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  1. Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and maybe Magna Carta II and DeathSmiles II on the X360. Every other game that's of any interest is also on PC. I wouldn't be surprised if MS dropped out of hardware after making the Xbone have zero true exclusives of any worth.
  2. Still got a long way to go, but it's fun to hop on now and then at the end/start of a gaming session and just hit out the dailies. It's a lot less of a grind if you don't force yourself into doing it every single day it feels. Might take me the whole year to get there if not longer, but that's something I can deal with provided Ubi doesn't close everything down.
  3. Hollow Knight. NioH and Salt & Sanctuary are also both pretty neat, but not quite as polished. Looking forward to NioH 2 though.
  4. Super Meat Boy is the only real choice of everything I've played. I have a lot of experience with it on PC as well so I had a good headstart, but I'm still capping out at 106% with the first half dozen or so no-death runs. Anything beyond where I've got to just goes beyond my skill. It's the one thing I'm almost certain I'll never achieve out of all the games I've played on Vita. There's a few other tough trophies I haven't gotten yet which I know are going to be a pain in the ass (Iconoclasts' challenge run, THAT ONE MAZE in htoL#NiQ, Spelunky speedrun, the 4* SteamWorld Dig run), and a few others which I feel I can get eventually but haven't yet pulled off (Downwell's Hardmode Boss which I've reached a few times but not yet beaten, a Hell run in Spelunky, the last few goddamn Platinum rankings in Don't Die, Mr Robot!, Shovel Knight's speedruns) but nothing compares to SMB. All these posts about Muramasa Rebirth make me sad. It's tough but god damn it's the most satisfying game on the Vita to beat. I love that game and the fact it has Fury mode so much, and being able to beat everything with 1hp makes you feel so good.
  5. Vanillaware games in general are amazing, so Oboromuramasa, Odin Sphere and Dragon's Crown are the clear choices here. Oboromuramasa's DLCs are great too.
  6. Can't argue with this for the free Wooby pull. Just wish I had this kind of luck with her sister who refuses to give me anything good.
  7. Piece of Cake: Deadly Tower of Monsters for a Plat, Another World for 100%. Both very easy, and you can technically plat DtoM without even beating the game if you wish. Not much point though, the final boss is cool and isn't much further on. It's Like Dark Souls: Bloodborne and NioH for literally being Soulslikes. I did a fresh, new character build for Bloodborne for my final ending so that's like playing it from the start, and well, NioH's DLC has do all missions on NG++ which is a goddamn pain in the ass. It's not *too* bad if you can beat the game on NG++++ and use equipment from there to help out with the pain in the ass missions in NG++. Bad Ass Award: DOOM (2016) and NioH. Some pretty neat moments in NioH and taking down some of the tougher bosses always feels good, whilst I went out and got all the DLC trophies in DOOM so did a ton of online, managing to pull off a round with 28 kills and 0 deaths in TDM just feels great. Not usually that good, but when it clicks, it clicks hard. Grind of the Year: DOOM (2016). It's only for DLC so not sure it fully counts, plus the multiplayer is fun, so Persona 4: Dancing All Night for getting enough credits to buy all the unlocks. Also shoutouts to Monster Hunter: World and Helldivers for their grinds which I haven't yet completed, and I'm also working on Rayman Legends as well. So much grind. Thankfully all three games are rather fun to play. King of the Internet: DOOM (2016), for the multiplayer DLC. So many cool moments and the only game I have platinum which had extensive online interaction. FFXIV and Helldivers also had some damn fun times as usual, but no plats yet. Also some fun times in NioH co-op. Worst Online Experience: The Chaos datacentre on FFXIV absolutely dying on multiple occasions takes this. Thankfully I wasn't doing any important progress at the times I've been affected. It's usually stable though, but hopefully it'll be fixed for Shadowbringers. Also as for games I actually have plat on, the few times I've gone on to help other people in NioH just for them to die as I load in. Not the game's fault, it's just disappointing when you don't even get to do anything. Sleeper Hit of the Year: VA11-Hall-A. Absolutely an amazing game and one of my favourites in a long time. Easy plat too, so if that convinces anyone to give it a shot then go enjoy it. Apotheon and Deadly Tower of Monsters also have a lot of charm even if they are a bit clunky in places. Oh, and I haven't completed the challenge mode yet for my last trophy but Iconoclasts is fantastic too. Biggest Bomb of the Year: Jak 3. Not as shit as Jak II (which I played last year) but still mediocre and nowhere near as good as Jak and Daxter. Best Trophy Image: Apotheon. Has a really slick looking trophy set. Worst Trophy Image: Not got the 100% but Iconoclasts because each of the trophy types has one standard image so with no plat, that's three whole images. Best Female Character: Sei and Stella from VA11-Hall-A. God I love those two. Best Male Character: Doomslayer from DOOM (2016) because it's goddamn DOOMGUY but with a slightly different name. Bonus mention for Gehrman from Bloodborne as he's so cool and a badass. Also Rad Shiba from VA11-Hall-A because he's a shiba and he's rad. Best Plat of the Year: Ratchet and Clank (2016). Races are a slight pain but the rest is just damn fun to play and the plat flows well with the game. Worst Plat of the Year: Jak 3. Game is mediocre, challenges and orb collection is a pain in the ass. Most Anticipated of 2019: Likely going to be picking up some games I've been meaning to play for ages, like Axiom Verge, Guacamelee 2, God of War (2018), Spider-Man, Celeste and A Hat in Time. Also completing off some of the games I'm close to platting, like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Dark Souls III which is mostly just rudimentary trophies left.
