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  1. Momohime from Muramasa Rebirth, because that game is frankly amazing and I'm a big Vanillaware fan. Also probably the game that made me pick up a Vita, although Killzone Merc, Gravity Rush and Persona 4 Golden would've probably done it eventually.
  2. Halo, level design is mostly shite. MP is alright but that's about it. Elder Scrolls. Most of the games feel either way too clunky or big for the sake of being big without anything interesting going on. Morrowind hit that sweet spot in the middle, but the others I'm not fond of at all. GTA also gets pretty damn boring once the initial fun wears off, and only Vice City manages to keep things going long enough to be considered decent for me.
  3. Enter the Gungeon is fantastic indeed, but doesn't really have the whole 'meta powerup' thing like Rogue Legacy does. I've heard Dead Cells does that however but I haven't gotten around to starting it yet. Neon Chrome (and I believe their later game Jydge which I haven't played) does have meta powerups which make you stronger even when you die so that might be worth checking out, it was also free on + a while ago so you might already have it too. Children of Morta just came out as well and I've been hyped for that for years, so give that a shot as well. If you just want roguelike/roguelite content then Gungeon is an extremely good example of it. It's also worth your time checking out Wizard of Legend, NeuroVoider, Spelunky (the classic) and Downwell too. Edit: Oh and maybe Risk of Rain, I didn't like it but it's got a good rep. If you have a PC check out Dungeons of Dredmor as well.
  4. Maybe I would say Rule of Rose but it's still the only game banned here in the UK. But yeah, it's pretty much between Fatal Frame 2, Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3.
  5. Blasphemous and observer_ are the only two things here I'm interested in that I don't already have. Must admit that price on observer_ is tempting.
  6. I think I got my plat at 80 or so on PS3, then traded it in for a better game. I can't remember which one it was but there was plenty of possibilities.
  7. Kalafina is love~ Sad to hear it kept on being a pain for you in dungeons. The expansions can quite often go on sale for a decent price, I think shortly before Shadowbringers came out you could get Heavensward and Stormblood together for around £20 or so. I thought Heavensward was currently free actually? Or was that a limited time thing for Shadowbringers release, I can't even remember. Maybe if it's cheaper in the future you'll give it a shot, Heavensward and Shadowbringers are utterly fantastic and probably the best stories in Final Fantasy since 6. And the music only gets better the further in you get as well, Shadowbringers has one of the best OSTs in the whole franchise.
  8. TrySail are alright, but not really what I'd expect for Madoka. Then again I don't really know what to expect from Magia Record as a whole, so eh. Seems more lighthearted than the main franchise from what I know of it so maybe it makes sense after all. No more Kalafina sucks super hard but at least ClariS are still here, albeit with a new vocalist compared to last time we had Madoka. I preferred Alice's voice to Karen's, but musically they've only gotten better since them in my opinion so I'm fine with that. Still surprises me that Kalafina didn't perform Magia or KnGnN at their final anniversary live considering how goddamn popular Madoka is and that the songs they performed were done by fan vote, but that performance of Hikarifuru was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen live so I ain't gonna complain.
  9. Surprised you're having so many issues on Light, me and my friends play on Zodiark and haven't really had any issues that often, and we've all been on since Heavensward era. Oddly enough I rarely see people from Phoenix, it's usually Shiva, Lich or Twintania. There's the occasional jackass in dungeons but 90% of the time it's fine, and even when it isn't that 90% some people relax a lot if whoever made a mistake on a boss gets it right second attempt. I've done pretty much all content in games outside of Savage (and Ultimate of course) and even then a lot of people in current endgame are decent, if someone is being a dick they usually get kicked or drop out themselves, often replaced by someone who's a lot better and nicer. Also yes if you're tanking and some dumb deeps decides to go pull something else, that's on them not you. I would possibly suggest running through new content as a dps first time to get used to how the basics of each fight works, plus if you want all the story in the game you'll need at least one of each role (tank/phys dps/magic dps/healer) at 80 for the Shadowbringers role quests. Hell, you might actually be treated better the further you get into the game simply because you're actually playing through everything and learning as you go, it's people who bought level skips and clearly have no idea what they're doing that get a lot of criticism later on, whereas people who actually put in the time to learn are often respected. Still get that one occasional asshole (who is often a mentor, although hopefully the new changes to mentoring might filter some of those out) who is very vocal at shit talking people and often is the one making the mistakes, but you'll get that from any game. Edit: Oh, and use the Party Finder as well. Set one up and say something like 'new to this dungeon, free newbie bonus, willing to learn mechanics' or something in it and you'll usually get people who want to help out showing up soon enough. Can't say I've ever had any problems at all doing things that way, everything I've experienced with assholes has been through roulette generally, especially if they get rouletted into content they don't like doing.
  10. If I recall the Grounded DLC wasn't initially in the MP bundle, but ended up in there later on when they reissued it because they initially didn't include the online pass. I didn't have either the pass or Grounded when I first downloaded it, fumbled about trying to get into the multiplayer and redownloaded the set, getting both the online pass and Grounded as well. So, it's possible that during that mess you ended up getting the MP pack at a time when the Grounded DLC wasn't included (and probably shouldn't have been either but ey they screwed up), but now it's been delisted.
  11. I don't think there's anything likely to happen that'd be enough to sell me on day one. I'm expecting some games that are also on or aimed to be on PS4 (Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Pt. II), maybe a new Horizon, some racing game I probably won't bother with because it isn't WipEout, maybe a couple of new IPs that'll have promise but likely won't quite live up to the hype, whatever Insomniac is working on, some stuff I'll be interested in picking up, but nothing that'll sell me early on. Can't really think of anything that will either. Maybe except for Gravity Rush 3. I can dream.
  12. Well they ballsed this up royally. I never bothered getting the MP DLC trophies and wasn't intending to get 100%, but I was planning on doing Left Behind at some point before TLoU2 hits. Don't really want to go through the whole thing again with TLoUR either since I didn't really enjoy playing Factions much and I like to minimise the amount of duplicate games on my list.
  13. I suspect there might be a TLoU Factions game released separately later on, actually. If not then it'll likely be DLC. Both Uncharted and Killzone had standalone multiplayer modes you could buy separately back on the PS3 a while after release of the main game (although those games came with the MP included initially) so that is also a possibility.
  14. if it's the stage I'm thinking of, try putting something else on the catapult with the girl. it's a bit more complicated than that but maybe that'll push you in the right direction. If that makes no sense then I guess I'm thinking of the wrong stage.
  15. I doubt anyone would flag you for that anyway, since on initial release at least it was possible for The City to not pop if you went via the secret levels as it never counted map 15 as cleared.