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  1. 1. WipEout HD - Transcendence (1.02%) 2. Titan Souls - Ascension (1.87%) 3. Resistance 2 - Platinum Trophy (2.05%) 4. Killzone 2 - War Hero (2.14%) 5. Muramasa Rebirth - Master of the Oboro Style! (2.80%) With Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 online being dead and I think WipEout's too, I can only assume these will go down in time. Also they all have cool names except for R2, damn it.
  2. Not really, I'm just loyal to whatever console has the games I want on it. The PS3 was the first console I went out and bought myself, and I chose that over X360 because a) I was used to a PS2 controller and b ) it had games I was interested which were exclusives, like WipEout, Ratchet and Clank and God of War. Having earlier entries in those franchises on the PS2 helped that. Same goes for the PS4 with Bloodborne (and eventually other exclusives like Uncharted 4 and Gravity Rush 2), and the Vita with Killzone Mercenary, Gravity Rush and Oboromuramasa Rebirth. I had a GBC, GBA and DS as a kid but only recently got back into Nintendo consoles through the Switch, because I was interested in Splatoon, Bayonetta 2 and Astral Chain. The Xbox on the other hand just doesn't interest me at all, because there's nothing on it I care about. I never cared for Halo or Fable and whilst I enjoyed playing Gears of War in co-op with a friend back on the 360, that alone wasn't enough. Maybe one day I'll pick up a 360 for some of the remaining exclusives on it that I'm interested in (like, say, Blue Dragon), but since everything Microsoft is releasing these days is also coming out on PC, having a newer Xbox seems pointless to me.
  3. Likes shounen battle manga a lot.
  4. FFXIV: Shadowbringers is this gen, so that. FFXIV was already in the running for being one of the best FF stories overall, and Shadowbringers has pushed it right up to the top along with FFVI and FFT.
  5. If I had to pick ONE single game, it'd probably be Final Fantasy XIV. It has hundreds of pieces and they're all goddamn fantastic, and they've only gotten better as the expansions go on. Shadowbringers alone has some of the best scores I've heard in any media for a long time. But picking a single one is hard since there's so many great soundtracks out there, so you can't go wrong with any of these: Bastion Bloodborne Celeste Drakengard 3 Hollow Knight Hotline Miami 1+2 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance NieR + NieR:Automata Risk of Rain Shadow of the Colossus Silent Hill 1-4 + Origins, Homecoming and Shattered Memories VA-11 HALL-A
  6. Yeah it runs fine, done everything other than the challenge run and no issues at all. Great game too.
  7. NieR:Automata and Gravity Rush 2. DOOM Eternal I got a week or so after release so that doesn't quite count but it was fantastic too.
  8. Ah, another sale where I can buy Danganronpa 1/2 Reload on PS4, but not Danganronpa 2 on Vita. I played the first one on Vita and I still intend to play 2 on Vita as well, so I guess I'm done. Might grab Liar and the Blind Prince though, and Rabi-Ribi is tempting at that price.
  9. I'm pretty much done with it now (just the ending D boss and the final arena challenge to go other than weapon grind) and I'm really in two halves about it. The story is interesting, the music is goddamn fantastic and there's a lot to like about it, but fuck me is the performance and optimisation BAD. I think I could look past most of the game's faults if only it ran well, which it sure as hell doesn't. It came out after NieR too which also had problems but somehow this looks worse and performs a LOT worse despite being more linear and seems a lot simpler in regards to what's going on a lot of the time too, yet it still absolutely shits the bed with the framerate. I don't even know whether to get the DLC because I've heard they develop the intoners pretty well and I'm interested, but framerate aaaaaa. Yeah forma.8 would be a lot better if it was just smaller. The world is huge and looks lovely but your movement speed is absurdly slow, it takes minutes to get through some rooms even if there's nothing in them and there's no reason for that. Thankfully the plat was easy and I don't have to touch it again. What the hell did you do with Borderlands 2 though? I played the whole game on PS3 not long after release, plus the DLC later on, and I don't recall any performance issues at all. Might wanna check your console or something, as that's the kind of thing I got early on in Fallout: New Vegas (although admittedly that thing crashes a lot anyway, but not usually from the start) before my console straight up stopped reading discs and I had to replace it. Anyway, for my 5 games, not quite in line with the title of the thread but eh: 5. Red Dead Redemption/WipEout HD - I actually really like both of these games, but they had trophies I had to boost due to stupid, unlikely requirements (Slow on the Draw/Bling Brigade) and I really, really don't like boosting trophies. That is all. 4. forma.8/Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - Honestly neither of these are that bad in theory, but both of them suffer from having the slowest movement speed probably in any game ever made, ever. Whilst I hate #5 a lot more, at least I could fuel myself on anger at the game enough to actually push through, whilst these two just bored the shit out of me. Hell, I haven't even 100%'d EGttR because the idea of doing another run and getting everything makes me want to sleep just thinking about it. The worst thing is even doubling the move speed in both of these games would make them at least 150% better. 