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  1. I'm hoping for 3 platinums as well. One (sort of, kinda) similar example I can think of is the PS3 Tomb Raider Trilogy, which came with 3 lists and 3 plats so fingers crossed they follow that idea
  2. Picked up here in UK store. Thanks!
  3. I'm holding out on pre-ordering in the hope that there's a limited edition - If there is, I must own it!
  4. Nier - 4 years 9 months. Trying to clean up some old PS3 games and wanted this one done before the sequel.
  5. Spyro trilogy on PS4 FFIX released with trophies (same deal as FFVII) Mirrors Edge 3 And maybe something shown the FFVII remake that helps my fear that it will be a massive letdown? I can dream