2014 (3 years). The Wii-U was an odd one, the fact that it could play ALL Wii games via Backwards Compatibility made it a guaranteed buy as our original Wii's disc lens malfunctioned and stopped reading game discs. PS Vita: Since 2014 (3 years). This one isn't actually mine (or ours, for that matter). It belongs to one of my little brothers, who got it as a gift in 2014' Christmas. Nintendo 3DS XL: Since 2014 (3 years). This one isn't mine, too. One of my brothers recieved it on 2014' Christmas. PS4: Since 2015 (2 years). Probably our third most used console (after the Wii and PS3).
  13. Hey, that's me! Almost. Not exactly. I love RE (as it was pretty much the first gaming franchise I ever had contact with as a kid) and I played pretty much all of the main games, but I'm not so keen on the movies to say the least. That's not to say I despise them, though. I think they're fairly good, over-the-top action movies (the slow motion spam bothers me a bit, to be fair), and I value them as such. The problem is that I also think they're essentially using the Resident Evil IP as a canvas to sell an action movie which, apart from the characters (except Alice, obviously) and the loosely based settings of the first 2 movies, doesn't really have anything to do with what the franchise is about, Survival Horror. Now, one can argue that after RE4, and (specially) RE5, the franchise "lost it's soul" and become an over-the-top, QTE-ridden, boulder-punching action game that also used RE's name as a way to sell more copies, I'll give you that, but those games were the minority on a collection of titles that embraced the roots of what made RE awesome for a lot of gamers, and it makes sense that the RE movies would actually be as close as the source material as possible, but what we have now is a series of action setpieces that, albeit debatably entertaining, don't really represent what we love about RE, and actually end up alienating people that don't play the game, but actually watch the films, they get motivated to play some RE thinking it's some kind of action game with slow-mo sequences with zombies, and then they got dissapointed because of the difference between the games and the films. In the end, I'll reserve my final opinions of the RE films as a whole when I watch the last one. But I sincerely hope they pull a RE7 and reboot the films, if Sony is ever interested in using the RE IP once again. Although given their film history recently, I'm not sure it'll be a good idea.
  14. To add on @furryTay's point, mastering the exo-suit' usage is really a game changer for this trophy. Exo Dodges and Exo Boosts are by far the best ways to get out of any sticky situation with enemy fire, and using the Exo Shield helps somewhat too. SHG really turned upside down the way how people play COD by introducing the Exo-Suit, albeit it made the gameplay a little bit TOO chaotic. Looking forward to see what they can bring upon the table for COD 2017, as is 100% confirmed now by Activision it's gonna be "back to it's roots" (that means boots on the ground).
  15. This is accurate. Sledgehammer Games really upped up the difficulty in the patches prior (and for) DLC 1, Havoc, which (incidentally) was the first and last time they added DLC maps to the Exo-Survival rotation. And yes, the patch deletion trick only works for physical versions of the game, as digital versions already come bundled with the latest patches from Sony's servers. What I personally recommend is doing this trophy in cooperative, preferably with 2 controllers. It's much easier that way and, if you don't have 2 controllers, you can always set up a gaming session in this page. I'd like to help, but I only have the PS3 version of the game, and even then, I don't really play it anymore (as I got the platinum in 2015). Maybe in the future I'll try to get a special edition of the game for cheap, as I did with Ghosts for PS4. Hope that helps.