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  1. I knew that there were more on Madhouse to grab, but I was thinking that they were normal set plus some extras, but if they're completely different I can see why they would require separate runs. I've already done my speedrun and now I'm on my third (Madhouse) play, which will give me everything but Pelicans in Your Pocket. Bummer. I wish I'd followed a coin guide from the beginning, that first one is so easy to miss. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Does getting the Mad Pelicans trophy also grant the Pelicans In Your Pocket trophy if you didn't already have it? I missed the first coin on my first playthrough, and didn't want to grab the coins on my speedrun (I was also going for the item box trophy at that time), so I was hoping that collecting all the coins on my madhouse run would cross both off my list. I'm not seeing any simultaneous unlocks on the list of achievers here, so I'm guessing that the answer is no, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks.
  3. I'm having this issue too. I'll be playing a game and the screen will suddenly freeze and the console seems to power down (fan stops running, no audible activity in the deck). It's clearly on, but doesn't respond to any inputs from the controller. Holding the power button on the console sends it into standby as per normal, and it restarts without displaying the improper shutdown message/error check. This has happened during online play in MK and offline with downloaded PSN games. Scary, not sure what to do about it.