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  1. Here's mine: Platinum - 11 trophies (22%) Gold - 10 trophies (20%) Silver - 7 trophies (14%) Bronze - 22 trophies (44%)
  2. I'm down for trading, I've got plenty to trade (shark fin included). All I ask for in return is a certified item. I'll trade it back once I get those 2 trophies.
  3. That's about accurate. I didn't have quite as many HCs (was missing 30), but I had closer to 500 premiums, only missing 10 moments, 20/25 pink diamonds token rewards, 26/40 spotlight rewards, and only 4 spotlight sims (saved those for last, as the last 5 cards seemed like it took forever). At some point I decided to buy some of the more expensive spotlight series cards (Payton, Dumars, Roy, etc) as a temporary thing. I used them to get the spotlight rewards and then I would sell them a few days later, typically for a decent profit, worse case was breaking even on Dumars. So while it sucked to pay 80k for Roy, I got a spotlight card out of it and then sold Roy for 90k to go buy more HC/premiums.
  4. I think I'm just reiterating what a few have posted, but HC's aren't 100% required to get the ultimate collector trophy. Now granted, if you don't go that route, it will be just as grindy and require close to 100% completion of domination, spotlight challenges (those that can be done - I'm looking at you Bogut), and TTOffline; plus finding deals in the AH. However, that's kind of expected when a trophy is below 1% in terms of rarity (I know it sucks, but what are you gonna do). I'm about 100 away from the trophy and fortunately I was lucky to get most of my 290 HC's before they skyrocketed (and I have basically only bought a few under $8K recently). I would say the best route to get this trophy (if you don't want to play the AH - which I've done to some degree to help get this close in under 2 months) would be to team up with 2-3 other players, pool your cards and agree (and trust) to help each other out. I'd volunteer, but I've already committed to doing this with a few others.
  5. I do a little of both TTOnline and Offline. I’m just ok, and it seems like the bots have dried up on Online, so no more easy wins. I have noticed the vault has been opening more frequently. Prior to this week it was maybe 30%, now it’s more like 40%.
  6. I'm right there with you, about 500 cards left. You can win a heat check pack with one win on Unlimited. Lot of time for just one pack as you've got to play 4 games (1 win and 3 loses).