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  1. ok thank you
  2. If I get the physical copy (I live in the USA btw) will it automatically be in English same with the trophy list?
  3. Aces of the liftwaffe
  4. SO today and yesterday I earned some trophies so I went and I updated my profile but it still said I had not earned those trophies even though I got the trophy to pop and I looked at my trophy list on my ps4. Is there anyway to fix this?
  5. I got 2 and they were my first 2 plats ever 1. Lego Jurassic World 34.44% 2. Goat Simulator 44.02%
  6. My mistake it should say Noble Steel not Soul Steel
  7. Toukiden Kiwami
  8. So right now I am trying to get the Noble Steel trophy and my guardian tree is at max level so I went to the guide to see how to activate it and when I did I did not have the necessary materials and then the request went away so I looked back at the guide and it said if you don't have the materials just do the same thing again for the request to reappear but my problem is that the request wont appear anymore. Is there anyway to get it to reappear.
  9. For lego jurrasic world you can probably complete it in 3 days because most of the trophies are story based
  10. I love this trophy because I was in my russian tier 2 anti aircraft gun and there was an SBD in the air chasing my squad mate and I just was goofing around with the gun and i started spinning and shooting and I destroyed the elevator on the SBD and it crashed into the ground
  11. My question is how are there already people who have this game when it still doesnt come out for 2 more days. I like the trophy that says get hit on the head with a rock by an ewok on endor I can see my brother trying to help me with that trophy just so he can murder me a whole bunch of times
  12. I am currently trying to get the trophy where you have to get 4 gold medals with a sniper rifle. I thought the goal was 160 kills but I just hit 160 kills and nothing happened and when I died it said the next medal was about 1000 kills away. Did the trophy glitch or do I need to get over 1000 kills
  13. Since no one has started it off yet I will recommend to Intresseklubben that he should finish completing Streets If Rage 2 since he only has 2 more trophies to go and with enough work they seem possible
  14. Thats how I see it. I think that just cause a trophy is grindy does not mean its hard then again I am the person who loves collectibles and grindy trophies (1 more trophy till I am at 1000)
  15. True but unlike that thread I mean any game maybe the person above you only has 1 more simple trophy left to get in Goat Simulator but they forgot all about it so the person below them could recommend that also this is based to games that might not have a plat. This is really more based towards 100 percenting a game