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  1. More news on Aegis Rim and Bayonetta 3. Other things too, probably, but neither of those have had much for a good while and have probably more hype for me than any other games combined.
  2. The multiplayer is honestly pretty fun, and some of the mechanics are still being used in shooters today (If I recall a specific grenade button and armour with shield regen were both popularised by Halo) but holy shit the level design in the original Combat Evolved is absolute trash. I came into it after playing Quake II, Unreal and Half Life and boy those games have held up a lot better than the original Halo. The pacing also feels pretty wonky and despite completing the first game I still don't remember anything about the story. Maybe they improved on level design and storytelling in 2 and 3 (I only played multiplayer with my friends on those games) but the original really isn't very good.
  3. Hypest thing at Evo and Evo was hype as hell this year. Time to get another fighting game I'll never platinum but enjoy the hell out of.
  4. Hard Mode is the most irritating part of the game, most of the A+ levels are pretty easy. There are some that are tough but none of them quite reach the same level as a few of the hard levels (like Deathwish and Dead End on hard, ugh). A+ is also a lot more fun to do.
  5. 14 games, ranging from 0.42% to 2.87%. I reckon eventually I'll get the plat for Bulletstorm and Downwell and 100% Stealth inc. 2, which'll knock Oboromuramasa and DN3D off the top 50. Honestly the only ones here I'd actually consider to be hard enough to warrant such low percentages are Oboromuramasa, WipEout HD, Super Meat Boy, Spelunky, Downwell and Titan Souls. Most of the others are just a case of grinds, PS+ and now unobtainable trophies. Bulletstorm - 2 Don't Die Mr. Robot - 1 (100%) Downwell - 2 Duke Nukem 3D - 2 (100%) Killzone 2 - 1 (Plat) Let it Die - 6 Oboromuramasa Rebirth - 1 (Plat) Resistance 2 - 2 (Plat) Spelunky - 1 Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark - 3 (100% on main game) Stealth Inc. 2 A Game of Clones - 5 Super Meat Boy - 10 Titan Souls - 7 (Plat) WipEout HD - 7 (Plat)
  6. WipEout HD is one of the best racing games ever made and I never played 2048, so I may well give Omega a go even though I've already platted HD on PS3. Sniper Elite could be cool I guess. A good month.
  7. DOOM and DOOM II requires completing on Nightmare (albeit in co-op) which is absolutely goddamn brutal. They made Nightmare mode because people said DOOM was too easy and intentionally made it balls hard.
  8. Time to buy DOOM and DOOM II for the... eighth time? And plats now too, fuck YES.
  9. Many. NieR: Automata - That one Pascal sequence. If you've played all of it you'll know. NieR - A lot of it, but the epilogue of Route B absolutely murdered me. Final Fantasy XIV - Ending of Shadowbringers is a recent one, but also the bit in Heavensward just before you go to Azys Lla Persona 4: Golden - Late game in general, Snowflakes still makes me feel. I can't say I've ever had a game make me not want to finish the game because I'll miss the characters as much as P4. Muramasa: Rebirth - True ending of Gonbe's story in his DLC, A Cause to Daikon For. God DAMN I was thinking about that for days after. The Last of Us - Multiple moments, but what happens just before you reach the dam is probably the strongest for me. Silent Hill 3 - To the Moon - The climax, all the way from when the song plays to the end. Laura Shigihara ❤️. Bonus: The ending of Dino Crisis 2 hit me hard when I was young too If I had to narrow it down to 3, probably To the Moon, NieR and Muramasa Rebirth: A Cause to Daikon For. Those three in particular stuck with me.
  10. Any game that has a small amount of online trophies mixed into a mostly single player game, usually which have obnoxious requirements. I usually just give up and stick with 100%ing the single player trophies and not bothering with the plat. Key ones for this are Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Binary Domain. Hell I enjoyed Space Marine's multiplayer but completing all challenges is ridiculous, as are some of AC:B's trophy requirements. GTAIV can just piss off with those requirements (and I've heard it's full of hackers now) and Binary Domain is not only absurd but also dead. I also pretty much never buy online multiplayer DLC either, so Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, Assassin's Creed III, The Last of Us, Resident Evil 5, Battlefield 3, Bioshock 2, Call of Duty: [email protected] and BLOPS will never be 100%,d, plus games like Bulletstorm and (once again) Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine have either delisted DLC or shut down servers anyway.