  8. Only got 7 plats this year, although I have picked up a bunch of 100%'s as well. Been playing a lot on PC and spending yet more time in FFXIV, plus trying to focus on clearing backlog and completing games rather than necessarily getting platinums. Best: Ratchet & Clank (2016) - I love this series, and this is a damn fine game. No qualms about the two playthroughs or the slight grind for weapon exp either, it's not a big one and the combat is fun. The gold race times are a little awkward but not too bad. NioH - Took a while to click with the gameplay but once it does, it feels real nice. Some of the DLC gets a bit ridiculous and the wheel assholes can go die in a fire, but otherwise a fun time. Bloodborne - One of my favourite games of all time, just needed to go back and get one of the ending trophies to finish off the plat. Decided to start a new run using a different build, was really enjoyable. Apotheon - There's a lot to like about this game. Combat is a bit clunky but it's got a lot of charm to it, I'll be interested to see what these devs do in the future. Relatively straightforward plat as well, although Olympian difficulty can be tough in places. Can just glitch past it if you want, but I enjoyed it enough to give it another playthrough. Deadly Tower of Monsters - A good romp with a ton of early sci-fi b-movie charm, which is something I personally find very endearing. Love that style and this game hits all the right beats for that. Easy plat and straightforward trophies for the most part also other than finding all the targets. Worst: Jak 3 - I really like Jak & Daxter, so went on to Jak II. But then Jak II is absolute garbage, but eventually completed it anyway out of spite. Made sense to finish off the trilogy since I had all three on my list, thankfully Jak 3 is a lot better than II but it's still got a bunch of stuff which is a pain in the ass.
  9. Hit me up with a request if you want to have a challenge friend so you can compare yourself to my absolutely inconsistent runs, PSN is the same as here.
  10. Sony. Forcing censorship just feels in line with what governments want these days (article 13, the UK's attempt at banning pornographic content overall unless you have a license, etc.) rather than what the consumer wants. And for what benefit? It's only affecting a few games and the stuff that's being censored is mild at best, plus the games that are being censored are generally niche titles anyway where the audience going in knows exactly what they're getting and expects it to be there. What are they trying to prove? Also Sony's handling of the Vita. Again. Like every year since it was announced, pretty much. It's a great little console but they just can't stop trying to murder it. Oh and people complaining about PS+ this coming month. Between Steins;Gate, SOMA, Iconoclasts and Papers, Please I'd be highly surprised if at least one of those doesn't make it worth your cash, I have high hopes for P,P and the other three are all fantastic games and worth your time as well.
  11. Steins;Gate is a fantastic VN, so I'll be happy to go through it again. Seen the series since then so I'll be able to compare them together. SOMA is legit great, and I've always loved spooky horror. Iconoclasts I already bought but it's fantastic. Papers Please is something I've been meaning to play forever so happy this is here. I'm willing to give the others a shot as well. Never even heard of Steredenn. But if you have any interest in survival horror(ish), sci-fi stories or metroidvania-likes, the first three are very much recommended.
  12. If you're just playing for trophies, make some shoes or something with a materia slot with the fewest materials necessary that you can easily farm/craft, buy a ton of Elemental Materia I from the marketboard because nobody wants that trash because it's useless, and jam it into all of those shoes. If you want the trophies whilst intending to play the game, just stick class-relevant materia into any high quality gear you're using for your main class or your crafters/gatherers and you'll eventually hit the required amount. I'm sitting here at over two years played, 70 in two combat classes and with all gatherers and crafters above 60 and only got the 100 materia trophy a few weeks back, so it does take a while. That said I'm also at 67 blacksmith and still don't have the 1000 crafts trophy, heh.
  13. Nope, happy with mine. Have been for the last decade or whenever the hell it was I made it.
  14. Hard one. Top 5 are solid, the rest switch around and possibly in/out. Listed with the first system I played them on. 1. Silent Hill 3 (PS2) - Silent Hilll 2 is up there too 2. Okami (PS2) 3. Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) - Might be replaced by the remake once i get round to it 4. DOOM II (PC) - The original had better levels, but the extra stuff added in II makes the game a lot more fleshed out. Also literally thousands of fanmade maps which are great 5. Unreal Tournament (PC) - The best multiplayer FPS of all time, even nearly 20 years later 6. Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) 7. Oboromuramasa Rebirth (PSVita) 8. Persona 4: Golden (PSVita) 9. Bloodborne (PS4) 10. Dark Souls III (PS4) - Dark Souls being a close runner up to this spot, with Demon's shortly behind it 11. NieR (PS) - Automata isn't far behind 12. To the Moon (PC) 13. Shovel Knight (PSVita) - Specter of Torment is also worth mentioning because it completely changes everything and is absolutely amazing 14. TimeSplitters: Future Perfect (PS2) - TimeSplitters 2 was also great 15. Final Fantasy VI (PS) - FFX, FFXII and FFXIV are also fantastic 16. Worms - Worms 2 and Armageddon added a ton and are amazing, but the original just feels so right 17. The Last of Us (PS3) 18. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (PSVita) - Had it on PS2 but damn the QoL changes and upgrades in Leifthrasir are so much better, so first time I finished it was on Vita 19. BioShock (PS3) - A remake with the combat system in 2 would make this way higher on my list 20. Saya no Uta (PC) - Either this or Narcissu are the best VNs I've played so far Hollow Knight might also sneak in once I'm done with it, it's really damn good so far.
  15. I've been mostly local too, living in the UK. But music is my main deal, so if I'm going abroad I generally go to concerts when I do. Attended a bunch back in January albeit none of the others were even close to the scale of the Kalafina live. I was hoping to see Aimer when I was in Kyoto too, but failed to get tickets for it. Damn lottery systems. Talking of which, on topic: