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  1. I have every plat on this list except for VLR so Desperate Hope for me. (even though I technically beat it in the Nonary Games collection)
  2. I know that I'll eventually have to come back to this game to plat it but the grinding is so tedious...
  3. Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite game of 2016 is Dark Souls III. PSN: Tsardine
  4. I don't remember having a hard time with the DLC levels. You can do it !
  5. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth 2.16% rarity
  6. When I made that post I couldn't see the trophies on PSNP, but I guess they added them since then.
  7. There's only 7 trophies for Afterbirth, one of them is bronze and is for unlocking Lilith, all the others are hidden though. I was browsing through my trophy list on my PS4 and I saw Rebirth go from 100% to 84%. Can't wait to die countless times in Dark Souls 3 and Afterbirth !
  8. It's true that the story felt weak, not only because of the game's small number of cutscenes, but also because these cutscenes were pretty much all used in the trailers. Gameplay wise though, I think it's perfect. I have never seen an infiltration game or even an open-world game with that level of polish (I would compare it to Nintendo polish but that's my opinion). Anything you want to do is doable. And come on, the game isn't repetitive. With that level of freedom, it's impossible. You just have to find different ways to play, the game was designed around the idea of changing your approach.
  9. Sign me up for Abysswalker please ! I have the Scholars of the First Sin and Bloodborne plats.
  10. Count me in ! I'm on my third playthrough trying to get Hardcore Risette Fan and Margaret.
  11. Velocity 2X Yippee Kai Yay ************ (Platinum) Fun game. Sometimes frustrating, but fun game.
  12. Watched my 4 all time favorites when my internet was down for three weeks. NGE, Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Paranoia Agent. And oh, the Kill la Kil OAV.
  13. Got the plat yesterday, and loved it ! I'll get The Evil Within Wednesday, too.