  11. Hundreds, honestly. Concerts are always something I'm willing to spend money on. Some of the best ones over the years: 65daysofstatic x4 Agalloch x2 Akira Yamaoka: Playing music from Silent Hill Alcest Anathema Band-Maid x2 Cult of Luna x2 The Cure x4 Devil Sold His Soul Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy x2 Garbage Insomnium ISIS Kalafina x3 KT Tunstall x4 Lindsey Stirling Ling Tosite Sigure Lovebites Massive Attack MONO Necronomidol x2 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Neil Young Opeth Oyasumi Hologram Perturbator Portishead Scandal Swallow the Sun The Twilight Sad Yukeshirezutsurezure Would love to see Aimer, Amorphis, ClariS, Draconian, Harakiri for the Sky, In Mourning, Kauan, LiSA, Mogwai, Mourning Beloveth, Periphery, Placebo, Porcupine Tree, Rosetta and Warpaint live at some point. Would've love to have seen ORIGA and The Mars Volta live but that'll never happen now. I'd also be absolutely fine seeing any of those bands listed above again, although Agalloch, ISIS and Kalafina no longer exist. Also wish GUNSHIP would do lives.
  12. Online was still active in EU last year, probably still is. You'll need to play a ton to get up to prestige 8 for the final DLC trophies but just take it slow, use a variety of equipment for challenges, enjoy and you'll get there eventually.
  13. Very loose rules for me. Have fun Play anything that looks interesting or fun, regardless of trophies Try to get platinum Don't buy DLC for the sake of completion, only do it for games that I feel I want more content from Aim for 50% or higher on all trophy lists (mostly complete) Aim for 80% or higher overall completion rate (I'm hovering around there at least) Complete the main story mode of a game after starting it Check for missables and things to look out for but don't look too in depth until at least one playthrough is completed I suck at speedruns Most online trophies can screw themselves and I can be happy having all offline trophies in games that have a few for multiplayer No stacks with a couple of exceptions (Skullgirls Encore from Skullgirls for example since it was unavoidable if I wanted to continue playing online, and probably Shadow of the Colossus HD/Shadow of the Colossus remake at some point) Get everything by myself and naturally unless it's some obscene online requirement (like Bling Brigade in WipEout HD)
  14. I was with my friend in Osaka last year and he's a huge fan of Yakuza, so naturally we ended up going to Dotonbori and I swear every single time we took a different road he was saying 'oh this is where Kiryu threw this guy off a bridge, this is where the hostess club is, I fought Majima as a cop right here, there's the Buddhist shrine for that one side story' and the like whilst showing me screenshots. Some of those places are super accurate. As for my answer to the thread: Bioshock 1,2 and Infinite, Final Fantasy XIV (Eorzea is gorgeous and has so much depth to everything) Final Fantasy Tactics/Tactics Advance Final Fantasy VI Dead Space 1-2 Dark Souls 1 and 3, Horizon: Zero Dawn Shadow of the Colossus (probably the one game on PS2 that made me really feel the scale of everything) Unreal (1998 me was wowed by the graphics at the time and it's still a really interesting setting today) Bloodborne Cave Story Bastion Yume Nikki Silent Hill 1-3 Okami (Just gorgeous) Mass Effect 1-3 Valkyria Chronicles Hollow Knight (Beautiful yet tragic) Gravity Rush 1 and 2 NieR and NieR:Automata Rakuen VA11 Hall-A (so much information about the world without ever leaving one room and it feels as though there's so much more going on as well)
  15. Honestly SSIshin didn't give me any problems. probably took me about 6-7 tries to get used to his moveset, and once I got to the final phase the lightning deflection makes it so much easier than the previous phase. You can try to learn the timing of lightning deflections using the dudes in Fountainhead, there's one very near to the Flower Viewing idol along with a Mist Noble, he's pretty good for practising on. So, if I found SSIshin relatively simple, why am I here? Because of Shura ending Isshin. Unlike SSIshin the pre-boss boss is a goddamn pain in the ass who seems to have borrowed her grab from those ogres in Dark Souls 2 with how huge the hitbox is and she takes AGES to go down even if the fight goes smoothly. And then there's Isshin's final phase there, which is some kinda bullshit indeed. I've gotten used to tanking some of the fire attacks using the umbrella but the area covered by those attacks is still absurd, and don't even get me started on his ultimate Devil May Cry special attack which explodes half the arena before he himself dashes across the whole thing, spams a whole ton of attacks that do damage if you don't deflect all of them perfectly in the space of a few seconds, deal a ton of posture damage and just keep goddamn going. Unlike the other bosses in the game (maybe except DoH) I'm really going to love never having to face this asshole again once I finally take him down and get the Shura ending. Him and his bitch have already killed me more times than anything else in the game besides my first Genichiro encounter when I was still getting used to everything, possibly combined.