3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - This game is boring as fuck and runs like shit on PS3, by the time I was halfway into the trophy list I was already hoping it would be over soon, and 300 crashes later it was. Can't even deal with the DLC either because I know that shit has trophies that require you to be even higher level than I am, and the game was getting unplayable long before I was finished due to shitty performance. 2. Don't Die, Mr. Robot - It's honestly a mediocre game with barely any features, shitty graphics and for some godforsaken reason you have a huge hitbox that's also square when everything coming at you is circular, so you get clipped by every possible thing. The real issue though is that for 100% you need to get the highest possible score on every challenge level and some of them are fucking ridiculous. It went from getting Gold rating on everything because it wasn't too bad to pushing myself to getting all the Platinum ratings specifically out of spite for how much I hated some of those levels. Deleting it from my Vita was cathartic as fuck. 1. Jak II - Fuck Jak II. Jak & Daxter was a decent platformer that still holds up well today and has a lot going for it, and this game just shits over everything the original excelled at. Garbage combat, abysmal checkpointing, a complete and dramatic tone shift compared to the original, awful writing and possibly the worst vehicles ever conceived. I Platinumed it simply to prove to the fucking game that I could and I hated every second of it. Thankfully Jak 3 was a better game even though I have issues with that too, but Jak II is absolutely irredeemable trash.
  10. Not too big. I have 13 physical games I haven't started, plus two I haven't finished. My download backlog is probably another dozen or so. That number also increases drastically if you change the parameters to 'no plat' as opposed to simply 'not finished'. There's probably a ton of others on PS+ I have but forgotten about so it's likely a lot bigger than I realise, but frankly I doubt I'll ever play any of those as I'm usually pretty good at keeping track of what I'm actually interested in playing.
  11. Defiled Amygdala and Orphan of Kos are both way, WAY tougher than anything that's required for trophies in DS3 and you need to do both if you 100% Bloodborne. The DS3 DLC bosses are more in line with those two in Bloodborne however so if you've done that you might be OK. Bloodborne plays a bit differently although there are a lot of similarities, so you'll probably have to adapt a bit but it's overall pretty forgiving once you get how the systems work. Also fuck the red spiders in the Chalice Dungeons, why do they hit harder than any boss.
  12. It's still got some pretty tough sections (this game has orbs as well) but nothing is quite as difficult as some of the orbs in the first game. It feels as though the hardest sequences in 2 are also shorter than the most difficult ones in the first game as well. Combat feels a bit more fluid in the second game as well.
  13. Favourite Film: Wolf Children (2012) - Mamoru Hosoda is the leading director in anime right now and this film is his masterpiece. Wonderful story, great characters, beautiful animation, lovely soundtrack, what's not to like? Runners up: Pacific Rim, Life of Pi, Redline, The Hateful Eight Best Series: Stranger Things (2016-current) - Great characters, fantastic pacing and writing (mostly, let's forget about that one episode in S2) and overall just very enjoyable to watch. Been rewatching it recently as well with new people and it still holds up very nicely. Runners up: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Better Call Saul, Fargo, Black Mirror Best Game: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn/Heavensward/Stormblood/Shadowbringers (2013-current) - The game that got me back into MMOs again. So many good times spent playing content with friends, fantastic story (especially Heavensward and Shadowbringers), absolutely gorgeous music and so much content to do. Runners up: Hollow Knight, Celeste, NieR + Automata, Bloodborne Best Album: Kalafina - Red Moon (2010) - I'm a huge Kalafina fan (RIP) and this is one of their most consistently amazing albums. Many of my favourite songs of theirs aren't actually on here but this has the highest level of quality across the board. The live blu-ray from this album's tour with most of the tracks performed is also phenomenal. Runners up: Draconian - Sovran, GUNSHIP - Dark All Day, ling tosite sigure - I'mperfect, Aimer - Midnight Sun, PERTURBATOR - Dangerous Days
  14. Persona 5. Like practically the whole UI in the game, it looks fantastic and has great music too. Celeste's menus are also really nice, although more for the stage select menu rather than the main menu. Also agreed about Spec Ops and Catherine.
  15. I played through this on PC a while ago and yeah, it's amazing. Probably one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen in motion, combined with a fantastic soundtrack. Conveys a lot for having no dialogue, too.
  16. 1618 currently. *most* of those are DLC I don't have and games I haven't started yet, but there are some in there that are no longer obtainable, plus some I simply don't have the skill to get. I'd like to cut it down to sub-1000 but that'll be a while yet.
  17. I made the mistake of getting the free stuff from The Last of Us on PS3 before it shut down to get the season pass etc., which added dozens of cosmetic items into my download list. Now those are all individually in the way whenever I want to get to anything before a few months ago, and I've had a Vita for a couple of years but a small memory card so there's a LOT down below I haven't gotten around to yet.
  18. Agreed with everyone else, use the webstore on PC, trying to use the store on console is absolutely impractical at best. Oh and have fun if you ever get a Vita and want to download something from your download list, it's vastly worse.
  19. GOTY Winner: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Honourable mentions: The Outer Worlds Indie Of The Year Winner: GRIS Honourable mentions: Shovel Knight: King of Cards Surprise Of The Year Winner: Beat Hazard 2 (I didn't even realise it was getting a follow-up until I saw it on sale and the first one was great fun) Disappointment Of The Year Winner: Probably DMCV by default because I've played it but not bought it yet, so i guess it's disappointing in the fact that it didn't make me go out and pick it up after I tried it out back in May. I'll get to it though.
  20. Are you me? This is mostly just telling me to get off my ass and finish Resonance of Fate more than anything since I've had it incomplete since 2012 or so. Everything else is a hard agree or games I've bought but haven't got around to playing yet other than Spider-man which I don't have. I might just go check your trophy list and buy anything I don't have.
  21. this + decent headphones = lush.
  22. Strong list to start out with, OP. 1. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. ESPECIALLY Heavensward and Shadowbringers holy shit. 2. Bloodborne 3. NieR 4. Hollow Knight 5. Celeste 6. VA-11 Hall-A 7. The Last of Us 8. Super Meat Boy 9. OneShot 10. Gravity Rush 2 Special mentions to Gravity Rush and NieR:Automata for also being wonderful but not quite as good as their respective entries on this list. Also special mentions to Odin Sphere Leifthrasir and Persona 4:Golden which are *technically* pre-2010 games with more polish and content, so I skipped them.
  23. Valkyria Chronicles. Now handily remastered for PS4 and with trophies. The characters are fantastic, the setting is interesting (alternate history legally distinct totally not Europe), the gameplay is pretty much unique combining RPG, SRPG, FPS and a bunch of other mechanics together and making it work, plus that OST and art style are absolutely gorgeous. Until recently I would've said Demon's Souls and Valkyria Chronicles are the reasons to buy a PS3 alone, but VC finally got ported to both PS4 and PC. Highly recommended. Seconding calls for Persona 5 and Disgaea games (only played 1-3 but as far as I'm aware the core gameplay loop and charm is still there in the ones on PS4, just not got around to them because they are SUPER LONG). Gravity Rush 1 and 2 are both wonderful games but I wouldn't really call them RPGs, worth playing though. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is phenomenal too if you want RPG/2D hack and slash combined, and has a ton of content whilst feeling lovely to play. Oh and if you can pick up a PSVita or PSTV as well, get Persona 4: Golden and Muramasa Rebirth (plus the DLC), they're like Persona 5 and Odin Sphere respectively but by the same teams and even more recommended.
  24. Possibly no trophies for Showdown because it's not coming to Vita and the game shares a list? Hype for King Knight either way.
  25. Resistance: Fall of Man - Would love to have the plat for that alongside 2 and 3, and it was also the best of the trilogy in my opinion. Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction - Great game, would happily replay it for trophies. Folklore - Underrated game with some pretty unique systems, trophies could convince more people to try it out too. The Darkness - Same as above. Condemned 2: Bloodshot - Ending kinda sucks but the rest of the game is honestly very good, also underrated. Heavenly Sword - Pretty clunky but has a lot of heart, plus it was one of the very first PS3 games that showed off what the console was capable of. Also Devil May Cry 4, Valkyria Chronicles and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but all three of those have PS4 versions with trophies now.